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  1. I would send it, but I'm away from home at the moment and don't have access to the system 😞
  2. I figured out how to do this using the older Card Access driver (from 2009) for the WCS10A-2-ZP and not the newer one labeled Control4 (from 2015). Then, to display the temperature, I used this driver (also from Card Access) That Thermostat Display driver allows you to select a Source Device under the properties and voila, the temp shows up. However, if you use the Control4 driver for the WCS10A-2-ZP, then the source device won't show up as a selectable device.
  3. Thank you for the driver. The issue appears to be getting the temperature off the CardAccess unit (WCS10A-2-ZP). It's available in variables, but was hoping there would be a binding that could be made between the CardAccess unit and the temperature display driver. The unit only has three bindings, all for contact_sensor. Seems I have to fiddle with variables and programming to maybe get this to work.
  4. I'd like to display the temperature from my wine cellar on a T3 touch screen (under the comfort menu - sort of like a thermostat). I have a CardAccess WCS10A-2-ZP unit that can sense temperature, but I have no clue how to get it to display on the T3.... I have a Generic Temperature Display Driver installed too. The Temperature Display Driver (OS 2.10+) shows this The CardAccess unit shows these connections So there's no relevant bindings that can be made and I also didn't see anything in programming that could accomplish this. Any ideas?
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