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  1. I dont know much about computers and their OS but i remebered that when I switched to my movies media center version. Before I could install it I had to install win 7 service pack1. So I'm not sure if it was the service pack that fixed it or the media center version of my movies. Hopefully EV will see this and can help you.
  2. I got the same message with win7. I was using my movies collection management and had to switch to my movies media center version. Then everything worked. Hope that helps.
  3. I mounted mine in the attic and vented it through the ceiling. Which amp did you get with yours? I have not got one yet... Should I go with the M1000? your thoughts? would like to get one that will drive speakers also. This has the toeKick vent. Trying to spread out the cost. The wife thinks I went crazy since I have bought all the speakers and C4. The 1000PP has not Arrived yet... EMB1000 ready to be hooked up. I really like the M1000 sub amp. It has the ability to set different custom settings. I have one set for movies and one set for music. I also use an Arcam AVR 400 to drive the speakers. My wife also thought I went crazy, but now she loves them. You can control the amp with a ir remote. I think it would be easy enough to make an ir drive so you could integrate with control4 and use programming to set the amp to the right user settings(ie movie or music) depending on the source you have selected.
  4. Well not sure what I was thinking but went ahead and bought the 1000PP (Powerpipe) also... Might use in front room coming up through floor like vent or behind wall in theater area. Decisions Decisions... I mounted mine in the attic and vented it through the ceiling. Which amp did you get with yours?
  5. Just saw this on Fusion's website. Good trade in value on a 777. http://www.fusionrd.com/changer_promo.htm
  6. I have had two 64CSFX and a 1000PP sub with their Model M1000 Subwoofer Amplifier for a while and I love them. James would be a good choice.
  7. As for the AVR400 I have not heard about a web browser control. If I remember correctly I think they left off the ability to control via ip to get the price of the AVR400 lower. I think you can already control the AVR600 via ip. I could be wrong though. If you are in the market for the 400 let me know Ill tell you about somethings I am dealing with that you might want to know. I will tell you for two channel I love it. Todd
  8. Ok. So I got the driver installed yesterday. It did not start out well. After my dealer got everything hooked up it did not work. After trying different cables I managed to find the ARCAM custom install guide online. After reading a bit I found out that ARCAM ships their units with the RS-232 port turned off. I followed the directions and got it turned on, and then all was well. I can report that it does have discreet on and off, discreet input and volume. It does not have discreet tune, however with programming you can use the radio presets. One cool feature is that if you have the AVR-400 visible in the watch or listen menus you can choose which listening mode you want from your touch screen. It appears to be very stable, although it’s only been a few hours of testing. I will say that up until now I have used the IR driver and it has never failed. Hope this helps
  9. I have the EV driver for the Arcam AVR 400. Ill try and get it installed this weekend and then report back.
  10. James from diamonddesign has a driver for the dune players that works great. The driver is free with the purchase of a dune player from him.
  11. I have had the EV driver for about two weeks. It works flawlessly. I have about 100 gb of media. You can sync the Apple TV with your music, videos and photos. Also as long as you have your computer on you can play your music from it and the Apple TV via the Control4 interface. When your computer is off you only have access to the media that is stored on the Apple TV. Also as soon as you purchase/add music or video to iTunes it is automatically available to you via control 4. I am running it on system 1.7.4, I believe if you’re on 2.0 you will get cover art via the touch panel IPhone and IPad. EV recommends that you use an HC 1000 in your 2.0 system.
  12. I think its the next chapter button. If you push it within the first 5-6 seconds of seeing the red screen it should continue playing.
  13. I have my movies set up and running on my Dune Duo. When I play a movie throught my movies it stutters during playback. However when I run it via the dune menu it runs fine. I am wondering if there is somthing wrong with the way I have my movies set up. Thanks for any help Todd
  14. My dealer was able to find some after all. Thanks to all that responded
  15. Does anyone have four 1.7 dimmers available forsale. Thanks
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