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    Since I use this for home security, I really need to be able to set something besides the generic sound that 50 other apps use for push alerts. I'd take one customizable sound for all push alerts but granularity inside the app would even be better...
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    Garage door sensor setup?

    I know these are really easy, but string variables are so much easier because the variable can be "garage status" and you can make the values open and closed instead of true/false for "garage door open". Also comes in handy for situations that may have more than 2 states. Mostly for people who have never used them before. Give them a shot. They are a lot more flexible.
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    I checked it out. Driver was already there. Previous dealer couldn't be bothered with the drop down menu to select the Roku for control. Go figure.
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    Remote Integration services offered

    @neil12011 delivers once again. Had to do some swap out of a TV and a receiver, he rebuilt the project in no time, no issues at all.
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    If nothing else, no-one is forcing you to have google home, Alexa, Facebook, instagram etc. The fact that information is the companiy's main income maker is not a secret, or outside anyone's ability to know without any amount of effort. Your concern on the listening 100% of the time has been asked a million times already, months if not years back by now. You're not going to get any answers you can't already find on the internet by posting on here. Simple reality is that no matter what anyone says, you will not believe the answer unless it's the answer you want to hear. So stop asking.
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    RGB LED advice

    I would be all over that. I have stripped down the code from the Github repository to just turn lights on and off. I currently run this on an Apache server that can handle python code, so hitting: will switch the lines on. I have set it up for three commands, on, off and toggle. When I want to change colours I just use the Magic Home app but you could also do the code for that or other funky stuff like flashing, etc that is available through the app as well.
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