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  1. Is this still for sale? https://dealer.control4.com/Images/Downloads/56aacf34-9efa-498c-2e9a-c01b4aca36f3.pdf And can you program / control lights, etc. with the buttons?
  2. Yep - the fix was to enable "Tracking" to "Is On" in the lighting scene. Thanks.
  3. I have a 2 button keypad and it's bound to a lighting scene. The lighting scene turns on/off two lamps each connected to their own outlet dimmer. All that is working fine - except the LED's on the 2 button do not change based upon the lights being on/off or the scene being active/inactive. Any ideas on how to fix this?
  4. Before with the first two public betas (I'm not using Dev beta) it would crash on start. Now the app loads and appears to be fully functional via wifi as well as via remote cell access.
  5. Works now with ios9 public beta 3!!
  6. Anybody know if an older generation C4 switch would work with three of these lights? http://www.bigasslight.com/homes-shops/
  7. Yep. Just making sure others know. Didn't see that thread yet.
  8. App crashes on start immediately on my iPad. Makes me unwilling to try it on my iPhone.
  9. Just a P.S.A. - trying iOS9 beta on one of my iPads - Control4 app crashes on start.
  10. I have 4 (gen3? The most current) without issues.
  11. Thanks for all the help - have it working now!!! Previously the Audio Output from the WMB went right to the C4amp. I've moved it to go to the HC800 instead and now I can see the HC250 room as a zone option as well. Not sure about the possible delay, but unlike the other zones, this theater room is fairly far off from the rest of the house so it shouldn't be an issue.
  12. The HC250 is in a theater room connected to an A/V receiver, TV, DVD, etc. It has a network connection via the Ethernet port to the home network and I am able to use the on-screen controls to interact with the larger C4 system from the HC250. Would I need another WMB in this room too in order to have it included in the list of possible zones to stream to?
  13. Yep - wmb is connected to an input on the 800 which is connected to a c4 amp. All 8 amp zones show as options when I stream to the wmb. What I don't see though is the room which the 250 is located in….
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