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    Audio Matrix Issue

    Matthew, Mitch is a stand up dude. If he cannot fix it there is a likelihood it cannot be fixed.
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    Could easily reach $4K if they're installing the best Wifi out there (aka Ruckus), plus labor. It's not like he listed what was proposed and don't really have a scope of work. Not sure what you find funny? Ubiquiti isn't for everyone either, especially if you have zero clue about networking. The constant bugs and updates can drive one mad.
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    Remote Programming Services Offered

    Let me begin by saying that I was not even a member of this forum, and I actually created an account specifically to give Ari the praise that he's earned. I've been a Control4 owner since 2016, and it's an awesome system. When I purchase it, I had aspirations of making my whole home a smart home, but I decided to just use it to control my high end A/V equipment. Anyway, like electronics are known to do, it somehow was knocked offline a few years back. Since the system still controlled the A/V equipment fine, I never bothered to have anyone out to fix the issue. Since being stuck in the house during the COVID-19 crisis, I decided to try and get the issue resolved. After searching online, I came across Ari's info via this forum. I decided to email him, and within an hour, he'd already replied back! Being business owner myself, I can appreciate this kind of service. We exchanged a few emails, and later that evening we had a phone call about things. He hopped right on and fixed it within an hour!! To make matters even better, he heard my thoughts of purchasing a new HDR compatible receiver to go along with my other equipment, and he even offered me an AMAZING deal on a Denon, since he's a certified Denon dealer. I'd fully planned to purchase it, but life happened, and that delayed my purchase. In the midst of that, I decided to do more research (AVNerd for a reason), and I actually decided to go another direction than the Denon. It all happened quickly, and I got a smoking deal on the product I ended up purchasing (which was more expensive than the Denon that Ari was going to sell me, but it's also much higher end). Ari could've been salty about this, but he was super cool about it, and even programmed the new receiver for me within hours of me getting it all installed and set up. He even programmed my Xbox One X to work with the Control4 system. I will always use Ari for any future smart home needs, and he's the only one I'll call when I get ready to purchase another home next year. I feel that I've not only found an excellent programmer but also a friend across the country. If you call anyone other than Ari for your Control4 needs, then you're missing out!
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    Looking for a remote programmer

    There are loads of great programmers on here but I would be happy to take a look. Send me a PM if you are interested...
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    OS 3.0 Favorites Pages

    I have a room called 'Main Sensors' that I use for all the sensors around the main floor that I want to get a quick status on. It includes: Garage Doors (using the garagedoor_relay_control.c4z. driver, so I can see open/closed/partial status) Outside Doors (using the Auto Lock driver, so I can tell lock and door status simultaneously) Link to Cameras Inside sensors that I care about I then favorite that room on touchpanels and my phone, so I can swipe over to it quickly. https://imgur.com/qtr5tb4 RyanE
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    Twisted Pair AV Remote Services

    Long time follower of this forum. I have been installing residential and commercial low voltage since 2006. Been programing Control4 since 2012. My business partner and I finally left one of the large Control4 dealers in the area last year because there was not enough emphasis on personal touches to the system and quality/documentation and started our own company. Would love to help anyone out with anything from Q&A, system design, programing (including tutorials for HE), as well as troubleshooting. Please direct message or email to see how we can be of service. www.twistedpairav.com rod@twistedpairav.com
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    I did an update on the system when I saw these messages
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    I just wanted to give a big thanks to Dcovach, he got the blackwire driver installed and everything is looking great. Much appreciated!
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    zappiti - driver?

    Old topic but here is our driver for Zappiti.
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    Composer HE Question

    There are plenty of good guys on here who can remote in to do this. If you want someone in the UK give @Crustyloafer a message. He'll look after you.
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    They should be able to track warranty by MAC address. Snap actually alerted us of every 700 we had in the field that would fall under their replacement program.
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    It was great working with you and getting to know you... Thanks for taking the time to post your feedback and definitely let me know if you need anything else! Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
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    NEEO - Needs access to sessions

    It is coming. It was delayed due to the fact that sliders on the Neeo firmware didn't support the tap left/right for volume (like the T3), which turned out to be more important than some of us had anticipated... I'm not promising release date, but it should be soon, and hopefully will be worth the wait. RyanE
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    Typically same day or next day from when I order them, they ship out. It's fully automated at this point. Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
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    Controlling a PC in C4

    Hi. ;-)
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    Blue Iris Driver

    FYI the free BI driver in the C4 DB is partially dead with OS3, you will only see a static image on your T3, not even sure it's the same issue with the app. BI have a lot of potential left behind, and sadly AudioObsession haven't updated his driver since a while... That's why I've written a new driver for BI5 from scratch, it comes in a lite or full flavor, the Lite version is mostly to view a compliant HD stream on all your Navigator device, whatever the camera you have or native resolution the camera has. Record at 4k, view at 720p on C4 with no issue. The full version had every possible features BI can bring into C4. You will get motion trigger, camera control, auto-discovery, touch action trigger (touch the light on the live video feed and it will turn on). Also included is a cloud-free geofence driver that use the BI server and GPS on the app for positioning with any external services to log in, and the last and not the least is a full OSD control on the BI interface ( required). Connect you BI server to your HDMI matrix and get a 4K camera view on all you TV, with feeds and playback control using your SR-260 or Neeo Remotes. Check it out: Full: https://www.blackwiredesigns.com/store/blue-iris-vms-camera-driver-motion-touch-trigger-geofence-osd/ Lite: https://www.blackwiredesigns.com/store/blue-iris-vms-camera-driver-lite-navigator-display-problem-solver/
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    Now that the UK is on full lock-down and I'm stuck at home, if there is anyone on here in need of some remote programming services, an OS update or just general advice on how to achieve something with their Control4 system please get in touch. My rates are very reasonable, I have been programming Control4 for about 4 years now and have provided remote programming and system updates for a number of clients within the UK and as far afield as Denver, US, Ireland and Australia. With us all being stuck in our homes, I'm sure this will give end users plenty of opportunity to think up new ideas for integration and automation to make their lives easier and more enjoyable, so please do not hesitate to get in touch if you think I can be of assistance.
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    independant room volume control

    Sounds like you have a media scene active.
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    Multiple conditional for time window

    In the Agents -> Variables section Create a boolean Variable called 'BathroomAutoMorningLights'. In the Agents -> Scheduler section, create two schedule entries: Bathroom Auto Morning Lights On -- schedule for 6am daily Bathroom Auto Morning Lights Off -- schedule for 30 minutes past Sunrise daily In the programming tab, under the Scheduler agent, program: In the Bathroom Auto Morning Lights On scheduler event, program the BathroomAutoMorningLights to be true. In the Bathroom Auto Morning Lights Off scheduler event, program the BathroomAutoMorningLights to be false. In the Programming tab, under the Motion Sensor -> Senses Motion event: If the BathroomAutoMorningLights variable (in Variables section, conditionals on right) is true Turn on Bathroom Lights (in Bathroom Lights, command) To extend this, where the Turn on Bathroom Lights is listed, instead add: If Motion Sensor -> Variables -> Device Variables -> LIGHT LEVEL < 50 Turn on Bathroom Lights Anyway, that's the basics of how I'd do it. Good Luck! RyanE
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    Basics of C4 Lighting

    Good god this has to stop. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Basics of C4 Lighting

    My question would be, where are you sourcing all this “brand new” equipment other than from another dealer?
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    Motion Sensor for Outdoor Use?

    I used a Nyce motion sensor outdoors near my garage for a couple of years. It was baked in the sun and rained on. Never failed.
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    Basics of C4 Lighting

    You'll be fine with stashing 2-4 dimmers/switches elsewhere. This is the same as having a 4 gang box. The zigbee problems come when you have a cluster of 6,7,8 or more of them all stacked up. The devices are too close to each other for smooth communication.
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    Matt Lowe

    OS 3.0 Favorites Pages

    I use it as a countdown timer for any situation i leave my home not from my work vehicle which has my Card access remote to shut down the house. so if my wife or i leave the house. I simply select a time. when the time expires c4 shuts the garage door arms the security turns off all AV, lights. This way if we are loading from the garage or doing a few things before i leave i can take out my phone set a time and forget it as we drive off in to the sunset...
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    Lite Version: https://www.blackwiredesigns.com/store/blue-iris-vms-camera-driver-lite-navigator-display-problem-solver/ Advanced Version: https://www.blackwiredesigns.com/store/blue-iris-vms-camera-driver-motion-touch-trigger-geofence-osd/
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    Forward phase dimmer... Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
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    On OS2 HDMI is set as the highest priority audio connection so if you have both HDMI and Digital Coaxial bound then it will choose HDMI first. You could try disabling HDMI audio on EA-3 in main driver properties window and see if that fixes. On OS3 I think HDMI audio has been dropped down the priority list and would also fix this. Alternatively, put the Rotel Michi in another room in project and then when you want to listen to it then switch rooms and then select Tidal as your source.
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    South Africa C4 user


    I have been struggling with all sorts of issues for the last week. I’m not sure if the issue is OS3.1.2 or a new driver that I had installed at about the same time. My suspicion is that the driver is guilty but I may be wrong. My issues are slow Zigbee response (including SR260s), digital music failing and thermostat values blanking out. I have had to reboot Director daily for the last few days. My guess is that the new driver is the issue so I had it deleted this afternoon... I will know in 48 hours if deleting the driver fixed my system!
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    Intercom Anywhere Issues

    Hey @bdo21, See my responses below.
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    Just wanted to say a big thank you to Chris. Was recommended to him by a user here and couldn't be happier. Chris helped me with my needs and has contacted the manufacturer for me to find out more details. He also did a quick review of my system and highlighted some issues and tidied up what was another dealer's mess. 100% will use him again and bounce ideas off of him. He is currently looking into a CCTV package for me. Only negative point about him....he is "remote" and not local to me! Thanks Chris.
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    there should be no delay using the SR250 for denon control.
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    Professionals opinion, please

    I don't have the exact lines of programming from composer but here is a few things that hopefully help : 1) Definitely use room control driver. Will make your life so much easier. 2) For the LED's, you can program each source per the LED. When Audio Selection changes, If Pandora/IheartRadio/Whatever is selected, Then Set LED Current on keypad button you want. 3) For Cycling through sources, with room control driver It has either 4 or 5 sources you can choose in the driver properties and then connect the Audio Source Button to the room control driver Binding. It will cycle through the sources you have selected in the driver as you press the button. Room Control Driver seems like your best friend in this project. It will save you countless hours of programming .
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    Having issues with Apple TV

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    Insert scroll/move cursor command

    Why not use a Universal Mini App driver? Makes it so you can select Netflix, Youtube, or any of the supported apps on a few different devices (e.g. Roku) and everything automatically switches correctly.
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    T3 Turn off at night

    works perfect. Thank you so much.
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    No. This is the one Ryan wrote
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    FIOS speed question

    if you have a wired connection to the FIOS router, and your doing a network speed test and see only 100mbps, call Verizon. maybe they forgot to change the speed. when you upgraded to 1G, did they come to the house and do other upgrades and a new modem.
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    UniFi Protect Control4 Driver

    If he installed the driver you can do everything in composer HE. Here is the documentation - https://1drv.ms/b/s!AjlPKu70xbLAhOcTGJPrFOCQOb6M8A?e=aF1hrg If you want help, PM me and I can help
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    Setting up XBOX to Control4 System

    And the OG Xbox one can also be controlled.
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    Control4 Programmer

    Hi all, I'm a Control4 programmer/IT support with over 6 years of experience looking for a new job. If anybody has any leads on anything IT or Control4 related, please let me know!
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    One thing that I would find very useful is a table that shows all of the streaming services that are out there and shows how well they integrate with C4 and all of the pros/cons of these services. Personally I use Spotify and I think it would be hard to get me to switch, but it might be nice to see all of the various options in one place. Is there any such list available?
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    Basics of C4 Lighting

    This entire thread is just a mess in the making. We have: 1) End user supplying their own C4 hardware, so will be used and possibly old and likely to be unsupported on future OS releases as well as having no warranty. 2) A dealer willing to work with said end user supplying their own used kit and advising them against best practices by suggesting multiple keypad dimmers/switches hidden out of sight is the best way to condense control of multiple loads and have just a single keypad visible in the rooms. 3) An end user asking for advice on here about best practices, been given correct best practice advice by most, ie panelised is the best solution with a large number of loads and a new build, and then still choosing to argue against it because they can buy their own cheaper/used keypad dimmers from eBay or similar. In my mind, both the end user and the dealer have made their bed, now let them sleep in it. Good luck to you both.
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    Appreciate the reply and advice, Matt. I would always do a backup, labeling it as such, before an OS update, so hopefully that would give me some protection. And to be honest, I'm also tempted to see these as a learning experience, which is part of how and why I enjoy this stuff. Problems and unexpected results can be quite frustrating, but I do end up knowing a lot more afterwards, with pretty much any technology!
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    Basics of C4 Lighting

    By who's standard? Look, you can put all those dimmers in a closet. Sure, go ahead. But if you're starting to have weird lighting control issues, know that the first thing to do is replace them with a panel. THAT scenario is certainly possible - there's a big difference in hiding A dimmer in a different location, it's a whole other scenario to hide 20 lights in a closet together. Possible? Sure. Is it the best way of doing it? Absolutely not. Would I suggest it? Well no, but that should have been clear already. Just because you CAN do something, doesn't mean you SHOULD.
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    Quote Policy Question For Dealers

    Ask them to take the quote fee off the bill if the work goes ahead.
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    Composer Home Training Course.

    Good work Matt. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Basics of C4 Lighting

    It means that the price of some of your work may just have come down, if indeed price was a factor.
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    I have and it is indeed great but not having access to a dealer readily, I am not sure how I'd go about purchasing it. Install is not an issue, it's the purcahsing as it is locked down only for dealers.
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    Wasn’t trying to get too advanced for all the engineers around here.
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    EA3 and CCTV VLAN

    What? If he’s recording those cameras, you bet they are taking up bandwidth. He chose VLan to separate the traffic. Allowing one vlan to speak to another vlan doesn't necessarily negate security. All comes down to what rules you use.
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