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  1. Don't use the SDDP driver. Go into the database and pull one in that's similar.
  2. And when Shairbridge was introduced, Airplay 2 wasn't even a thought yet. My guess would be licensing for the hold up currently. I personally couldn't imagine my house without a C4 system. The devices I chose to use are either native or have well known API's. Unfortunately, the system is dealer based, which inherently can cause issues as well. Good luck either way.
  3. In programming under Room Control, there are options for "entered watch mode" and "entered listen mode". Program what you want to happen based on that. May have to get creative with the grouping though. I haven't dealt with Sonos for a good while, so don't remember if there's variables for when they are grouped. But the above should get you started.
  4. It's certainly possible. There was a driver floating around but the developer/s went awall. It was a bit kludgy anyways and integrated through their cloud service. Best option would be to bark at Carrier to allow direct C4 integration, not through the cloud.
  5. Pretty sure the extra features, like lights, are not 2 way compatible. That's why states can be off, especially if using the native app and c4's.
  6. correct, by default audio and video will come over the hdmi. For your particular setup, hdmi audio is not needed because you get it from the audio matrix, so disabling that will fix the algorithm in composer pathing.
  7. purchase the metal back box and surface mount it. or the box gets sunk into the wall if you can get wire to it.
  8. The Roku tv should be video endpoint 1 and video's audio volume 1. Your amp should be audio endpoint 1 Your audio matrix should be audio volume 1
  9. Most likely an EDID problem. Is the hdmi direct to your TV or through an AVR?
  10. as long as you check the box on the EA5 properties to "disable HDMI audio", that should fix it. If you have composer HE, I believe you can do that, otherwise your dealer would have to log in and do it.
  11. bindings are most likely wrong or you could use the AV Path Setter driver. My guess is you have a controller in your video matrix for onscreen. Also, if setup properly, you wouldn't need any of that programming. System would do it automatically.
  12. Yup, just wanted to throw it out there and wasn't saying otherwise.
  13. Install the wiring traditionally. Pretty sure it's code anyways to wire from a wall box to the fan and not directly from breaker to the fan. After the fact, do what you gotta do for the functionality you want.
  14. Possibly. Last I looked snap was 10% higher
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