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  1. You do not need to make macros like to turn your products On and or to correct inputs. The C4 logic already does that. Create your scene name. In programming, event side, find your scene. On the actions side, select the room name. Select the ATT mini app as the source in the room. Also, no need for experience button either, unless you want a button to do the same as the voice control.
  2. Picos are fully programmable within C4. You can add extra programming based on what button is pressed on Picos.
  3. Yes, if that’s what you use to control the lights.
  4. Picks integrate just fine. For scene control, you will want to use phantom buttons to bind to C4 buttons, etc. to control the Lutron scenes. This way the lighting system works the way it was designed.
  5. Pretty sure there isn’t one, unless it’s 3rd party driver being sold somewhere. Won’t find much on commercial product drivers I just use the Chowmain TCP command driver to send IP commands to my DSP. Drop in another matrix driver as a placement for pathing that’s similar to what you’re using. Make the bindings to said switcher. Then program to send the IP commands to your XTP switcher using the room control or matrix driver as the actions. Ive had this setup for a good while now for my landscape audio system. I basically send preset commands for grouping, audio delay (using IP video distribution), nighttime bass settings, etc.
  6. Could it be that the Android/Google C4 app situation (disappearing) causing this? Existing installs work, new ones don not
  7. This. Speaker in each corner. Works every time.
  8. As you’re a big fan of Apple Music, some others, like myself are not. The only people I hear asking for it is on this board. Customers have never mentioned it to me.
  9. Michael If you’re a system designer, can we just stop selling touchscreens all together and make the app fully functional? I’d even say start charging for a V2 version of the app that has intercom. Design flaws, product shortages, etc just leave a bad taste in people’s mouths with the C4 screens. Everyone has a tablet or 3 and they are sold everywhere, even with compatible wall mounts. The high cost of the TS is a tough sell to most people. Thanks
  10. Are they on the same version as your system?
  11. Is the mini app up to date? Looks like all your other apps are available.
  12. Get rid of all that programming on the blue button. when blue button is pressed Select Disney+ in room (highlight the room on the actions pane, select a video device) That's all that is needed. Tv will turn on too if it was off.
  13. Wife and I, with 3 kids 11,9,6. Then I have my inlaws in an apartment over my garage. My mother-in-law is a hog too! She's getting capped next!
  14. The kids wifi devices are going to be the ones getting capped!! They literally watch TV and then stream some youtube video on an ipad at the same time, then barely watch either!
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