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  1. Looks like an interesting solution for sure wish had more info
  2. Anyone using and/or integrated smart vents from Flair or another manufacturer? Looks pretty cool!: https://flair.co/pages/central-systems-smart-vents?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=paidsocial&utm_campaign=Smart+Vent+(CLTV+1%+Lookalike+from+Sales+Data)—May%2C+aggressive+spend&fbclid=IwAR0lG816q8uSWlWgl6-T-IbJD0VCaCHaDI562nqcBH_3T81uipKgQ1WKASE
  3. c44me


    only 1453 posts!? Need photos!
  4. How much for the HC-800 and which firmware is it on?
  5. So what is the best soundbar they make and price?
  6. Have been using some from Ikea of all places for years now. Work well and cheap.
  7. Still looking for a HC-300 or HC-800 on 1.74 preferably
  8. Which brands are you referring to? Have some older HD and they are relatively loud as well...
  9. fing is a good app. never realized there is/was a box?!
  10. This is awfully confusing. You are claiming to 'be on the latest' which would be 3.1, however you then state your 'system is on 2.10...' Hopefully you can figure it out
  11. unfortunately guessing won't help much
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