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  1. Yes, updated IT-100 driver has the new security proxy now.
  2. As far as I know, the DirecTV IP drive still does not control the power of the Genie Mini's, unless I missed an update along the way. I can't control the power of the ones at my house...
  3. You'll want to make sure that SMB1 is enabled on the Synology. Unfortunately, Control4 is still using SMB1 and it may be disabled by default now in DSM. You can check this by going into the Control Panel -> File Service -> Advanced Settings (under SMB) and ensuring that Minimum SMB protocol is set to SMB1.
  4. I saw mention of this on one of the Control4 Facebook pages today. I have not had time to look into it yet. Allegedly, it is supported on EA controllers only (EA acting as Director). Again, haven't looked into it anymore than 30 seconds of reading the Facebook post.
  5. I agree with not making too simplistic, as I've always preferred hard buttons as well so I am not having to look down at a touch screen to make sure I'm tapping the right button. However, channel numbers specifically seem to be less and less important (annoyingly) with the move to streaming TV services (Youtube TV, DirecTV Now, etc). I wish I could direct-tune channels on those services by using channel numbers, but none of them seem to support it that I am aware of.
  6. It works fine for the most part. I am using it as well.
  7. Unless I am missing something, you cannot tell the driver which stations you want it to cycle through? Sources, yes. From the documentation:
  8. I looked into using that instead of looping through playlists or stations like others are doing, but as the driver is now you cannot select certain stations from the media list, it just loops through all of the ones you have in there.
  9. As others have said, I think this can only be accomplished in Composer HE right now because you can't work with timers in When->Then. What you can see (based on how I have this setup) in When->Then: When the "Garage Open" timer expires, it it sends a push notification to our mobile devices and resets itself.
  10. Easiest way to manage this is with either cloud keys as others have suggested, or run a UniFi controller in the cloud or at your office (if you have the infrastructure to support it). We run one controller that is publicly accessible and all of our client sites report back to it. Enables us to see any customer issues before going on-site and we can manage everything from one place instead of 40+ and not have to worry about cloud keys going bad (we were doing this before cloud keys were a thing, so we've just continued to do it). Cloud keys also solve this, just a different alternative.
  11. I attached the driver I'm using, hope it can help set you in the right direction! projector_BenQ_W1070 _ W1080ST _RS232_.c4i
  12. I'm controlling a BenQ W1070 via RS232, but previously was using IR without an issue. Switched out to serial only because someone had posted a serial driver here for free awhile back.
  13. My Dash buttons connect via WiFi, not Bluetooth. If I go hit the dash button now, it'll connect to my wireless network and disconnect after a minute or so. I do recall the pairing process involving Bluetooth, but that's it. EDIT: Apparently I can't read today - I see @rea was really asking about the Echo buttons which are definitely using Bluetooth, not WiFi. Carry on!
  14. On iOS at least, applications can specify their own notification sounds if the developer has added the option to. You can see this in apps like Outlook, WhatsApp, and Slack to name a few. This is not an OS limitation.
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