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    Touch Screen vs iPad

    I went down this road when contemplating the 3.0 upgrade and the death of my existing touch screens. I couldn’t find an acceptable iPad mounting solution. Ultimately, I accepted advice to look for T3s for sale on this forum and on eBay. I’m happy I did. I found several T3s in the range of $500, and they work exceptionally well. The iPad alternative was made worse by 3.0’s elimination of “Dedicated Mode” for the iOS app. Even with workarounds, the app must reconnect every time you touch the screen. Intercom isn’t a big factor for me. TLDR: Buy T3s on the secondary market, you’ll be much happier. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    My SR260 Remotes Are Barely Working

    Perhaps some other wireless device was introduced into your home and is causing interference. Or some other zigbee device that they were connected through has fallen offline. I wouldn't trust the signal indicator in Composer. You could try changing the zigbee channel and see if that helps, it certainly may if the issue is being caused by interference. Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
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    It's here! After a lot of requests, we now have a driver for providing Outlook Calendar integration! You can view any of your calendars right from your Control4 navigator (iOS, Android, T3, OSDs) and view the events for them! You can also filter by categories and make multiple driver instances for different categories you may have! Important Note: This driver is compatible with Exchange Servers that meet the Graph API requirements. If you are trying to connect an account that doesn't meet those requirements, the API requests will fail. You can get around this by creating free a personal outlook.com account and sharing your exchange calendar with it. You can view events for the week ahead and the events you have today. Your days events are updated every night at midnight and your week ahead is updated every hour on the dot. The driver also provides variables for your next event and number of events today/in the week ahead which you can use in programming. You can also use driver properties to setup notifications with C4! Simply enter how many minutes before an event you want the "Event Notification" action to be fired and then use Control4 programming to do anything you want! You can use the NOTIFIED_EVENT_ variables to program based of the title, description, location and time of the event. All Features Variables: Number of events today Number of All-Day events today Number of events in next 7 days Next Event details Notified Event details First All-Day event details (for today) Notification system – have a Composer action fired X minutes before each event and program based on the “Notified Event” variables. View your day’s events on any Control4 navigator View all upcoming events for the next week on any Control4 navigator Multiple driver instance support Access any calendar associated to a Google account Check for upcoming events at the start of every hour automatically Check for the day’s events every day at midnight automatically Only fetch events in a specified category (which can be chosen in the driver properties) Use Cases Announce all events 1 hour before they occur Send email/push notification out with number of events due today Announce number of events today and in the upcoming week along with your first event of the day Program Control4 commands based on event description, title and location Driver Download You can download the driver from BlackWire Designs now! It makes use of BlackWire's Driver Manager so once you've set it up you will get automatic updates! https://www.blackwiredesigns.com/store/control4-outlook-calendar/
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    DS2 Door station VERY buggy

    Well, looks like you guys were right. Connecting the doorstation with a patch wire durectly to the POE worked. LUCKILY, connecting the doorstation to the junction box at the end of the driveway worked great as well. So the issue seems to be from the junction box to the keypad pole. The 25ft run should be easy enough to drag a new wire through, which I am planning on doing right now.
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    South Africa C4 user

    C4 3.0 iOS app

    I have seen a Beta version of the app (not sure if I should have seen this, nor am I sure how far we are away from an iOS app update) but I can say that from what I saw, it looks to me like the next version of the app will load up on a local network in about 1/3 of the time that the current app takes... In short, I am not in the know, but do believe that this will be resolved soon! Those in the know are probably constrained from commenting.
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    I just released V5 which renames the get upcoming events action to refresh events which now refreshes upcoming events & todays events instead of just upcoming events. Also todays events are now updated every hour on the dot instead of every day. Outlook calendar - I'm hoping to release it this week sometime!
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    Sky Q ip driver

    That is crazy that they haven't changed it yet. This change was implemented in Sky Q firmware Q060.000.28.00L which was released in December 2017. When this first came out we were inundated with support tickets, calls, emails, etc. Not something pleasant to wake up to on a Saturday i'll tell you that much. Anyway we logged in remotely to a system and after 2 hours of digging figured out that it was a simple port number change and pushed out updates to every site with the driver installed to ensure that no futher systems were effected. Since then we have posted 14 updates to the driver to add new functionality to support all our friends in the UK including our most recent update which is for OS 3.0 favourting
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    New controllers

    first rule of beta testing...there is no beta testing
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    Scenario: Your client wants the ability to play games throughout their house How this was done in 2008: Hook up their Xbox360 to the input of their component matrix, and the gamepads travel around the house to different TVs (Xbox 360 wireless pads had great range ) What about today? Things have definitely changed.... Console game system themselves have lost much of their appeal. Not much innovation for a long time. Personally I am an avid gamer, and I haven't turned any of my consoles in several years. Console games in general have shifted from local multiplayer (playing with your friends / family on the couch), to single local player online games. I didn't even bother buying extra controllers for the Xbox one because none of their games support it anymore. New Cloud based gaming is becoming popular. Many the best games are now targeting these platforms instead of consoles. Virtual Reality is the best gaming experience, hands down! PC Gaming has always been the choice for serious gamers, but now it is probably has the best options even for casual gaming. Mobile gaming (tablets / phones) is actually now one of the best ways for local multiplayer So what do you do? Obviously if your client just wants a console distributed, you can still do that. However, it means you can't use network distribution so you miss out on those benefits. But maybe the ideal gaming system ISN'T a distributed console? Did you know that nVidia makes dedicated game streaming technology that gives you the best of modern gaming? You probably know that Video Storm loves using nVidia Shields as part of our NetPlay Video distribution system. You probably don't know that those same Shields make a killer game distribution system (with or without NetPlay). We have some more details here http://www.video-storm.com/netplay_gaming.asp Or you can just ask here. Shields + a gaming PC have been my system of choice for quite awhile now.
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    South Africa C4 user

    Music starting randomly

    Your dealer has a sense of humor and set up a schedule to do this that only works if the date is greater than 1 August?
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    I totally agree that Charlie is great and I don't think there's a better fit for CTO at Control4, and he's done wonders in the time he's been here (getting OS 3.0 out the door with a level of quality that was required), but I'll also say that Martin Plaehn as CEO took the company up a lot of notches during the time he was leading the company, and without Martin, we wouldn't have Charlie. I'm looking forward to seeing how John Heyman leads the combined company. From what I've seen, the whole SnapAV team is very forward-thinking, and I have high hopes for the future. RyanE P.S. Nothing I'm saying in this post should be construed to be an official communication of SnapAV+Control4, but I'm guessing they wouldn't mind me saying it...
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    Music Services

    I did what I do. Made it work [emoji4] Sent from my Pixel 3 using Tapatalk
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    That’s good to know, glad you got it working. As an FYI for those of you using the Intercom Anywhere app you can double-tap the call timer on iOS (or long-press on Android) to see advanced call stats including packet loss percentage and call quality stats.
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    Shout out to BlakJak for helping out with this in the above mentioned case. Thank you!
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    Just had my dealer load this in for me. Works perfectly now! Thanks again, you really came through!!!!
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    I do like that idea..but again, no promises!
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    Actually, a musical queue to get you ready for an announcement to follow is a great idea. <ding ding sound> <variable text>
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    Running a Lua script upon reboot

    The Lua script needs to be run *within the driver*, not as a command-line on the controller, so this wouldn't do it. The proper way is to get the driver fixed. RyanE
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    Sick of Snap AV or LTS?

    This is the most content-free advertising post I've seen. At least include a link to what you sell... From the picture, I'd guess you sell shirts and blue-blocker glasses. RyanE
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    because you lost me at SSH above my technical pay grade :-)
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    Matt Lowe

    Low Voltage Fireplace Switch

    put in a KC120. add a z2io at the fireplace do the relay control. Program the new Fireplace experience button to control the fireplace and program the keypad.
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    Tight Arse Control4 Integration

    Hi guys, As we develop more and more drivers for IoT devices it has become apparant that you can now integrate alot of sub systems using off the shelf budget concious parts. I thought i would throw this thread up for those who want the bells and whistles without the cost associated. Note product pricing is at the time of writing this. This is only a small selection of the drivers we develop. Marking my favorites with Alan's Pick. Feel free to add to the thread (doesn't have to be our drivers). Lighting LIFX Mini Color Smart Bulb ($34.99 MSRP) Product Link - https://www.amazon.com/LIFX-Adjustable-Multicolor-Dimmable-Assistant/dp/B073168GYG/ Driver Link - http://www.chowmainsoft.com/lifx-control4 Yeelight Dimmable / Tunable White Smart Bulb ($17.99 USD) Product Link - https://www.amazon.com/YEELIGHT-Adjustable-Temperature-Equivalent-Smartphone/dp/B076CJL8DL Driver Link - https://www.chowmainsoft.com/yeelight-control4 Yeelight Multicolor Smart Bulb ($26.99 USD) - Alan's Pick Product Link - https://www.amazon.com/YEELIGHT-Equivalent-Smartphone-Controlled-Compatible/dp/B076C7S1K3 Driver Link - https://www.chowmainsoft.com/yeelight-control4 TP-Link KL110 Dimmable Smart Bulb ($19.99 USD) Product Link - https://www.amazon.com/Kasa-Smart-Wi-Fi-Light-TP-Link/dp/B07G1PH3JL/ Driver Link - https://www.chowmainsoft.com/tplink-control4 TP-Link KL130 Multicolor Smart Bulb ($24.99 USD) Product Link - https://www.amazon.com/Kasa-Smart-Wi-Fi-Light-TP-Link/dp/B07FZ6PLJG/ Driver Link - https://www.chowmainsoft.com/tplink-control4 TP-Link HS220 Smart Light Switch Dimmer ($34.98 USD) Product Link - https://www.amazon.com/TP-Link-HS220-Dimmer-Switch-1-Pack/dp/B079775ZZQ/ Driver Link - https://www.chowmainsoft.com/tplink-control4 TP-Link HS200 Smart Light Switch ($25.91 USD) Product Link - https://www.amazon.com/Smart-Wi-Fi-Light-Switch-TP-Link/dp/B01EZV35QU/ Driver LInk - https://www.chowmainsoft.com/tplink-control4 HVAC Sensibo Sky HVAC controller ($149 USD) - Alan's Pick Product Link - https://sensibo.com/products/sensibo-sky Driver Link - https://www.chowmainsoft.com/sensibo-for-control4 Security Wyze Cam V2 ($20 USD) Product Link - https://www.wyze.com/wyze-cam/ Driver Link - http://www.chowmainsoft.com/xiaomi-wyze Wyze Pan ($30 USD) - Alan's Pick Product Link - https://www.wyze.com/wyze-cam-pan/ Driver Link - http://www.chowmainsoft.com/xiaomi-wyze Neos SmartCam (£19.99) Product Link - https://shop.neos.co.uk/products/neos-smartcam Driver Link - http://www.chowmainsoft.com/xiaomi-wyze I/O TP-Link HS103 Mini Smart Plug ($14.60 USD) Product Link - https://www.amazon.com/TP-Link-Compatible-Occupies-Wall-Light-Electronic-Component-switches/dp/B07KYVS85J/ Driver Link - https://www.chowmainsoft.com/tplink-control4 TP-Link HS300 6 Way Smart Power Strip ($63.26 USD) - Alan's Pick Product Link - https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07G95FFN3 Driver Link - https://www.chowmainsoft.com/tplink-control4 TP-Link KP200 In-wall dual outlet ($34.51 USD) - Alan's Pick Product Link - https://www.amazon.com/Kasa-Smart-Outlet-Wall-TP-Link/dp/B07N3CK3MM/ Driver Link - https://www.chowmainsoft.com/tplink-control4 Belkin Wemo Mini Smart Plug ($23.62 USD) Product Link - https://www.amazon.com/Smart-Enabled-Google-Assistant-HomeKit/dp/B01NBI0A6R/ Driver Link - https://www.chowmainsoft.com/belkin-wemo Tinycontrol IP PDU (starting from $130.65 USD) Product Link - https://tinycontrol.pl/en/ipgsm-power-socket-2/ Driver Link - https://www.chowmainsoft.com/tinycontrol-ip-power-socket Sainsmart 8-Ch Relay - Note max one per network due to duplicate mac address ($67.00 USD) Product Link - https://www.sainsmart.com/products/rj45-tcp-ip-remote-control-board-with-integrated-8-ch-relay Driver Link - https://www.chowmainsoft.com/sainsmart-imatic-v2
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    I would consider adding like a C1 or some smart lighting on other floors to improve the mesh....
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    Smart Bulbs or Plugs

    Not entirely true. We created our own replacement Outlet Light driver which is compatible with advanced lighting scenes. Having said that bulbs have dimming capabilities where plugs / outlets are simple on/off. So whatever is suitable for the specific lamp.
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    cant see main controller

    So a technician can’t find the HC800? Is this a C4 technician? Reset the controller!
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    South Africa C4 user

    Touch Screen vs iPad

    Unless you are desperate, I would definitely wait for CEDIA and see if anything new is announced...
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    Push Notifications

    Her notifications in the C4 app were off. I’m an idiot. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Wyze Smart Devices

    If I could offer some advise here as I have been quite busy w.r.t this specifically. So let me give you my situation: I bought a Wyze Pan Cam when they first came out. I had updated the firmware as and when it came out. Then had the same question as you and was really interested. I checked out: https://github.com/EliasKotlyar/Xiaomi-Dafang-Hacks Which is the site to download the firmware that unlocks quite a bit of features on the camera. The issue is and it has not yet been solved by the developers of this custom firmware, the Wyze developers changed something on the bootloader of the firmware to prevent custom firmware. The custom dev have not yet figured this out and the project was last updated 7 days ago. The update was small the majority of the files have only been updated 8 - 9 months ago. All is not lost, I sacrificed a Wyze camera to do some testing (I am OCD and want to know how things work). There are some steps on reverting the firmware to the last known version that works. What does this involve? If you know what you doing and have a linux preferably Ubuntu distro, you can install uboot-firmware-tools, there is a decompiled version of the last known firmware that you can compile to flash to the camera. This allows the custom firmware to then be loaded. There is really good documentation on this. If you want an already compiled version I have compiled one already. You can then try the traditional way of flashing the firmware (put the SD card in with the relevant files, hold setup and power on) once the camera starts doing its "turning" as it does normally when you turn it on, the firmware is flashed. Remove the SD card and power off and back on) if you get a blue light you good to go. The success rate on this method varies. The best way and the way I did it, you open the camera up (two screws) you find the serial open pins on the board (good docs and pics on the site above) solder pin headers to it, then use a USB to Serial (with pins Ground, TX and RX) to the pins. Turn on the camera and use a program like putty to connect to the camera. You will see the entire boot sequence. Eventually you reach a terminal and you can logon to the camera. When you see this again good documentation to flash the old firmware onto the camera and then repeat to flash the custom firmware on the camera. This works 90% of the time On the site (above) it states clearly that the custom firmware does not work with firmware XX.XX.XX and above (you need to check the exact number on the site). The positive part, I bought 4 additional cameras from Amazon about two weeks ago. It was a chance I took as you never know what version of firmware is going to come on the cameras (you can check this with the Wyze app - be sure when asked to upgrade the firmware say NO). All the cameras I bought had the old firmware. I did open all of them solder the pins and watch the bootloader while I flashed them to make sure nothing went funky. Also the serial interface is your best interface should things go wrong as it talks to the firmware chip directly. I know this is a long post but I really did my research on this and went through a lot of learning to eventually make this work. To answer your question: Does @alanchow driver work - ABSOLUTELY the caveat, it will only work on the custom firmware, so you have to check and follow the steps above. This is not the fault of @alanchow driver more a move (to me sneaky) of Wyze changing the bootloader to prevent custom firmware. @alanchow I would add something like this to your driver page just to make sure customers know there is a risk.... I am more than happy to help (just can help with the soldering etc due to location) if you do choose to still go this way. Just an additional note: there seems to be even more issues for some reason with the normal Wyze camera, the little square one, non pan version. They have no clue what the issue is yet. You can check the chinese sites like Alibaba etc as the exact same camera (same chips models etc) are available even cheaper.
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    @ryane Glad to hear that you’re excited and confident about the leadership. Wishing you much success and happiness in the next chapter. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Must say the Roll out OS3 and Control4 Staff reaching out about Beta Testing as been great. Hell of a lot less issues for such a big release compared to 2.10 Can tell Charlie is in Charge Starting to Like the New Management feels more Corporate than Start UP Keep up the Good Work
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    Yeah, complete destruction of this industry by 'the big boys' is always 5 years out... Has been since I started in this industry, back in 1999...
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    Music Services

    You don't. You don't have Spotify connect in c4. You are using it on your amp. I would recommend disabling Spotify connect on the amp and then letting me enable it on c4 w room auto on Sent from my Pixel 3 using Tapatalk
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    Automation vs Interaction

    I have seen way too many companies that would rather finish a job under budget and do the minimum than use all the sold labor hours on a project putting in as much effort as possible to give someone a true custom solution. Not a control4 specific problem because it happens with many companies.
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    Matt Lowe

    Controller Question

    i would grab an hc250 hc300 is going to be quite the hassle to try and setup at this point.
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    Controller Question

    I would leave the 800 otherwise the old house is going to be in trouble
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    Hey rea, Cinegration is releasing a new version next week, that addresses this exact issue. Cheers, dc
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    We are working on this at the moment. Will be released once firmware 2.0 gets released from Bond. https://bondhome.io/
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    Either way, here's an updated driver. It should work identically to the ST9 driver. Try sending the commands I posted above and if you get the correct output then everything should work. receiver_HT-NT3_Network_DriverWorks__Sony.c4z
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    No way !! I’m in bed but tomorrow I’ll be uploading this. Thanks very much. This saved me big time.
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    @dinom and @Cartnj the updated drivers are attached. For whatever reason the documentation has been lost when I converted them from C4I to C4Z files (Sorry, I haven't written drivers for a few years). I'll pass the updated Lua code along to the driver team and hopefully they can put out an official fix. receiver_HT-ST9_Network_DriverWorks__Sony.c4zreceiver_HT-NT3_Network_DriverWorks__Sony.c4z
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    Which Hue driver to use in 2019?

    Ugh - I wish Control4 would implement a native color wheel. That price is a little steep.
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    C4 3.0 iOS app

    Unifi is not the issue. I have lots of clients with OS3 and Unifi. Close the app completely and open it from scratch - loads quick Put the app in the background for a bit and come back and reopen the app takes 30 seconds to load. Known bug it happens on every system. Solution. Just shut the app down and open from scratch. Or wait a few more weeks untill C4 has it patched. They are aware of the issue.
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    Shivam Paw

    DarkSky Weather Integration

    Just released V7 which rounds temperature values and also includes the number of alerts in the full summary.
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    Shivam Paw

    DarkSky Weather Integration

    I find it weird too tbh! But as far as I can tell, with the DriverWorks SDK it'll always be one or the other and I can't figure out a way to properly support any device. As a general rule, if it has a proxy ID, use that, if it doesn't, then use the device ID.
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    I agree it would be pretty cool, but it does seem a bit unnecessary? Mind you, I will look into it but no promises I'll even post back my findings!
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    Ha! Yes; I feel stupid. I could have sworn I tried that.
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    Lutron Caseta Integration

    Loosen and line up all the wall plate screws all either east west or north south. Not screw until you can’t anymore. My ocd cannot handle that
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    New controllers

    Not confirming or denying, but if you were included as part of any theoretical beta, this single line would break the beta agreement, and if you're not part of a beta, someone telling you this would be breaking their beta agreement... RyanE
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    Wall Switch Opinions

    You could also keep your hue bulbs and just replace your dumb switch with the C4 keypad.would work well together.
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    How do you like OS3 so far?

    Hi @GSC4Home, As we were evaluating the 3.0 development timeline there were certain features that had to be cut to ensure that critical functionality and overall quality was baked into our initial release. Unfortunately, "Dedicated Mode" was one of those features. Nobody likes when features are cut, including ourselves, but we felt that with the option to enable "Guided Access" (Enable Guided Access) on an iPad that our time would be better spent adding critical features that iOS doesn't provide by default. With that said, we're always sensitive to customer requests and if this is a highly-desired feature relative to other requests it may make a return.
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