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  1. There are probably more PWS users that are also into home automation then one would think.
  2. WU provides free API keys for those like myself that are providing them with data from our own PWSs. I really do not see a problem with that. I dont understand why Control4 cant pay one of their programming guys to rewrite the driver (prob take them less the a day I bet).
  3. I also wish someone would fix this. We used to have a nice Cumulus driver (doesnt work past 2.0 I think), then we had the WU driver. Now it doesnt work. Wish Control4 offered something for those of us with personal weather stations (some being expensive). I invested in a Davis Vantage Pro2 back in the day cause it worked with Control4.
  4. Samsung has some 19" used on ebay. That's what I use.
  5. It'd be nice to get the old Weather Underground control4 driver working with their new API commands.
  6. My old Yale lock is useless as far as c4 integration goes. Used to work great. Everytime a certain user opened the door I got a push notification telling me when/who.
  7. Anyone's directv IP driver not working? Mine controls the main DVR ok, but won't control the genies anymore. Everything was hardwired, not wireless and worked fine until a recent early May software update for the HR54. I have read on the satellite forums about the network services feature being disabled. Any ideas?
  8. Doesn't look as life changing as a few of the promo videos appear to say IMHO.
  9. If smoke detectors are going off program it to turn off HVAC or even possibly unlock exterior doors.
  10. Anyone know if the x700 or x800 are region free?
  11. Doesn't look the c4 driver is working at all, at least if you want your OWN weather. If any of our smart driver developers are willing to write a new driver, I'd be up to purchase something. WU is still offering API keys to PWS (personal weather station) uploaders. Here are the new API commands: documentation for those commands is here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1eKCnKXI9xnoMGRRzOL1xPCBihNV2rOet08qpE_gArAY/edit
  12. https://www.technologyintegrator.net/article/control4-opens-up-east-coast-fulfillment-center/#ne=39386e7b55b530b6fc9461af7defbef9&utm_source=technology-integrator-daily&utm_medium=newsletter&utm_campaign=2019-03-18
  13. ...it is NO LONGER allowing you to choose your own station..... Don't know why the driver couldn't be updated to work. Users who have PWS (personal weather statons) on weather underground were given new API keys that work with THEIR station. Here are the newer updated API commands information: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1eKCnKXI9xnoMGRRzOL1xPCBihNV2rOet08qpE_gArAY/edit It seems like lately a lof of Control4 features/things are taking a step backwards and not working as well as they used too (lots of users complaining about weather and yale door locks lately). Hmph.....
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