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    Remote and amp check

    Not always true. There were indeed some SR-250 remotes on embernet that say "waiting for network". If it's an SR-250B-Z-B, instead of just 250, then it is ZigBee Pro. The SR250(a) can up updated, so check the firmware as someone else suggested. Firmware version 03.XX.XXX is ZigBee Pro, below that is Embernet.
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    Just putting in a good word for Ari - he integrated my multiple Sonos speakers into my project, cleaned up some of my project and spent quite a bit of time telling me how I can improve my system, sent me links to things he was talking about, got me started on Hue integration and was overall a pleasure to work with. I would recommend Ari without hesitation.
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    New Control4 Controller, C4-CA1

    This is a strange forum. End users stumble across some information that leads them to believe a new product is coming out. Users start talking about how they like or dislike the potential product (because that is what you do on a forum) and here comes the dealers and employees acting like wet blankets telling them they shouldn't speculate or to not get their hopes up. Just weird...
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