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  1. If anyone has used both the annex⁴ as well as the free C4 drivers can they compare? What does the annex⁴ driver do that the C4 one does not? Thanks!
  2. With Apple Music out of BETA, has anyone heard if and when a working driver might be made available?
  3. Take a look at http://www.theoryav.com/blog/?p=225
  4. Here is a thread I used to get the data to put a driver together. My driver is not really complete, but the pieces I needed are there and work. http://www.remotecentral.com/cgi-bin/mboard/rc-discrete/thread.cgi?5478
  5. Are there any current (this topic is a couple years old) recommendations for Dimmable LED rope or tape lights that work well with control 4 dimmers (standard or ELV). The ones that were linked in this topic all seem to be gone. I want to replace some awful florescent cove lights in my living room with something nice and LED rope looks like a great option. If people have other ideas for cove lighting I would love to hear other ideas as well.
  6. If not the command to leave a network, how about some button sequence to do a factory reset.
  7. anyone know the button sequence to have a 10 button LCD leave a zigbee pro mesh?
  8. I am using the 2.3 version of composer. The upgrade seemed to go fine, but even after 6 hours I get the message about the project being locked.
  9. Did anyone figure out what was going on with this? I am seeing the same thing.
  10. Have you tried rebooting your PC (not the control4 devices) after the upgrade?
  11. I am still running 1.8, maybe I need to think about upgrading... Not sure it would solve my current problem but sounds like it would give me tools to understand it better. Have been avoiding it til now under the idea that if nothing is broken dont touch it.
  12. Source does not seem to matter. All the input is fed from a control4 matrix switch. I am seeing the problem with all sources including a the control4 XM tuner, an apple TV 3 and a Tivo. Jeff
  13. We have recently noticed (although it may have been happening for some time) that one speaker is much louder the the other in many of our rooms (diference varies from room to room). I am fairly sure the problem is with it the amplifier as switching the inputs on the room causes the volume problem to also swap sides of the room. Using the controls on the from of the amp I can see that the balance is set to the middle position in all the rooms. Other then that might there be some setting that causes this sort of problem? Does this sort of problem ring a bell with anyone? Is there a way to do a hard reset on the amplifier to see if that resolves it? Assuming there is a real problem with my amp, does control4 provide repairs for out of warrantee equipment and if so does do they have reasonable turnaround times so that our house is not silent for weeks. Almost every room relies on this amp. Thanks for your insights. Jeff
  14. Does anyone have a current XML file with the XM stations and cover art that they can share?
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