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  1. Hi I'm in Auckland too. I have physical devices in watch list like Roku, DVD, etc but recently I renamed the 'TV' device in Composer to 'Netflix and Apps' in the Watch-List....and I programmed that so that when it's selected, it switched to TV etc, pauses, then selects the apps button on that TV....and goes straight into the apps where Netflix, Lightbox and others are. This helps a hell of a lot when we have family/guests staying with us, as they have no idea how to access Netflix etc because the remote is a C4 one with no 'apps' button. C4 owners know exactly what buttons do,
  2. Yes you can wall mount ipads using POE, I looked into many options and did this perfectly at my place. To constantly power the ipad, I used this ethernet to lightning adapter: https://www.poetexas.com/products/gaf-lightning-p-d I managed to hide it in the wall without issue, and only the small lightning connector shows, so it's very nice and tidy. To mount the ipad on the wall, I just used cheap magnets from AliExpress here: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32812106293.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.1e564c4dzufodV So the ipad sits nicely on the wall, and is always charged.
  3. "iTSfv (iTunes Store file validator) is an open source addon for Windows. It is aimed for iTunes users who are keen on maintaining or having the goal of achieving iTunes Store file standard tags for all the tracks in their iTunes Music Library." Basically when you have iTunes open, run iTSfv, it's in a standalone window. In iTunes, highlight an entire album of songs whose meta tags you want to 'validate' then go to iTSfv and click on the 'validate' tab, and then click the 'checks' and 'tracks' tabs and select the options that you want. Then click on the 'validate selected tracks' button a
  4. I managed to fix mine myself the other day. When I updated to 2.10, for some reason the scan failed to pick up almost all my cover art. I updated to 2.10.1 and still the same problem. I had to go and manually re-embed the cover art onto all albums. I did this in a batch with the itsfv software which works alongside itunes. Took a while, but after it completed I re-scanned with control4 and all the cover art is there again. Pain in the butt, but it's ok now. I have no idea what they did to the scanning in 2.10. I hope this helps some people.
  5. I managed to look at the release notes and fixes, it doesn't mention cover art being fixed. Does anyone know if disappearing cover art is now fixed with 2.10.1?
  6. Does anyone know when the cover art scanning issue will be fixed? Thanks, Roger
  7. When I press and hold the bottom most button, nothing happens, all still blink green. I also tried the 13-4-13 button tap sequence, and they all went back to solid green. I re-identified it, and again it momentarily goes back to normal before flashing green again....
  8. It's a 7 button keypad, and they are all flashing green in a quick pulse way, I tried rebooting the keypad, still the same, rebooted controllers, still the same...it's identified in the system too. When i reboot the keypad with 15 taps, it momentarily rejoins the system and all the correct button colours show up, but after about 10 seconds they all start pulsing green again...very strange
  9. Hi there, Does anyone know what it means when one keypad is flashing all green? All the other keypads are fine except for one. I tried rebooting it, no change, still all flashing green, strange... Roger
  10. Apparently the new C4 OS 2.6 is coming out in the new year. Anyone know what new features it will contain?
  11. Ok I do respect your advice, but still if a user chose to port forward, what ports does one need to open in 2.5.1?
  12. On version 2.4 I had ports 80 and 5021 open and it worked great. I think on version 2.3 it was port 5020? What are the open ports needed for 5.2.1? Any help is really appreciated!
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