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  1. This is driving me nuts! Using your idea, I created a few variables but they don't get changed. (I use variables throughout my project so I know how they work.) The Sonos driver isn't passing anything to them yet the driver does respond to commands from C4. So the driver IS working in one direction I thought that maybe the info WAS being passed but the driver just wasn't then triggering anything further. Using your loading a variable idea, the c4 variable changing WOULD trigger C4. But nope. Thanks for the response in any case. I'll look at it again another day.
  2. I have the latest (feature-stripped) Sonos C4 driver. Underneath the driver name, there's a dropdown that lists its variables (Output_Volume_Level, Play_Status, Paused...) but when I try to program off them... When the variable THEATER->Theater Sonos->PAUSED changes nothing is "heard" by C4 and I therefore can't have things triggered (variables, lights...) I want C4 to "wake up" and do stuff when I start Sonos from my iPhone. Has anybody been able to have C4 register these Sonos variable changes?
  3. "Alexa, turn off Gate Noise." I have a sensor on our gate that triggers a sound over the house and backyard speakers when somebody has entered the property (wife, gardener, pool guy...) But when the wind blows too hard it triggers the sound every few minutes. Now I can just yell out, Alexa changes a variable and the sound isn't played for the next hour. "Alexa, turn on kitchen lights" Nice when I enter the house with both hands full with grocery bags or whatever. "Alexa, turn on Gate Camera" When somebody is at the gate I can immediately see them on the nearest TV. Each of my Dots are hooked to a different Amazon account and the Dot that hears me displays the camera video on the TV in that room.
  4. Hey, theriverslab, I didn't get an answer to my earlier question - What functionality would I get from this driver compared to 2.9's built in Pool functions? Thanks in advance.
  5. From what I understand, the SET variable on Epic System's driver can only be from 1 to 100 (if it's a number) I ended up setting up a different event for each channel - "Turn on CBS", "Turn on Cable New Network" (CNN is a reserved word) Each event has only 2 lines of code to fill a variable (vChannel)... Set variable vChannel to "CBS" run macro TV CHANNELS (the exact syntax is wrong. I'm writing this from memory) The macro TV CHANNELS actually controls the TV... If variable vChannel = "CBS" set the channel on Satellite to "2" IF variable vChannel = "FOX" set the channel on Satellite to "360" To add or delete channels I just create the event, paste 2 lines of code only changing the channel name then add the channel to the macro. Easy and works fine. I've tried creating just one event called TVChannel that fills in the variable using the SET command but I can't get that to work. vChannel = String Result from the Epic Driver (Again, from memory. I know that syntax is wrong but you get the idea)
  6. I want one also. Let me know when and where to send the check.
  7. I don't think Experience Buttons can be placed in the Lighting Menu. Am I wrong? I doesn't allow on MY project.
  8. Yes. Set up a different Amazon Account for each echo/dot and apply coding for each dot specific to that room.
  9. I too would love to control my C4 stuff via Siri. I bought a bunch of Echos and found they work even better when talking into the Amazon remote. (No need to say "Alexa" and wait a beat. Just push the button and say "Turn on CNN.") When watching TV at night I usually hold the Siri remote when traversing AppleTV apps. Being able to do Control4 stuff also would be great.
  10. I'd love to see a short video also. I've seen the screenshots of Kodi but I'm interested in seeing the Vbox Free to Air TV analog to digital streamer in action.
  11. What functionality will I get from this driver compared to 2.9's built in Pool functions. I don't need separate pool/spa controls (don't have a spa) and I have access to additional AUX switches (light, chlorinator...) on another page in C4. Aside from the nicer interface, does this driver do anything else? (Logging? Programming possibilities - "If AUX 3 is on, trigger THIS..."?) Thanks.
  12. I've have the Rachio. It works perfectly and hasn't gone down once in about 2 years. The only way remember it's there because every month or so I get an auto-generated email telling me it adjusted the watering schedule to take into account rain or high temperatures or whatever (you can turn those off.) The iPhone app is clear and works every time. We also have Nest smoke alarms in our house. There's a button on the Rachio portal to hook it up ("Works with Nest") I added my Nest account name and password and 30 seconds later the controller and the smoke alarms were talking to each other. One button and everything just worked. (Pay attention, Control 4 Corporate.) Now if my smoke alarms go off for longer than (I think) 3 minutes, the sprinklers will turn on so my backyard doesn't burn down also. Okay, it's probably silly but my point was the Rachio is a very polished product. At only a couple hundred bucks, it's worth every penny. Unless you want to control your sprinkler from a touch-screen, it's not worth integrating it with C4. My opinion. By the time you navigate to the controls via a remote on an onscreen Navigator or thru the menus of the remote, you might as well have walked a few extra feet and picked up your phone to use the app. Attached is pic of the web portal showing my system.
  13. I rattled on endlessly HERE and nobody seemed to get annoyed at me so far. How are YOU organizing stuff?
  14. Cool. I just got a 2nd generation dot (to add to the 3 mentioned above) which I put in the room near the kitchen echo. It is registered to the same account as the kitchen since it's the same basic area (nearby window shades and lights. I DID notice when they both heard the same command that they didn't both answer - only one was triggered. Nice. I would like to see the Epic driver return some sort of ID variable that C4 could program off of. Like its ID address or C4 device name. That way we could do something like... If EpicDriverID = "Echo1" (or "Bob" or "Epic Driver Kitchen") then... Currently I have to create a variable (vWhichRoom) and have each trigger fill it with "kitchen" or "theater" and then have whatever macro it calls program off that. So I have to add that line of code into 15 or 20 triggers times each room.
  15. Previous Alexa threads are getting very long so I thought I'd start a fresh one for discussing overall approaches. I have 2 Echos and 1 Dot in my system. All three are registered to different Amazon accounts (echoBedroom@myemail..., echoKitchen and echoTheater) Using the Epic-systems driver, each Echo will only send commands to the triggers in its driver. This way I don't have to have 3 different trigger names for each TV, shade or light. In the bedroom I say, "Alexa, turn on TV" and that Echo knows I'm referring to the bedroom TV. If I say the same thing in the theater, THAT echo knows I'm referring to the Theater TV. It sounds like only a tiny difference but multiply that by dozens less trigger names. Now I can reuse "Window shade" in each room instead of having to call one "bedroom window shade" and another "theater window shade" (I forgot, is it 'window shade bedroom' or 'bedroom window shade?'...) This becomes VERY handy for changing TV channels. Without the separate accounts, I would have to say "Alexa, turn on CBS Bedroom" and "...CBS Theater" Now I just say "Turn on CBS" and it's always the TV I'm watching because the echo that heard that command is only controlling that TV.) I also have, "Alexa, turn on Gate Camera" which switches to the Navigator on whatever TV is in that room and displays the gate camera. When I say, "Turn off Gate Camera," it switches that TV back to whatever was previously showing. Works much faster than I thought it would when I was coding it. There are a few downsides to this multi-account approach. One is we no longer have a single shopping list. Amazon lets you only combine 2 Amazon accounts together to share a list. The work-around is to only add to the shopping list from the either the bedroom or kitchen areas, not the theater. The other downside is triggers that are not room-oriented ("..Turn off Entire House") have be added into each echo driver. Not a big problem - just create a macro with the actual coding and have the 3 triggers in each driver just call the macro. I changed the answer word in the theater from "Alexa" to "Echo". So if I someone says "Alexa..." too loud in the kitchen, the echo in the Theater won't hear it and turn on stuff in that room also. We just have to remember to use the different trigger word when in the theater. We bought a remote for the theater's echo which I usually hold when I'm watching TV in there. The remote REALLY makes using Alexa easier. No need to say "Alexa..." and it hears you EVERY time. Just, "Turn on CBS", "Turn on pause"... I recommend getting the remote highly. How are you guys (and girls) setting up your triggers? I'd love to hear other ideas to streamline stuff and/or do things a better way.
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