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  1. Ah, nice! Thank you - nice to have a line of communication like this 😊. There was one other thing I noticed in the 3.0 app that seems like either a bug or missed opportunity, but I'll send it in a PM to stay on-topic here.
  2. Mine initially was acting a little strange after the upgrade - couldn't change anything on it. I forgot about it till I saw this post and it seems fine now, so 🤷‍♂️
  3. Shortcuts to different actions would be a big one I think: Execute a lighting scene Open/close a garage door Arm the security alarm
  4. Yes, a widget would be a nice addition as well for quick access to certain things.. I've found myself using them more and more recently. It was not added as part of 3.0, as far as I can see.
  5. Yeah, I always wanted to regularly use the Apple Watch app but it was so unreliable and inconsistent that I really couldn’t get into a habit of using it. I hope it comes to 3.0 in an improved form - I’d love to make use of it.
  6. One tweak to the app that would be nice is to show the wallpaper on the room selector too. It shows it in the settings menu where you choose wallpapers, and it is a nice touch. But not when you’re actually looking at the list of rooms to switch into.
  7. I updated the house this morning, process was as smooth as it typically is. I removed the last speaker point I had out of the project (been around since my HTC and the 1.6 or 1.7 days - it was time!) and kicked off the update. New UI is nice, ability to customize it on the app is cool. Beyond that, we shall see.
  8. Yes, updated IT-100 driver has the new security proxy now.
  9. As far as I know, the DirecTV IP drive still does not control the power of the Genie Mini's, unless I missed an update along the way. I can't control the power of the ones at my house...
  10. You'll want to make sure that SMB1 is enabled on the Synology. Unfortunately, Control4 is still using SMB1 and it may be disabled by default now in DSM. You can check this by going into the Control Panel -> File Service -> Advanced Settings (under SMB) and ensuring that Minimum SMB protocol is set to SMB1.
  11. I saw mention of this on one of the Control4 Facebook pages today. I have not had time to look into it yet. Allegedly, it is supported on EA controllers only (EA acting as Director). Again, haven't looked into it anymore than 30 seconds of reading the Facebook post.
  12. I agree with not making too simplistic, as I've always preferred hard buttons as well so I am not having to look down at a touch screen to make sure I'm tapping the right button. However, channel numbers specifically seem to be less and less important (annoyingly) with the move to streaming TV services (Youtube TV, DirecTV Now, etc). I wish I could direct-tune channels on those services by using channel numbers, but none of them seem to support it that I am aware of.
  13. It works fine for the most part. I am using it as well.
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