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  1. Oh lots of people share that thought - Sonos locked down what could be done (officially) and is more or less forcing partners to stick to the 'program', but a LOT was lost when that happened, and little has been regained.
  2. Not at all. At least not based on that - Google is controlling Google - not Sonos in your example. In other words, Google is changing the stream on IT's end, whereas 3rd party needs to tell Sonos to do something as an intermediary. That looks like an old version, as AFAIK uPnP is the old interface that was blocked off - but other would know better than me.
  3. No, you cannot (directly) - you's speakers are likely to be fine, but your amps may not be. That said there are device for this, called speaker level switch (or speaker A-B switch) that have both triggered versions (which you could control with C4) or automatic version (allowing you to choose which one takes precedence when both are on) These things don't come cheep though. As per above, unless delays are proving an issue even after being set that way, look for a surround setting called EXT Stereo, Matrix, or 7-Ch Stereo
  4. Ouch, within minutes the next batch hits πŸ˜“ That said Dan, we appreciate that you're all doing this on your own time to no gain to yourself - we'll stick it out!
  5. Just FYI: AFAIK the C4 driver is using any and all features available in the API - there may be nothing C4 can do beyond passing it on to Sonos. Doesn't mean it doesn't hurt to try of course.
  6. Unless you want a keypad for something, you ought to be comparing the DS MINI, not the full DS2. You can certainly have a preference either way of course. And for the record, the DS series buttons are back-lit as well.
  7. That's because Control4 took over the driver for Ecobee and made it free.
  8. NVR - Network Video Recorder - ie the device that records the footage. By Distribution system I mean my video distribution, in other words It's available at every TV - What I mean is that I don't find it all that necessary Blue Iris is one example of an NVR, and it works well (but is not a dedicated device, but software that runs on a computer). Certainly a good option. Allows a LOT of cameras to be integrated, and indeed allow a lot of mix and match. Main question was on what cameras though πŸ˜‰ Switch wise, stay away from managed switches, and make sure they are rated properly (ie max wattage equals total wattage of cameras). If they have to be on their OWN switch mainly depends on how may you think you'll have. Up to 8 cameras I wouldn't say it's required - more than that I would strongly advise it. The big advantage there is simply that the drivers are preset and able to use the secondary stream as the feed to C4, leave the main stream at max resolution for recording, and it all gets set automatically (so very ease). Note that as such, Pakedge cameras are NOT tied to a Control4 system, and can be used completely independently. They are just one option though.
  9. Hmm. Well I use my cams every day viewing through C4, at home and remote. NVR is fed through my distribution, but it's an added feature rarely used - I wouldn't worry TOO much about the NVR being available in C4, I WOULD strongly recommend using Cams themselves in C$. Most NVRs have better interfaces for 'web' viewing than on-screen interfaces. As for cameras, Pro rated gear is best - up to you what brand to use, but to me an 'lrex' pieces and so on have always dissapointed. To get full HD recording while maintaining C4 image, Pakedge is an easy choice, but only available though your dealer, but Lilin, HIKvision and numerous others are commonly sold where you can get them for DIY realtively easily - but HIKvision will likely be limited to lower res unless you have a good C4 dealer that can handle setup using the 'test' driver (which is more a universal driver that requires knowledge of streams and so forth.)
  10. It won't be 'easy' in C4, it'll have to be reprogrammed (well if all it was used for is arming disarming with no programming it'll be easy I suppose) I'm not familiar enough with the panel to be sure, but one would assume you'll have to program the the new module into the panel, and clear the old one. Which would require the installer code for the panel.
  11. ... yes that what we're talking about - the nx584 is the module you need for the nx8 system, unless it's the nx8e in which case you use the same driver but you can use a direct cable EDIT: Sorry Kevin, I replied without reading your reply....it was a late night working last night πŸ˜„
  12. AVR = the Pioneer receiver. First thing I'd try is taking the power off completely (take the power cord out) and let it sit for a few minutes. Then plug it back in, power up manually once and see if control returns. Failing that, I'd guess something got changed in the network settings, and your dealer may have to have a peek at it.
  13. I got ya, make no mistake, I'd love to have a few options along these lines - I just don't know if there's enough of a market to do it. One of these things i'd prefer to be wrong on πŸ˜„
  14. Yes, because one closed dealer only company took over another closed dealer only company, all products will now be free and available directly to everyone. Now THAT'S some solid reasoning WAP.
  15. A lot of that empty space is to limit the need for special setup to keep things cool. The rack mounted receiver is a rare use in the scope of things - the average consumer tends to cram a receiver in a cabinet leaving little to no space - so reacievers are big in no small part because if they were a lot smaller (but needed teh venting space) people would likely start cramming them in smaller spaces too. can you? not sure the current version would fit in 1u height πŸ˜‰
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