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    Impending Control4 iOS app update?

    Hi all, iOS 13 did cause some problems for the 2.10.x version of the Control4 app. As many of you have seen, iOS 13.1 fixed the problem with the missing icons but other issues remain. The development team has fixed those issues and we have submitted a new version of the app for beta review. Once the app has been approved for beta testing I will post a download link in this thread. Thanks for everyone's patience
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    HC250 Driver

    Cause it's not supported
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    Especially after updates of sub-programs (in this instance drivers)
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    4sight connection times on os 3

    We have quite a few performance metrics inside of the OS3 app and one of those is cold-start time while remote (i.e. not on your local network) and the connection times in some regions, as many of you have experienced, is sub-optimal and outside of the range we feel is acceptable. Obviously connection times are a YMMV type of thing that depends heavily on your home internet speed, size of your project, cellular signal, etc... but we definitely see connection times in these regions that fall outside of what is "normal". While we are striving for faster connection times both locally and remote, our attention is fully focused on the customers in these regions where the connection times are higher than what the majority of our customers are experiencing. As such, we have formed a cross-functional team to address the problem at a team level as well as holistically. It will take us some time to make these changes and roll them out, but I wanted to let everybody know that we understand the difficulty and the frustration and we are committed to fixing it. I have now received several reports about this and have received logs from @Anish (thanks btw), and I have an engineer looking into the problem as I'm typing this. I will create a post (or update here) when we figure out, and fix the issue.
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    OK, so I have had my CA10 installed for a couple of days now and am loving it. Whether it has fixed my original underlying problems, I am not yet sure as they were intermittent and I have a couple of drivers that my dealer still needs to get up and running on the CA10 (as the keys need to be linked to the new controller). I should know whether my problem has been solved in a week or so. In terms of performance, my observations so far are: 1. Everything definitely feels much snappier. Including motion sensors, backlight changes on keypads, Navigation on a T3, Light responses, LED feedback on light switches etc. (note I have made no Zigbee changes as yet although I may move some Zigbee functionality from an HC800 to an EA5 as I now have an EA5 that does absolutely nothing except act as an OSD for my main theatre and run the third and fourth digital audio path)... 2. Navigator refresh takes around 30 seconds as opposed to 5 minutes previously. 3. I can now open my iOS App during Navigator refresh (it used to fail to connect while all my T3s were refreshing). The navigator refresh on the iOS app is now seconds - used to also be close to 30 seconds. 4. Director reboot / project loading is taking under a minute (compared to 5 minutes previously). 5. Project back up is taking a few minutes compared to 10 or 15 minutes (and often timing out) previously. Note: I have not actually timed these so the more accurate comment, is that this has changed from a heck of a long time to a reasonably acceptable time. My project is large, and I back up artwork and screensaver photos also. 6. Native Alexa control seems much faster which surprised me as I have always blamed the speed on internet connectivity between South Africa and the states... There was a lot of random stuff happening in my project in the last month. I genuinely think that at 650 / 700 devices / drivers I was at the edge of what an EA5 could handle. So far I have seen none of this on the CA10 but as mentioned above, I am withholding judgement on this item for a week or so. So far the CA10 is getting a big thumbs ups from me for big projects... Only time will tell how good the redundancy is. I had a very (as in 30 seconds or less) brief look at the programming one can do against the CA10 and I see that one can program against a fault but I did not see a string variable that tells one what the most recent fault or log is... I may just have missed it. That would be a lot more useful than programming against various fault variables to determine what the status of the controller is for an e-mail notification. As a complete aside, my system defaults to one of my HC800s for the first 2 digital audio paths and then to my EA5 and then to one of the other controllers. Is there any way to change the order as I assume using the EA5 for digital audio would be the better option than the HC800?
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    Discussion of new CA-10 controller

    Correct, no Zigbee hardware on the CA-10. I can't speak to "worth the price", that is highly dependent on the individual homeowner, but I installed a CA-10 after CEDIA, and the project at my mid-sized house (15 audio zones, 12 touchpanels, lots of custom Lua drivers, etc.) runs noticeably faster. The biggest improvement (for me) is that restarting Director happens almost instantaneously. A few seconds, Director is back up. During development, it's advantageous to restart Director often to get a 'full reload' for driver testing purposes, etc. The EA-5 would take 20-30 seconds to be back and responsive. I'm sure your mileage could vary on this test, depending on your project size. The second biggest improvement is that the CA-10 is fast enough that my T3 touchpanels are very rarely now spinning waiting to update after a refresh navigators, etc. On the EA-5, when you would refresh navigators and/or reboot the system, T3 touchpanels would all ask for the project at the same time, and it would slow everything down until they finished. It didn't happen often, since I didn't really need the restart except for development purposes, but when it happened, it was painful. The third biggest improvement is the overall latency of the system has decreased. Things just seem snappier, including Room changes / MSP AV screens, etc. I don't use the On Screen provided by the EA-5 very much, but I'd expect it to be faster as well, since the EA doesn't need to "run the project". Overall, I'm impressed! Of course, take it with a grain of salt, as I'm an employee, and of course, get an employee discount... RyanE
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    Did your dealer install and configure the network? Did he supply and recommend the equipment? It seems like you always hire someone locally, follow their recommendations, then immediately come here and second guess everything they do. I’m all for educating yourself so you don’t get taken advantage of and you get what you want, however in the next breath you admit you don’t understand it. Either fully go the DIY route and spend some time researching basic networking or hire someone competent. Bombarding a dealer who may be good, or may just be the best priced, with half baked ideas from an Internet forum isn’t a good strategy.
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    This method of troubleshooting doesn't work. This forum can't help you and your knowledge level is not sufficient
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    DS2 Door station VERY buggy

    Just wanted to update you guys. I got my hands on an iPhone to test things out and it worked with no issues. It turns out there is likely 2 bugs in the Android version. They are working on it now! Jakblak has been great.
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    Auto-update Drivers?

    Enable auto update. Or else you will be babysitting API changes
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    Kevin L

    Best Ring driver?

    Yes in fact they are secret, require a massive amount of security and authorization to use and change multiple of times per day. So.. No..
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    Kevin L

    Best Ring driver?

    That is incorrect. We have the RTSP URLs. Control4 is why the video integration currently does not work. They are aware of what is needed to make video work.
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    I just searched for Apple tv and appletv and got another thread at the top of my results (along with this thread). Anyways, yes you need a dealer to updater the driver. There are a lot of things you can do with HE, unfortunately adding new and updating existing drivers isn't one of them. I can help you remotely if you'd like, PM me. Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
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    FM Tuner Problem

    go to stations and make sure you have it visible there too
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    Agreed Eggz Sonos is probably causing a broadcast storm in your network. Perfect symptoms of works good for a bit, then bam, all shit hits the fan. How is your Sonos equipment connecting to the network? Switch loops are easily identified. Don’t have more than one cable connecting switches, unless you’re doing it for a reason and know how to config that. Pretty simple. You need someone local. The story of your existing dealer doesn’t matter. Your blowing money on good equipment and having extremely poor performance. Thats like buying Eleanor and keeping her in the garage. The NK1 is useless, just pull it out and try to sell it used. Everything else can be salvaged for a decent network. Keep it flat, with the exception of IGMP/RTSP settings (if required) and it will work.
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    If the AppleTV beta software was also bricking our C4 remotes (and there were a lot of betas i'm sure) why wasn't this more publicized? It would have been nice if C4, our dealers, or anyone would have told us not to install. Probably will take my dealer 2 weeks to get to me. I guess i will use the Apple Remote. Yuck.
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    Timer Agent

    First of all, the third line shouldn’t be there at all. Second of all, anything under a conditional needs to be nested. The way you have it now, the conditional of “If timer is expired” isn’t influencing the turning off of the fan. To turn the fan off, you won’t do it here. You’ll do it under the programming for the timer event. When the timer expires, turn the fan off.
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    Remote Hub

    I hear they are coming out with a new remote in a few years Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
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    .... there's something wrong with that sentence ...
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    Discussion of new CA-10 controller

    I want an EA-10
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    Discussion of new CA-10 controller

    No you'd have an EA5 plus 2 audio outputs But what I mean is truly a dumb audio streamer. With the cA-10 and the CA-1's there's a lot more need for a device that 'just' adds audio outputs. No IR, no serial - jsut audio Sometimes an EA-5 alone isn't enough streams, and with a CA-10 overtop of it, there's zero reason to add an EA5 and an EA3 may not make sense either.
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    Discussion of new CA-10 controller

    My guess is the main point of this unit is to handle a larger processor load and provide redundancy. Redundancy being the bigger factor in regards to I/O. There's no way to make the I/O redundant, so that's most likely why it was left off the CA-10. Besides, the projects that are large enough to *require* a CA-10 most likely have plenty of I/O spread out across all devices besides the primary director. Finally, to keep costs down. These conversations are like deja vu when the HC-1000 was announced. When everyone realized the performance boost the HC-1000 provided, the lack of I/O was completely forgiven and forgotten. Those complaining about no I/O on a CA-10 just don't get the product's purpose.
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    Vivint Integration

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    As long as APPLE is the one controlling the API limits, and restricts the how and what of integration, you're simply dead wrong.
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    I just want Apple Music integration 😓
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    BBC Radio Stations Driver It's free and it uses the BBC streams that were provided earlier. It provides the following stations: * BBC Radio 1 * BBC Radio 2 * BBC Radio 3 * BBC Radio 4 * BBC Radio 4 Extra * BBC Radio 5 Live * BBC Radio 6 Music * BBC Radio Asian Network * BBC Radio 1 Xtra * BBC Radio World Service Obviously, if those streams go down the driver won't work (and therefore there is no guarantee of uptime) but for now, I believe it's the best option out there. Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/p3oipa1fe039n5c/media_service_spaw_bbc_radio_stations.c4z?dl=0
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    Hardwire just 1 Sonos player, then use Sonosnet for the rest of them. Shut off WiFi on all players.
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    OS3 app on kindle fire

    The intercom is completely useless to me to start off with. I never said that this piece of equipment compares to Control4. $60 compared to $1400 like no kidding ! Beats leaving the much superior outdated C4 screen dead hanging there. It is as responsive as the app on my iPhoneX . Its just as fast as my old C4 screen. As far as longevity, will see, at the rate that end of life equipment is happening at C4 these days. I am probably 1 or 2 updates away from all my C4 stuff becoming part of the past anyway and that's fine. I guess I got a little excited at my amateurish accomplishment and should remember the level of expertise required to be relevant on this forum. My bad
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    Composer HE 3.1 / Windows 7

    Didn't find the answer and screwing around with windows brought back too many memories I don't care to revisit. Broke down and went Windows 10 ..... on //'s ver15. Works great I have to say. This was an added cost to my DIY upgrade to 3.1 I have an HC 800 and an older C4 touch screen that is not supported, so I replaced it with a Kindle Fire, pretty slick. Used the POE injector from original screen with a splitter. Have ordered a 90 degree connector to tidy up the connection.
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    Thank you. I will try this when I get home this evening. The more I've read about Sonos wreaking network havoc, the more I am convinced that this is a very potential factor, and it it isn't "the" issue, it will become one.
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    4sight connection times on os 3

    I did. He’s on it as we speak. Thanks Jakblak😄
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    Course or guide on Composer HE

    Once you go through and practice the "Programming" section in the user manual, you will get a clear picture on how the system works. I did all my home programming by practicing the examples along with my programming background.
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    @Shivam Paw created a free BBC driver which he literally released a day ago. See link below.
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    I have 3 V4 Apple TV’s in my system and woke up (like most people on this forum) with no control after the most recent update to the Apple TV OS. Neil was able to log into my system and replaced the IP drivers with the IR drivers. My system in on 2.9.1 and has otherwise been working great. Thanks Neil for the quick and great service!!!! I would highly recommend Neil - he has been helping me after my local dealer went out of business and it has really been great having him help me when I need it.
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    Best Ring driver?

    Having compatibility with Ring seems like a big selling point to me.
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    Let's not embellish too much. Their walled garden is the issue here, not so much bugs. Granted iOS 13 has been a bit bumpy, but we were due for that considering how iOS 12 focused on tightening things up and 13's focus is adding features. Anyways I digress. Instead of providing a method of control outside of their walled garden, their idea of using HomeBridge as a proxy into the garden has quite obviously not gone well. Will it get fixed at some point, hopefully. But IMO, the damage has been done with integrating Apple stuff a long time ago. Apple diehards don't care about the shortcomings in regards to integration, but they are losing the fringe users.
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    Best Ring driver?

    you call BS on the fact that Kevin has a relationship with Ring and they would share it with him? That has already has access to the API and uses it already....ok....go for it!
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    Unfortunately his look at the logs didn't really help, although I did appreciate that he took the time to do it. He looked at the logs and just confirmed that the logs say that the issue is that the DS2 wasn't responding the call, hinting at a network issue.... But again....If the NVR connects great and for that matter just a ping using CMD prompt connects.... the issue is definitely part software. I sent him a message saying almost the same thing as my post. We will see if he has any feedback.
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    Shivam Paw

    BBC Radio Stations Driver

    Possibly. Message me on slack?
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    4sight connection times on os 3

    Hi @Anish, if you're interested I'd be happy to have my team take a look at your app logs to see if we can diagnose why your connection times are slow.
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    Yes, Apple Bridge driver and Apple TV 4/4k driver.
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    Think Justin replied to your email. Our pre-production model had different I/Os. He will get that sorted for you and issue the update via our website.
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    Remote Hub

    First world problems
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    Just purchased a Bond Bridge to try with my Somfy shades. The range is munch better than the stupid MyLink and so far is working great. I have two rooms with shades and only had coverage in one of them with the MyLink, the Bond reaches both. I had some issues when I received it on Sunday where there was an error when setting up a Somfy device. I contacted support and they had a fixed firmware out Monday. I'll be trying out the Chowmain driver soon.
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    Contrary to your last statement, network setup is possibly the most related to your problems. Maybe your networking skills are top notch.... I have no idea. I'm just sensing network issues. You really need to start there before moving forward. Did you power cycle each device after you reserved the ip addresses in the router? How are all the switches connected? Star topology? Daisy Chain? Hopefully no "loops". For the devices that need to be static (although not recommended for all devices) allow for a range of static ip's in the router and start the dhcp server range above it. DHCP reserve important devices and power cycle them right after. Make sure to adjust the transmission power on your waps so you achieve -70 db at the midpoint. The NK1 is just for managing all your waps in one place instead of logging into them individually.
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    Amazon Lossless Audio

    Amazon HD is on a 90 day trial period, so I signed up. Without doing anything my Control4 app shows the high-res logo next to the volume control, where it did not prior... So looks like it works.
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    Discussion of new CA-10 controller

    they released that last year at Cedia - it looks sweet - haven't landed one to play with but I agree instead of a triad one, like a triad 3 or 5...
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    Would be nice to see an IO Extender v3 to be released with audio outputs, to put along side the CA-10.
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    Comelit, 2N and Akuvox were announced during the presentation I believe. Doorbird may be next as I just saw this on LinkedIn: SnapAV 6,332 followers 2h Join us on Wednesday for our intro to DoorBird IP Video Door Stations! With an advanced line of IP video door stations, your clients can communicate with visitors from anywhere with ease. Features include HDTV video, night vision, and a noise-canceling microphone. And smartphone access allows users to manage their door from anywhere. DoorBird’s open API enables full smart home integration with all your favorite systems. Date: Wednesday, Sept. 18th Time: 2:00 PM EST LINK TO WEBINAR: http://bit.ly/SnapDoorbird
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    Vivint Integration

    I’m not a fan of the company, their contracts, their sales tactics or their products.
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