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  1. I'm buying and installing a new ceiling fan that I'd like to control through C4. Should I buy a "smart" ceiling fan or a "dumb" one (no pun intended) and should I install a C4 Fan Speed controller or use a driver or something? Any advise much appreciated. I'll probably pick something with a little style though like a Casablanca or Big Ass Fan, etc. Also not sure if I'll get it with a light or not. Thanks
  2. Turns out my HVAC guy has had bad experiences with Intesis and prefers to stick with Fujitsu M#ASU15RLS3Y. From what I gather online, it's a wifi until - http://www.fujitsugeneral.com/us/residential/products/split/wall/rls3y-series/asu15rls3y.html. Would I then just need to add your driver to control it from C4?
  3. We haven't purchased the Fujitsu yet. Sounds like you'd recommend the Mitsubishi? Would I also need to purchase a C4 driver from you as well?
  4. So would I get the IntesisBox instead of the Mitsubishi interface module?
  5. I'm adding a ductless wall mounted air handler to a room we're building out in my attic. We're currently installing C4 new tstats for the rest of the house. I'm wondering if there's a way I can control this new Fujitsu via C4? Or, is there another similar unit we should install that we could control? The model is Fujitsu ASU18RLF. Thanks
  6. I just noticed the Fireplace switch online is the old style switch? I thought I had seen a Fireplace switch in the new version? I'm currently renovating a townhouse and putting in new C4 and lighting. I'll be adding a gas fireplace and am looking at the Heat&Glo line. Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I'm hoping to be able to open the front door with my kwikset lock and have it turn on the fireplace.
  7. I'm planning to install a new gas fireplace that I'd like to control through my Control4 and am looking for recommendations? Are there only specific gas fireplaces that will work or will any gas fireplace work with the C4 fireplace switch?
  8. This is what I've been told by Houselogix with respect to the 128 support. "The HSIM will work with the128BPT panel and include the new security interface. https://www.houselogix.com/shop/hsim-dsc-honeywell-and-ademco-security-integration-module".
  9. Is there another Honeywell that is? And if not, what panel should I go back to my dealer and inquire about?
  10. My alarm company would like to replace my Concord4 with a Honeywell Vista 128BPT system. Is there anything I should be concerned with if I agree to this change? Will I need to purchase a HouseLogix driver for this or is there native support within C4 at this point? Will I gain or lose any particular functionality within Control4 by making this change? Any feedback would be much appreciated.
  11. It doesn't appear that I can login directly into it and add and remove users, though my unit is probably 6-8 years old at this point. Also, one of the parts, the Superbus I think, fails at times especially after power outages. I've had to replace once or twice. Just seems kind of low end. I'd prefer something that's more updated and current I guess. Also, not many alarm monitoring companies support it.
  12. I am renovating a townhouse and installing an alarm system as well as a new Control4 system. In my other house, I have GE Concord 4 which I hate. I believe there are other alarm panels that are fully supported by Control4 that are more current systems? i.e. many new Alarm panels can be controlled remotely (without C4) to easily add and remove users, arm and disarm, etc. I would really appreciate recommendations as I definitely want to integrate my new alarm system with C4, and do NOT want to use GE's Concord4. Thanks
  13. I have Sonos along with the latest C4 drivers and I'd like to be able to play music stored on my iPhone as well as my friends iPhone's. What's the easiest / best way to do that without a docking station? Thanks so much in advance.
  14. It just doesn't turn on or off the pump or heater at all
  15. So I had my dealer install the update in the hopes that 2.6 would fix my never ending Jandy communication but unfortunately it's no better. Dealer did update the driver too but no luck. Wondering if anyone has had luck with this or knows what was supposed to work now. Unfortunately since I did the update, my old C4 in wall won't work anymore and now I have to replace it with the latest infinity model. I did know this though in advance and was willing to do this hoping the pool controls would finally work. No such luck!
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