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  1. If you are willing/able to ship it on 2.5.3 I'll take it! Can even send it back if you want after...
  2. You guys are killing me I need something to upgrade a embernet 1.7 to zigbee pro after the HC300 died...
  3. Looking for a HC-300 or HC-800 in working condition for upgrade from embernet to zigbee pro. Must be on 1.8 or lower or able to reset to same. Please PM with price. Thanks!
  4. Are you trying to put @Ryan_E out of a job?!
  5. Recall it took hours from posts years ago. Many did overnight? Hopefully won't too bad with so few to update...
  6. Thanks looks like have a couple available. Fingers crossed.
  7. Anyone done a 1.74 embernet to 3.0 upgrade with switches and dimmers going from embernet to zigbee pro? HC-300 finally died. Will a HC-800-BL work or is a EA mandatory? This is a small install with a few remotes and about 10 dimmers/switches and 6 components on IR. May want to change a couple to IP drivers as the EA's only have 4 IR inputs. Most likely the Denon receiver and LG OLED as they appear to have IP drivers available. Thanks!
  8. HC-300 died so need a controller ASAP. Let me know if you have HC-800 or EA-1/2/3 etc. new or used in excellent shape only. Please PM with price(s). Thanks!
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