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  1. Driverworks is 1-way control only, therefore, that's why you are seeing 100% for volume. It can also be displayed as 0%, but same reasoning.
  2. Bad ir code on the driver you’re using? that would cause this too.
  3. Sorry bud. Away on vacation and won’t be back until Wednesday.
  4. The pakedge cameras are nice and can be cheaper than the Luma line.
  5. Just like adding an app to your phone
  6. sure wouldn't be until tonight when I get home.
  7. I have the same ones you linked. Work fine at the bottom of my door. The hinged portion gets mounted to the door and the other part with the wiring gets mounted to the floor surface.
  8. Could try Bluestacks as well. Its an Android emulator but can load the latest interface for C4. No more outdated GUI from MyPC app.
  9. Unicast traffic, sure vpn would be fine. Multicast traffic would require a lot of work on the network engineer to get both sites connected and working properly. I foresee that communication to be slow. Not saying it wouldn’t work, I just don’t think it would be a solution I’d offer. I may have to test this from my office to my house and see what happens. Thats why I suggested EoIP would be the best choice because it allows all traffic both ways, untouched. Only slowness factor would be the ISP services at each site and the path between locations.
  10. VPN connection would be way to slow if you went that route. Unfortunately, the only way I know to make this happen and work consistently well would be with Mikrotik routers at each site and use EOIP tunnels.
  11. Buy a little 5 port switch to put back there. Better experience wired anyways.
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