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  1. I've already answered that. The world rotates around the sun. The services that actually provide the app made a change to their software to lower THEIR server costs that broke the integration. One of the services is now out of business because the European Union passed a random law over two years ago. A driver is software. Software needs updates and maintenance to keep working when the world around it changes... What you propose is like living in a bubble and pretending nothing has changed so the code should work forever. I'm curious what software you have that has been sealed in a vacuum and not updated since 2011? But the final answer to the question is "because I said so." If you want your own push notification driver that sells at best once every 3 months feel free to make your own.
  2. Savant has always claimed this.. and they are the only ones that have made this claim. In fact, they have never officially claimed it -- only with side glances and a wink. I have never seen any proof of it at all. If Savant were actually in bed with Apple why would Apple make HomeKit? Marketing marketing marketing.
  3. This was clarified today in a session. Apple is opening up an API for remote control support into HomeKit. Will be exited to see this get adoption. I'm guessing too many of their C-level managers have C4, Crestron or Savant and got tired of juggling remotes.
  4. That was introduced years after PushNotify was on the market and requires 4sight if I recall correctly. PushNotify also offers more features and tunable notifications. Let's get this 100% straight now: PushNotify is not BlackWire's driver. Nor is it their responsibility to provide ongoing support the historic sales of three defunct companies. On my end, I'm not interested in passing out free licenses either. If you like the driver and what it can do its still for sale. I worked on it and made it work for the modern APIs. Fixed bugs. And now if I get adventurous will need to find another solution for Android users. That is time and money. As stated before there is no upgrade path. There are many reasons because of this but mostly it was caused by Prowl making breaking changes to their API. After a few weeks they reverted those changes so the old driver is still working but there is no guarantee that will be the case in the future. If you install the new driver now its in c4z format, not c4i, so you'll need to redo all of your programming anyway. Unfortunately all the parties involved that could help you with this are out of business except perhaps HouseLogix. If you are still using that driver its possible they could provide you with a new license key. The other option is to get the new driver and support the continued development of PushNotify and third party development. There's no good way around this but you have to expect to lose this software over time. You don't run Windows 95 anymore or use your iPhone 3G. I've paid hundreds in apps for the iPhone that don't exist anymore or that were broken when I updated phones. Businesses change. People go on to other things. That's nothing unique to Control4. Unlike your issue with RecluseAV I'm still offering a low cost path forward if you want it.
  5. Itโ€™s just simple math. C4 numbers are public. They do a few thousand controllers a year. Apple has bigger numbers in every conceivable way and even if 20% were HomeKit they would still be bigger than C4. Theres a reason they call it mass market. Edit: Every single iOS device is a HomeKit controller. Not just AppleTV.
  6. What Kevin said. No upgrade path. If it means something to you buy a new license. I bought the name and IP from previous company before they went out of business and maintained it as long as I could. Prowl made a breaking change and I had to rewrite and move it over to BlckWire. The fact anyone is still running EV versions is astounding. You should have moved it to HL years ago for the bug fixes alone. NMA shut down over GDPR so Prowl is the only service working at the moment. I donโ€™t know if this driver will be around much longer. Everyone only wants free copies to replace their 10 year old version they bought from EV and sales have never been more than I pay Starbucks in a month. It was a good ride but losing NMA is a big deal. I would replace it with another service but I have zero incentive to work on it right now.
  7. To be fair there are probably more HomeKit installs in a month than C4 has installed controllers in its entire lifetime. So keep that perspective in mind when you judge whether something is successful or not.
  8. I'm not sure if anyone mentioned this yet (because the first page or two was dumpster fire crap again) but Apple did actually announce a feature called Siri App Shortcuts which is all the "Siri integration with Control4" could be. The feature allows you to create custom key phrases to trigger the C4 system via the Control4 iOS app we already use. C4 doesn't have to work closely with Apple on this at all. Seeing this announcement was from the AppleTV team (not the Siri team or anyone else) it sounds like, to me, the AppleTV will get an official API (rather than using the iTunes control hack) and they are working with Crestron, C4, and Savant initially to get this done. Notably missing was Logitech. I'm not sure why they weren't up there... very odd. What would be another cool feature is if we started seeing media info show up in the C4 navigator from the AppleTV. So you could select Game of Thrones on a T3 and the C4 system would be able to trigger that all the way to the HBO App. Or maybe Apple Music integration using the AppleTV. Not really sure but if you look at the teams as individual businesses this was the AppleTV business -- not Apple as a whole -- making this announcement. In any event I will be excited to see what the partnership brings.
  9. No. You should raise sand. But it really sounds like you have networking issues.. whether you want to believe that or not. Been doing this for 15 years. Your PC, phones, etc are way more forgiving of a bad network than C4 equipment. Everyone here knows this. We are trying to tell you that. C4 is no more of a security hole than any other device you have on your network. And, as others have suggested, if you believe it is you can have secure communications on and the password changed -- just like any other computer it is what it is. Maybe you should be. As others have said it sounds like you got a bad install out of the deal. We don't know the particulars or if the dealer is even finished. I'd hound him and Control4 until the job is complete. You weren't really looking for help. You were looking to complain. So lets get that straight. There's plenty complaining will get you -- and there's even more that asking for help here will get you. I think you know the squeaky wheel gets the grease but don't bother coming here and complaining to a bunch of people who know this shit works when it is installed to specification. Nor does it help to argue 'facts' when you just are ignorant of the actual details. We've all heard it all for many, many years and quite frankly its old hat at this point. That's why you feel insulted. You complained. People said that cant be true an a proper system. You kept complaining. People offered legitimate suggestions. You kept complaining. Look for help, complain less. We don't get paid to be on this forum to help you (see point #3 to find the people who are paid to listen to you complain). That said, I'm sure there are guys all over this thread that are happy to help you -- some of them have actually installed "$50,000" systems before that actually work. Sounds like you are in the UK or Australia? Some really good dealers in those areas too. We can help you here but please.. bitch and moan a little less when people actually offer you up some good advice. You'll have a much better experience.
  10. The release notes for all of our drivers are now published on their product pages.
  11. All aboard the C4 Mothership into the quantum reality!! Woot woot!
  12. Uh not really off the top of my head. There have been some small issues around authentication for some systems, not all. Some new features too. Depends on the version you are on I guess. We have all the info in the database but not visible as far as I know. Sometime in the future I'll get this on the website. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. We do? Haha we've had a bunch of bugfixes and features on this one recently. Really happy with the progress. Update should be out next week. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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