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  1. Intel NUC and power settings all depends on how you configure it.
  2. You’ll never see the same speed as what you get wired. It also depends on the wireless devices, both yours and what’s installed for access points. Interference plays a huge roll in any WiFi system too. Live in a congested neighborhood, not a chance your getting overwhelming speeds. Have a beautiful ranch out in Montana (Yellowstone on the mind), bobs your uncle.
  3. You’ll never see the 300mbps over WiFi. May get up to 240 but chances are unlikely. Also depends on the wireless nic in your WiFi devices. If it has a 5Gh card, start thinking about separating your 2.4 and 5 networks. Meaning, SSID’s would become the following: Main Wifi- 2.4 Main WiFi- 5 This will help to alleviate some traffic in 2.4 and steer your newer devices to only use 5. If you get full coverage of 5 everywhere, don’t forget to then forget the 2.4 network on your device. Otherwise, it will connect to it because 2.4 is inherently stronger than 5.
  4. Check what devices are connected to the WiFi. Older devices with slower nics will degrade your 2.4 network to the same speed for every device. That’s the nature of 2.4. Only thing you can do is create a separate network for these slower/IOT devices so they aren’t stuck on your main WiFi. Also, Ruckus unleashes will dramatically improve handoff between AP’s because there’s an actual controller that forces it. UniFi does NOT do handoffs. It drops the weak, then your device picks up the stronger AP.
  5. When using speedtests, it it measuring the speed from ISP servers to your modem, not to your laptop.
  6. POE will not work at the camera location, IF your tester shows that you are missing pins 3 and 4. Internet and POE requires all 4 pairs of wire. If anything is missing/shorted it won't work. Your laptop received internet at the camera location probably because it negotiated at 10 or 100 mb. Most NIC cards nowadays auto-detect available speeds. Just dealt with a customer with same situation. Customer installed cable to new area and hooked up gigabit switch. Does not get a gigabit uplink. Told him to re-terminate his wire because gigabit requires all 4 pairs for full speed. Problem solved.
  7. AND....Q-Sys has only been around for 4 years at most. So how he's been installing it for 15 years and it's been rock solid is questionable.
  8. Keep what you have for switches and AP’s, provided they are Gigabit and at least have AC v1. Depending on how many AP’s you have, I’d ditch the Zone director and flash the AP’s with unleashed firmware. Then get MikroTik RB3011 for routing. It’s really not that hard to watch a YouTube video to find out how to do what you want. You’re most likely will do that with UniFi too. This is the BEST performance for the money in the market. Period.
  9. This will vary greatly depending on what type of system and speakers. But in general, 10 awg would be what I’d install.
  10. Or the load you are controlling with it is giving you a mosfet fault.
  11. All brands have there own issues. It's a crap shoot whether you get a lemon or not. Sony would be my vote, but put the dang thing in Pro Mode to hide all the bloatware.
  12. DLI is great and far more reliable
  13. Is it an analog camera? if not, looks like you’re not using a Poe injector for it because they spliced out 2 pairs for 12vdc power.
  14. Personally, I find the modes that I want per device beforehand. Then program when selected, change the mode based on source. I've never really had any customer complain, nor do the constantly change modes either. You can also expose the AVR under Listen and be able to change modes there too.
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