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  1. The Sonos beam is cheap sounds decent with lousy C4 integration
  2. Oh cool thanks. How is the integration with C4? Or are you using stand alone with their app?
  3. Will look soon when start doing this. Thanks for the info!
  4. much better served with something touchless in this day and age
  5. The magic remote it came with couldn't do this? Have same/similar OLED and was thinking about setting it up for flight simulator. Good excuse to buy new larger OLED for master BR
  6. Which OLED and how do you like it as a monitor? Was going to set a curved one up for flight simulator, but the lag input is pretty bad, and lots of warnings about needing content to change every 15mins minimum to prevent burn - in
  7. Are you guys able to do these with the lower end 2 bay NAS models?
  8. Why selling and what firmware is it all on?
  9. The other Denon driver(s) won't work? Pretty universal codes.
  10. shipped to 90405?
  11. Agreed and that is the exact use case here as well. Thanks for the feedback its helpful. Recessing the power outlet box but not the mount. The only issue with your Amazon basic mount appears to be that single pole offset - need to look at the studs as this is a skinny wall barely wider than the 47" TV going on it (41" tv x 44" wall). Those other 2 just happened to pop up when looking at yours and they have a ton of good feedback looks like. Being low profile is clearly the least of concern as you pointed out, just nice to have and looks clean in a small room with small wall etc. Inte
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