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  1. Heh, Control4 actually offers a 3rd color over 2n which only does nickel and black if memory serves. When it comes ot IP intercom with remote service, there's not a whole lot design wise out there to begin with, and there's limited option of integration to boot. Nest won't allow it (so far at least) Ring is limited to sensing the doorbell push (been a long wait) Doorbird works, but mixed result (standalone as well as integration - we've not had bad luck ourselves on the latter though) Then there's Control4 (2N is basically the same) In the end the C4 doorstation just WORKS. Sure it's may not be ideal for your design, sure it's pricey. But it works. If intercome integration is what you want - that's the only way I would suggest you go.
  2. Don't think so. It's not an overly often used button - indeed I don't even use up/down at all in my own ome - I'll have to check and see if there's any known issues and/or if I can recreate the issue. I've primarily used it for blinds at cleints myself, not even sure if I've tried it with lighting other than originally in a test setup at our shop.
  3. Dunno about you, but I couldn't connect since this morning.. But yes that is what it's supposed to do BUT the device driver must ALSO support the autobind feature if the last pushed button is a toggle binding (ie older lighting doesn't AFAIK) Also note that it only works for bindings
  4. If you have a back-up you can load in vitual that has the trigger/event still in there - then yes the full code will be there.
  5. While it would show you what it would have done in the past, this wouldn't allow you to remove it. You'd have to redo any work done after the fact after step by step clearing the programming, then the events, and then as said make any changes manually again that were done to your system after the fact. If it says unknown event, it won't be doing anything. UNLESS you're looking to recreate some of the programming that was accidentally lost, you're on a wild goose chase.
  6. Install a nice zebrawood panel to cover all of those with a cutout for a touchscreen on either side of the bed....🤐 Even if Control4 ever stops existing, there have been solutions in place could have replaced it if push came to shove for longer than the term 'smarthome' has existed. Sounds a lot like your dealer was in over his head at the time, though kudos to them I suppose as it's all still working!
  7. Is it OCD that is causing you to want to remove it? Because it's a common, well known 'bug'(ish?) that deleting associated events leaves a trace of the programming behind. It doesn't actually DO anything however.
  8. Mhh looks like the decora faceplate may be too tight around the buttons - I've actually never seen any of them do that.
  9. Sorry my code entry was a bit messed up: WHEN {room} powerstate changers IF {room} is off turn [outlet] on IF {room} is off turn [outlet[ off Trick being, drag the on/off code on top of the if statement so that it 'indents' under the statement.
  10. There's a Chrome cast (built in) universal mini driver, but Sony uses it's own setup so that can't be used here. That'll allow you to select the 'source' to turn everythign on (and give volume control etc) There is a 'generic' bravia app option, that may work for at least the above purpose. Note that I'm not sure all models/drivers support this option! I can's speak for how well C4's sensing will work on your TV but you would use the TV's device variable, when current input changes, then select the appropriate channel under conditionals in the TV driver on the right (depends on where the channels is bound to) - then program to select the 'chromecast' driver as a source.
  11. You would indeed use the room event. Or more specifically a room's variable event. It's turning back on because room off (- NO audio selection) is a CHANGE in the audio selection. Hence the need to put in a delay (1 second would likely do). If you only use it for music, you could stick with what you have, otherwise: WHEN {room} powerstate changes IF {room} is on [turn on outlet x] IF {room} is off [turn off outlet x]
  12. Probably the same reason we DO have both open close and eject, why we have PIP (who uses that?), TV Off, Funtion, and Order as room command selections 🤔
  13. Backlighting is set to by default use ambient room light levels - and that's in part why you get the new bottom bars - and the backlighting itself can affect those readings. Best bet in my opinion is to go to fully customized (if on there already, got to a preset one than click on cusyomized again) and just set max level to 255, min level to 254. Set you desired backlight color, and apply to all. This should be exposed in HE
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