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  1. I use a HTPC with windows media player as a video source. Boxee has a Padora app that looks great and easy to navigate with a remote.
  2. Bet you Rhapsody has an exclusive deal. Just a hunch or Pandora would be on there already. I cant imagine the C4 guys did not think of this already.
  3. I have an HTPC hooked up as a source to my contro4 system. I want to use Standby to conserve power and reduce heat. I have the PC going into Standby after a few hours and my control4 will send a powertoggle IR code to wake out of standby or put into standby when I turn it off. The problem is, the remote code is a power toggle and I sometimes run into issues where the PC is out of sync with being turned on o off. Has anyone run into this issue? I have made a custom button to send the toggle code if I need to, but I want to be able to have Control4 send a discrete on or off code or at least know when the HTPC is in standby or not.
  4. Ya, I'm running a Win 7 box with my movies 3 and a WHS now with control4. You either have to settle with C4 switching to the Pc and then you pick the media through windows medic a center, or you can have xbmc and have the 2 way driver play movies that you choose through the C4 GUI. I caution you on this because getting lossless HD soundtracks to work flawlessly in xbmc can be tricky at first if you are not editing your own rips to mkv format. If your just ripping to .iso or file structures for blue rays, it takes some initial tweaking to get it to work. I think I finally have it working, but I would not say it's flawless or would feel like mu house sitter would not figure out a way to screw it up if she tried to watch a movie. I'm happy to help if you have questions, because I have been in a quest for lossless HD movie backups with easy integration into C4 with HD audio playback. The HDI Dune player is showing promise and have just announce the SDK for 2 way d IP support. Rumors of possible C4 integration is getting me excited. It's everything the media player for C4 should have been IMO. I know HD files, and lossless audio formats are a pain to currently integrate, but they really missed an opportunity. All in all, still love my C4!
  5. Ok, so I split up the network shares into three folders, DVD rips, Blu-Ray iso's, TV Shows. I added and refreshed navigators after each add. So far so good! I removed 3 movies that were partial rips in my movie files. I dont think they were an issue, but other than split the movie shares up, this is all I did different. I'll give it a few days to recheck, but at this point its working great! Dan, I would not have thought this would have made a difference, but for whatever reason it worked. Thank you VERY much for helping. Its much appreciated.
  6. Rsmolo, I was just about to send it to you and then I had a break through. I deleted the network share and added it again. I then added a folder with just a few DVD and bluray iso's in it and, what do you know, they showed up. I then changed the share back to my main DVD folder with 300 DVD and bluray folders and everything disappears. I have been able to get it to show up once, but it disappears in the navigator. It's almost like C4 does not like some of the files in my main share, or there is a file conflict. My share is on a windows home server, which I don't think matters, but it's worth saying. I'm still baffled, I want to add my whole collection
  7. silly question' date=' did you refresh navigators after adding new dvd changer? I just added media player, disc changer and network file share and they all work. cover art and everthing works just fine, shows up, switches where it should etc. I'm running 1.8.2 no problems. It will be something basic you are missing but can't quess without seeing it, sorry. Ferno As far as favorite channels firts make sure that your "cable cloud" is connected where it should be and than in navigator properties you have to have that cloud in "visible devices" If you have to make changes to dont forget to erefresh navigator.[/quote'] I thought the same thing, i have refreshed navigators and hard rest the HC300 and the slave media controller several times. I actually went into my network connections, found the network share folder for my HC300 and what do you know, the thumbs are actually in there. It's very odd. Any other ideas?
  8. I think the problem is a bit different. I get no titles in the on screen GUI even though they show up in composer. I have read that there is an automatic search issue that requires the manual search. Not sure out this but found that same topic in this forum.
  9. I set up my htpc in my theater to distribute to other locations with a similar setup. I ran the HDMI out, to a Gefen HDCP detective , then to a GefenTV hdmi splitter. From the splitter I ran a generic hdmi balun over cat5 (use two cat5 cables, did not have cat6 pre run). I also ran one of the outputs to an HDFury so I could convert one of my hdmi outputs to component so I could hook up to my component switcher. As you can see I have basically used all solutions in this situation. I think the issue in you are having is the handshake. I have to use the hdmi detective so my PC would not know I was using various outputs.
  10. Thanks Dan for trying to help. I have an XBMC media player added, and just for kicks, I added a DVD changer with some fake media in it. I cant even get the DVD Changer media to show on the GUI. I thought it was just the XBMC Media Player not picking up the covers so thats why I tried just adding a changer. The changer is bound to the living room and theater via my Audio Patch component switch. PS. I dig the new site
  11. This is driving me nuts. I have added media via network share, as well as a DVD changer. The videos scan in Composer, but do not show up on the director. Funny thing is, I added music albums via network share and I can see the coverart in My Library. It has something to do with the videos only. Anyone have an idea how I should go about diagnosing? I have rebooted and refreshed Navigators and HC-300 several times. I dont think it has anything to do with the network share because I did the same thing for music and it worked. I also added a dummy DVD changer and a dummy DVD to see if it worked and it did not show up either. HC-300 (static IP) Media Controller (slave, staic IP) Running
  12. I've used Gyration for many years, no interference yet.
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