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    What Did You Automate Today?

    Hi everyone Hope you’re all well Did a 2x2 video wall in a home office today!! Samsung 55 inch commercial displays with a 1.7mm bezel combined. M Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Discord Server Up!

    As happens every so often on forums.... I'll slink back into the shadows because this is another one of those threads that doesn't have a good answer and can quickly become toxic... Peace!
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    Is Control4 what I need or X10?

    Control4 actually has alot more drivers than QSC Q-SYS (they call it plugins). Over 10,000 vs under 100. Ironically enough we're one of the only ones who write Q-SYS plugins and wrote the Just Add Power plugin for Q-SYS. So yay us for the reliability Anyway probably shouldn't feed the troll since nobody wins so i'll going to end it here.
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    Just as well he's been holding off making a decision for the last 10 years. You got here just in time.
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    Installed my new CA-10 and my dealer got everything migrated over for me (shout out to @chopedogg88 for awesome service). Took less time than I thought too. All I can say is WOW! Compared to my EA5, this thing flies. Project loads faster. Backups might be faster. T3 response is near instantaneous except for the full camera view (and then only like a beat and a half). When someone rings the doorbell I get the doorbell sound faster and the camera snapshot actually gets taken before they move away. iOS ap loads almost instantly. Ditto pages of Album covers and Experience Buttons. I have some work to do on getting some camera streams tuned, but they load quickly enough to be useful. My Chowmain Event Logging files load instantly in my iPad browser rather than taking forever to finish. Rebooting the controller no longer takes 8-10 minutes for the system to stabilize. I really wasn’t sure I was going to notice a difference, but I have been very pleasantly surprised In the limited testing I’ve done so far. Yes, the CA-10 is expensive but it will probably pay for itself in reduced frustration. Good job C4. But don’t stop improving OS3 performance...
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    A good LG and the Annex4 driver Is my favourite as this also gives one the toast message functionality. All my TVs are LG or Samsung and I have had seamless integration with both brands.
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    We did that in the last version already. We got a bit impatient waiting for Control4 to implement dynamic speeds so we forked the driver. Just select the one with the speed that suits not as elegant but it works
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    C4 GUI design ((is there such thing?)

    Indeed. But the interface is what end-users have to deal with, and one shoe doesn't fit all. Understand that I prefer the C4 method over Crestron in this, more so with the improvement they've introduced in and since 3.0. SOOOOOO often those (dealers/installers - and I'm in no way saying OP is one of these!!) that rave about Crestron and other's ability to modify and customize interfaces are downright terrible at doing so (either it looks pretty abut works poorly, or gets so convoluted that it has a huge learning curve - or just plain looks ugly). Reality is that most programmers cannot do graphic design, and most graphic designers cannot program (and a lot of either one are convinced they can do both). Add to this that neither are commonly good at interpreting/translating end-user needs and requests to what is actually required. To me this is where Control4 outclasses Crestron - they've taken away that 3-way clash (function, graphics/design and need/want) by having a well-designed user interface that cannot be messed with too much. Oh sure there's things that could be improved, but it's a delicate balance to maintain between allowing some customization to fill needs of some and ensuring the interface is easy to use and set up. But there are those (end-users) to whom full customization of the interface is the most important aspect of all (or at least they think it is) - so there's room for both.
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    Do I need Control4

    There are a bunch more things that you can do if you want - like AV control, even without distributed video. Controlling other devices around the house like blinds, fireplaces, etc. Security system, motion sensors to control lighting, In terms of programmin, lots of us do a lot of the programming ourselves with Composer HE. But most of us on this forum are geeks, at least I am, and have experience in programming of various types.
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    Do I need Control4

    Everything can be done with a myriad of apps. Control4 brings it all together. 1 - Control4 can be controlled by the big voice providers (Google, Alexa, etc...) 2 - ... 3 - not sure why anyone would clutter up shelves and floor space with speakers. Put them in the ceiling - you’ll never want to move them, they’re less expensive, they look and function better. 4 - I love video distribution. You don’t NEED it until you’ve had it. You will need an integrator.
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    Just programmed all the TVs I want to on doorbell press snapshot room, pause room, if dark turn on certain lights, show front door camera for 20 seconds, then snapshot back to how it was. Also if nest CO or Smokes go off to open all shades, (for CO to open garages and turn on bathroom fan vents), unlock doors, turn off hvac, turn on lights inside, flash outside, and if CO not cancelled by triple tapping top button on a keypad after 5 min will call FD through alarm system. I'll probably create a custom button to disable this as well. I have 4 alarm company detectors then nest protects in all bedrooms, alarm system fire are already tied into alarm so I didn't program fire to call FD. Oh and all TVs come on w all cameras showing.
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    No problem - it's important for us that people can trust and rely on our solutions.
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    NEEO wish list

    Absolutely. And it sure sounds like it is in the works. Hoping for major changes.
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    ***Recommended Update for HC800 Users*** We have been able to replicate an issue reported by small handful of users of the older HC series controllers where control was lost and did not automatically resume. It transpired that some commands were just to quick for these older processors to handle (particularly when upgraded to the latest C4 OS.). We have modified the driver to account for the longer processing time and recommend HC800 users upgrade to ensure connectivity is never lost. The latest version can be downloaded from our site: https://intrinsicdev.com/downloads/apple-tv-driver-control4/
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    I agree I've always thought there should be a Welcome sub forum or at the top of the General Forum have 2-3 Sticky's that never drop down. One could be a READ ME First, one could be simply titled Do not Ask for DIY/Pro access, whatever. any thoughts/complaints etc can be dumped there not sure who moderates the boards these days though
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    What does not seem right is that if you are not a dealer (or associated with a dealer) you should not legally have access to Pro. If you are a dealer (or associate) then you wouldn’t be asking these questions.
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    A home professional is not a thing...
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    What Did You Automate Today?

    Today I made some custom buttons and automated for the cleaners. When they arrive put in their code to the door lock on garage it will turn off the alarm, send a push notifying us, turn on all the lights, start their favorite Pandora station. Then added custom button for if I'm sleeping after an overnight shift; makes it so master bed lights don't come on, announcements are muted, and the normal music they listen to doesn't come through any zones near the master, master blinds don't go up. Similar for wife with a working button for when she works from home on Tues and Wed so she isn't interrupted. When they leave they hit the lock button on door and depending on custom buttons most all lights will go off, shades down, alarm rearm, push to notify they are leaving.
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    Create a room called security and put all your sensors in there. Easiest way I've found and been doing it for a very long time.
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    Is Control4 what I need or X10?

    AND....Q-Sys has only been around for 4 years at most. So how he's been installing it for 15 years and it's been rock solid is questionable.
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    I just dont see why anyone would use IR now when given a choice between IP and serial. If you want to integrate a device that only can do IR then you do what you have to do but when given the choice now it shouldnt even be a question what to use.
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    Garage Doors

    Just got chop to get me 2 nyce sensors and a z2io for a soldered remote. Seems easiest way to go.
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    Agree with therockhr, go with an EA1 and SR260. Don't go with an HC250 as they will be limited to OS2.10.6
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    Discussion of new CA-10 controller

    Even if you don’t have the awesome C4 system that @South Africa C4 user has
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    Programmer Available! :)

    Muj is simply the best. I consider myself a professional and excellent at what I do and I can pay him no greater compliment than saying he is better at what he does at his craft than I am at mine. You can tell he is passionate about his work and takes great pride in it. He is beyond expert level and can fix anything remotely that doesn’t require him physically manipulating hardware. Do not hesitate to give him a change even if you are thousands of miles away like I am. I would gladly pay him double or even triple his requested rate, I have found his work so excellent. He is also the ultimate professional, extremely punctual, pleasant, cordial, and likable. He has my highest recommendation.
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    https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07HGW8N7R/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 an extra 15% off coupon and an extra 15% reward using the Amazon CC. Crazy really! Picked up a 3 pack for some non-critical areas that don't have integration yet. These work super with the Chowmain driver - I have set these up many times.....solid.
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    A Few Newbie Questions

    FYI - have worked with Mitch for a few years, he is highly qualified to assist you.
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    Discord Server Up!

    I agree that sometimes newcomers get cast away pretty quickly. I think as a group we could be a bit more helpful and try to ask some questions. I think they get the "go talk to a dealer" because sometimes their questions are vague and they come across as not super technical so to try and explain stuff to them is harder, knowing eventually they will wind up going with what their dealer can recommend/service. at some point we were all new and are still on this forum - it is because we are more technical. This forum is really geared to those who want to tweak on their own, push the boundaries of what can be done, etc. I know there are dealers on here who can spec/sell an entire new system from scratch to someone from these boards but I'd say that is in the vast minority. The majority are people who want something quickly purchased/added and a local dealer with more overhead may not be as swift to respond to adding a driver for a new TV you got. I think that is why some casual people come here and I've recommended a few to get some affordable quality help in a timely fashion.
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    South Africa C4 user

    Discord Server Up!

    So... I learned 2 things from his thread: 1. A new word to describe my kids - obstreperous (I had to google search the meaning); and, 2. Discord chat - doesnt sound very exciting to me... but I am probably showing my age as I had to do a google search to find what this is!
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    Triad Matrix Integration

    Ah OK. In that scenario, while it's possible to feed C4 into one or more devices and have Sonos send it to the rest, or vice versa, I've found it to be an awkward solution ESPECIALLY when mixing C4 and Sonos endpoints. It's honestly advisable to go one way or the other these days.
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    Triad Matrix Integration

    Ditto. I feel this is a common theme every other month!
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    C4 sells a dumb replacement switch in 10-packs if you just want to make everything look the same but don’t need every switch to be controllable. C4-MSW-10PK-WH, MSRP $60.00 for 10 switches.
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    Is there any reason why you need to stick with Apple TV? I am an iOS house with lots of iPhones and iPads but I like Roku devices for TVs as they tend to be the best with having the most apps and the Roku integrates very well into Control4. And depending on whether you need HD or 4K version you can get one for $25-$50. And you don't need IR as Roku has an excellent IP based API.
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    Battery life of rechargeable SR-260

    I put mine on the cradle every 2 weeks when the cleaning service comes over. We are a 2 person household and mostly only watch a little tv at night. So we aren’t using it hours on end per day either
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    native spotify for C4 is connect. Ask your dealer to add the "Add music" driver.
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    DRIVER UPDATE Implemented Step by Step binding (this allows Control4 keypads to cycle between up-stop-down-stop for blinds easily) Implemented alternative method to get token. You can now enter in the BOND PIN (found on the rear of the bond bridge) along with the BOND ACCOUNT CODE (found under account info in the settings of the bond app for iOS or Android) Forked Fan driver so that there is now a version for each speed 2-7 as Control4 does not support dynamic fan speed limits. Please install the correct driver for the maximum amount of speeds your fan supports.
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    NEEO wish list

    You don't have to tag me into these topics, I already read the post when it was posted... There are architectural reasons why the Neeo doesn't fill the screen with favorites when nothing is playing. I certainly agree that would be a nice feature. RyanE
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    I just spoke with the Flo developers and the device will still shut off the valve if there is a critical alert (High Water Usage, Leak etc...) even if there is not an internet connection. Alerts/shut offs are handled on the device itself.
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    There really needs to be a "READ ME FIRST" post when you come to this site. A lot of people come here asking this type of question and get the usual snark (i was guilty last week). Would be easier to just point them to the README post. I think a lot of people come to this site thinking its mostly made up of users instead of dealers. This isnt the place to ask for Composer Pro.
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    Exactly what I meant I was just trying to be nice about it M Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Personally I think motion with the advanced lighting timer driver is the best. I have about seven rooms in my house that all function off motion and have time of day and different scenes triggered and even different things occur on the weekends vs weekdays. It's very cool. for example during the week when you walk through the living room midday the lights don't turn on but on the weekends when you walk through the living room midday the lights turn on. That was a wife request. So I really like that one. Next step for me on light and motion is tying in holidays. So I can run alternate AKA weekend schedules on holidays when we are home. and I think I only have about two more rooms left where I actually want motion to occur.
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    A request to all driver developers

    To all driver developers - thanks for your contributions to the Control4 community. For anyone that develops or maintains a driver that requires some sort of network connection to a server, whether it be your license server or a vendors API server - please add event(s) that fire on state change so if the controller can’t connect or isn’t connected the user can program some sort of local alert or other action. Most drivers show these states in debug mode or some sort of driver info display in properties but that’s only helpful when you are actually looking at the properties. Rachio, Ring, Alexa,, Chowmain Image uploader are examples of where such events would be quite useful. Thanks!
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    UI icons on Neeo

    Just as a followup, it should be fixed in the 1.46.x release. RyanE
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    UI icons on Neeo

    This is a recent bug that has already been fixed and should be released in the next release. BEAR-4484 -- NEEO - Watch: Placeholder instead of a correct icon for the UI Buttons Thanks! RyanE
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    The DS2 is is a 2n doorstation Don’t quote me on this but I think you can buy the ds2 from Control4 and then buy the fingerprint or touch screen module from 2n connect it up and it should work. I remember seeing something about this a while back on the dealer forums. Will see if I can dig it out Thanks M Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    New Anthem Multiroom Amp

    It is an awesome multiroom amp. We released the driver 10 months ago
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    4 day training

    If you pay attention, do the labs with a serious effort, you should be able to pass the exam 'automagically'
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    No Good with Pics and posting them-So terrible Video of the ones upstairs https://youtu.be/6FryJX2q5R8
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    UI Configuration

    Possibly When I’m on my laptop I’ll post the steps Thanks M Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    CAT cable.

    Conduit is the most future proofed addition!!!
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