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  1. there are 'standard' decora style 0-10v dimmers the 0-10v dimmer doesn't handle the load at all - it merely sends out a 0-10v 'control' signal, so in that regard, the actual load doesn't matter. as per that post, there should be a SWITCH to actually cut the load to the heater when it's supposed to be off - that load and/or voltage of course needs to match.
  2. Any chance the EA1 is running ZigBee? Any chance there's an access point in that AV cabinet at the same time? -Serial connection (for whatever reason) is crashing the EA1 -EA1 then starts spamming the zigbee connection setup -which in turns drives the AP down, which is actually causing the network drop This is crazy yes, but it would be the one possible connection if you've ensured the EA isn't trying to default to WiFi
  3. If this is due to the dim screen - you may be better off just getting a replacement under the program.
  4. And before it was there everyone complained about the DS2 being way to expensive. 🤷‍♂️
  5. Image you added you are in the Sessions page, not the room's now playing page.
  6. It's a standard LFE out - so either coax to a box sub, or amp in the rack then speaker to in-wall
  7. Integration on Amazon is just more limited. I have it in my system as 'standard' Prime (why not - I have it anyway) but while not 'bad' it's really more of a 'free' extra that's nice to have than a go-to choice. The Amazon Music API does not currently enable, and so the driver does not offer: ⦁ Add or remove content from “My Music” (Amazon Music user-saved favorites) ⦁ Save queue as playlist ⦁ Direct jump to artist or album of a selected track ⦁ Starting a station based on a track, album or artist
  8. https://www.dropbox.com/s/cz13j0799za7ymp/NintendoSwitch.c4z?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/is8pymd5xg46irt/PlayStation5.c4z?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/di4drbs27o8ugfe/XBoxX.c4z?dl=0
  9. That may be more due to it rebooting (as an update would do) - though I'm not claiming there aren't more minor fixes - the ones I listed are just stated improvements
  10. Yes, it would take setup - in your particular example, you'd NOT have the security system (or cams and so on) visible in THAT room. If one could set by users what sub menus are available that would be better still, but as you mentioned, going THAT far is likely a complete overhaul. But: -allow setting what default room for app is -block room changing for user would go a long way, and likely doesn't impact the general interface implementation
  11. Best vs recommended vs acceptable vs possible - but it depends on the expected number of clients as well, but yeah in a residential setting, one 'regular' master will do.
  12. No worse than the doorbird - and I seem to know what rings my doorbell - I get a picture notification every time. That seems to be an issue in your setup, not the DS2 itself.
  13. For the most part covered by adding a user under your C4 account - either delete or change password for new renters. Access restrictions per user would be great and is often requested (here and by dealers) - would cover everything else in there.
  14. No the moral of the story is that they are lacking in an proper support setup. Which is my biggest (of very few) gripe(s) with them. And no don't tell me their 'community' is so helpful - it shouldn't need to be. To my mind, they need to get out of tinkering mode if they truly want to count as a 'player' in the market.
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