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  1. Wish they'd make them compatible with MEDECO locks!
  2. May soon. Getting some quotes for motorized and will see where they fall and warranty etc.
  3. Anyone integrating these? https://mspoweruser.com/first-hands-on-video-with-ikeas-much-delayed-smart-blinds-coming-soon/
  4. Anyone know if they've gotten the August to work with Medeco locks yet?
  5. Does Alan's driver re-route the video from the Chinese servers to the C4 servers?!
  6. That was what I gathered also. Was hoping to be wrong or there being a path to integration...
  7. The interesting thing is they integrate with whatever you have *existing* evidently....
  8. Anyone have any experience with these blinds and/or integrating with Control4? https://www.tiltsmarthome.com/ https://www.tiltsmarthome.com/pages/tilt-works-with-your-home
  9. Interesting this has become a thread given there is an entire forum area dedicated to this called "pushing the envelope"
  10. What makes your HD integration better than the stock driver?
  11. Anyone using these and/or integrated these Wyze cams or sensors with C4? Looks like they have expanded their offerings and on V2 now with IFTT: https://www.wyze.com/shop/
  12. Must have been super effective back in the day because still running 1.74!
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