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  1. That's not really fair - you're talking about completely different people/departments working on these things. C4 HAS been (pro)actively working to increase security and to comply with new standards on security and AFAIK have several dedicated people working on it full-time. Not to say that I disagree it should be high priority!
  2. Really? The remote that matches the matrix huh...
  3. Hmm, the extractor should be fine as such but....it the HDMI still fed out to something for on-screen? MANY hdmi audio extractors -including otherwise very good ones- do NOT like to operate without and HDMI output connected and ACTIVE. If you do have on-screen, have you tried to see if having it on a TV while playing the music makes a difference?
  4. Sure, they use the now open source code for it - but they have their own full custom build, that they develop and support - and Fusion Research has been around for over 15 years with these. Again, I'm no fan of Fusion, we rarely use them at all - but the arguments you're using aren't accurate.
  5. I can never remember which button it is.. .maybe * or # - one of the buttons should give you the move ability
  6. ? You can leave that out, no requirement to be on the same timezone (though obviously it can be hard to make something work if there is a large time difference)
  7. I should add, as of October last year all systems 2.7.2 and up should have auto updated to TLS 1.2 - it's possible that somehow that didn't go through. Basically if you can use the C4 phone app, you would be on TLS 1.2
  8. PS - I'd first try to see if you can remove some excess with a small wire brush before using any chemicals...
  9. hmm, odd, never seen it be a huge issue - though it gives a bit of resistance. Some wd40 may help, but I'd try and see if there isn't just too thick of a coating on it somehow? Maybe scrape some of it off? Also, usually blue threadlock can be removed with acetone, just be sure to use VERY small amounts - acetone can melt certain plastics... You're doing this at your own risk of course 😄
  10. Volume is two way for sure - at least on the ones I've done local apps and distributed video on....
  11. Oh yes, very impressed indeed. I do enjoy irony though, so I'm all good. 😏
  12. Just .... wow. Just contact another closed system dealer to replace a closed dealer system that OP specifically mentioned he doesn't feel like going with...oh and one that is more expensive to boot, which is another reason by OP not to keep what he has. No it's not 'which was talked about' - and I'm sure you're smart enough to know that. Get over yourself
  13. Are you even aware of how you've been 'sounding' lately? Not an issue to talk about at all - but if you have a house full of C4 lighting devices, you're not going to cheaply get it replaced, and mfgreen's reply of 'no' has nothing to do with being dismissive - it's just a simple enough reality that 'DIY' solutions are NOT able to directly integrate C4 devices - so the short answer is indeed 'no'/ I would suggest looking at getting the C4 setup just for your lighting, get whatever you want for your a/v needs, then see what can be done to combine the two down the road. i
  14. No the conversation was about comparing different C4 branded controllers - YOU decided you wanted to throw in Savant. YOUR opinion on Savant is your own - and you're free to have it, and even out it here (though I don't see the use of it), but: Is not fact at all, and the opposite of my own experience and: Is pure opinion. I'd say it's different for a different audience (and a more limited one - and I don't mean that in a 'money' kind of way), not better or worse as such. You go hug your Savant comfort pillow. You started throwing in Savant on a Control4 orien
  15. That limit is ancient - if that is still in current docks that needs fixing....and I'm pretty sure that was lifted well before we even had EA series
  16. There isn't one in Composer either (only thing we can see is how many zigbee devices)
  17. Yeah it wouldn't push it pas a single 2 panel system either. If ALL you're doing is lighting, but there is a lot of it, personally I'd look at (and quote) a CA-10 if I consider the systems we've done (usually 3 or more 5 slot panels) - I would consider it overkill for only lighting, but spending here is pure processor power vs I/O for an AV system. Re-reading my own post, it wasn't clear what my stance is (or it would seem opposite from what I meant to say) - I certainly don't recommend a large system on a CA1
  18. Oh my, yes I'm assuming it's all 'power at light' wiring, hence no neutral at the switch location. If it's full no neutral in the house...move out.
  19. It does and will - potential issue is simply that if you have a large house running a lot of modules, you may start seeing performance issues. Can't comment on where that limit would be by the way, it may well be fine, just haven't done a panel system with anything less than an EA5 or maybe an HC800. To clarify - I DON'T think more than a single 2-unit panel should be attempted with a CA-1. Think a garage overhead suite or pool house sort of thing.
  20. HE is a stripped down version of PRO - probably just a left over menu item.
  21. Again, not code for maybe 50 plus years now, not best practise for longer than that - but if the house is that old...
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