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  1. Set IP and DNS statically on controllers. If using reservations on your router, then still set static on your controllers.
  2. Is there CAT cable where these Eero beacons are located? Anything meshed networked is going to throttle speed a bit.
  3. Ruckus I'll agree with for wifi. For the router, any newer Mikrotik will give you pretty dang close to a 1GB throughput, including firewall. And all at the fraction of the price of an RK1.
  4. WAN-LAN throughput is throttled by the router because of firewall and other configs on the router. You want that to change, then change out your router. IPSec is VPN so shouldn't have any affects locally. Then on top of that you have EEro installed. Most likely configured as wireless extenders. When doing so, your cutting your available speeds in half. To have any decent results from EEro, you need to have each unit be set as access point.
  5. Top left of your screenshot, Network Tab: Any IP under the Marantz for connections? Other than that, I'd guess it's either a wiring/cable problem. Marantz are typically solid for RS232 control.
  6. Ruckus R510's should cover just about any install for most people. Even the R310 or newer Wave 2, R320 would totally be adequate.
  7. Do you have the IP listed in connections for the AVR? It's one or the other, serial or IP, not both.
  8. Could easily reach $4K if they're installing the best Wifi out there (aka Ruckus), plus labor. It's not like he listed what was proposed and don't really have a scope of work. Not sure what you find funny? Ubiquiti isn't for everyone either, especially if you have zero clue about networking. The constant bugs and updates can drive one mad.
  9. yes use the generic camera driver. You will need to list the stream's url in the properties of the driver.
  10. Installing panelized, using low-voltage panelized keypads and your director goes down: keypads within the room default to control a load, typically the main lights in the room. Installing panelized, using high-voltage keypads and your director/zigbee server goes down: keypads within room stop working completely because the zigbee system is down. No load control within your rooms. Installing switches/dimmers traditionally or hidden, using low/high voltage keypads in your room and your director goes down: keypads within room stop working completely because the zigbee system is down. No load control within your rooms. Unless, a keypad dimmer is installed and a single button is set to control the room's lights. Does that spell it out for you??
  11. You should still be able to do this with the Synology no problem. Once you add the cam to surveillance station, use the "share stream" config to pull the stream from the NAS to C4.
  12. You'll be fine with stashing 2-4 dimmers/switches elsewhere. This is the same as having a 4 gang box. The zigbee problems come when you have a cluster of 6,7,8 or more of them all stacked up. The devices are too close to each other for smooth communication.
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