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  1. Well I was wrong, at least not all new ones have drivers - and nope, old drivers don't work. good times
  2. No-one has asked obviously - and the inside man has refused to listen /sarcasm It's been regualrly requested and will continue to be. C4 wont have 'an inside man' that can 'make it happen' - that's just not how that works.
  3. Well....I'd say it's usually the easiest for DIY to setup and use. I'll take several other options over them for sound quality as well as reliability. 😉
  4. Lemme guess, didn't remove the press programming and/or didn't move the press programming to single tap 😄
  5. Not in the scenario I had as such - the point being that, like the Sonos wireless speaker, the amp isn't normally sitting outside, you bring it out and plug it in when needed. His other post clarifies this a bit, where the issue is adding a wireless speaker outside and not allowing airplay to both the C4 system and the Sonos speaker. That said, I'd lean towards the other options. Personally in the situation described, and adding the info from his other post where the issue is airplay not being allowed between the Sonos and C4 at the same time for his Airplay music, i'd suggest
  6. So if you add a Sonos zoneplayer/connect/port or what ever they are calling them now, and feed it into the system, from a C4 perspective you would simply select 'Sonos' as your input, then use the Sonos app to select apple music/whatever you want on both the wireless speaker and the 'connect' feeding into your C4 amp/matrix (details there depend on your setup) Point of the Triad One is that it's wireless capable amp, so you would bring that out when you want to (along with wired speakers to connect to it) and you can do it all within C4 - but yes you'd still be using airplay. Just an alte
  7. The camera page doesn't do sounds so.... I notice that it's slower than my 'regular' cameras or my DS2 which are basically instant while the chime shows me a spinning cirkle for a second (maybe less) - but no failure to load so far at all - what resolution do you have it set to?
  8. Control4 is a dealer installed and maintained system - you'll have to get a dealer involved to make the changes you're looking for.
  9. Probably? Could program something like: On room Channel up command received - if current media is ..... (this might be tricky - digital media maybe? that would take some testing) when channel up is pressed, set variable 'channel select' tp +1 When variable channel select changes, if variable channels select is x, select media y and so on?
  10. Sonos Amp with a C4 controller feed, then Sonos speaker selecting the C4 feed. Airplay to C4 Or reverse it, get a Sonos amp to feed audio into the system, and Sonos speakers for extra zones and use C4 to select sonos as a source. Or get a triad One and some passive speakers to connect to it.
  11. Because tat wasn't implemented - maybe the driver, likely at a proxy level or may not even be in the API to go to next channel? This is true for any streaming service by the way - channel up/down doesn't do a thing. SiriusXM Streaming is just that - streaming, it's not a traditional 'tuner' with preselects or channel seeking Would be a neat feature if the API allows it though.
  12. Yeah, you know what - I'm really tired of you not doing what you tell me to do - 'check your statements'. Maybe check your own, and mine again too. I'm not missing the point here - you most assuredly are. Thank you for the music...
  13. Oh I simply checked your posting history - I don't need to be specific: that history is accessible to anyone by simply clicking on your name and checking your posts and thus easily checked.
  14. Pretty much 2 out of 3 posts/threads you make or comment in is about C4 having issues that Savant or some other system does not have, or something that some other company does better, or suggesting to look into a different system because xyz, or stay with Savant, or use this other product because the C4 one sucks. Or about the rest of us on here are blind to whatever shortcomings you feel like pointing out in C4. So if people are 'attacking' you for being negative - then it's because you're being primarily negative. You're free to be negative - but don't complain about getting pointe
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