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  1. You get what you pay for certainly applies in this field. Most “WiFi systems” that I see installed are overkill. 3-6 Araknis, Pakedge, Luxul, Meraki, whosever waps spread out with not the best of performance, sluggishness. Replace all of it with 2 Ruckus R510’s and you can try to take the customers smile off of their face. It won’t happen however. Saying Ruckus is too expensive is comical nowadays. Can be had at many places for way less than msrp. what I explain above outperforms these other systems, are far cheaper and truly set it and forget it.
  2. Ruckus has the best performance IMO. Then it all comes down to your devices and what they’re capable of.
  3. Tell me you didn’t go over to the dark side...
  4. On the CMX driver properties page, it will list live mute status, which will indicate if the zone is on/off. When I looked last, zone mute status was listed properly.
  5. Do you have other remotes registered under the remotes section in the settings?
  6. Pull the power plug in the tv for about 15 minutes, then plug it back in. Should fix it if it was working previously.
  7. FYI, Heavy Duty Power Controller is discontinued and no longer available for purchase.
  8. Anyway to change the sleep time on the remote? Or turn off the motion feature? i feel like the remote is always on when you have it next to you or on your lap while watching tv. Would be great to dial either of these in like you can with the SR remotes.
  9. If you have open ports on your network, now would be the time to find alternative routes to opening those ports. Otherwise, your firewall should handle a ddos attack pretty easily.
  10. Seeing the same as Greg with the android device driver.
  11. What modem are you using? All the ones I’ve ever sold or used, you do not log into them. You provide device info to your isp and they enroll it to your account.
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