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  1. I have never really bothered trying to integrate cameras into Control4 (outside of DS2's at customers, and the Chime I am using myself now) because the interface, video quality, etc is lacking as has already been mentioned here. I've used a Hik NVR, Milestone XProtect (great, free up to 8 cameras), and am currently using the Surveillance Station on a Synology NAS for my cameras, which I've been happy with. There is a web interface, a desktop app for Windows, and reliable iOS and Android apps that allow you to view live streams, see motions events/receive notifications, and watch recorded footage.
  2. I have this issue as well. Clicking on Favorites (even if it is already selected) immediately refreshes the list and shows the favorites.
  3. It just depends on how often you are looking at them remotely.
  4. Bear in mind, if these cameras are allowed to get out to the internet (even if you are not doing port forwarding to allow remote connections in to them) they can phone home and be connected to remotely. An adjustment of your NAT or firewall rules for the network you're on, and instantly they are more secure than before. Again, they might get bored quick watching - but hey, figured I'd throw it out there!
  5. I'm not familiar with any of the cellular-based security cameras that are out there, but if I had to do something similar: Grab a GL.iNet router from Amazon, they support adding a cellular modem via USB or you can bridge it to a hotspot, if you needed to. They support several client/server VPN options as well if you wanted to setup a site-site VPN - again, depends on your needs. These things are cheap, too ($25-$80 depending on the model you want) https://www.amazon.com/s?k=glinet+router Use standard IP POE cameras and throw an NVR there or do recording locally inside the cameras. You can put that all on a UPS
  6. No - Airplay with Control4 is a way to get music into the system, from your iPhone, iPad or computer. It is not used as an output of audio from the Control4 system.
  7. My argument was only hypothetical, but yes I agree you might need better distributors if big box stores are constantly beating your distributor on price.
  8. Sure, what do I have to gain by going to a distributor and buying it versus going to Costco, Best Buy, Amazon and buying it? Especially if it's a better price than whatever the local AV distributor is?
  9. Ah, nice! Thank you - nice to have a line of communication like this 😊. There was one other thing I noticed in the 3.0 app that seems like either a bug or missed opportunity, but I'll send it in a PM to stay on-topic here.
  10. Mine initially was acting a little strange after the upgrade - couldn't change anything on it. I forgot about it till I saw this post and it seems fine now, so 🤷‍♂️
  11. Shortcuts to different actions would be a big one I think: Execute a lighting scene Open/close a garage door Arm the security alarm
  12. Yes, a widget would be a nice addition as well for quick access to certain things.. I've found myself using them more and more recently. It was not added as part of 3.0, as far as I can see.
  13. Yeah, I always wanted to regularly use the Apple Watch app but it was so unreliable and inconsistent that I really couldn’t get into a habit of using it. I hope it comes to 3.0 in an improved form - I’d love to make use of it.
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