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  1. I would send it, but I'm away from home at the moment and don't have access to the system 😞
  2. I figured out how to do this using the older Card Access driver (from 2009) for the WCS10A-2-ZP and not the newer one labeled Control4 (from 2015). Then, to display the temperature, I used this driver (also from Card Access) That Thermostat Display driver allows you to select a Source Device under the properties and voila, the temp shows up. However, if you use the Control4 driver for the WCS10A-2-ZP, then the source device won't show up as a selectable device.
  3. Thank you for the driver. The issue appears to be getting the temperature off the CardAccess unit (WCS10A-2-ZP). It's available in variables, but was hoping there would be a binding that could be made between the CardAccess unit and the temperature display driver. The unit only has three bindings, all for contact_sensor. Seems I have to fiddle with variables and programming to maybe get this to work.
  4. I'd like to display the temperature from my wine cellar on a T3 touch screen (under the comfort menu - sort of like a thermostat). I have a CardAccess WCS10A-2-ZP unit that can sense temperature, but I have no clue how to get it to display on the T3.... I have a Generic Temperature Display Driver installed too. The Temperature Display Driver (OS 2.10+) shows this The CardAccess unit shows these connections So there's no relevant bindings that can be made and I also didn't see anything in programming that could accomplish this. Any ideas?
  5. I couldn't find one either but ended up using a driver named "LG 55EA9800" tv_ir_LG_55EA9800+[IR].c4i. I'm only using it to turn the TV on/off though so don't know if any other features of the driver works on the EF9500 TVs.
  6. Good suggestion! I thought about that earlier, but then I can't turn it on/off via the regular dropcam app. yes, I could just do it via C4 4sight I guess. Just wanted to see if anyone had taken a stab at a proper C4 driver.
  7. Has anyone tinkered with a driver to just turn a dropcam on/off from Control4? I'd love to just hit a C4 keypad "Away" button when I leave and it would 'turn off' the house and activate the dropcams. Not sure Dropcam has an API for this or if it could be done with a https driver somehow that just passes the right credentials and commands?!
  8. That's what I've been using but I now see there's an updated driver for Gotham - I will try that ASAP. Thanks much for the pointer, I had missed the updated driver.
  9. Haha. Yes, I know that's a bit controversial on here. I can also pretend I don't have it in case a dealer wants to install XBMC driver for me...
  10. Are there any 'free' XBMC drivers that work well with Control4? I've tested out these two and they all have their issues and don't seem to allow full navigation and/or selection of media from C4 Media interface. I'm running XBMC on MAC OS X if that matters. XBMC.ORG XBMC HTPC FRODO v3 XBMC [DriverWorks] XBMC Player Driver The one I've been using is the XBMC.ORG driver but it seems to die from time to time and the only way to get it running again is to remove the driver and reinstall it (a pain...). Any other 'free' drivers out there? If not, can a dealer please PM me the price of Reclu
  11. Are these licenses unused? From what I understand you can't move a license that's already been assigned to a controller (I could be wrong though). Any dealers out there with a site license? Since these are going away soon (now included in higher priced controllers) I thought maybe they would be available at a discount (I could be wrong here too - lol). Thanks guys!
  12. Any discounted site licenses out there? I'm looking to buy one. Thanks!
  13. I recently put in Somfy roller shades -- 5 shades in one room (14% see thru fabric) and 2 shades in another room (black out). Due to the width/height of the shades I was able to go with the 24V motors which makes it a lot easier to run wire as it's low voltage. You just provide power to the motors - no wires are needed to send up/down/stop commands - it's all RF (not Zigbee though). I also bought a Somfy Universal RTS interface (1810872) that hooks up via RS-232 to my HC-300 controller. There's drivers for it in Composer but the way they appear on touch screens etc isn't too great. The only
  14. I'm interested. What is the price for the IN-WALL 7" ? Are they Wi-Fi or wired (maybe all in-walls are wired)? and what software version are they on?
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