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  1. Usually what you described. Change to a different room and then change back resolves it. Ive seen it mentioned a few times in the dealer forums with no answer as to why.
  2. I’ve seen this on iOS. Watch, Listen or both would be missing when the app was first loaded.
  3. Well it's not a CD player. It's a DVD player. Driver was probably built using a DVD proxy. Either way, if your connection bindings were correct, then the DVD player should be listed as a Listen source.
  4. Ya, HC is a great company to deal with. Very knowledgeable and helpful.
  5. They work perfectly fine with all strips. Remember, each light is a number. Channels 1, 2, 3, 4 would be used for RGBW, then channel 5 would start your next strip. Documentation certainly helps here. Common is daisy chained through the whole board, so you can use any of those ports.
  6. Anything Meanwell is solid, so stick with them. i use these decoders which are meant to run holiday displays/light shows. I use a metal wall can for the high volt distribution and power supply mounting Then is use a structured wiring panel to mount these boards. Use stand off mounts and the boards line up with most manufacturers peg board. Been using these (about 7 of them) for the last 10 years. Excepts 12-24V, just have to dedicate a board for each power level. http://www.holidaycoro.com/30-Channel-DMX-Controller-for-RGB-Lights-12v-DC-p/43.htm
  7. Serena has deals on Black Friday like that or his dealer gave him a really good discount. I’m betting on the latter.
  8. 12v led tape don’t typically have a high lumen output. That’s issue number 1 if you want “bright”. 24v tape would be better suited Also you get what you pay for when it comes to the tape never used that decoder before so can’t comment. How many strips do have hooked up to that power supply.
  9. KB is for dealers because they are the ones who are supposed to be supporting your systems. However, certainly no reason why they can’t be shared with end users. Not sure who said that, it’s never been the case.
  10. Synology does sell a decoder with an hdmi out. Gives you the same GUI you see from the browser. Really good product and reliable. With that said, I still prefer the NAS for the multi-functionality it can do. You can spend more for the extra bays and better drives. Overall, if you want simplicity into a C4 system, LUMA certainly would be the easier implementation. More streamlined because of ready made drivers.
  11. What performance are you looking for? Or what don’t you like about Synology? Same experience on a branded NVR, IMO. On board POe doesn’t mean squat for performance. What NAS do you have?
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