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    Dave w

    Security 101

    Get a good alarm system that monitors the perimeter of your home with door and window sensors, and motion in key areas. This is to alert you of an intrusion when you are home so you can escape. It serves no other purpose. So build it with that in mind. (Of course you can add fire and co2, water leaks, and other peripherals, but these are secondary). When nobody is home you have insurance to cover your material possession. Nothing else matters. Your alarm system is useless here and will not deter or stop anybody who wants in. Cameras are helpful for intel after the fact or just to be better informed about what is going on when you are not around. In 4 years I have gone back to look at footage maybe 5 times. They also help to check in on things when I'm off site, though. Such as checking to see if that garbage cans were left out,... Dont forget physical security - a good security expert can walk around the outside of your home with you and point out vulnerabilities, like ladders stored in your back yard, easily breached entrances that need better nighttime lighting, etc. In the end, a big well trained dog and an escape plan are your best means of defense.
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    Gary Leeds UK

    Best way to play doorbell sound?

    Save the doorbell sound to favourites within sonos The you can programme it so it plays on your sound bar when door bell pressed - We have 4 sonos rooms that do that plus the Touchscreen We have no delay on the Sonos
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    New Apple 4K TV

    I used the same ip driver for my existing ATV 3 and it works fine. You’ll just have to make sure you set the IP to static and re pair the remote using the action button.
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    Delete all that programming Instead on the right hand, got to the ROOM - click select video source and choose 'Theater Cable' Done. WHEN "Turn on Theater Cable" is received Select Theater Cable as the Theater Video Source What you're doing in that screenshot is bypassing the system in source selection, meaning the system has no way of knowing what you're doing.
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    WTB: Customized Buttons

    Roughly $5 each I think I paid. Give or take a $1
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