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  1. Ouch. Can you add more music sources to add to the system that way, yes. That said all you'd get is airplay from your phone. My usggestion - see if you can't find and HC800 for cheap to slave to the main controller, that'll get you 2 stereo out and a digital out to use with a DAC. NOTE that you'll limit your sound quality a bit, though with 5 streams, it won't be by terribly much.
  2. Just because the TV (and basically all tv's) jsut have a source toggle button doesn't as such mean that there aren't descrete codes, but you may be out of luck. As for how you do 'your' - the string of commands gets added direct to a driver, which would be set to use a macro for input switching,. That way the system still fully knows what input it is on etc. It's not ideal, but generally works.
  3. I already told you, creation dates in drivers are meaningless. That driver has NOT been out for 18 months, I can't remember for sure but it CANNOT have been out for a year yest as it REQUIRES iOS 12.1 Pretty sure early 2 nd quarter is more accurate, but I'm not sure.
  4. And you should not assume to use the dates in the drivers are ANY representation of the actual creation date LET ALONE a release You should especially not get all high and mighty about them. The driver came out MAYBE very late 2018, more like early 2019. It was developed against iOS 12.1, which in and of itself wasn't released until October 30th 2018. So even if the driver came out at the same date THAT was released, you're still under one year.
  5. And we all know that they won't let us know until it's done and tested if they are, so why ask the question?
  6. Especially after updates of sub-programs (in this instance drivers)
  7. LOL, fair point. Though even then only a subsection have the credentials to do so (as in, not all C4 employees are considered tech support and so not all C4 employees have access to people's systems)
  8. And subsequently acquired by Control4, making numerous drivers and some other software stuff, but that doesn't mean it was made by EV let alone sold. It's a bit of a moot point regardless.
  9. And quality control. IT's a choice they have made time and time again, for better or for worse.
  10. As long as APPLE is the one controlling the API limits, and restricts the how and what of integration, you're simply dead wrong.
  11. I sincerely doubt you losing HUE etc has anything to do with the bridge driver. The structure shouldn't even ALLOW the driver to influence your Home app directly to begin with.
  12. So much better... FYI the old IP driver was updated to allow IR control, within a week of release, to allow a relatively easy move. It's a mess true, but look to the right agent that instigated the changes required. AFAIK the IP driver wasn't EV though, that was the iTunes driver (that also allowed IP control over ATV) - it was never marketed as a driver for ATV I believe. Actually, ATV remote is 6-buttons, the IR drivers actually have more control options that the original remote
  13. SiriusXM is what I used most, but it's radio stations, not streaming select music. Tidal I would say is the best sounding, Deezer has more music AFAIK, but look at what Napster has available as well. Spotify is popular for it's wide content, but the integration to me is just 'not it'
  14. Anyone NOT your dealer MUST have their account linked in order to remotely connect to your system.
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