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  1. You need to change the edid in the roku transmitter.
  2. Did you enable fast start per the instructions?
  3. Actually I see that. I will get that fixed. I updated the website URL with some information https://www.blackwiredesigns.com/store/c4-remote-finder-pro/#tab_driver-setup
  4. To be clear you are using the BlackWire Designs Remote Finder Pro driver and there is no documentation tab?
  5. Is the documentation tab in the driver not explaining how to use it?
  6. The BlackWire Remote Finder App requires a Web UI button which also uses an experience button for its icon. It is launching a web page using the touch screens chromium browser.
  7. BDM is not required on the Domaudeo drivers and does not auto update those drivers.
  8. No one wants to pay for anything. We can easily enable licenses on subscriptions and have even discussed it many times for drivers that cost us to support (servers etc).
  9. If you are talking about shades you would use the Lutron Smart Bridge Pro
  10. Yes in fact they are secret, require a massive amount of security and authorization to use and change multiple of times per day. So.. No..
  11. That is incorrect. We have the RTSP URLs. Control4 is why the video integration currently does not work. They are aware of what is needed to make video work.
  12. Yes. It has full control of the TVs power. On and Off
  13. You have to hook up the NX584 and then go into the alarm panels programming and change settings. It is documented in the drivers documentation tab.
  14. We did a soft update on Rachio as it now requires our new license manager. We have not announced it as we are doing a slow roll out of the new BDM license manager and figured Rachio would be a good driver to start with. You need to install BDM (BlackWire License Manager) https://www.blackwiredesigns.com/manager/ here is more info on the manager https://www.blackwiredesigns.com/store/blackwire-driver-manager-for-control4/ Once you install BDM and set it up it will auto update the Rachio driver to the newest version. The Rachio update includes: BDM Integration The project property not saving correctly An additional fix for the property not saving on a reboot.
  15. The NX584 requires panel programming but if you know how to do that then you are fine.
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