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    I use in ceiling speakers for video sound in all my 'non primary video watching' rooms. Kitchen, kids bedrooms, laundry room, bathroom, garage, etc. The kitchen is the only room that we'll watch TV for an extended time while cooking or eating. I like having the sound coming from above, as you can move around the room and the sound volume/quality stays pretty consistent. I have 5.1 surround sound amplifiers wired to in wall speakers in areas that we watch TV for longer durations - master bedroom, family room, office. The theater has full 9.2 surround.
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    I have a blackberry. Is that wild too?
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    Multiple Houses

    You could always get a ring doorbell to notify you so you can switch over. 🤪
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    Installing Apple TV 4K

    Do a search on the forum. You'll see there are new appletv drivers that need to be installed and info on how to set them up.
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    I just added an echo Dot to my rack and it's awesome. I just tell Alexa to turn on my speakers in room X and then I ask Alexa to play any music I want on my rack dot. It’s amazing and simple without having to create different scenes for different playlists or artists.
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    Alternatively, just highlight and select the load in question on an SR260 and then use the numeric buttons to go to different dimming levels, eg: 1 - 10%, 20 - 20%, 3 - 30% etc.
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    3D - Benn

    Multiple Houses

    Because when clients want to switch over from one account to another within the C4 app, it's to control something in another one of their properties for a specific reason at a specific time. Unless they are telepathic and know some one is going to shortly press the call button on their DS2 to which they are not currently logged into on their Intercom anywhere app then it will not call through to their phone.
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