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  1. Recent update already messed a lot of that up though. Looks Like Spotify is bearing down on Sonos, and they're hard at work trying to keep what they can.
  2. And? That doesn't change if it's a good idea or not 😉 Fair point, having to load the full app, especially if there were changes made and it had to reload, would certainly slow it down. You mean the golden age where most apps out there have bugs introduced with major upgrades? The point remains the same - would you want to lose intercom, just because there's an issue with the house control portion? The main app is likely also far more susceptible to changes made by Apple and Google to the underlying OS than the intercom app is. You're free to, but I disagree that it would be a good idea to merge the two. 🙂
  3. I wouldn't worry about the Fing readins at this point. Cache etc tends to make the live info on things like OS and MAC not usually reliable.
  4. Ah and this is normal enough, the EA series has several settable options not availave on the HC series, especially the HC250
  5. This isn't visible in HE, only Pro. In your specific case you say you use the on-screen though, so that particular line isn't going to be applicable to you. This one would be the first one I'd look at. I'd remove it, and see if the same thing occurs. If not right away, do without the bluray for a day to confirm it is causing the issue.
  6. Indeed. We get the question "what does a C4 system need (for equipment)" or "what does a C4 system cost" all the time. There is nothing but vague answers to give there. Without knowing sources, intended use, TV zones, audio only zones, do you want audio for watching from speakers, are you looking at in-ceiling vs in-wall vs standalone speakers vs soundbar, what do you like to listen to and indeed what else do you want your Control4 system to operate it's impossible to give you an informed answer to your question. Even then it's tough to answer accurately without having met you, talked to you and been on-site
  7. On the main menu? You'll have to favourite the channel to the room first. Obviously this does mean it'll show up on other screens as well. Man..I am really trying to like this remote.
  8. If this is indeed consistent, I would look at a possible connection between the two events Is there a network switch that feeds the TV as well as the AppleTV and the HC250? If the TV is networked, was it checked that the two do not use the same IP address? Is HDMI control (anynet on samsung) on on the TV possibly causing issues (assuming the HC250 is connected HDMI Is there an HDMI cable connected between the HC250 and the TV, but is there no connection in Composer (this is known to cause issues) Is the HC250 connected to an ARC input Are the TV's 'hot' locations (vents, or just hot areas where heatsinks are behind the cover) where the HC250 sits Note I realize some of the above doesn't apply to you based on your post, but I added them for others in case they have a similar issue and come across this post
  9. I suspect that's just not feasible at this point in time. At best, the 'main' app just has too many updates compared to the intercom one, and updating the intercom should NOT be dependant on updating the main app. The there's the issue of updating both OS2 apps and OS3 apps. While in an ideal world, one app might be nice, I'm not so sure that it would in fact be a good idea. You know, like having a modem and router an wifi all in one device sounds like it's nice and easy, but in real life.... 😉
  10. ...don't underestimate what a good dealer can do for you here as well. We've done plenty of this type of 'retro' fitting - and as long as you're open to suggestions (ie willing to hear and understand when putting a speaker 'there' instead of 'here' makes sense) - you might be surprised what can be accomplished without having to fix things afterwards. But make sure to take pictures as much as you can - direction of beams/rafter, wall spacing etc.
  11. The Neeo has it's own set of buttons you could program too. That said, if this is for occasional use, I would have to say that the method your dealer used is the right one.I get that it's not overly convenient, but it's for occasional use only to begin with. As for showing unused buttons - that is how C4 operates at this time, not too much to do about it. Again though, if this is for occasional use ... it shouldn't be a major concern. It sounds like the setup could be tweaked better though. Personally i would like create a room for each dsp, use a receiver proxy driver and make the dsp the endpoint and only available source. From there volume would automatically be tied to the dsp, you can set channel up and down to control distances, have items like menu etc available as well....it would in fact also hide certain buttons at least, such as play/pause etc.
  12. Most liekly cause with limited knowledge is going to be a missing binding to the DirecTV driver - either the driver in use is dealer made and doesn't have it, or the connection got removed for whatever reason. This is indeed something you cannot fix with HE
  13. Hmm that's not quite correct HOW the system reacts depends a lot on how tings are wired and setup.In the most classical sense, a separate video switch and audio switch, sound always comes through the speakers, you can in fact turn on the tv, then select a listen source and things will stay on. No programming required. However, with the way things are now, there are a LOT of ways to get audio and video. If there is a path through the TV to get audio for example (simple version, you send HDMI to the TV for all video, then send audio out from the TV back down to an amplifier so you can also use the SMart TV functions) this gets messed up , and the system will automatically shut that path down (ie turn of the TV) upon selecting a listen source. Similar things happen when using combined audio/video switches. And if you use TV speakers (or a connected soundbar), then yes, the system will always shut off the TV, because it is now the audio endpoint in use - your endpoint changes so the 'other' endpoint gets shut off. There are many more scenarios where a TV would be shut off (or in some cases, the TV isn't but a video switch or switch port or scaler.......gets turned off resulting in no screen) But in short, no - the way to make that happen is to have separate rooms. There are certainly methods you can cook up to do it without it, but every last one of them I've seen just isn't 100% reliable, or messes something else up down the road. In the end, while two rooms isn't ideal - it's the most frustration free way of going about it.
  14. I'm not familiar with the company as sch (they aren't here) but I know numerous dealers HAVE managed to get this done over the years when there is no TV in place. Again, I do not know them, but do they not even have an option to bridge a single port over? Worst case, you could always set up a DMZ, which generally works fine for C4 (though I can't comment on any other setups you may have, ie VPN etc) Hmm, I'm not 100% sure but I think a somewhat recent Roku update messed something up there, I believe others may have posted on it, I'm not familiar with the issue myself
  15. At this point, I just create a 'favourit' list anew every time for myself of clients, grab icons from google and off you go. No, there is no way to have the system autoload like in the US. Even if it did, I find that the lists are so long that's its more work to remove the ones you don't want or have (subscribe to) than it is to create a list of 10-20 often used channels. More than that gets unwieldy anyway (or at least, is no easier than just selecting the box and press guide). Oh wait, no guide button on Neeo - maybe it IS worth loading every channel in 🤣
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