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  1. When playing anything through that zone, is the clip led light (located on amp) going red at all? When this happens, sound cuts out all together.
  2. Not a ground loop. Most likely the gain knobs for that zone are turned up too high. Turn them down a bit and should be fine.
  3. That’s a short throw projector. Is that what you’re looking for? In my experience, Optoma and Benq are the Bottom of the barrel brands.
  4. Create a macro that you want for each room. Then place the macros on buttons within their respective rooms.
  5. Hardwire just 1 Sonos player, then use Sonosnet for the rest of them. Shut off WiFi on all players.
  6. I’d agree with this as well. Araknis switches are about the only thing I’ll use from that line. Only because it’s hard to mess up building a switch. Though they did have some rough patches at first.
  7. Why do you want it to sleep? Uses just as much energy sleeping compared to awake.
  8. It’s pretty obvious based on that ping what the problem is. You’re getting packet loss to the router. Either your switch is failing or the router itself. If you did the ping from a WiFi connection, could be your wireless too. Get someone in there who knows what they’re doing.
  9. Agreed Eggz Sonos is probably causing a broadcast storm in your network. Perfect symptoms of works good for a bit, then bam, all shit hits the fan. How is your Sonos equipment connecting to the network? Switch loops are easily identified. Don’t have more than one cable connecting switches, unless you’re doing it for a reason and know how to config that. Pretty simple. You need someone local. The story of your existing dealer doesn’t matter. Your blowing money on good equipment and having extremely poor performance. Thats like buying Eleanor and keeping her in the garage. The NK1 is useless, just pull it out and try to sell it used. Everything else can be salvaged for a decent network. Keep it flat, with the exception of IGMP/RTSP settings (if required) and it will work.
  10. Think of relays as a light switch. light is on, circuit is closed. Light is off, circuit is open.
  11. Totally spaced about the Triad One. They do work fantastic and have much more power than the episode amp. I’ve matched it with the Triad OnWall mini 2.0 soundbar and a Triad 8” box sub. Sounded awesome and exceeded my expectations. I would definitely try to get a sub involved in the mix though. Not gonna get enough umph from just the bar.
  12. Other than dedicated pool systems, all other lights I’ve encountered are DMX controlled. Blackwire has the engine, decoders, etc. for the best DMX system.
  13. Playbar will also look silly under that TV. Get a passive sound bar (custom width, if you want it to look really good) and do the Episode mini amp to power it behind the TV. Drivers are available for the amp and it accepts optical or analog and can switch in between them. Additionally, if you ever want to add a sub, it also has a LFE output.
  14. Something like this https://www.cablestogo.com/product/37036/3.5mm-3-conductor-keystone-adapter
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