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    3D - Benn

    Chowmain - Freesat Channels Driver

    +1 I'd say 80% of my installs are Freeview 20% Freesat If Alan made a driver for YouView /Humax PVR's comparable to his Sky Q driver I would get very excited, although I think the implications / model variants in that field are too much for it to ever be a thing.
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    there is also a new garage door driver that has this option built in.
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    I don't know 'When-Then' but Composer will allow you to this. create a new timer in the Agent set up for 10 mins. 'reset' this timer when garage door state changes to open 'stop' this timer when garage door stage chances to closed upon timer expiring, send a notification.
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    it is possible with HE. You need to create a timer, and when timer expires send the notification.
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    You could use this in a push notification as well. But makes no sense, really. Lighting loads are a relatively small percentage of he energy used in a home. We need something like the old Eragy that can import the data from multiple sources/circuits. Solar, generators, batteries, EV chargers, pool pumps, etc.
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