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  1. Then there is always the "double matrix" issue with C4. Sometimes the pathing that the software does, is un-explainable and can do some funky chicken stuff. This is why it was recommended to get an audio switch that would support the amount of zones you have.
  2. You will not get smooth fading with the Entec box and driver, plus its pretty taxing on your controller running director for larger scenes.. My advice, swap over to the Engineering Solutions box and Domaudeo driver. You will not regret it.
  3. It needs the SD card. Have you tried a smaller size?? 32GB is a little excessive, IMO. Anytime I've swapped them, 16GB was the max size I'd put in. I'm not even sure if the size makes a difference at all, but wouldn't be surprised if it did.
  4. That has nothing to do with your KNX system. That is just how Alexa works sometimes.
  5. Or keep the button and just use toggle relay
  6. I think it was more or less him posting in just about every thread about the HDMI gestapo and the Hollywood devils. super annoying when people are trying to get help or information and he’d come barging in to make 20 posts of the same thing. Nothing against the guy, but clearly needed to take his angst somewhere else.
  7. Also turn CEC off on any/all devices.
  8. Latest Android app has an issue. Updated fix is in testing.
  9. Can always replace the fans with something quieter. Most of the stock fans do sound like jet engines, but there’s plenty of 3rd party ones that are near silent. Not much more than opening the NVR case and removing a couple screws.
  10. You still might need a dealer to bind the universal Netflix driver to the Samsung tv though.
  11. If it’s not working directly from the Kodi driver, you could always program based on the room. For example: when room living play command is received If selected video device is Kodi Execute x lighting scene You could do that for all your scenes required.
  12. Couple jobs that I have, have the Omni using the paid driver. Works very well, including lighting and hvac control.
  13. Yamaha, Denon/Marantz and Sony will certainly be good brands to look at.
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