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  1. Mini-driver is generally what we call a driver for a 'service' that isn't a physical device, which allows us to both select the physical device the service is on, as well as launch the service. Example, the end-user sees 'Netflix' and selects it. The system then selects an unused Roku available in the location, and launches the app(or channel if you will) on the Roku. There are universal drivers for this which work on numerous devices (Roku, most Smart TV main brands) or in some specific cases there are 'build for a device' drivers (such as for the IRUSB to control Android TV). And the answer is no, you cannot do this on AppleTV (the physical device) as their API doesn't allow that type of integration. Just for the record AppleTV (the streaming service) DOES have a mini driver, but that is to launch the app on OTHER hardware (like Roku)
  2. Not likely - though if the load is high enough it'll appear they're fine - they may damage the ballast
  3. Sorry, can't help you on the 240v wattage rating (I do remember the 120v being 600w single gang), but I DO know there were huge issues using these devices on the HC800/250 for zigbee, REQUIRING a 200/300 to handle all the zigbee (and no zigbee can be active at all on the 250/800). Now, I do not know if this also affects the EA series of controllers, but something to watch for.
  4. I HATE cradles/docks with a passion, so batteries for me. Can't even stand the Neeo Cradle. I also LIKE the added weight, finding them too light with the cherege option. Motion sensitivity to low and usually a remote lasts ~5 months for me that way. That said there's nothing WRONG with the recharge/dock - to each their own.
  5. Nothing at all against Araknis, and I understand the convenience of OVRC from a business perspective very well - but for your own system if you HAVE a running Ruckus setup, I also can't grasp why you'd want to change it out. OVRC is nice, but hardly world changing. Now if you feel you need OVRC to deal with issues at the house because it is needed often, you may want to look at the why vs implementing a work-around to keep it going....
  6. They are neither locked down (for 99% of the non-sold or C4 ones, and even many of the C4 ones) and they aren't 'uneditable' (which isn't technically a word) - it just requires more work to edit. Which IS annoying when you're just trying to edit a quick IR command, true.
  7. I haven't seen the 'release' on any T3 we've installed. T4's not either but new enough (and scarce enough) that it's too early to tell. In general T3's have been rock solid for us - I have had one failure only so far (that's under 1%) disregarding DOA or user broken.
  8. As a pop-up would have to be part of the old firmware - how would that happen? I suppose MAYBE if using OvrC it could be done (in fact I think it might be) but this firmware is to get it on there so would be required for a pop-up? Look, I feel everyone's pain that had to go through this, I won't deny similar things have happened to me in the past, but in the end - it IS one's own responsibility to either read the documentation, or accept the risks if you don't. "Nobody reads the xyz" is not excuse: ignorantia legis non excusat 😉
  9. Just (as in today) did a brand new OLED LG on a LU switch without issues, including AppleTV4K. Is this a mixed setup (ie 1080p and 4K TVs on the switch)?
  10. Samsung has a very limited availability in the API for mini apps - only a handful will work, and they'll only be the mainstream ones for the most part - so I'm not surprised some of the ones working stopped, and I'd be surprised if any more could be made.
  11. If you don't read the release note and read first notes ... how would they warn you? Call you on your phone?
  12. Installing the driver requires a dealer - after that you should be able to do what you want with it assuming they still work, again I haven't used one in years.
  13. On question 2 if you want to change what shows up in what selected room (ie hide guest item in kitchen) that is done under monitoring, select the room, select navigator and edit. Note htat again you control the ROOM, you cannot set one REMOTE to only have certain options available
  14. This one's a bit awkward. For remote control buttons you do them room by room, and the programming is under the ROOM not the remote. So you select the room, select commands and in the drop down find the one you want. Note that you'l have to copy the programming to each room you want it in
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