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  1. Thx for all the suggestions, will have a meeting soon with my installer with some great questions from this post!!!!
  2. So, I have been busy posting today. My guess is I will be buying 22 Tv's over the Thanksgiving Holiday. I plan to buy: Sony LG Samsung IP control and 4k us a must. Any suggested series & brands - the LG 8000 series looks promising. 1 x 75" or larger (Family Room - viewed the most) 4 x 55" (doing 4 TVs in son's play room for Xbox/PS4) 2 x 40" - 43" (not sure yet, but in kitchen and basement bar) 2 x 75" (on outside decks) 13 x 65" (bedrooms, gym, ect..) Thoughts?
  3. Just Add Power was an option when we first stated talking 9 months ago. I'll follow up on why this has changed.
  4. Agree, but I don't need every light. We are doing: All outside low voltage lights, under cabinet, under bar, and a good bit in the theater room.
  5. I am ok with multiple apps. Did a bunch of Nest to gain use of their app.
  6. So, the house is done in April (or May), this is what I have planned/quoted so far: 4K Switch for 10 inputs - 23 outputs - Atlona 24 zone audio switch and Amps - Triad Control 4 EA-5 4x Control 4 POE entertainment & automation controller v2 (throughout the house to help zigbee) 4 Tivos to work with Xfinity Ubiquiti wifi/network Luma 16 Camera system with Luma cameras Nest Doorbell Nest Thermostat Nest Fire Detectors Nest Doorbell YALE Door Automation Wilson Electronics Cell Booster 10x Lighting control C4 Wifi Garage door openers. Dam-it leak protection Motorized Blinds - still working on this Pool: TruAudio SUBT12-CN-AS1-6 Theater: Draper 200" Screen Monitor Speakers 9X2X4 Wolf Cinema TXF-1100 Projector Anthem Stereo So, I have, TV's & Audio, good wifi coverage, cell booster, blinds, water/leak protection, doorbell, thermostats, fire, door lock, lighting, garage doors, .... Am I missing some automation that is "standard", the pool, hot tub, jump rock and slide will be controlled by Pentair. I will have one camera and lighting control for the 1/2 sports court. Thoughts????
  7. I know someone will say search the topic, but not too many "big" matrix switch discussions. I have 10 inputs and 23 TV's for my house under construction. April is the move in month (probably May, construction is crazy here right now). My installer is suggesting Atlona which can be built to size through video over ip and does 4K. Any other options in the same price range?
  8. looks like snap av - Binaryâ„¢ 900 Series 4K Ultra HD Media over IP Controller is the way to go with the 20+ tv's and probably 7 - 10 inputs.
  9. we love the central vac, the permanent kitchen sweep areas are the way to go too.
  10. Lighting, my AV guy is doing panel lighting in the house. We are doing solar power too - much more complicated than I thought, multiple people working on bids. Didn't plan on conduit everywhere, just some main areas, large family room, theater room, etc. everywhere - could be the way to go. (have 8 bedrooms, so maybe not those TV's?) Central Vac - doing the hide-a-hose, builder says its the only way to go. I will plan out the locations - thanks for the heads-up (really one chance to do right). We have a larger server area in the utility room (will be walled off - was planning on HVAC for that room too). HVAC - we have 5 units, with as many zones. Just searched Ubiquiti for wifi - looks impressive, will ask my AV guy.
  11. So, Building a new home - have C4 now. This is what I am thinking and the overall size: House is a large Rambler (9,500 sq ft) - a big piece is the theater room under the garage (36'x34') and my son's room over the garage (roughly 1,300 sq ft - room and play area). Also have a large detached garage about 80' from the attached garage (45'x60'). Have pool and 1/2 sports court planned. Right now the plan has 23 TV's (5 in my son's room - 1 is a normal distributed TV and the other 4 will be in the play area for XBOX/PS4). Equipment and "smart home stuff": Nest - thermostat, smoke, doorbell, door lock and security. C4 (my installer is throwing Savant as an option, but I have loved c4 since 2006). 16 cameras. 4k switch for tv's. Distributed audio, but using soundbars this time in bedrooms instead of in ceiling speakers. Trying to figure out wifi - need something to cover a lot of ground - Eero, Pakeged, ??? Leak Detection - Dam-it? Chamberlain garage door openers to open remotely. Rachio for irrigation. Qmotion for shades. Jelly fish or ever brights for permanent led Christmas lights. Pool - using Pentair and their app for control. Heating the garages via natural gas. Putting up natural gas ceiling heaters on both decks. Water softner in grage - so I don't have to carry the heavy bags of salt downstairs. Whole home central vacumm with retracting cor What am I missing? or would you do something different when talking specific brands? Thanks - I know there are tons of posts like this, but building is exciting and I don't want to forget anything when we are pulling wires/pipes/etc.
  12. I have been a user in SLC since 2007 and have gone through maybe 5 different companies as installers and continued maintenance - man, the housing crash was brutal to many, but really brutal to AV people in the valley (the reason for so many companies). Anyway, I love the system, have continued to upgrade and am pleased. Will be building a new home in a year and will install a moderate size C4 option. My only advice, the system works as good as the company who installed it or maintains it - a good network solution is the most valuable piece of the install (man network issues can just cause unusual behavior). Also, my opinion only, don't upgrade your software unless you have to. Meaning, you are way behind, or a new feature is needed. In my experience, an upgrade just to have the latest xxx.xxx.xx version can introduce unneeded hassle or bugs. Just my 2 cents. I am currently dealing with my remotes randomly losing reception, shows hourglass for 5 - 20 seconds (no response on remote), then all becomes good. My AV guy moved zigbee off the main controller to a centrally located 250, seemed to fix it for a week, now its happening again, but less frequently. This all happened about 3 upgrades ago, this summer. I know first world problem, even with that tiny issue, I love C4 and look forward to new options in the future.
  13. Did this work? My Yamaha just started dropping and is now constantly off the network?
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