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  1. SnapAV Releases New Neeo Remote for Control4 Smart Home OS 3 https://www.twice.com/product/snapav-releases-new-neeo-remote-for-control4-smart-home-os-3
  2. Control4 Unveils New Smart Home OS 3 Platform Smart Home OS 3 is now available and can be experienced at any Control4 Certified Showroom during #C4Yourself day on June 13.
  3. Oh goody, controller upgrade time again, at least this time I only have two to replace.
  4. From one of my Control4 related Google Alarts, I saw the CEPro story and also this one Bragar Eagel & Squire, P.C. is Investigating the Board of Directors of Control4 Corporation (NASDAQ: CTRL) on Behalf of Control4 Stockholders and Encourages Control4 Investors to Contact the Firm https://finance.yahoo.com/news/bragar-eagel-squire-p-c-184918470.html
  5. Wyze Came v2 review: You get a lot of webcam for just $20 also saw they have a PTZ model now.
  6. I ended up getting an I/O Extender, when I swapped out my HC500 for an HC800.
  7. Did you ever get 4sight working through your UTM? Somewhere along the many updates 4site stopped working for me and I think it's also blocking the Alexa integration.
  8. Origin Acoustics introduces Valet AmplifiersThe world’s first and only premium amplifiers purpose-designed to combine the voice control genius of the Amazon Dot with the performance and ergonomics of the finest in Custom Installationhttps://www.valetamplifiers.com/
  9. The hovering home security drone that can do everything from check you switched off the oven to snap pics at a partyhttp://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-4900756/Alexa-controlled-drone-fly-home-security.html My first thought, from Star Trek 'The Changeling'
  10. I was waiting when my HC-500 was going to be EOL. I need to check my HC 200 series controllers to see which ones are HC-200s, thankfully I've already had previously replaced two older controllers with a HC-800 and a EA-3, I see an expansive upgrade in my future. Thankfully my parents aren't using their system to the fullest, so no need to upgrade all their HC-300 and HC-200 controllers.
  11. Google Assistant Arrives for Android TV Platform, Nvidia ShieldTV http://www.droid-life.com/2017/09/28/google-assistant-android-tv/ Now waiting for the Nvidia SPOT (video) devices to be released and hopefully Control4 voice control using Google Assistant
  12. I would just like to cut & paste code. I have a HC-500 and some HC-200 to replace, I haven't read the release notes to see what devices are EOL now or soon.
  13. I use the CardAccess Heavy Duty Relay on my water heater, I hadn't thought of doing tempature control too. Card Access InHome Heavy-Duty Power Controller Installation (PDF) Card Access InHome Heavy-Duty Power Controller Quick Start and Installation Guide (PDF)
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