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  1. 800W of what? That would be the big question. Still at a known 800w, I'd rather see a powerbooster installed. They aren't cheap, but blow two dimmers and you've lost more cash.
  2. It doesn't, the last OS2 release was 2.10.6, and if you've got an HC300 you can't be above 2.9.1 to begin with. Agreed. Sounds like they want to add a controller at the two TVs. I'll state that that IS according to C4's general best practices, but that doesn't mean it's REQUIRED. A straight exchange would be 2 EA3s (or 1 EA3 and one EA1 may be enough, but not enough info to be sure - two EA3s is the most direct replacement for audio and IR) Not impossible, but you're locking yourself out of OS3, and if you're upgrading, that seems like a poor choice. My suggestion? See if there isn't another dealer around, get another quote - or two.
  3. And while it's a neat concept, and a good initiative, until it allows selecting and watching directly, and can be transferred off of a webpage to work in C4.... Maybe @alanchow wants to look into that 😉. Well once he's not so insanely busy 😋
  4. Yay, someone that's sort of doing it (as it 'just' tells you where you can watch it, not have you watch it - nor auto filter for subscriptions you actually have without input) for The US, and a few other now let's create a universal one world wide....😊 And have you search it on your TV, and select it direct though the interface.
  5. This is the closest thing, but I've found it to not be flawless either, as apps get changed by developers this is sometimes better or worse. But the difference is is that is on the actual player. Vs an external search option that can get the info from a player, and then send commands to go back to it.... Do we truly want C4 to get into the streaming box service? As mentioned, you'd be looking at a high price unit as C4 doesn't make loss leading hardware, so now people are going to go 'but I can get this (insert device of choice) for.... Plus, original C4 Media Player anyone?
  6. This is EXACTLY what was commented on years ago now and most scoffed at or said they'll all work together soon. It's the one great downside ALL of these services have - instead of having two media to watch things on (your cable/sat etc for all your TV channels, and your DVD/Bluray collection for your movies) it's scattered all over. Now you need services for Hulu, Vudu, Netflix, Disney, Amazon, AppleTV, Crave, Acorn, Discovery, HBO, ....carry on, to get all your 'fixins' - in teh end you're just paying a different 'giant' for you content, and it's even more scattered. I'd love to see some sort of mechanism that incorporates a searchable database to view everything across all of them, but I don't see it happen. Sure, there is some of this now by adding sub-subscriptions to things like Amazon - but as long as there are multiple big players in the field, it'll never be everything. And if there was one big player, it would be a Monopoly, and we'd be worse off than back when there was only one Cable company in your area that had a lock-down... Understand that I'm NOT saying streaming services are a bad thing at all, but it never was going to be the 'utopia' that some thought it would be. Just huh. 😉
  7. Yup, if I were a batting man... But I'll leave the option open it was something else. In the end, you can replace the relay, you can remove the relay module (and risk wrecking the switch) but you SHOULD get the loads either separated or replace the tubes and bulbs with LED equivalents (and then remove the relay)
  8. I would guess the same! But that doesn't mean it's the correct way of doing so - and no adding an external relay isn't either. Whoever did do that SHOULD have known (ie, an electrician) and did a patch job. That or dealer blew several switches and decided to jam that in to bypass it.
  9. ....the model number is clearly visible on the device. The Schneider piece is a realy socket, it there's a relay. 12x60w = 720W plus likely 4x 32w= 128w - so about 850w - that was likely just put in there as a precaution (though the normal switch does do 1000w) Chances are it's there because you have 2 different light device styles on the same switch (not a proper setup) and the mismatched inrush is liable to fuse the relay in the switch - now it fused the external relay (which is about $5 on amazon most likely).
  10. The Crave user should be the one telling Crave that it's a mistake to NOT have an app for Roku. (THEM in previous post being Crave). Nobody is forcing anyone to get a Roku, a FireTV or other on this forum - my point is just that of ALL of them Roku is the most open to having apps allowed on their system, so if Crave isn't on there, that is Crave's fault and no-one else. You stated that to an end-user it's not important why it isn't available, but it SHOULD be important, because the end user is the only one that can truly 'force' a change in this case. 'Blindly' buying other devices in this scenario is not a 'good' thing - if Roku was the one refusing Crave, then it would be another matter, in this case it's CRAVE not doing CRAVE on one of the biggest (in fact, easily the BIGGEST in the US and worldwide though I don't know about Canada specifically) streaming device manufacturers.
  11. Except that it's the END USER that needs to let them know that they're making a mistake in doing so.
  12. SPF isn't new or pricey as such, a lot of 'medium' price switches have them, ranging from $300 to $800 depending on ports, poe and so on. They wouldn't have to cost more by any significant amount than 'regular' switches
  13. Just get cascading or SPF stacking switches as needed. Unless you're setting up for enterprise, you really don't need enterprise gear and connection, so in almost any scenario, multiple 24port POE switches with SPF ports can be linked together with no noticeable performance loss for these sort of consumer scenarios.
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