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  1. Comcast has the CXI division and the XG1RM-A rack mountable unit. Saw it in a project we took over but didn't have time to play w/ it. Maybe the new Neeo remotes will have a mic.....???
  2. You said you had Echo's in the project..?? You may want to give the realtor a list of some of the more elaborate voice scenes (lighting or otherwise) you have created and the voice command for them.
  3. 🤣🤣🤣 well, they're not THAT bad but they could definitely be better
  4. if you're running an EA series controller you can 'trick' it by adding the doorstation driver w/o identification or the actual device and activate Intercom Anywhere for your mobile devices to have intercom functionality supposing you're running 2.10.x We tested it w/ a couple of our techs personal systems and worked fine
  5. it's not a bad piece imo. i don't like that you can't hot-swap on it and the hdbt receivers seem to go out more often than I would like but overall I'd keep it.
  6. Not sure if this was tried but sounds like it's a possibility w/ your setup. Room 1 - "Lvg TV" Video's Audio Endpoint - TV Video's Audio Vol Ctrl - TV Room 1 is using hdbt out of the matrix w/ tv speakers for sound Room 2 - "Lvg 5.1" Video's Audio Endpoint - Yamaha Video's Audio Vol Ctrl - Yamaha Room 2 is using hdmi out from matrix to hdmi in on yamaha that should separate everything so you can get the desired playback device using room selection. however, you may want to setup strings like When Room 1 is powered on set AVR vol to 0 When Room 2 is powered on set TV vol to 0 keep in mind your hdbt will still carry audio to the tv regardless and if the customer left the tv vol up you will get an echo from the tv and the avr processing audio at a slight difference. Also w/ the audio settings - hdbt to the tv will take 5.1 raw (dolby, dts, etc) from your sources and convert in the tv to stereo since the tv only has 2 speakers. This happens all the time when ppl connect devices straight to tv or using OTA Channels. That being said you should be able to leave all sources as 5.1 if they are hdmi to the matrix. The matrix will simultaneously downmix this to stereo out of the RCA jacks for zone audio amps.
  7. go back into sysman and disable director then re-enable it. this has happened on a number of projects previously and this seems to fix. also you may want to connect that hdmi from the controller to a TV or monitor to ensure it is displaying the OSD before you drive yourself crazy. if it is displaying the OSD on command and you still can't get pic on via your hdmi matrix you may want to reset the calibration then re-calibrate. make sure you're running the latest fw on your matrix as well. I'm guessing your on a leaf matrix...??? so 2.25 is the current fw. double check your hdmi cable to ensure it's not directional. you may have it backwards. i've seen it happen to better techs 😅
  8. I'm not actually after a streamed music file or song. I was more interested in getting it to play back a much shorter file on a local drive. I'm familiar w/ getting a song or playlist to play but the assistant still responds w/ a spoken confirmation versus replying w/ only a selected .wav or .mp3 file.
  9. I don't see one for this in the online driver database. Have you attempted to write one using the original remote? It shouldn't take more than 5-10 minutes if you're only turning the TV on/off and selecting 1 input. You won't need to learn every command if so but, if you prefer all or nothing, you can teach it every IR command from the original remote, map to existing C4 remote buttons and even assign custom buttons. You can also search online for IR Code Hex to copy/paste the commands into composer if you are having trouble capturing the IR. Good Luck!
  10. have you followed the driver setup instructions and accessed the service menu of the TV to verify all settings are correct? I have used Samsung WoL drivers successfully in the past. IME they are a bit slow to power on/off but they do work when configured properly. double check the service menu settings.
  11. Mr. Daniel


    you won't need to reinstall the driver unless you change manufacturers or models. you should be able to just clear out the zigbee identification on the existing unit and re-identify the new unit in its place.
  12. I'm pretty sure you would have to change the driver. Most programmer-created drivers (custom drivers) will use basic icons for the device type - AVR, DVD, Cable, Sat, etc. If you're using a proprietary driver (manufacturer wrote the driver ) it will generally have their logo/icon. You may find proprietary, 3rd party and custom drivers for the same device. Each may have it's own icon. Unfortunately you may need to add them to the project and refresh navigators until you find an icon that you prefer. Hopefully it has all the bindings you need w/ the preferred control method. Good luck
  13. although this is a work around you can always create more lighting scenes w/ variances like "Low", "Medium" or "High" in the names. they will be recognized as their own scene when spoken and can contain whatever lights you want at whatever levels you want. Alexa, turn on Kitchen Lights - turns on Kitchen All On scene w/ all lights at 100% Alexa, turn on Kitchen Lights Low - turns on Kitchen Lights Low scene w/ all lights at 25% different manufacturers have their own levels of native integration with voice scenes, some better than others but this should work regardless of manufacturer since you're only activating a scene and not trying to change load levels.
  14. Check the "Send HOME on Power On" field in the driver. Make sure it's set to True.
  15. as a standalone app on mobile I use IFTTT to enable/disable WiFi and send quick texts to the same person w/ the same text ( like telling my wife i'm omw from work ). I link it with Pushover to send commands from Google Assistant to my Control4 system for daily use commands ( Watch the morning news, Turn off the TV, Choose a predetermined audio stream in a particular room) and for more fun voice commands ( Command - Ok Google, it's Mario Time. Reply - I'm sorry but our princess is in another castle. Action - Game room selects NES Classic as current source ) and a few other fun voice commands. It would be great if I could get Assistant to play a .wav/.mp3 file as the reply and still send the push notification. I could have all kinds of fun with that...
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