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  1. Battery life is exactly the reason there's relatively few wireless (as in battery powered) relays out there. Making sure you use NO only relays can help, but they still tend to drain a lot of energy while they're closed (engaged). Still, a month isn't terrible, and all you're doing is a basic battery change. Love the idea and execution!
  2. Seen it on some often used engraved buttons, especially early ones, but never on the top or bottom bar...also looks like the light sensor window came off the bottom bar?
  3. Hmm, wonder if the panels are on reserved IP or not? We've never seen this, but we by default set them to a reserved IP.
  4. Awww, what a cute "look how I can't not be right" post. Except, of course, that you're simply trolling at this point, so no-one wins 🤷‍♂️
  5. Oh I certainly agree that a lot could be done to improve the screensaver (be it the C4 screen or an always on tablet), I simply doubt that there is enough interest for an independent app developer to invest their time into making one. Yes, the screensaver is on about 99% of the time ... when you're using the iPad (let's work with that as the baseline, not going into android tablets as well). Unfortunately 99% of iPads are not on a wall and on all the time. I suspect based on what I see from those around me that at best 1 out of 50 people even really use a screensaver on a tablet other than as a simple lock screen, as they'll just have the screen shut off when not in use. So to reiterate: unless someone wants to develop, test, publish and maintain such a thing out of the kindness of their heart, I don't see it happening, because I don't believe it would sell enough to cover the cost of development, let alone be an actual money maker.
  6. Of course they can, and I can disagree with them. Oh wait, right, no I can't. Actually curious on how me saying that I doubt an (3rd party) app developer is going to make an app that would involve a lot of work for a very small audience has anything to do with C4 in your mind at all?
  7. Unless they're thinking it's would be a great gift to humanity, no-one will. There wouldn't be any money in it I expect.
  8. Ehhh, you'd call them of no value, not pros. And the ipad can't really have the same album art screensaver for music played through the system,
  9. All I'm seeing (not iPad mini) is 429CAD. Virtually no setback? That will depend on the system won't it. Pretty big setback if you're looking to have a Chime But are those capabilities of any use? Just because something can do more, doesn't mean that is of any value) and yes, that's the exact same for a C4 screen - if you don't have intercom anyway, that added value on a C4 screen is zero. Indeed we do, as a once again I do NOT like the look of either of those. The top one just looks weird to me, and the bottom one (while remove-ability is sort of nice of course) still looks like a cheap plastic case. So yes options will vary. Sure, but are you supporting those? Again for those doing DIY - I get the money saving, but as a sold dealer product, you HAVE to be able to stand behind it. THAT is where I'm making the comparison.
  10. Just to check (though it'd be durn hot if it was celsius) - you sure it isn't? (Celsius vs Fahrenheit)
  11. Which is why we only supply and install mounts for iPads - though we are fine running the wiring for anyone who wants to DIY any other tablet, we can't take responsibility for every shape size and 'flavor' of mount available. Android tablets are still more 'volatile' (as in constantly changing models) than iPads, though if that stabilizes I'm sure we'll pick one or two good quality tablets from main brands to supply mounts for. Again, I have ZERO problems offering options people want (if feasible) - that doesn't change my personal preference however.
  12. Current gen standard ipad STARTS at 499CAD Cheapest iPad mount that looks really nice that I've been able to find that has built-in battery sensing is about the same price, doesn't come with a powersupply (only a 24v to 5v adapter or PoE to 5v adapter) Huh. I didn't say it's a bad thing, just stating my personal opinion on it. To be clear, we offer ipad wall installs for clients, and especially those who are full Apple tech infrastructure get them, and I happily install them. We just did a place with 3 iPad pro's (client request) and basalte eve mounts. Looks very nice no doubt but 3 T4 10" would have been cheaper. When it comes to portable screens, we sell few and only for very specific use cases if desired - this is where tablets are a more common choice. Uhm, really? Well, let's agree that I have VERY different ideas on aesthetics then.
  13. Well, temp IS showing up, at least internally. Unless you have an external thermistor installed on it? Battery saying no battery, could be due to strange battery reading (ie rechargeable battery with a lower voltage output, lithium-ion batter with a higher one) - I'd try a plain old duracell/energizer alkaline if you're not using those already to see if it makes a difference.
  14. For all this effort/issues with a tablet plus wall mount, plus PoE inserters or controlled port PoE switches..... I'd just get a C4 screen 😉 I get all the other reasons for using 'regular' tablets for C4, but COST wise, it never seems to make sense if you want a nice looking setup. Frankly by the time you have a nice mount for a nice iPad (hoperfully one with level sensing so it doesn't destroy the battery), you're not cheaper off... Ugly mount for a cheap tablet, sure you can save money.
  15. As above, they're fantastic connectors, but their size make them unwieldy for patch panels. Usually reserved for more heavy duty setups, not for a standard 'distributed music' amp setup.
  16. Yeah....Wall-Smart is likely going to be a problem. First of all, the T3 came in a 7", the T4 is 8" so that won't fly, and the wall-smart units for the 10" are certainly different based on their spec sheet drawings, and the two units have different sizes....I don't see any 'adapter' options on their site, though they may one or coming with one, but that is for them to say. For a 'standard' t3 to t4 conversion (or the other way around for that matter) it's a non-issue, just to be clear on that. If anything if your screen is installed on an uneven wall (a rock-wall for example) the T4 bracket will likely make it easier/cleaner than the T3 was.
  17. "Room Off" is only a/v room off, and wouldn't touch lights, blinds etc unless there is additional programming involded. As such: WHEN button x is triple-tapped Turn off Room y should do all you want.
  18. Dante died 700 years ago, I doubt he's coming 😉
  19. This one I certainly get - would be nice if there was an option similar to "channels" that lists mini-apps In a way, the Roku driver nicely allows this with it's built-in channel driver, but unless you only use Rokus, this wouldn't help. Personally I just list the most commonly used apps, using the regular driver to select any less used ones.
  20. New models have dolby vision/HDR10+ as the most interesting upgrade. Looks like Walmart in Canada will have an exclusive Ultra model....that might be interesting to keep in mind (again, hardwire network)
  21. yeah the single banana ones are wasted space for sure. The ones I linked at least is a speaker per keystone at least (vs two keeystones per speaker) so a 24 space, 1U rack keystone plate at least does 12 zones. Prefer the 8-zone phoenix I linked over that though (or Jeff's custom one, same amount of zones on a 1U) - 12zones/24 speakers in a single U tends to get messy to work with.
  22. As it's request data, that doesn't add up, simply don't request more data. Plus they tout that their Wifi can do up to 300 mb/s so it CAN handle over 100. Is it REQUIRED - well no, a single endpoint device like a Roku wouldn't need over 50 anyway at this point in time, and likely for quite some time to come. MY biggest gripe is not having a hardwire option at all....
  23. Element lighting is very good. You WILL NOT get the same look (I mean visually of the fixture but more so the actual light throw being uniform) using a standard can and LED bulbs, but the obvious advantage is the flexibility. I'm not so sure you'd actually be cheaper off for a nice looking fixture plus good LED bulb, short or long term (running time of the fixture vs LED bulbs) There's no right or wrong. Personally I'd go with what your dealer suggested over a standard can and bulbs, but again, that's not the 'right' answer - just a preference statement.
  24. LOL I may actually create a a tic-toc account to see that. (But no, I wouldn't 🙃)
  25. We get a fair number as well - just wish everyone was willing to pay for getting it done as nicely as the one's your showing there 😄 All to often the line is something like: "can't you just plan a guy for a day to clean this up for me, using what I have" 🙄
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