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    A couple of friends have been on the Amazon Echo beta/pilot ( www.amazon.com/oc/echo) - functionality has been limited, but I still think it's kind of cool. Today they've added voice control of WeMo & Hue products. As a C4 customer, two things that stood out: 1) Voice Control: Really hope voice control via Siri/OK Google/Alexa/Cortana is somewhere on C4’s roadmap. 2) Ease of Adding Devices: Involves saying: “Alexa, discover my appliances” and following the voice prompts.
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    Pretty cool and would totally buy it if I was filthy rich.
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    Bugs in 2.7 iPhone app

    There is actually quite a few out there. Brightsky's push notify Driverslab's push over recluse av's pushing box Chowmain's notification suite All of them do not require 4sight so no annual fees. Some of them can include variables in the notification and some not. Some can also include image attachments as well.
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    Security Status Gone in 2.7

    My app shows disarmed or armed as appropriate. I have 2.7 running on the 800 and the latest app on my iphone. No problems to report.
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    I will be using two "old" B&K CT600 6 zone/12 channel each with the C4 matrix. Can't beat those. They are built like tanks and you can get them on eBay for not much. And they are rackable. Great option and fantastic value for the price with high quality and top power.
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    i like the c4 matrixV3 and powered amps myself
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    i got a epson 5030ub with a 120 inch Grandview silverscreen 3d and the only thing i got to say is wow ! Pretty happy about this projector . I really love the sound of klipsch speaker but i know there's a bunch of guy on this forum who have episode and they say for the price its a nice thing. For your outdoor speaker you can use these too : http://www.bostonacoustics.com/US/Product/Pages/ProductDetail.aspx?CatId=HomeAudio(BostonAcoustics_US)&SubCatId=Outdoor(BostonAcoustics_US)&Pid=SoundWare(BostonAcoustics) they sound really good. i got a pair in my home theater ( for heights ) and a pair outside for the deck. for the a/c ask to your dealer for the next generation of thermostat they supposed to be nicer , faster etc. etc. No problem with somfy for the blinds , its easy to integrate it ( c4 driver )
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