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  1. I don't see one for this in the online driver database. Have you attempted to write one using the original remote? It shouldn't take more than 5-10 minutes if you're only turning the TV on/off and selecting 1 input. You won't need to learn every command if so but, if you prefer all or nothing, you can teach it every IR command from the original remote, map to existing C4 remote buttons and even assign custom buttons. You can also search online for IR Code Hex to copy/paste the commands into composer if you are having trouble capturing the IR. Good Luck!
  2. have you followed the driver setup instructions and accessed the service menu of the TV to verify all settings are correct? I have used Samsung WoL drivers successfully in the past. IME they are a bit slow to power on/off but they do work when configured properly. double check the service menu settings.
  3. Mr. Daniel


    you won't need to reinstall the driver unless you change manufacturers or models. you should be able to just clear out the zigbee identification on the existing unit and re-identify the new unit in its place.
  4. I'm pretty sure you would have to change the driver. Most programmer-created drivers (custom drivers) will use basic icons for the device type - AVR, DVD, Cable, Sat, etc. If you're using a proprietary driver (manufacturer wrote the driver ) it will generally have their logo/icon. You may find proprietary, 3rd party and custom drivers for the same device. Each may have it's own icon. Unfortunately you may need to add them to the project and refresh navigators until you find an icon that you prefer. Hopefully it has all the bindings you need w/ the preferred control method. Good luck
  5. although this is a work around you can always create more lighting scenes w/ variances like "Low", "Medium" or "High" in the names. they will be recognized as their own scene when spoken and can contain whatever lights you want at whatever levels you want. Alexa, turn on Kitchen Lights - turns on Kitchen All On scene w/ all lights at 100% Alexa, turn on Kitchen Lights Low - turns on Kitchen Lights Low scene w/ all lights at 25% different manufacturers have their own levels of native integration with voice scenes, some better than others but this should work regardless of manufacturer since you're only activating a scene and not trying to change load levels.
  6. Check the "Send HOME on Power On" field in the driver. Make sure it's set to True.
  7. as a standalone app on mobile I use IFTTT to enable/disable WiFi and send quick texts to the same person w/ the same text ( like telling my wife i'm omw from work ). I link it with Pushover to send commands from Google Assistant to my Control4 system for daily use commands ( Watch the morning news, Turn off the TV, Choose a predetermined audio stream in a particular room) and for more fun voice commands ( Command - Ok Google, it's Mario Time. Reply - I'm sorry but our princess is in another castle. Action - Game room selects NES Classic as current source ) and a few other fun voice commands. It would be great if I could get Assistant to play a .wav/.mp3 file as the reply and still send the push notification. I could have all kinds of fun with that...
  8. Most recent systems are 2-3 cable/sat receivers, 2 streaming devices (apple tv or roku in most cases but occasionally replaced with access to the Smart TV menu), video game systems, camera DVR feed... that's about it. I had a recent customer with an 8x8 hdmi matrix recently cut cords on DirecTV. We installed an OTA HDTV Antenna in place of the dish, added a coax distribution amp and 3 HDTV tuners in place of the DirecTV boxes. After a while he did end up missing his DVR functions to which we offered to setup a HDD DVR but he has not pulled the trigger on it. I guess it's not that important when you can just stream the program later. Personally I haven't had cable for close to 6 years. I use an amplified HDTV antenna, apps on my Sony Android TV's w/ audio back feed to my rack and my Xbox One X. I occasionally switch between premium streaming services depending on what's currently in season ( HBO Now for GoT and AMC for TWD ). I can safely say I don't see subscription live TV providers in my future with what's available for so much less than a cable/satellite subscription package.
  9. I'm curious as to which screensaver is having the issue. Are you using the 4K Scenery screensavers or are you pulling images from your picture library? Personally I have not seen this issue. As a programmer my usual ATV setup would be - 1. add Apple TV IP driver (set Auto Rename Driver to False and Set) 2. pair Apple TV to Control4 (send pairing command in Composer) 3. reserve Apple TV IP in router 4. disable sleep function of Apple TV 5. disable CEC functions in Apple TV 6. disable CEC functions in TV 7. disable CEC funtions in AVR that should just about do it other than bindings and testing. there is a field in the driver properties called "Send HOME on Power On" which would send the command to display the Home screen when you power on the room or select Watch Apple TV. So if you're trying to go from a dead room to viewing the screen saver it would automatically be cancelled out by this command in the driver. hopefully that helps
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