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  1. if you read my initial comment you would have seen i said i've tried all codes from remotecentral. that was the first page i tried. none of those worked. i'm not new at this.
  2. Thank you very much! can you also provide the discretes for the component and composite inputs? out of curiosity how did you find the codes for this tv i've searched all the ir sites including jp1 and yielded nothing.
  3. can you also list the additional discrete codes for this series of tv's? none of the codes i've found on remotecentral or here work for discrete power.
  4. Hello All. seeing as the T3 uses android 4.4 AND is wall mountable it seems to be a prime candidate for central control. at the price point though (even at dealer cost) these are quite pricey as a dedicated myhome app. my question is this: i know theoretically it's possible to install additional apk's to the t3 however i'd like to know if anybody else has tried this. what i've tried so far: 1. ADB + microusb - nada. 2. windows mounts 2 usb drives called rocketchip which are inaccessible on windows. 3. OTG cable to usb stick, nothing pops up. i wasn't expecting much from this. 4. pressing the 'volume down' button ontop of the screen while pressing power - this did factory default it and a small toast notification popped up afterwards saying debug settings available by swiping from right side of screen while in the settings menu (while screen isn't connected yet to director) this menu had 4 'environments' and 6 'repositories'. under the update control4 app. changing the setting did cause a relaunch of the 'C4Launcher' but no default full launcher surfaced. Environments: MOCK BETA2 PQA2 PRODUCTION Repositories: SMOKE TESTING ENGINEERING INTERNAL EXTERNAL RELEASE going through them the panel does find updates through the device settings page and check for updates but nothing changes once the update installs. i'm hoping someone else has tried messing with this too. i'm aware this probably voids the warranty however this is the true meaning of the 'push the envelope' categorization of the forum.
  5. hey evan could you send me that iso file cause i was having a similar problem with my showroom controller and never got around to dealing with it. i hate dealing with c4's tech support.
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