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    Testing nest hello doorbell

    Picked up a nest hello, an elk930 and elk924 to wire it into my hc250 and am playing around before buttoning it up neatly Programing accomplishes If the family room is on> pauses the source, takes a snapshot of the active source, switches to the nvidia shield, launches the nest app with kodi full driver, plays an announcement in the speakers with voice genie driver. Then press cancel on the remote and it reverts to the source that was playing before the button press and presses play Button press and motion via IFTTT turns foyer and front porch lights on for 5 minutes https://www.dropbox.com/s/gvey0uqltxbdp3p/20180714_125423.mp4?dl=0
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    Directv 4K Decoder with LU1082D

    The matrix will use the EDID with the lowest common denominator - in other words, the non 4K TVs are forcing the sources to 1080/720p To make this work you'll have to use the zone locking feature on the switch to allow direct EDID pass-through. To extensive to lay that all out here, there's a full kb on the subject available to your dealer to get this set-up properly.
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    Gary Leeds UK

    DS2 mini bug?

    That’s interesting we reboot everything on The 1st of the nth - could be my OCD
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    True, but if these devices have the capabilities to do every thing that a T3 can then does it make sense for C4 to keep making T3s or try to broaden the market for their overall system by bringing down the cost total cost? Maybe this is another area where there is conflict between the needs of the dealer and the end user. All things being equal the end user would like $200 touch screens that they could put in every room. But the dealers may not like that as they are giving up the profit margin on the T3.
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    Wow - 1 - You need a Driver adding to your project - Once added you can programme these and HE will let you add more Phillip Hue Drivers for new bulbs you buy 2 - Yes you buy from the dealer - Worth Every Penny 3- This just helps you out when you are looking to buy a new TV etc to make sure they have a driver I would let msgreenf look at your system and add the bits you need.
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    Thank you for all the additional info it helped me learn a lot just right now. 1) I actually just bought my first set of Philips Hue bulbs and plugged them in along with my Alexa. They are not on a C4 light switch, so will the hue driver help with anything? And if I get the driver installed somehow through HE after I find it, for it to all work are you saying dealer will have to do the rest? 2a) Thank you for the rename driver suggestion. There are many devices that the dealer misspelled and lights that we have never renamed after we got this system installed a while back. I'm guessing I can't buy this driver and the dealer will have to purchase it and install it? I've never asked my dealer to do something like this so any idea how much I would be charged for the driver itself or is that not the process? 2b) On the greenfield website it said they recommend installing HouseLogix auto update driver as well with the above. Do you recommend that, given you have all this installed? lol 3) What exactly can I do with the C4 drivers website? I see spotify for example and some with check marks and some without. Also, I had no idea there was a September update coming to C4, I'm excited! Can't wait to find out the new things that will roll out. Maybe the intercom. Again thanks for all the info, I've had the system for couple years, but only now am I looking to see what other options and customizations I can do. Never touched my HE till few days ago either haha.
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    Dealers need to add Drivers apart from Sonos and Phillip Hue which can be added via HE (These then need o placed in correct rooms via dealer). HE only gives you the chance to do advanced programming and if you have the rename driver you can rename lights etc. https://www.greenfieldsolutions.site/composer-he-device-renamer/ Also you can check to see what control4 drivers are available http://drivers.control4.com/solr/drivers/browse? We will be having a software update in September - so you could get a list of what you are looking for and do the update at the same time to save cost
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