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  1. Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    Documentation on the old EV Cumulus Weather driver.
  2. Extra Vegetables Cumulus Weather document View File Documentation on the old EV Cumulus Weather driver. Submitter R_Willis Submitted 08/08/2020 Category Documents  
  3. Ability to integrate PWS (personal weather stations) again.
  4. Nothing has worked, Control4 is supposedly looking into it for me.
  5. We used to have a nice display with the Cumlus APP, now with the weather app it shows as a tstat and isn't real user friendly.
  6. I think you are wrong. I also have a PWS and upload to WU. But, the driver is NO LONGER pulling from them. It is using a local or in your area service. This driver enables a Control4 system to represent weather information as a thermostat type device on the Control4 UI. It displays information from the Control4 weather service. This driver replaces the free Weather Underground driver and can be updated to replace that driver in a project. As of January 2019, IBM has discontinued the services of the free Weather Underground API. This driver has been built on the framework of the free Weather Underground driver and has been updated to pull weather data from Control4's weather service. It provides similar functionality to that previously provided. Variables are populated for the provided weather data which can be used in custom programming. Also, the customer can set High and Low warning levels for temperature which can then be used in custom programming. Weather data is retrieved every 30 minutes by default. This can be adjusted between 10 and 60 minutes.
  7. Anyone know what all I would need to automate? I have wifi and an outlet (non c4, but could be). Thanks. https://northsolarscreen.com/outdoor-shades/transparent-solar-shades/baby-grande-solar-heavy-duty/#options-upgrades
  8. Anyone ever had an issue where they go to customer.control4.com and try to change the dealer of record only to have a spinning non-stop status circle that never does anything and eventually times out? I have tried different computers, different browsers, and even my mobile network on my phone to make sure it wasn't something with the home router blocking. Thanks.
  9. Yes, afaik. I have a PWS however.
  10. But it isn't actually using YOUR weather station information, correct?!
  11. Still hoping Control4 releases something for owners of PWSs.
  12. Nothing for PWS right now. Sucks. Wish a Control4 employee would write a new Cumulus driver that works with the current software and systems.
  13. https://slickdeals.net/f/13987415-rachio-3-smart-sprinkler-controller-16-zone-200?src=frontpage&attrsrc=Test%3AfpPersonalizedMobileWidget%3ARecombee|Feature%3AisPersonalized%3Afalse
  14. Used to work fine, ~125' feet from nearest c4 device to mailbox. All the sudden, not working. If I bring it up closer to house it registers. Here is the funny thing, it seems like when I plug it into the base unit, it works worse. I sat it on top of the mailbox (just he circuit board - took it outta the case) and it worked. Put it all back together and plugged into base (bottom half) and it doesn't. Any thoughts? It has been out there awhile (in the elements); but everything inside looked normal/clean.
  15. Looking to replace one that I think has gone bad... Thanks!
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