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    Can you downgrade 3.0 to 2.10?

    Ok... Generally I've been fairly quiet for the last year and mostly just reading the threads watching for new C4 stuff or other interesting 3rd party items, and or ideas. But I had to pop in and post before slinking back into the shadows... Are you always this nasty to people and are you yourself a dealer, hopefully not mine if you are... I ask because many of your posts trend towards not so nice. The OP said he just upgraded, didn't say he did it and didn't say he didn't do it. I think most of us assumed he upgraded via his dealer who didn't inform him of possible issues, conflicts, or loss of functionality. Believe it or not, not every dealer is amazing and covers these things. Sometimes a client calls and says they want to upgrade and so the dealer upgrades them, no questions asked. Yes you can read this thread and come to possible conclusions but why? What purpose does it serve outside of trolling someone. I'm sure I'll get accused of doing the same thing but if you look at my past posts you'll see that my MO is generally the same. There is no reason to be mean, nasty, ignorant, or otherwise to people. With that said, back to the shadows and maybe someday I'll just learn to keep my mouth shut.
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    Can you downgrade 3.0 to 2.10?

    I think we should all just walk away from this thread... Sent from my Pixel 3 using Tapatalk
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    Permanent ban of wappinghigh

    Hello Everyone, After numerous reports of aggressive and abusive behavior, the user wappinghigh has been given a final warning and banned from posting on this site indefinitely. This community was built to help others, and his behavior directly contradicts this. If you have any thoughts about this please reply to the thread, I will be monitoring it. I am sorry to everyone affected that this didn't happen sooner. Dan
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    T3 portable touch screens OS3.0

    Hi Folks, I’m the Manager of the Mobile and Embedded UI teams at Control4. I’m sorry to hear that you are having issues with your T3s! As has been confirmed we had an issue with doorstations calling T3s which results in long early media delays (when you first see the video before answering). We have a fix and it is currently being tested. I think everyone will be pleasantly surprised by the intercom performance when the fix is released. The posts about a one to two week turn around is still accurate. I also want to assure you that we have an internal process in place to make sure we avoid these types of issues happening again. This specific issue was due to not testing calls from a doorstation to T3 on a large system. We have different scale racks with 18+ touch panels around the company, but the team responsible for this kind of testing hasn’t had the access they need. We are currently working on fixing that. Re the other T3 issue the OP referred to, I am unaware of that particular issue. Please work with your dealer to send us the system logs. We are very interested in taking a look. I appreciate everyone’s patience as we work through these issues! This was a HUGE release with a lot of moving parts. The great thing about Control4 is most of the employees are also customers. We want our houses to work well too! I have seven touch panels (4 in-wall, 3 table top). If my system doesn’t work well my family lets me know. Thank you for reading, sorry it was a long one 😁
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    Composer 3.0

    Wap - when are the HDMI rants going to start?
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    Control4 buys Neeo

    For a non-member of this cult, you sure seem to come to a lot of the meetings. RyanE
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    Composer 3.0

    Stating that “There is nothing revolutionary or evolutionary about that function” tells me that you have some in-depth knowledge about Control4 hardware and software that I’m not aware of. I know that what C4 does may seem trivial and could easily be done on hardware as simple as a Raspberry PI but I assure you, it is not. Having worked at Control4 for over a decade, I’ve been in many meetings where product managers are desperately trying to figure out how to NOT deprecate hardware. Sometimes the problem is limited engineering resources and sometimes it is the result of hardware limitations that can’t be overcome. I can confidently tell you that the decision to deprecate hardware is never taken lightly and has never been done with the intent to sell something new and better.
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    Composer 3.0

    This site is very similar to Instagram and other social media. Makes me laugh. I also find it funny when people are saying they won't upgrade because of potential bugs and they don't want to be a "beta" tester. However, I've seen the same people say they are waiting for the "New" hardware to drop then will upgrade. 1. Pretty sure you are going to have to be on 3.0+ with this "New" hardware. The HC series will be EOL and top out at 2.10.6 (basically) for full functionality. 2. New hardware - so that's not "Beta" testing when it's first released? 3. People are just mad that they don't have EA series controllers and that's why most of them are not updating. If that wasn't the case, why did you go to ZigBee Pro instead of embernet? Why go past 2.9.1? Why did you get rid of the HC500 and HC1000? I mean, the original portable touch screen was nice. lol. Good thing humans didn't just invent fire. 4. Update is good - Much needed. Does it need more, yes. But, they just started a new foundation for the way their vision is heading.
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    SnapAV buying C4

    Snap's 'partnering' and buyouts have been a mixed bag. Just look at Houselogix and how that basically killed that company. No issues with Snap as such, for their core business, but I wouldn't judge what happens in this scenario based on that at all (Same if it were the other way around mind you, C4 has the same mixed bag of how they handled take-overs). Note that I'm not expecting it to go bad - just not expecting it to go good either, it's going to be a big wait and see. That is arguably the one thing I really don't like at this point - wait and see is not my favorite approach
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    SnapAV buying C4

    Keep calm... and Control4 on...
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    There is a driver just for this purpose in the Control4 online database. I created it for my house, because it's annoying to smash your lock into the door jamb. It's called "Door Auto-Lock (OS2.9+). As you can see in the name, you have to be on at least Control4 OS 2.9 for the driver to work. You add one for each door (that also has a separate contact), and connect the lock relay connection and the door sensor connection. You then turn *off* the auto lock on the lock itself. The only downside to this is if the Control4 system is down, your doors don't automatically lock. It's an Experience Button driver, so it can show up on the UI, shows door status (Locked/Closed, Unlocked/Closed, Locked/Open, Unknown). The driver will lock on expiration of delay seconds, *after* the door is closed. If the door is opened and then closed, the timer starts again, so in my case (delay set to 300 seconds), if I answer the door, shut the door, and 4 minutes later, I answer the door again, the lock will engage 5 minutes after I close the door again. The driver has: 3 Experience Button icon sets (one red/green, one green/red, and one black). The red/green vs. green/red is because for some people, locked should be red, and other people think the locked state should be green. the ability to configure whether the Experience button UI allows unlock or not If not, it can be used to lock the lock when the door is closed, but not unlock the lock. a configurable auto lock delay, with a much longer delay than some of the manufacturers' locks. button bindings so you can connect the driver to keypads, and show door state with LEDs, as well as control the lock with the keypad button. events for Closed/Locked, Closed/Unlocked, Open/Locked, and Open/Unlocked. commands to Lock (if door is closed) / Unlock, and Enable/Disable, so you can program turning on / off the 'auto lock' feature. I use this when I have houseguests during a party, etc., so the door doesn't automatically lock. It works with any of the controllable door locks and requires a 'door open' contact installed (any kind). And it's all for the low, low price of free (plus dealer installation). RyanE
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    Control4 buys Neeo

    What I think is so awesome is that I think some Russian programmer has really nailed the AI on this forum bot. Just crazy enough that we think its a human.
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    Thankful sale

    As Greenfield Solutions wraps up our 2nd full year in business I have a lot to be thankful for. To that end I am having a thankful sale. Purchase any driver from me and get free installation until Friday Nov 23 11:59pm. This is for all drivers I can sell. Message me for details Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
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    The Sonos hate cracks me up... Its by far still the best product like it on the market, There are competitors but their fit and finish are far superior to the majority and their App is still considerably better. I have and or have installed Sonos, Heos, and Autonomic Mirage. The sonos kills them all. I'm curious if they will have a new Connect as well, still would like to see an actual rackmount with multiple streams like the rackmount heos unit. This is the one place I think HEOS has a lead.
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    Custom buttons with code

    Pleasure to work with @dcovach. Prompt and thorough. Highest recommendation for anyone that requires a remote programming service. Thank you, again, dcovach !
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    Dealer Discounting

    Please take this with a grain of salt, I am not trying to be rude or hostile - so first off, welcome to the boards!! Now if you are building a house with 18 audio zones I am sure its a fairly big house, so you or your spouse or both likely make a good income. Do you give your customers 40%? Are you asking your window guy for an additional 40% off your windows? HVAC guy giving you 40% your compressors - with 18 audio zones must be a big house so I am sure you are buying more than 1 compressor. If you were buying 18 pairs of speakers from Best Buy would they give you 40% off? Examples abound - but these dealers need to buy the equipment, some even keep some in storage. They have insurance to pay, they have employees and benefits to pay, then they need to actually make a living. I think if you want 40% off C4 gear you will be disappointed. Maybe a small % off c4 gear and a drop more off the other hardware, but then I always wonder, they give you the discount there but could inflate their labor rates or something. If you are concerned about being taken for a ride, get 2-3 quotes.
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    SecuritySpy and 3.0

    I rewrote the security spy driver. Note: Even though I am a Control4 employee, this driver is not supported by Control4. Control4 will not warranty this driver. Please do not contact Control4 regarding this driver. This is my personal driver. securityspy_camera.c4z
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    Hiya Just developed a quick (free) driver for those of you who want to have a play with the new OS 3 push notifications! Add the driver. Go to properties, enter an image URL. Go to your push notifications agent. Select a push notification. For the attachments area select this driver's Image URL source and away you go! Check the documentation for an example of how to get it working with the DS2. (That notification was triggered manually, hence nobody at the gate) generic_url_notification_driver.c4z
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    Composer 3.0

    As some of you have asked: a few of the 'behind the scenes' (in addition to the fantastic UI / Favorites / Backgrounds / Sliders / etc.) updates in this release include: LuaJIT: Drivers that support it can use the Just-in-time compiled version of Lua, which speeds up drivers (and saves CPU resources for Director) Rewrite of the AV Pathing engine, which makes AV selection faster and more reliable, and handles more cases properly Media Sessions, which replaces Zones, is a much richer and more standardized experience for multi-room audio and video Standardization of MSP driver parsing / business rules across UIs (much less likely to find an MSP bug in *only* iOS or *only* Android, etc.) There have been a *lot* of other internal updates / changes, but those are some of the biggest ones off the top of my head. In summary, OS3.0 is a fantastic base for Control4 to continue to grow and innovate. RyanE
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    Composer 3.0

    Why doesn't everyone just wait until the Snap merger/takeover is official, C4 becomes a private company again, then we can finally get more detailed info as in what's to come for the future (ie: products, roadmap,etc.) You know, like the way it used to be. Also, I don't understand why so many are disgruntled over this. You want bleeding edge, your hardware best be bleeding edge. Too many gripes about equipment that has been around FOREVER. Speaker points?? Seriously?? Did I read someone complaining about no speaker point capability? As for older touch screens, replace them with IOS or Android tablets, if you find buying more C4 versions too expensive. The mobiles get the same interface and can do intercom using the other app. Crikey, have a great long weekend everyone.
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    Composer 3.0

    As mentioned in a different controversial thread, there are no plans to discontinue ComposerHE in OS3.0. RyanE
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    Red Control 4 Button

    If your dealer doesn't know how to make the 4 button work then you need to find a new dealer.
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    Gary Leeds UK

    Composer 3.0

    One of the best threads we have had for years - cheers
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    Composer 3.0

    lol. if wapping was in this thread, it would be the hollywood illuminati who are forcing the merger to go through to maintain their HDMI monopoly.
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    Kevin L

    Composer 3.0

    good way to get banned
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    SnapAV buying C4

    Good luck to all the Control4 employees, you have built an amazing product, I hope SnapAV recognizes that.
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    Hey guys, We are aware of the issues that have been described here. One the issues was due to improper implementation of the our cloud driver on the developers side. This was fixed after we discovered what was causing this. We see some mentions about drivers not reactivating properly in a slightly different fashion lately. It appears to be with Chowmains drivers. We are investigating this, and will have a fix this week. It could be his drivers, or it could be us. But either way, we will get a fix out as quickly as possible. Now in regards to the recent server outage, I see some concerns about DC being a single point of failure. This outage shouldn’t have worked the way it did, the licenses should have continued as normal in this situation. But we fixed the issue pretty quickly. And are still making improvements over the next week. The drivers we’re back online within 1.5 hours. We’re really sorry for any inconvenience it caused anyone. And we really try our hardest to make the experience as seamless as possible for customers, and dealers. All of the developers that sell drivers on the site are extremely busy most of the time. And when we identify issues we all work together to get it fixed as quickly as possible, albeit occasional delays due to life and busy schedules. Thanks
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    Don Applegate

    Bathroom and Kitchen Scenes

    Motion sensor under beds that turns on bathroom light to 40% during certain times and under certain conditions. So if you get up in the middle of the night to use the facilities it is lite up for you. For the bedrooms that don't have a bathroom it will activate the hall lights to light the way to the bathroom.
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    Control4 buys Neeo

    I would caution Control4 about moving their remote to be too simplistic. The number 1 driver for me to use control4 was a hardbutton remote. I do not want to look at a touchscreen to change the volume, use directional pad or control the DVR. None of those things can be moved to a touchscreen. While I like the look of the NEEO remote, I dont see the need or expense of keeping a touchscreen on it. I honestly think touchscreens built into hardbutton remotes are pointless.
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    Jumping in!

    Just signed my contract with my C4 dealer for a system in my house! Looking forward to jumping in and joining the community.
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    Inspiration / Personal History

    With my background in industrial machine automation and home construction/renovations, I never realized that the two could meet in the middle at the residential level at an affordable price point. I always thought that the level of automation I was hoping for someday was something only Bill Gates could afford UNTIL I stumbled upon a Control4 demo system. Rather than try to develop automation in the home using industrial quality PLC's and hardware, C4 had already accomplished what I was looking for with the ability to retrofit on a platform that could integrate more than I had ever imagined. I'm just glad that I didn't waste any time on anything else.
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    Inspiration / Personal History

    I was building my house and my builder said I got someone you have to talk....Literally being a tech guy my whole life I never knew this level of HA existed. So I talked to Chris - who is now a good good friend - and our 30 min meeting was 90 min and I was hooked. Control4 bug. Then I started working for them part time programming....and then writing drivers.
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    On a positive note, correct me if I'm wrong, but I think the camera jump feature only works on EA series controllers and t3's. Very handy if you have a lot of cameras and want them popping up on t3's or tv nav when there's motion or for whatever reason. As much as I still like the hc800, I can't go back to that now that I've been used to an ea5 and t3's the progression of features and drivers exclusive to it. Not much of an advantage to mix and match older v2's just to save a few bucks on a slow moving TS in comparison to a t3. The add music driver is a bonus for end users. It seems like Control4 is slowly giving some power back to the end users for supporting newer equipment. Not a bad thing.
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    Since you get it free with Amazon prime, they probably have more then both combined...
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    there are a lot of options for a lot of people. Every option has hidden costs. The best thing in HA, like cars, is that you have options!
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    Bids on remote programming

    Dahua may be a large OEM, but if they have no interest in making the driver, Control4 likely may not make one. 3rd party driver creators fill this void, but at a cost. As far as who is honest/reputable/fair etc, look at the feedback on the "looking for a integrator" section. That'll be a good indicator of who's experienced, and reputable here. The forums tend to police themselves, so there aren't many if any "hacks" on the forums who do shoddy work. The ones that I know of and have actually dealt with professionally: Neil12011: Myself of course Ak1 Matt Lowe Ari (choppeddog) -Driver creator also Msgreenf (Greenfield Solutions)- Driver creator also
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    Thank you Alan and the Chowmain team on delivering our Control4 integration on time, on budget and working great. We look forward to working with your team and Control4 channel moving forward to bring Blackdove to market. Marc Billings, CEO marc@blackdove.com
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    Seems like you should read the instructions provided with the switch before you burn down your (or someone else’s) home.
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    What have we learned about pre-announcements so far?
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    Prometheus Metric Logger driver

    I have no idea. I have dashboards for everything in my house (sleeping quality, air quality, machines, plex stuff, etc). obviously YMMV. Its a free driver.
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    There is a fine line between love and hate...
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    The team has identified the issue and is expediting a fix for all systems. If you'd like a faster fix, please e-mail me Dcain@Control4.com and provide the version and registered e-mail. We're still validating, but we may be able to fix a smaller amount of systems faster. Sorry again for this inconvenience, and thank you for letting me know this morning.
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    If your Control4 system is as simple as a single EA-1 doing AV in a single room, and a handful of light switches, a "Best Buy grade" Router/Access Point combo will probably be just fine for you. "Blasphemy!" Many in this forum will shout. I am prepared for the pitchforks and torches. The reality is that most consumer grade gear is good enough for the average consumer. Many on this forum are NOT the average consumer. However, I don't hear people suggesting multi-thousand dollar network infrastructure upgrades to use Wink or SmartThings hubs, and honestly speaking, an EA-1 doesn't put that much more load on a home network than one of them. I have CAT6 to every room in my house, 8 TVs, a theater, and a rack full of computer gear - you bet I have a pro-grade network. Dealers like pro-grade stuff because it's more likely they will be able to remotely troubleshoot and resolve problems without truck rolls. But does a single-room C4 setup really need all that? I personally don't think so. As long as you can see what's connected and reserve DHCP addresses for gear that you want to have a consistent IP address, that's really all you need. (Ducks for cover...)
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    It is NEVER 'good' to use a router with built in WiFi. It is one of those things where convenience does NOT trump function. Doesn't have to be pakedge, but please just turn off WiFi on your router and use a truw Access Point for WiFi.......
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    Useful drivers to get installed?

    This is a great list of useful drivers from Control4. These drivers are mainly for dealers to simplify and speed up programming but they are great Room Control driver Snapshot Control4 AV Local Source & Control4 AV Path Setter 2.9+ Multi Relay Drivers Auto Lock Mockupancy Security Light LED Wizard No Control Experience Buttons Announcement On/Off Timer Experience Button Drivers Light/Fan Button Timer Irrigation Control / Weather Station
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    This thread has gotten beyond stupid already. I appreciate the problem and understand peoples frustration. RyanE is really the ONLY person adding anything useful to the conversation. Everyone is just complaining. And please feel free to down vote me, I don't care.
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    System access history

    Why don't you just ask the dealer directly? If they have been accessing the system outside of normal working hours and you would prefer them not to then just say so. It's not conducive to a good dealer/client relationship if before the install has even been completed you don't feel you can discuss this with them face to face before resorting to trying to find evidence through other channels.
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    Have no fear, I will upgrade you to 2.91 before the new year. Will be free, just ask me. Merry Christmas and happy new beer. (No, I'm not the real slim shady, just imitating).
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    Matt Lowe

    Amazon Echo

    there was a driver out there that did not require 4sight but i think amazon killed that functionality. theres more to 4sight. you get the voice access to your system remote. email and push notfications, intercom anywhere, cloud backups on a schedule, and they are always adding more all the time. for less than $10 bucks a month its not that bad.
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    Would you do it all over again?

    definitely. planning on moving in the next month and will be installing Control4 in that house as well
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