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  1. Incorrect. All denons /marantz avr’s provide volume feedback via rs232. Ive run into this in several jobs where feedback worked great on 2.9.1 but once the project was upgraded to 2.10.6 or above, feedback stopped and actually caused me a good amount of grief for some volume related programming.
  2. Then use passive speakers/triad setup and get rid of your Heos/Sonos thoughts. Thats the only way for smooth interaction. Sonos is crippled in C4 and could possibly be the same with Heos. Haven’t looked at Heos in a long time for integration but when I did, it performed poorly.
  3. IP cameras and Synology is the best experience I’ve seen. Easy to use app for remote viewing and checking recorded footage. works with about any camera. You can set how much drive space you want to use for cameras. Plus you also get the benefits of a NAS. Typically works out cheaper than buying a canned solution.
  4. Reboots? Power down sources and then remove HDMI cords then reseat them? Tried different inputs on the matrix?
  5. Also, if you’re using drivers to connect to a manufacturers cloud service for status of devices, ie: MyQ, etc., then yes they are going to be routinely pinging outbound servers all day long.
  6. No. System manager is the easiest to use to set static ips on the device. I don’t know if that is available to end users with HE though. Id suggest contacting the developers of the drivers you’re using and ask them the driver related questions. I agree that this shouldn’t ever be a problem, but it is and the workaround stated above is how to fix it.
  7. Set all C4 devices to a static IP. This will help your system chug along when internet drops. Also, 3rd party drivers that need to call home (servers) for license checks/updates can also bog your director because of the missing internet. All depends on how the drivers were developed. Most are better than others.
  8. I use gimp because it’s free and extremely powerful.
  9. Sure you could always try. But the software that is used in those locations run a similar, but different version of software than what your average home does plus the 485 gateway is for keypads and the driver is made for such. I highly doubt this experiment would work at all.
  10. Armored is better for free running the cables as it has the metal protection. if it’s in conduit, you can use the indoor/outdoor rated freedom cable Instead to save a few $$.
  11. The only way that will work is if you have separate audio matrix routing. thats why it works on av matrix. Can change video and audio separately.
  12. You don’t get them. That is for MDU/Hotel setups only and no way to get it on your system.
  13. Yeah thats just telling you your power budget at the plate. If you want 4 POE at the plate, you need POE++. But if just 2 ports at the plate, then POE+ will suffice, possibly standard POE depending on the devices of course.
  14. Fiber to the boathouse. New network switch in boathouse. Add WAP, ATV and Dish Joey for the TV. Then you can take it a step further for when you actually get out on the lake and want wifi. Then you can install the UBNT AirMax stuff. I personally wouldn't rely on wifi uplinks. It does work but there are always variables to make it not work.
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