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    Shivam Paw

    Simple Control

    Confirmed!!! ios widgets siri integration ui redesign
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    Chowmain - TP-Link Wifi Smart Home Driver Suite Chowmain has integrated the range of TP-Link Wifi based Smart Home products into Control4 with two way control and feedback. This provides easy to retrofit solutions for outlet/power strip control, inwall switch control, Inwall dimmer control and also LED bulb control. The hardware is extremely affordable with outlets starting at $24.99 MSRP, bulbs at $19.99 MSRP, light switches at $39.99 MSRP and power strips at $79.99 MSRP. It definately adds value to any Control4 installation. Smart Plugs / Power Strips Control4 supplies the wireless outlet switch that makes any household plug-in device, like lamps, appliances and electronics part of the Control4 system by turning a standard outlet into a smart outlet. Unfortunately this device is not available to the majority of the world as it only supports 120VAC voltage for US plug type devices. Introducing the tp-link HSXXX series of Wi-Fi smart plugs. It has plug types and regulatory compliance for the majority of the world and is extremely affordable. This WiFi based power outlet supports up to 10amps and can be easily integrated into the Control4 home automation system using the Chowmain TP-Link HSXXX driver. The HS110 & HS300 versions can be utilised for energy monitoring and management using our driver and Control4. It can also be useful for device health monitoring and also for automatic selection of manually controlled AV devices like Playstation 4’s, Xbox One’s and the Nintendo Switch. Features Automatic Discovery Self Healing on IP Address change Abilty to connect driver to outlet light or relay device drivers which in turn allows you to view the correct icon on navigator interface or even eliminate standby power on AV based devices. Ability to connect driver to keypad buttons (with LED feedback) to allow for quick on/off/toggle programming Ability to monitor and manage energy using insight based switches. Ability to use energy monitoring in HS110/HS300 outlets for automatic selection and room off of Playstation, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and other manually controlled devices On/Off feedback from the device. Bulbs Control4 have provided a variety of lighting solutions for circuit level control. They have yet to offer an easy to install solution for lamps or individual lights. The TP-Link solves this problem with their affordable range of Wifi bulbs. These wifi bulbs can be dimmed, the color temperature can be changed to suit the customer's lifestyle (eg warmer white vs cooler white) and the hue color bulbs can be used for various functionality including notifications via colors (eg flash red and blue to alert the customer). Features Automatic Discovery Self Healing on IP Address change Automatically hide Color, Saturation and temperature depending on the bulb type. Ability to change modes between Color Temp and Hue Allows control and feedback over Brightness Hue Saturation Color Temp Ability to connect driver to keypad buttons (with LED feedback) to allow for quick on/off/toggle programming Preset Level and Click Ramp Rate Support In-Wall Solutions TP-Link’s range of in-wall solutions off elegant and affordable circuit level control over almost every connected device including dimmable lighting circuits, non dimmable lighting circuits and power outlet / GPO. Features Automatic Discovery Self Healing on IP Address change Dimming control over light dimmers for HS220 units On/Off control over light switches for HS200 units On/Off control over individual outlets for KP200 units Ability to connect driver to keypad buttons (with LED feedback) to allow for quick on/off/toggle programming Preset Level and Click Ramp Rate Support FAQ What hardware will this work on? This driver will work for the following devices. Bulbs LB100 LB110 LB120 LB130 LB200 LB230 Smart Plugs / Power Strips HS100 HS103 HS105 HS107 HS110 HS300 KP200 In-wall Wall Switches, Dimmers & Outlets HS200 HS220 KP200 It may also work with other models of the TP-Link smart home products but they are untested. Can you give us some examples of how we could use this driver? In Australia we do not have access to the Control4 outlet switch. As such we cannot easily integrate floor lamps, bedside table lights, fans, electric heaters, towel rails, etc easily. This driver fills in the gap to integrate these devices into the Control4 system. This driver allows connection to the Control4 outlet light driver and any relay based binding. As such you can get the correct icon on your navigator and also bind it to your AV device to minimise standby power. This driver can also detect power usage statistics from the HS110 outlet. This can be useful for programming energy management based actions. This driver allows connection to any Control4 keypad for ease of use programming. On HS110/HS300 outlets you can turn on your Xbox One, Playstation 4 or Nintendo Switch using their controller and have Control4 automatically turn on the system to the right inputs. Turn off the console using the console's controller or power button and have Control4 automatically turn the room off. The KP200 device offers two in-wall outlets which is used to replace existing outlets rather than plugging in a smart plug. The KP400 device is an IP64 rated outdoor smart plug with two outlets. It is air tight and rain proof. How do I find out more information about the driver? Please see the links below for more information about the driver. Chowmain Website Installation Guide How do I buy the driver? This driver can be purchased from our distributor driverCentral. Download Driver / Purchase Licence Who do i contact for technical support? We have two support desks. One in Australia and one in the US. Click on the link below for details. Support Do you provide trial licences? All Chowmain drivers for Control4 come with a 7 day trial.
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    Prometheus Metric Logger driver

    Hello! I have another driver for you! This is another alpha driver that should work great (it is working for me and is fun). It allows for the monitoring system Prometheus to grab metrics from your control4 system and graph them in Grafana or another dashboard system. Download, instructions and more info is here: http://c4drivers.com/prometheus-logger Here are some example screenshots from my prometheus install and my grafana dashboard:
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    Greenfield Solutions Remote Programming

    Mitch has been tremendously helpful and patient with me. We've spoken over phone, email and text and he has also remoted in to help me with various tasks. Great guy, does great work and knows his stuff. I highly recommend
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    IFTTT (Chowmain) emoji (Blackwire) Voice Genie (Annex4) Renamer (Greenfields) Alexa (Epic) Experince Button Suite (Chowmain) Temperature Display (Yatun) - I use this to display all sorts of numeric output Notification Suite (Chowmain) Irrigation (C4) Garage Doors and Gate (C4) Sorry! I was never good at counting... but at least 10 is a multiple of 5!
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    Gary Leeds UK

    Must Have / Recommended Drivers

    Sky Q - UK satellite TV Security/ Courtesy Light Theatre Display Switcher Mockupancy Voice Genie
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    Simple Control

    Ui redesign would be interesting. Will we see that by Cedia 2018, 2019 or 2020? lol
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    You edit the codes in cp for the actual device your trying to control Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Directv SR260 buttons

    Awesome, you da man. I thought I tried everything but ignored that section. Thanks again.
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    Directv SR260 buttons

    It's the "DVR" button.
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    Update to my situation... I've made a connection with a dealer via this forum. He's identified what my goals are and is very interested in helping me achieve them remotely. No need to spend 2k on networking equipment just to boot this thing up.
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    Prometheus Metric Logger driver

    I have no idea. I have dashboards for everything in my house (sleeping quality, air quality, machines, plex stuff, etc). obviously YMMV. Its a free driver.
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    Buoy can detect the difference between a toilet flush and the sink running. You could make an announcement if someone fails to wash their hands after flushing if there was a driver😀
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    It certainly works well and the Amazon Polly TTS engine is great! @Gary Leeds UK: a couple of hints on programming: 1. Create a separate announcement (polly1, polly2 etc.) for every different set of rooms you want audio to play in. E.g. I am looking at PollyWholeHouse, PollyOutside, PollyBedrooms, PollyUpstairs, PollyDownstairs and PollyMainBedroom 2. I find it useful to put the Polly execution in a macro and use a string variable for what Polly says. E.g. a simple set of commands for me would be: -> PollyString = ‘Good night sir” (after all, no one else calls me sir) -> execute PollyMainBedroom macro where PollyString is a string variable I created and my PollyMainBedroom macro includes the following two commands: -> PollyAnnouncement (PollyString,,,,,) using the PollyMainBedroom driver -> Execute PollyMainBedroom announcement Excuse the syntax which is all wrong as I am not in front of my PC but you get the idea. What I have described above is way more complex than necessary but makes it very versatile for future programming. Injecting variables into the string is easy and you can do something funky things as Eddy has pointed out. I’ve even tried emailing my personal Gmail account with a message titled “C4 Polly” and have it speak the body of the email... Using Alan’s IFTTT driver to get the email into a string via Pushover. This freaked my wife out... probably because I sat at the office and emailed “I’m watching you” which then was played through our bedroom speakers . That almost spelled the end of my relationship with C4!
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