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  1. Except that you need to have everything else in order as well, business plan, market evaluation etc etc.
  2. Same here, only 3 days for me! See, requirements HAVE been increased 🤣
  3. It'll depend in how the setup was done so it's hard to be sure. Easy way would be if the audio matrix is the room end-point for audio and volume (you don't state what amp you have). Then you could either y-spelit th output and feed the sub and keep it all one room. Or add some simple programming to switch the sub output and sub output volume with the actual room (WHEN output x changes - set output y value to output x value - similar for volume. No need for an separate room.
  4. Chances are that your zogbee server went off line (ie a secondary controller handling the remote connection isn't on the network - or the antenna on the back of the controller came loose.
  5. Nothing I'm aware of. MAYBE Darkskies could forecast some of this stuff - if so, @alanchow might be able to adapt his driver to forward the info.
  6. Most enterprise is made to ceiling mount, but Pakedge and Araknis are NOT uni-directional and work fine sitting on a desk or wall mounted. The WA units are far better (especially though put and wall penetration), I wouldn't sell you a WK series at this point. Araknis is a bit cheaper, but steep. I use Pakedge myself in my house, and have a WA2200 covering my garage and front yard, with a WA-4400 doing my whole house and backyard. At 4000 sqf I would recommend two WA4400 - may need to place one strategically on an outer wall to push the back yard - but there's never a guarantee as there are too many possible factors. Araknis I'm less familiar with, but seems to quite decent. Most houses up to 3000 do well if there is a nice central location with one (though often weakens in garages and back yards due to extrior walls)
  7. A few of the more popular items on the list: Google Orbi Ubiquiti Beyond that, it's not recommended to use most Linksys and D-Link units, numerous Engenius units as well. Most stated models are older, but they have a long history of issues. OLDER Netgear switches have had some issues One older Planet switch had an issue, current ones are non-issue And yes, any and all ISP devices and Mesh (extending) setups and extenders (not APs of course) in general. Other options exist (Cisco, Luxul - except one of their first APs come to mind). Honestly I believe any enterprise/commercial rated system unless otherwise noted is fine - I wouldn't use a common consumer brand unless all I'm doing is a small local network switch (ie a 5 port for multiple local game systems)
  8. Oh, it's very much still called the DO NOT USE list (caps and all) - as in it's now called ..... (formerly known as the DO NOT USE list). 😉. The change is in the details - they specifically state that they do not offer support on systems that use them (in reality, they will still support issues not likely related to networking though)
  9. No offense but based on what? I've heard of a few cases of Neeo on Orbi being an issue, and changing router/ap fixed it. As I mentioned, Orbi was tested by C4, plus dealer cases where there were issues - I'm not part of that directly, can only communicate that through. You yourself basically just confirmed an issue that I mentioned is reported about the Orbi setup. Officially Ubuiqiti is on the do not use as well, though you can scour these forums for info on that and how numerous dealers and end-users are still using them. To the best of my knowledge there are no issues with their APs at least - we have a few clients using them with zero issues (personally hate the setup of them, but once done....) The other three you mentioned I know are tested by C4 and work fine - but beyond that they don't maintain a recommended list (haven't for years). I won't RECOMMEND a specific device as such, but Pakedge, Araknis and Ruckus are undeniably good choices, The first two will ALWAYS get full support from C4 (as they are part of the same company) UBQT I DON'T recommend, just because I don't advise going from 'do not use' device to another one...pretty sure you just want to be sure of what you do. Microtik is another option.
  10. You won't find any - there is none. Frankly no sane home owner will require you to know how to program a smart home system to secure a job in a house hold - nor can they expect you to know how to operate any single smart home system - you wouldn't even be able to know the 'all the ins and outs' of any individual home if you've been a dealer since Control4 (or any other system) has existed BECAUSE ANY INDIVIDUAL SYSTEM WOULD BE DIFFERENT. You would be perhaps quicker to figure it out, but you'd still have to work/live there first. Even if this is not a private 'home' but something like a 'private home for xxxx (seniors, fill in whatever fits)' it's completely unreasonable. So...yeah, if your job would be in part to program the smart home system, assuming it's C4 (or Crestron, Savant, ELAN, etc) than no such thing exists. If Elon, Jeff, Bill or Donald really wants an in-house programmer, I'm sure they could talk to Control4 about getting someone trained up, but there wouldn't be any way for you to already have that ability prior to becoming their butler 😉 Now, if knowledge of how to use/tweak program using CompsoerHE is what you're looking for - then you'd be spending a few weeks browsing these forums (and finding the link to some of the (paid? not sure anymore) online training on of the dealers on here has made)
  11. Opinions are rarely 'wrong'. As I mentioned, C4 already HAS incorporated increased standards, as well as additional requirements for certain dealer certifications (ie EPIC dealer status is not related to volume as such, showroom maintenance changes position in dealer look-up). If anything the basic requirements are stricter now, not less so. But it's not just a single persons (or several people's) ability to wire, setup and program - that alone doesn't make a company viable. And yes I do believe such an assessment (company viability) is vital as well - a great programmer doing a system is useless if the dealership terminates before the system is done...well at least it won't help the end-user get his/her money back/get out of paying money for an unfinished system.
  12. Not using a system similar to Hyperion (at this time). Frankly though, Hyperion is not something you would use unless you're in a highrise (and high up) or you have quite the special home (ie full glass facing nested on a cliff). In your 'average' (multi-million dollar) home the actual effect of Hyperion would just be cool factor, not function. You can certainly program based off of sunset/sunrise (and before/after) to mimic this to some degree, and add date ranges to adapt the exact timing to open/close shades. But you'd have to get the information for the sun height yourself and it won't be quite as accurate.
  13. Most assuredly NOT 'how the remote is supposed to work'! And yes by that I meant that is not how it normally works (at all). Quick questions: - does the remote stay on the correct room? -does the remote continue to display the correct source? if yes on both, it's zigbee; first is no, then it's likely batteries; if first is yes but second is no, check for programming that is supposed to turn rooms off and if there is any wake-up/sleep agent active.
  14. MESH networking can mean three things: -HARDWIRED APs that work as a mesh for hand-over -Wireless EXTENDERS that repeat the signal -A Hybrid of the two. As a you should already know the answer as to why two of the above are not proper setup in general. If by MESH you mean the one that is 'proper' then that as such isn't an issue. ORBI router in particular is know to have C4 devices fall off-line or not ID at all (multi-cast, SDDP, SIP and UPnP issues if memory serves)
  15. Could be location, could be prior experience, company records etc etc.
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