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  1. I like how this became a conversation about small business VoIP solutions rather what the "strategic agreement" actually covered If you look at the two items highlighted in the press release, the home energy controller business is one that Cisco is already in and is delivered through utility companies, the other is delivered through large integrators. - Joe (I work for Cisco, but not with either of these groups)
  2. I like the Yes answer. It just makes sense to me to use IP to control a HMDI over IP product. As you scale this out to multiple switches I would think an IP control solution would be much more attractive. - J
  3. Ed, Why do you need serial when you have SNMP? Have you (or anyone writing a C4 driver) thought about using SNMP to change a ports VLAN? Here is a good example: http://kallisti.us/blog/2009/06/cisco-ios-vlan-management-via-snmp.html - Joe
  4. I have the same problem with about 1/2 of my Blu-rays. If I log into the controller as root and list the files on the network share i get the following message: "ls: ./xxxxxxxx.m2ts: Value too large for defined data type" There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to what files I can see and which ones get the message above. I have some M2TS files that are over 40GB that show up and some that are under 20GB that do not. This is all on a Media Controller running Any ideas? Known bug? - Joe
  5. http://www.engadget.com/2009/07/23/sonys-blu-ray-megachanger-hits-the-streets-next-month-with-new/ Available in August for only $1900. - Joe
  6. If you have a copy of your config from 1.3, then your dealer can restore the device to 1.3 and import your older config. - Joe
  7. First off I am a Control4 user. My system was install in Jan 2006. I have been registered on this forum and reading it since it started. I remember the initial threads at AVSforums before Brent and CytexOne started their forums. I love my system and I promote Control4 to my friend and family. While I don't agree with everything that James posts, I do like the difference of opinions. Since this thread was referencing Crestron vs Control4 I didn't find his comments inappropriate. If you think Control4 is better than Crestron than you should be able to quiet him down quick. Use logic and a casual reader will be able to figure it out as well. I think the pictures of the Crestron install that Audio Atmosphere posted said more than anything else I read in this thread. As I have said before, this forum needs the ability to allow a reader to filter out messages from users they don't like. That way people who don't like certain users can be happy. - Joe
  8. What I have noticed over the last couple of months is a very negative attitude by some posters. If you don't like what someone says then prove them wrong. Name calling and telling someone to "get the hell off of this board" is immature. Having watched GoGo over the years I have a hard time believing that he is gone for ever. See you soon James.
  9. I was listening to NPR last week and they had a story on how some businesses were actually doing better in the recession. As people are canceling their fancy trips or put off on large expenses they are still spending money, but not as much and locally. I could see something like control4 getting a boost on the lower end installations.
  10. My comparison was an effort to show that there still are tech companies growing and making money. It was NOT an attempt to put Control4 in the same league as Apple. This was a response to the "stupid question" posts.
  11. Wappinghigh, you edited out the best part of your post My initial thinking was how is the recession going to hurt the rollout of new products and features, not if Control4 was going under. But I see how that could be a valid question as well.
  12. Ryan, you are probably right. For those of you who think this is a stupid thread, then tell me why Apple reported record revenue in their earnings call a couple of weeks ago. People are still spending money on technology. I was just curious if Control4 fell into that category or not.
  13. I think all end users would like to be able to add devices. Show me one who doesn't want that ability.
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