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  1. (3) HC250 Controllers (2) 250 Remotes (1) 150 Remote All on 2.10.xx $160 shipped to lower 48.
  2. Mailbox is about ~175' from house. Used to have great luck with Card Access Wireless External Antenna Contact sensors. I think they are all getting so old and don't work well anymore. Last few have not. Any suggestions? Axxess contact switch work that far? Thanks.
  3. I like my Epson Pro Cinema 4050 a lot! It is in a dedicated dark basement theater room. 100" screen. IP control or RS232
  4. Can you change them at all? Is this the standard Directv one? Not very impressive.
  5. Surprised nobody has mentioned this new offering out of SnapAV that supposedly integrates well with Control4. https://www.clarecontrols.com/
  6. Version 1.0.0


    Documentation on the old EV Cumulus Weather driver.
  7. Extra Vegetables Cumulus Weather document View File Documentation on the old EV Cumulus Weather driver. Submitter R_Willis Submitted 08/08/2020 Category Documents  
  8. Ability to integrate PWS (personal weather stations) again.
  9. Nothing has worked, Control4 is supposedly looking into it for me.
  10. We used to have a nice display with the Cumlus APP, now with the weather app it shows as a tstat and isn't real user friendly.
  11. I think you are wrong. I also have a PWS and upload to WU. But, the driver is NO LONGER pulling from them. It is using a local or in your area service. This driver enables a Control4 system to represent weather information as a thermostat type device on the Control4 UI. It displays information from the Control4 weather service. This driver replaces the free Weather Underground driver and can be updated to replace that driver in a project. As of January 2019, IBM has discontinued the services of the free Weather Underground API. This driver has been built on the framework of the free
  12. Anyone know what all I would need to automate? I have wifi and an outlet (non c4, but could be). Thanks. https://northsolarscreen.com/outdoor-shades/transparent-solar-shades/baby-grande-solar-heavy-duty/#options-upgrades
  13. Anyone ever had an issue where they go to customer.control4.com and try to change the dealer of record only to have a spinning non-stop status circle that never does anything and eventually times out? I have tried different computers, different browsers, and even my mobile network on my phone to make sure it wasn't something with the home router blocking. Thanks.
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