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  1. Depending on the power requirements will depend on if it will work and yes it can be registered. I would bill at time and material for this equipment as there are many issues that could come up or they may just ID and work. The reason for T&M is I have spent hours on the phone with Tech just trying to update or ID an older piece of equipment BUT most of the time they just work. You also have to set the ground rules If/when there equipment breaks that its not part of your labor warranty.
  2. If you ever want to do use the Intercom feature (and it’s great) the use the new touch screen
  3. As said above. I just added in a dish driver, and then went to Media, the zip code and Dish populated with all the channels.
  4. The answer is yes any dealer can update you to 2.8. You just need to login to your www.my.control4.com account and make the dealer you chose the dealer of record.
  5. I second Strohj and use a watt box and a traditional rackmount ups. If you’re using a generator check to make sure the UPS will work with it as not all do. The application for the watt box is wonderful and easy use reset each bank connected.
  6. We use a mutiplexer of ank kind (ir remote is great to build a driver) plug the video output into a marantz componant video switch and off it goes. We use the convertor when a HD switch it in the loop. The ir lets the customer do all the on screen work themselfs. Good luck
  7. Have a customer moving to orlando next week. We are planning on sending a tech down to program the c-4 but would prefer to hire a local installer. Is there anyone in the area that is interested in doing the hook up(ethernet only) and programaming on the systym. By haveing someone local it will be posibale for future updates and add ons to be done. Below is a lIst of the product. Duel tuner Media controller 16 channel amp 2 x 4" touch screens 5 x 2 way wireless switches Thanks Please post or e-mail
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