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  1. While there's nothing wrong with that idea in principal, you would create something of a hassle at the least because it'll become a selectable source whereever there is a Sonos. On top of that, while Sonos encoding is FAST, it's not instant - so using it for an analogue compresser with the intend of live music use may cause a bit of an issue - ie what you play isn't heard quite instantly.
  2. I would sure hope a dealer can program a 4 command IR driver...
  3. Specifically no, bt honestly, you're talking avbout a very basic piece, either digital or analogue. Look on google, find one that has an IR remote and done. Just get a simple 4x1 unit....
  4. updating from 2.10.2 to 2.10.6 really is no major update...
  5. Hmm. In conjunction with the new ATV 4/4K driver, there is also an update to the 'old' driver. So it's easy enough to see how one might think THAT would be the 'updated' driver. Unfortunately not everyone lists themselves for dealer info emails (especially not in companies with multiple programmers installed) - and even then it's always possible to 'miss' one. On top of all that there has been a recently created 'new' IR driver that has been touted on the dealer forums as well for the past month or two. Don't get all aggro on a single dealer/employee over what COULD be a simple mistake/misunderstanding
  6. Just because it's IR doesn't mean it may not be locked down (though it's rare). Depending on the driver, it may need to first be converted to the new format, then you can add or change icons. HOWEVER once you change icons ALL devices using that driver would use those icons, so to create different icons for different instances of the same source, you would need to create separate drivers and mark them as such in a way Composer won't try and update one with the other. Oh and if you're changing driver types, they cannot be replaced in-line normally (not impossible, but those able to implement that are surprisingly few), so the old drivers would need to be deleted, new drivers added, connections redone, order reset in navigators and any programming that depend on the driver or call on the driver would need to be redone as well. (ie when cable box turns on...but also when button is pressed, select cable box). Same goes if you want to use say three different icons (and thus drivers) - you are likely looking at redoing all the programming etc. (It CAN be done if the current driver is the newer format already, but most dealers that can convert/are willing to convert drivers to begin with wouldn't know how to do THAT) Lastly, if you use channels for selection option, you'd have to take extra care in adapting the drivers to ensure they use the same 'cloud' or that gets messed up as well. Long story short, this is not something you can just change as an end user.
  7. It certainly should be doing it - it does it just fine on mine. The audio matrix won't make a difference. Question, if you force the source to stereo ARE you getting a signal? Because if not, it could 'simply' be that the audio output on the LU is set to 0% volume....or just very low
  8. Just as a note, C4 s keypad CAN be powered via low voltage, so if there's a CAT cable, or even a speaker cable nearby....
  9. You cannot dynamically change what icons show and don't show. You CAN 'influence' what icons are visible by hiding the devices that are associated with that sub menu on a ROOM level. IE a room with only lights will not show Watch and Listen. Comfort CAN be hidden if there are no thermostats (or other associated devices) - the weather app shows by default, hide that and comfort will disappear. Note that this is all based on the 'room' the navigator is displaying, and hiding things on a room level will hide it on ALL interfaces. In other words you cannot have the living room touch screen NOT display watch for the Master Bedroom, but have the remote still show TV sources as options.
  10. Old auto-update drivers no longer do so - either the driver must use a 3rd party update service OR must use Control4's newer update feature (which is native C4 services only more or less) - so no the AppleTV does NOT auto-update
  11. Frankly, it COULD be done, because it's actually just a board to be removed. Problem is, finding someone to do it. C4 dealer wouldn't (and shouldn't) unless they are also a Trane installer. Any Trane installer that is NOT a C4 dealer, wouldn't (though maybe they should) because....why would they. Quite apart from any warranty voiding. This type of system (Carrier is another) is just a pain to deal with...
  12. This really should not affect things locally at all. HOWEVER - by slow response do you mean slow response from the phone app etc? If so, your phone might not be connected to the local wifi, and using internet access instead.
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