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  1. Order 5V3A power supplies online and that will fix them. 5 volt 3 amps. HDMI vs HD is just branding.. Same exact units
  2. For anyone who lost their bindings add and remove a space from the API key. If you only have 1 controller on your system there is no need to even select the system. it will work whether your system is selected or the box is blank. The only time you need to use that system drop down box is if you have more than 1 Rachio controller on your account. If after that you are having issues post up debugging logs and we will reivew them.
  3. LeakSmart is a fully self contained leak and flood protection system. it requires zero programming from C4 or internet to turn off the water if it detects a leak and in many cases will get you a discount on your home owners insurance as LeakSmart is nationally recognized by many insurance companies. LeakSmart recently released a real cool sensor that allows you to monitor up to 3 things for leaks all at once with their new rope sensor cord. This means washer and dryers, entire under sinks, fridges etc can all be monitored and you can install the main sensor receiver in an easy to access location up higher. Real water sensors detecting actual water leaks are much more accurate than a water flow valve guessing if you have a leak or flood will ever be.
  4. creating a second account to drive your narrative isn't going to fly on this forum......
  5. The beeping noise is the audio calibration for the mics in the touch screen. go to intercom - settings and turn off echo calibration.
  6. Lite Version: https://www.blackwiredesigns.com/store/blue-iris-vms-camera-driver-lite-navigator-display-problem-solver/ Advanced Version: https://www.blackwiredesigns.com/store/blue-iris-vms-camera-driver-motion-touch-trigger-geofence-osd/
  7. I would suggest you reach out to the manufacture of the light and ask them how to enable and control it via DMX channels.
  8. That DMX engine you linked would work fine using the Domaudeo DMX driver + the Engineering Solutions RS232 DMX Box
  9. FYI Guardian leak detection will have a Control4 driver this year as well. So its another option to look at.
  10. You need to change the edid in the roku transmitter.
  11. Did you enable fast start per the instructions?
  12. Actually I see that. I will get that fixed. I updated the website URL with some information https://www.blackwiredesigns.com/store/c4-remote-finder-pro/#tab_driver-setup
  13. To be clear you are using the BlackWire Designs Remote Finder Pro driver and there is no documentation tab?
  14. Is the documentation tab in the driver not explaining how to use it?
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