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  1. MikroTik hAP AC v2 for ~$90. Set it up and forget about it. Can download phone app if needed. Plenty of YouTube videos to show you how to configure anything you’d want. For WiFi, go Ruckus Unleashed and then again, set it up and forget about it. Not sure why everyone is talking about all these updates for this and that. I, if at all, update my network maybe once a year. Really for any required security patches. UBNT is a child’s toy. Basically, created to make anyone “feel” like they’re a network engineer. Edge switches are about the only thing solid that they make and what I usually use.
  2. Should already be a universal HBO Max driver available.
  3. Factory reset is probably your only option after that, follow the above statement.
  4. I'm in the camp of "it's not fixed". Bad design from the get go.
  5. Unless you have the UBNT product, you’re going to be waiting a long time for it. other than that, as long as IP control is used on everything, you should be fine. CA1’s should be used as separate meshes if you’re going that route.
  6. I've never installed a Nest, nor care to, but.....you could use the wiring to install a remote temp sensor at the current tstat location, then move the stat down to your hvac unit. Much cleaner look like this anyway.
  7. Sounds like your VLan's are blocking multicast traffic. Check your firewall.
  8. EA1’s don’t have contact inputs. So your options are z2io’s or IOX or another controller. glad it worked out for you.
  9. You could try to use a contact on a controller or z2io. Plug a usb cable in to the tv, when the tv turns on, it supplies 5V. Pretty sure when it turns off, so does the usb port. You'd also have to use a multimeter to find out which wires are ground and power.
  10. If the NAS is out in the open, it's practically near silent. if it goes in a cabinet, it could be running faster and a touch louder. The NAS has different options for the fans too. Plus, you can use it as a NAS too. Much better performance and all around better buy than a manufacturers NVR. It's all I've installed for the last 5-6 years now and haven't looked back (other than dealing with older clients and their systems).
  11. Not that this helps, but I just replaced one of these at a church client of mine. Same exact issue that theyve been dealing with for months. A NVR reset did not fix it either. Luckily they were adding more cameras anyways so I’ve moved them on from LUMA and into Synology. They are much happier now.
  12. This or your can get an hdmi IP decoder. Set the DoorBird rtsp stream as the source. Jap doesn’t allow IP streams as a source, so you’ll need a decoder of sorts. Also, when your DoorBird button is pushed, if anyone answers the DoorBird app, the rtsp stream disappears. This is because the app gets priority for the video stream. Other than that, I’ve had no issues.
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