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  1. Well yes that is the current 'fix' for it, pending them figuring out how to prevent it from happening in the first place.
  2. "anything" isnt feasible. But it's not locked down as such now - it's just limited in what is compatible. As per above comments, 2N, Doorbird work this way, Ring doesn't due to some incompatibility (I will not claim to know the details but it's something like Ring doesn't support XY that C4 requires and/or C4 doesn't support YZ that ring doesnt)
  3. BEST option is a stick or (ssd) external drive (with it's own power!!) directly to a controller. If you have a small dedicated NAS just for the pictures, then fine. But no an extra slot/share on the same NAS not so much (apart from spinning drives, the system will constantly be accessing the NAS on the network, just no good reason to eat up bandwidth on a server that could be used for better purposes)
  4. It would be the internal relay on the one load control side that got busted - in and of itself it's not all that 'strange' that could happen while the other one remains working.
  5. You'd see 240. And if you do see 240, it means the switch is working - if you don't (and that seems likely) you'll have a blown switch - there's no repair for that and you're looking at a replacement. That said, I would have an electrician check WHY it might have blown (so it doesn't do it again)
  6. Yesy I'm only more confused now, don't think those connections are for a Sonos connect.....
  7. Fully agree - they aren't the prettiest, but i was merely commenting on integration (we aim to have ZERO t-stat visible whenever possible, so not as big of a deal). Understand that we've got no issues integrating (such as they are) Ecobee, Honeywell or even Nest - especially in retro-fit situations where aesthetics are a concern.
  8. Yeah, zero issues with the new ones as far as performance within their functionality. The OLD ones had issues unless you could get a COM wire to it, ie in 'powerstealing' or battery operated mode, maybe you have experience with those? Ugh, because I wasn't firing on all cylinders I guess, I've edited the post to what I meant.
  9. Trying to wrap my head around this: You have a digital out from an EA3 going to ... what exactly? IS there an actual Sonos? Or is this some other (dumb) amp?
  10. Ouch, sorry to hear that you're in such a mess To anwser the alexa option. Depends on your lighting. If it's C4 lighting, you need a working X4 system to use Alexa to talk to IT - Alexa is not able to talk to the individual lights directly. In fact you would argue that Control4 integrates Alexa, not the other way around. Many of the other items you likely could do, at least to some degree, though again it'll depend on models etc. Have you reached out to the Control4 Customer Care unit? They may be able to help you get your existing stuff sorted within reason. Alternatively, you can find several well respected online dealers in the 'looking for integrator' section on these forums that may be able to help, though reading in between the lines it sounds like this may be a wiring/physical setup mess and not just a programming mess. ? Most cameras have a hard factory reset button - those that do not, usually have a program that can ID the serial number to get a software reset from the manufacturer. Even if it's an OEM version, of HIK for example, the distributor can usually assit in get the re-set file done
  11. include programming will be the big one here in my mind I think it makes to sell service contracts to create a steady income, and to not create a nickel and dime feel with people every time you go over - depending on the user, it may or may not be cheaper in the end, but it takes away the 'every time they come over' feeling. But the downside is that if you DON'T react timely to every issue, people will quickly feel cheated anyway (why did I pay for this contract). It's a bit of a double edged sword in that sense. The issue often becomes where does a system's setup stop, and where does it becomes above and beyond the original scope. With a service contract, you take away that question. Differently put, the idea that (paid) service visit (be it contract based or hourly based) doesn't 'make money' is non-sense. Hardware sales in electronics will NOT keep a C4 dealer going, there's simply not that much margin on the pieces to then cover any and all overhead cost (sales guys salary, maybe bonuses, office personnel, building lease, cost of investment in buying the equipment prior to being paid for it, tools, consumables) and make a good profit on top of that. I certainly see where the illusion is created for both dealers and end-users that hardware sales bring in the money (the monetary numbers on a brand new extensive setup look nice - or not so nice based on perspective), but I believe many of those dealers aren't actually looking at their relative margins properly. If anyone is best served by hardware sales, it would be the hardware suppliers(distributors)/manufacturers Note that I can see where the 'out of his garage' dealer may be able to make a living 'just selling' new equipment as a one-person (or maybe an assistant) show, but if you try and scale that to a multi-employee business, just don't see where you'd manage it. 🤷‍♂️ Just my perspective, which may well be skewed - I'd have to say I have no idea how the scale of Control4 dealers (or other similar systems) is divided, how many are tiny (ie 2 people), small (under a dozen) and so on is. If the number of small dealers is a lot more than those of medium and up, and they account for more than half of the systems out there, then my perspective is certainly going to be off-kilter. It may well be.
  12. We don't? We do? Dealer makes money on paid time - hardware sales ... well they add a bit. Of course, time spent fixing you OWN created issues is money lost. Unfortunately there are those that choose to not spend that time ... instead of not creating the issues to begin with.
  13. 3D printer is becoming a must have (not that we have one). Not just for that @#!%^ tail, but uneven surface mounting too.
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