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    Yes, that'll work. You can see the time in the driver's properties. 17:38 in my time zone. You can just set a variable to True in the Candles part of the driver and run everything else with schedules programmed against that variable.
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    Interface for Multiple Variables...

    I just figured it out, I was doing this the hard way. I just find "Candles" on the left/events and trust that it will work. That gets rid of a lot of code. I still don't know why my routine isn't working, but its not relevant.
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    What's the C4 status website?

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    Something like that works if you set the audio out on the appletv to stereo which means any AVR rooms will lose surround. You would need one that downmixes if you want to keep surround on the HDMI output of the embedder. Altona, snapav and many others make downmixing versions http://muxlab.com/pro-digital/hdmi-2-0-extender-with-audio-extraction
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