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  1. They never created a driver for this model and the serial codes changed from the SX-MX12 model that does have a driver. I created a simple serial driver using the other one as a template. It has been trouble free since I installed it. I am very happy with the function and the value.
  2. I installed a Foxun Model:SX-MX12B 8x8 HDBaseT Matrix, Support 18G, HDR, 4K2K@60Hz, YUV 4:4:4. http://foxun.com/product_detail_1495.html I wrote a one way serial driver for it and it has worked great. The price is less than 1/5 what you have been quoted.
  3. I have some channels on the amplifier that have stopped working. They may have been shorted when some wires got crushed. Is there a way to fix them?
  4. How well are things running with the HC800? If they are running well, I do not see why an EA-3 would struggle at all.
  5. I have 8 LSZ-3W1-A 2 button keypads that I have had in my "just in case" inventory for a long time. They are still on embernet. I was going to convert them to Zigbee Pro, but thought I would offer them up if someone still needs embernet. Please let me know if anyone is in interested in buying them. Thanks, Doug
  6. Did you ever get this working? I am having a similar issue. Thanks, Doug
  7. I have a strange audio problem that has me stumped. My kitchen tends to be where the TV is on most and the audio for the TV is fed from the cable box to the Audio Matrix to the C4 8 Zone Amp into a couple ceiling speakers. Sometimes I get the following behavior, the sound will mute for few tenths of a second, then unmute, often with a loud blip. I thought it was random until I timed the intervals. they are exactly 60 seconds apart. This behavior can last for minutes or hours. As a test, I listened to the same source on my office. It exhibited the same behavior. By chance I muted th
  8. The Sony Blu-ray Player - Free driver worked great. That driver was running the Sony I replaced. I just swapped out the players, changed the MAC address reservation in the router and everything worked perfect. No driver changes needed.
  9. Did you ever find a driver to work? Are you trying to control it via IR or IP?
  10. Thanks for the reply, but I am using a C4-16AMP3-B. The blip is a second or less.
  11. Sorry to dig up an old thread, but I am having a similar problem. My kitchen TV runs the sound through the ceiling speakers via a C4 Audio Matrix and C4 Amp. It will periodically start having audio blips. The sounds goes quiet for a fraction of a second, blips back loudly and then returns to normal. The time between the blips is 5-10 minutes. It appears to be going system wide, as a heard a brief buzz in my office speakers when the issue happened in the kitchen. They are also tied to the matrix and amp. Any help would be appreciated. Let me know what else I can provide to help trou
  12. Has anyone installed a touch screen in a garage that gets cold in the winter? The specs state the operating range is down to 32F. I was just curious what others have actually experienced. Thanks
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