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  1. Does the NAS device also have to be FAT32 formatted? I have purchased a NAS device that is formatted to NTFS setting on my network. I have not been able to get composer see the drive for accessing the MP3 files on it.....
  2. The coaxsys stuff works! We demo'ed a setup after CEDIA. I used it in our office to run two PC's and a Ethernet speaker point, worked fine. They wanted the demo back before I could do anything else with it. The unit works good for retro stuff. I did not know they had a sat version out!!! Sweet. I did think the final price point came in a little high though.....
  3. Thanks for the tip on the Amp, Jayson! I have one on the way. I will have to see what all the hype is about. Even if i hate it, it only cost 30 bucks!
  4. I think that IP speakers would be a great evolution of the C4 product! No central amp, all IP, Nice!
  5. This will help round out the solution. Many owners of vacation and second homes will see the value of this with the other features of the system.
  6. This product will add a lot of value to the entire solution.
  7. The MTS back box in under redesign. There will be a metal box as some point.
  8. I have had challenges with the 10.5 as well. Out of 2 devices I have had to send 2 back to C4. We are currently using one in our showroom/office. When connected the unit operates flawlessly, but it occationally has connectivity issues. The unit allways seems to reset once I pull the battery and reset it. Quite quirky. I try not to turn the unit on and off frequently. The longer it stays on the less issues I have. C4 needs to address these issues, for a $2k (retail) option this thing needs to be more seemless.
  9. I would like to take a Sony DVD changer and distribute the source with control to multiple rooms. Has anyone accomplished this with C4 equipment and a video distribution piece? It would be really nice if I could have the Navigator screen with the Mdeia cover art displayed at each location. Thanks for your help.....
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