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  1. Nothing for PWS right now. Sucks. Wish a Control4 employee would write a new Cumulus driver that works with the current software and systems.
  2. https://slickdeals.net/f/13987415-rachio-3-smart-sprinkler-controller-16-zone-200?src=frontpage&attrsrc=Test%3AfpPersonalizedMobileWidget%3ARecombee|Feature%3AisPersonalized%3Afalse
  3. Used to work fine, ~125' feet from nearest c4 device to mailbox. All the sudden, not working. If I bring it up closer to house it registers. Here is the funny thing, it seems like when I plug it into the base unit, it works worse. I sat it on top of the mailbox (just he circuit board - took it outta the case) and it worked. Put it all back together and plugged into base (bottom half) and it doesn't. Any thoughts? It has been out there awhile (in the elements); but everything inside looked normal/clean.
  4. Looking to replace one that I think has gone bad... Thanks!
  5. Control4 needs to come up with something. I am pretty sure there are a lot of users stuck with personal weather stations (PWS) and no way to integrate.
  6. That will be nice, please incorporate this in when you have time. Thanks!
  7. There are probably more PWS users that are also into home automation then one would think.
  8. WU provides free API keys for those like myself that are providing them with data from our own PWSs. I really do not see a problem with that. I dont understand why Control4 cant pay one of their programming guys to rewrite the driver (prob take them less the a day I bet).
  9. I also wish someone would fix this. We used to have a nice Cumulus driver (doesnt work past 2.0 I think), then we had the WU driver. Now it doesnt work. Wish Control4 offered something for those of us with personal weather stations (some being expensive). I invested in a Davis Vantage Pro2 back in the day cause it worked with Control4.
  10. Samsung has some 19" used on ebay. That's what I use.
  11. It'd be nice to get the old Weather Underground control4 driver working with their new API commands.
  12. My old Yale lock is useless as far as c4 integration goes. Used to work great. Everytime a certain user opened the door I got a push notification telling me when/who.
  13. Anyone's directv IP driver not working? Mine controls the main DVR ok, but won't control the genies anymore. Everything was hardwired, not wireless and worked fine until a recent early May software update for the HR54. I have read on the satellite forums about the network services feature being disabled. Any ideas?
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