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  1. Oh and 'complex' is written like that for a reason, it's not really all that complex, but still something that a lot of people can't (or don't want to) wrap their heads around. HE allows for far more detail in what you can achieve, details on IF statements etc, opens more events (triggers) to program off of. I'd also say that if you want to do something more complex (ig turn on these lights when a door opens, but only if those other lights aren't on, but only after sunset, unless it's summer) it would be far easier in HE than in WHEN-THEN due to how it's structured, so if you want a
  2. OK this needs to be clarified. First, 'Intercom anywhere' isn't GOING AWAY in OS3. The two apps Control4 currently has for end-users, the Intercom Anywhere App and the Control4 app are being MERGED into a single app so that you don't need ot have two apps, and possibly switch from one to the other (to open a door or gate for example) This has NOTHING to do with what is running your system's operating system. In fact it doesn't even really have anything to do with the operating system at all to begin with. You WILL NOT 'lose' any intercom capability because you're running an HC80
  3. WHEN -> THEN is really only for people wanting to do some very basic things - like scheduling a light, or have something happen when a door open - that wouldn't be comfortable with the more 'complex' interface of HE. Note that even HE is not 'code programming' as such at all, it's still a graphical interface to achieve the underlying code, though it uses terms that will be familiar to a true coder.
  4. Real geeks would create a .net and wintapi implementation to make it work on linux. 😄🤐
  5. Certain items like locks and sensors I actually have exposed in all rooms. They're clearly named, and this allows for no need to change rooms/switch between room/all to check or control them. Actually do the same with the fireplaces - quick check to see if the one in the basement is off. Oh and Tabs. And oxford comma isn't a debate, it's a fact that news-articles can't wrap their head around
  6. Download what, the old houselogix one? None that I know of - and as far as I can tell I don't have it. Blackwire and Drivercentral drivers have the ability as well, and they are free, though I don't know if it would require a site registration for the reboot commands to work.
  7. Not sure it even works anymore? https://aluecke.com/2020/05/08/control4-system-reboot-driver/ Is newer, though it only allows the main controller. Personally I would suggest the chowmain one, because it forces a double press and can be used for monitoring and auto-reboot purposes.
  8. Hmm odd one. Was the unit factory reset at any point? If so there may be a bunch of 'deeper' settings that aren't being automatically set by the system, and you may need to manually set them in the DS2 web-page. I'll have to see if I can find that list.
  9. Yes, this has been the case forever. The 'delay' in the announcement agent literally delays the trigger to play the file - and as mentioned, the way it works at this point is to start the file, THEN do the switching. Yeah we got that part - and yes that is the case BECAUSE OF PANDORA. Including auto-play. The limitations you mention are set by Pandora. Autonomic may be grandfathered into something, is blatantly ignoring set restrictions etc etc - but that won't change how C4 HAS TO handle Pandora. I agree that these are some severe limitations, but that's something that would ha
  10. Not sure I quite agree - but going with that argument, if you're paying for it, it invalidates the lower cost argument to begin with.
  11. Wouldn't know specific to Pakedge, but Cisco, Netgear and others DO offer support, in various ways. When it come to Ubiquiti, there isn't any true company support option at all. That's what you (don't) pay for though. This may not be a problem to many on here, but for a LOT of people (I could name many from among friends, family and even clients with this 'level' of tech-savvy) who would in fact like some smart home options and can setup Hue or similar items in it's own app just fine - because they are guided through it step by step and if things don't go well they can TALK to someon
  12. Yes, or at least there's a very high chance if it. C4 is to the best of my knowledge looking into a solution, but the issue is that the announcement starts playing BEFORE the system makes all the required input changes. Not because the hardware is slow to switch, but because it takes time so set the path in software, queue and execute - and the announcement file is started already. I'm guessing here, but I suspect this may be part of an effort to prevent playing media from going very loud, a typical issue of WAV files being a relatively low volume. First I'll note, Pandora isn't a
  13. can also double click on the green arrow that appears in the action window
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