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  1. Talk about going from a Rolls Royce to a Toyota.
  2. Is your device listed in your customer C4 account? Does your device show under the Communication agent in HE?
  3. Do you and others have your own accounts setup? Meaning, you're not sharing the main account with a bunch of devices.
  4. And everything in sync. Clearly, he’s probably never installed such a system, otherwise he would know the benefits of it.
  5. Device limits may be speaking of zigbee devices. I believe the limit is still 75 per zigbee mesh for better performance.
  6. Sure can. You’ll just have to control the tv manually or create a driver to control it. The EA3 would be just like any other hdmi source.
  7. And what’s your point? You want to eat billable time, go for it. If they really wanted to have no cost to customers, then they should let dealers invoice them for how long it takes. Labor rates, distance to customers, etc. is all over the place based on the dealers location. I would much rather pay for better parts and materials to make a superior product up front that won’t fail vs. manufacturers accepting bids on products they require with the lowest cost in order to fill their pockets. Ive tried all of Snaps products with a cord. Every single one has failed within years of
  8. The triads can easily be made to sync their outputs when streaming a local source from A to B, like a Sonos system the Yammys are doing some processing which explains the lag behind the triads. Change them to direct to see if it improves.
  9. I know exactly what it would take to accomplish and how long it should take. Problem is the reimbursement pays for 1.25 hours. Funny part is that I don’t have any T4’s installed currently and looks like for a long while now. Unless all these jobs are all lined up on the same street, not sure how any dealer thinks it is OK. Same goes for the Wattbox program. Will be doing 5 replacements next week, luckily at the same project. This is the same as the T4 program, which was the reason for my response. Do you think that credit on my account will cover replacing all of them, redress
  10. The yamaha’s are probably doing some D/A conversion. Which products play the audio faster? Triad or the Yamahas?
  11. What they are offering to pay for labor to swap these out isn’t going to cut it for most companies. I’d expect a charge from the dealer.
  12. What cameras do you have? All newer camera drivers should show on all navigator devices. The snapshot url for the cameras you’re using may need to be updated.
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