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    Push notifications

    I was just wondering I have 2.8 and I'm all up to date with everything however I would like to use the new push notifications feature! Dose my dealer need to add anything to my account or anything that I can do using comoser he Can someone give me a step buy step instruction on how to set that up ? Right now I can recive c4 email notification like front door locked and so forth but would really like the push notification
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    Number Plate Recognition

    I have searched online and this forum and I cannot find any reference to this idea so I thought this "push the envelope" sub-forum might be the right place! Has anyone integrated Control4 with automatic number plate recognition? What I would like to do is for a camera which looks down the road to scan cars and match nominated number plates which then perform actions such as opening a gate, the garage door, etc., all under the control of control4. There are various number plate recognition software packages (including free ones) but I haven't seen anything with a control4 driver. Any thoughts? Thanks!
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    Replacing a driver

    I just renamed the driver to match the old drivers and used the "upgrade driver" option. Pretty painless. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Awesome, thanks so much for the info...good to know they are looking into it
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    Greenlight Control


    It sounds like to me that the controller had probably been failing for sometime before it completely failed. I have had a dealer that was monitoring a system with our product and was getting notifications every couple days when the controller would start to get flakey. With our product he was lucky enough to see right when it would start to fail and he then sent an action to reboot the controller to get it up and running. This bought him enough time to receive another controller. The day before he was going to replace the controller it died for good. The cool part is the client never really knew there was a problem because he was able to limp it along. I have your name and if you tell the dealer to sign up for Greenlight Control I will give him a 90 day license for your system. I understand your frustration and I am sorry you had this issue. I don't want you to have a bad taste in your mouth over home automation. With some dealers it usually comes down not being able to efficiently supporting their clients and I can help with that. Don't get me wrong, there is a ton of awesome dealers out there. If you have any questions just message me. Thanks, Steve
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