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    Here's a pic of movie listing using the Full Kodi driver.
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    10 inch Tabletop Touchscreen $600

    I was going to ask why you'd sell it. I got a few for the new house and we love them. We actually really enjoy the intercom functionality as well.
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    The Good Guy

    Caseta Pro Bridge Driver

    You need to read the Driver doc page. It's all there. 1) Configure all devices on the caseta bridge first. Add and name all of them; 2) Enable Integration or Telnet Support on the Advanced settings (or something like that); 3) Add the RA2 Select Bridge driver and configure it's IP; 4) Add the devices to your project using either Caseta or RA2 Select drivers (Lighting, Switch, Fan etc). I would suggest only using RA2 Select drivers as they work the same; 5) Open the Caseta app and export the Integration Report (something like that). This will give you all the IDs 6) Go to Composer Pro and do the correct bindings. That's all.
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    10 inch Tabletop Touchscreen $600

    No haha. Maybe an intervention to prevent divorce!
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    Yale Conexis L1

    and to be honest, their quoted price of £95+ VAT sounds more than reasonable if it was going to inolve a truck roll to site to perform just this one task. I agree that it can be done entirely remotely though, with you fitting the lock and ZigBee module yourself and then them performing the identification and programming remotely with you at the other end doing the necessary on the lock to ID it. I would still expect a minimum 1 hour remote programming charge from any dealer and if things do not work out remotely then you could be in for a truck roll and the associated costs on top of the bill for attempting to do it remotely. It is all dependent on many factors, including how good the ZigBee strength and mesh config is where the lock will be located. In case it's of interest, I also offer remote programming services and am very familiar with the Yale locks, having recently installed over 20 of them into to luxury golfing villas, one for every guest room. PM me if interested.
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    Yale Conexis L1

    Just for clarity to the OP and everyone else on here, in the UK the correct price for the Yale ZigBee module is £80 + VAT. All priced listed on the C4 portal are ex VAT prices.
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    Gary Leeds UK

    Yale Conexis L1

    https://www.amazon.co.uk/Yale-SD-L1000-CH-Composite-Standard-Compatible/dp/B01N78HJKV/ref=pd_sbs_60_t_1/257-9342990-0231960?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B01N78HJKV&pd_rd_r=4342ba7b-e255-400d-83fe-7e36f1740795&pd_rd_w=7Hhm3&pd_rd_wg=csrI2&pf_rd_p=e44592b5-e56d-44c2-a4f9-dbdc09b29395&pf_rd_r=V2WP21AQ0JYA0S870EYM&psc=1&refRID=V2WP21AQ0JYA0S870EYM The above shows you Need to check with your Dealer that the C4 Module will work with this lock
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    Gary Leeds UK

    Yale Conexis L1

    You can fit the Module and get the dealer to add the driver We did our with the dealer over the phone
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    Good to know. It does work if selecting Dune after movie is selected. Thanks for the replies. BTW... Neeo is worth it!
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    Neeo C4 Remote announcement

    I'd consider buying it if I didn't have to replace my HC250/SpeakerPoint and upgrade to 3.0. It probably limits my C4 spending moving forward.
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    Kevin L

    Roku TV and Blackwire driver

    Did you enable fast start per the instructions?
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    HTI Customs

    Driver for JVC

    Yes our driver will work with this as long as the instructions are followed
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    NEEO Firmware

    I do get that and it would probably bug me too if I was in the US and I used dish, but I'm in the UK and back is used more than cancel so this change works for me
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