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  1. ? Assuming you have the login, this is freely settable by the end-user. Unless the original dealer is no longer listed (ie not licensed to be a dealer anymore) If he created a new account and didn't give you the credentials (or handed you a non-admin user account).....well that would answer the question below pretty quick. It can still be done, but you would have to create a new account, and get the controller registered with that new account. Might get tricky if you have licenses though (CompoerHE, 4Sight). Alternatively, a dealer in good standing can get your account info reset for you with C4 techsupport. That's up to you, Control4 has a dedicated customer branch for this very situation. If you feel the dealer is not doing it's due diligence, then yes. I'd put a new and separate post in the forum section for this purpose
  2. I already mentioned that at least most if not all of them (I think the soundbar may be an exception) are regular 8Ohm. Nothing difficult to pair at all there. They sound better than most, especially their sealed unit. But it's ALWAYS a matter of opinion.
  3. Not even a moment of doubt the network is fine in each instance.
  4. I'm tempted to agree with the article - who is this remote for?
  5. I'm not sure any of them are, MAYBE their gold series? They are very good, wouldn't hesitate to put them alongside and even above the ones you mentioned. Whether they are worth their added price is another matter, and really in the 'ear of the listener' as is so often the case with things like receivers and speakers.
  6. I've had nothing but issues with their Avantage line using network control (mind you, they're not the only one). Serial seems fine though, and there's nothing wrong with the equipment quality.
  7. Easter is serious business 😉 It isn't easy to get all those easter eggs around the world!
  8. It's simply cheaper to keep your land line. It shouldn't be but....I've had lots of clients drop their land line, not thinking this part trough, then get upset when it costs more...and get a landline back. Internet monitoring isn't quite there yet for many monitoring companies (don't ask me why) and cellular is expensive (at least what I've seen here in Canada) Of course that assumes you want monitoring. Of course, about half the insurance companies out there offer discounts if an alarm system is monitored - and often that discount off-sets the landline cost...if not makes the overall cost cheaper. Just something to consider.
  9. And? There was a hype being built up, thinking it might be a PYNG style device (how's that going by the way?) that would then allow people to set up their own C4 system. My point still stands, you were speculating over something that, at the time, was only paperwork, and with no confirmation that paperwork was even real, in the sense that it wasn't just a generic fcc filing for a product that made it past a prototype, if it even made it that far.
  10. I'm not classifying every rumour as malcontent, however spouting about HE 'being removed' with it being, as it stands, the singular method the end-user has to program the system (when/then doesn't come close) is something I DO see as such. And of course you won't state the name. But is suppose we'll never know if this dealer even exists do we? Regardless, it's a baseless rumour. And complete non-sense unless proven otherwise. I'm aware you weren't the only one saying it, you just want to state you have the same information 'from a dealer' which is arguably worse than a random statement.
  11. Please provide me his or her name and number, company information and more and I'll maybe believe a dealer told you anything along these lines at all, after I speak to this person. As far as I'm concerned, this is pure nonsense and if there is even anything that could be considered a rumour at all about it, it feels like nothing else but an attempt to spread malcontent. Makes me almost miss WAP's crusade against Control4's failing to stop HDMI from existing.....
  12. ? You're talking about a rumour concerning a rumour (HE being removed - a rumour, OS 3.0 coming - a rumour), and a rumour on top of that (delays) Rumours are rarely true, and I haven't even HEARD about these rumours until you mentioned them. So stop spreading rumours.
  13. ? OP, I believe they are available only in 4 colors - Black, Light Almond, Snow White (flat) and White (Glossy). No idea if they're available in square - sorry.
  14. Cyknight


    PoE is still hardwired. A device that is (or is being used) as a wifi extender. SHOULD mean a device that connects to a wireless network (as in connects to the wireless signal), then rebroadcasts that network. Also called repeaters, sometimes boosters, technically the term is extenders. I'm aware this can be confusing, as it's grammatically true that a wired AP can be used to 'extend' the range of a network...not to mention that the term is often mis-used on a lot of consumer products (ie, a network over power AP, is NOT an extender in technical terms, but the box will often say it's oone, or states it extends your network wirelessly. For my point, let's quantify that any wireless REPEATER - any devices that first connects to the wifi network, then re-broadcasts that same signal, is not supported by C4. This because they can incidentally repeat wifi broadcasts themselves (potentially causing repeat packets) and accidentally re-broadcast zigbee signals as well. Both of which can cause issues. Not common to be an issue, but I've seen it happen myself. Commands sent from a phone execute multiple times, toggle button presses on keypads will turn a light on, then back off again. That sort of fun stuff. Reality is, that if weird issues start appearing when controlling/using the system (the ghost in the machine thing, lights seeming randomly turning on or off, channels randomly changing, even TVs weirdly turning off) COULD be traced back to this, so any troubleshooting can mean shutting these down, possibly for long periods of time for irregular issues. So instead of possibly taking down a wifi setup for days or even longer, the advice is to use an alternative method of creating proper coverage rather then a 'repeating' setup.
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