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  1. Hi, I need a water leak sensor to put up in my attic where my instant hot water tank is. Is there one that integrates with Control4 easily where it could send me an email when going off?
  2. Anyone know if The Shade Store motorized tracks work with Control4? They have a Wifi point you add to control from your phone (bottom of link below) https://www.theshadestore.com/collections/motorized-window-treatments?msclkid=57147a0085bf12f1c067216cde0811e3&utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=Motorized - Showroom - DT&utm_term=lutron drapes&utm_content=General - Exact
  3. I should have provided more detail, these are for drapes (not rollers or blinds): I need two 14 foot tracks. The will mount on the ceiling and need 2 tracks each. These are for curtains (not rollers or blinds) Is there a model of tracks I should order that has built in what is needed to communicate with C4, or what track would I buy, and what add on is needed to communicate to C4? Or if they don't have a good option what is a reasnolbile other brand to go with?
  4. Hi i want to install 2 fourteen foot ceiling curtain tracks (double track). Is there a model that has the zig bee built in to communicate with control4 thanks
  5. Hi i want to install 2 fourteen foot ceiling curtain tracks (double track). Is there a model that has the zig bee built in to communicate with control4 thanks
  6. Yes, each room would have at least 4 different loads. So I would love the panelized solution so I don’t have to see all the light switches Any idea how much the 8 channel dimmer unit goes for from contrl4?
  7. I'm in the US....I guess my question is really about break even point on the adaptive dimmers verse going with the solution at a sub electrical panal (as I have to put in a new one anyway, and will be running all new wires) Thanks
  8. Hi, We are soon ripping off the entire upstairs of our house and rebuilding from scratch for better layout. Based on this we will be having a new sub panel upstairs. I will have 16 loads to control upstairs, I was thinking of just buying 16 adaptive dimmers, but was wondering if going with two 8 channel dimmers at the panel would be better. I know it would look way better as I would just have 7 keypads (one in each room) that would control all the lighting and not have all the dimmer switches visible. But wondering on pricing.... Buy 7 keypads (the ones that can also control 1 load) and then 9 adaptive dimmers (maybe just hide the adaptive dimmers in the closet as I would control from keypad), or just go with the 7 keypads and the two 8 channel dimmers at panel. I was not sure at what point is the break even solution between the 2 options? As construction gets closer I'll for sure have dealer out to give their take, but was wondering if anyone had any early information I could consider before meeting with them? Thanks Dave
  9. I rebooted my control 4 audio matrix and now everything works
  10. Hi, In control4 if I pick napster to turn on music, it seems like everything is working on my touch panel but it won't actually turn on my amps and play. If I pick any other music source through the touch panel it will turn on amps and play music. Anyone else having this issue? thanks Dave
  11. Just sent the company a link to this thread, and that Control4 users would be interested in learning more and if they have contacted Control4 about making a driver or anything?
  12. This is Brilliant! I love the look and how they fit into your current boxes and have the screen with video room to room and alexa built in....and their prices are insanely cheap based on what it does. Control4 should buy them or partner with them (or other way around)!!!
  13. Oh wow, well this seems to be the answer then: Put a dot into your audio source for your control4 (for me that is my control4 Matrix) Have your dealer add the code for "Turn on Dot' which tells the dot you tell that to in a room to do it's audio out through the dot that is hooked into your audio source Have your Matrix listen for a audio signal on the Matrix and play in a default room (mine would be the kitchen) Then your dot in your kitchen actually does audio through the dot in another room that is hooked up to your control4 matrix and plays through speakers in room (not dot) Do I understand this correctly?
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