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  1. I used the Vidabox in-wall mounts for a couple of ipad mini's I bought off ebay. Went with the POE version. Had them painted to match my trim. They look great and ipad's have worked flawlessly.
  2. Another recommendation for Neil. He helped me fix a problem with my system. He knows his stuff and is very helpful.
  3. Any others with similar issue programming the HVAC fan to turn on?
  4. I am having the same issue. Tstat fan no longer comes on. Anyone have the same problem and find a solution? Any suggestions?
  5. Update on my problem: I replaced the router - twice. Replaced the DSL modem. Checked and re-checked all the network settings. Still no reponse from the C4 Controllers. So my excellent dealer came to look at the system this morning. Turns out it wasn't a network issue. What had happened was that somehow, director and all the other services were turned off on both the master and slave controller. He has no idea how that could happen. My router had gone out but that shouldn't have caused the services on the controller to turn off. Wierd. But got it up and back working again. Thanks to all for the input.
  6. You may be right the NAT. I was unable to get the router talking to the DSL modem if the modem was bridged - it wouldn't connect to internet. Should be able to, but wouldn't work. I'll try taking out the stand-alone router and just use the router built into the DSL modem and see if that works. Then I'll swap in a different modem/router when I am able to get one. I'll also check the subnet as was suggested. My dealer offered to come take a look and I may have to have him Re-ID. I don't like that idea, but . . . Thanks to all.
  7. Good thought about the static IP's, but I didn't have static IP's on any of the C4 equipment (just on a NAS, media player and printer). All the C4 equipment is connected through a good switch. They all have good IP addresses. I'm confused as to why I can't access the controller and why the MTS can't find the Controller. I'm going to swap in a different router and reboot everything for the 100th time when I get home tonight. Please let me know if anyone has any other ideas to try. Thanks for all the help.
  8. The controllers aren't working. When I reboot them, I am unable to get the get the C4 screen on my displays or use the remotes. I also think the "link" light on front of the HC300 used to come on. They aren't on now. I'm pretty sure the controllers were set up to use dynamic IP's. Aren't the devices ID'd using the MAC addresses? If not, how would I re-ID them if I can't access the controller? Thanks for your help.
  9. My Cisco RV120 router went out. I replaced it with a Linksys because that was the only one I could get around here and I need to get it up and running. But now I can't get my Control4 system to link up. I've rebooted everything dozens of times, tried every combination I could think of but still can't get it to work. I'm sure it is something simple I am overlooking but I can't figure out what the problem is. Wired computers work fine. The Control4 controllers and other components show up in the router table and have a valid IP. I can ping them, but get them to work. The new router is assigning different IP's than the old one. Would that matter? The Control4 components are set-up as dynamic, not static IP's, so they should be fine with any IP they are assigned, correct? I did have my LAN IP at but that range is being used by the modem. The new router is giving 10.29.174.xx Network gear consist of a Westell DSL modem, Linksys EA6500 router, and Cisco switch. I have 2 HC300's. Your help is greatly appreciated. I have tried everything but I'm sure there is something I am overlooking. Thanks!
  10. I have several LG's in various sizes that have multiple component inputs. I'm pleased with them. Work well in my C4 system.
  11. Don't you have to enter the alarm code after you press "arm" ? That's the way I had to set mine up. script is: press the arm to away button press the # button press the # button press the # button press the # button where # is your alarm code. there may be another way, if so please post.
  12. IIRC, i had a similar issue. i'm trying to pull my project up to see what the programming looks like. i'll get back with you once i look at the project.
  13. It just seems to me that with all the upgrades and updates that most of us have been doing (and paying for), we should not still be having issues like this. I have always hated the comparisons to comparisons to Microsoft vs Apple. But I believe that while Control4 started out as an Apple-type system that was simple and consistent (but not yet as reliable as we would like), it has become a system that is inconsistent and slow, made up of a hodge-podge of equipment that doesn't really work well together.
  14. I feel your pain ! My girlfriend thinks our C4 system is an expensive, complicated annoyance. From the slow system response since I've "downgraded" to 2.0, to the inconsistent user interface now, to the zigbee issues detailed in my other thread, I'm very dissapointed in Control4. I have been a C4 fanboy for years and have put up with many problems because I believed in Control4. I assumed that the gliches and shortcomings and faults would all be taken care of as a new company found its legs and perfected an overall good system. Unfortunately, this has not been their path.
  15. Nikon, thanks so much for the info. Very good to know. Wish we would have known about this earlier. Like Controlfouruserguy, I am very frustrated that we are still having issue like this. I was hoping our days as beta testers for a new release were over. The more things change, the more they stay the same.
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