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  1. Thanks, I will have to look into that. Currently I don't pull anything directly from the Ambient, in the Ambient setup I have it dumping data to Wunderground and everything else came through their.
  2. Good, the one that was often missing was the ability to control SWCG level.
  3. I just think of what these things have in terms of hardware that could be done with a Raspberry Pi. That's why I struggle to see what it costs $800, as much as an iPhone. I know it is because it is a niche product that has a small market. And my understanding is that some of these pool automation devices don't offer all the functionality that you would desire - such as adjusting SWCG % level. My pool is primarily Jandy/Zodiac but here is what I would want to have for functionality: Pool pump control including speed control for VS pumps Heater control Read pool temperature Pool light control - with colour wheel for RGB lights Read salinity level Adjust SWCG level
  4. Wow, that is high. Even $800 is a rip off for the functionality that you get.
  5. How does the data from your weather station get into C4? I have an older Ambient Station that sends data to Wunderground, and I used to use the Wunderground driver but I am pretty sure that has been deprecated as Wunderground is now owned by IBM and they want to charge people $$$ to access the data.
  6. Could be lots of things. What is the audio endpoint - the TV? Or does it go through an AVR, soundbar, etc? Is your system centralized or local? How is the TV controlled? IR, IP or serial? Did anything change recently. Should probably talk to your dealer.
  7. Of course, if it needs a new driver that will have to be added to the system by your dealer.
  8. Thanks @JoelC - I assume that the Fire (HD) tablet and Kindle Tablet are the same device?
  9. I have some of those installed - I didn't even know that they had this functionality. I just have the older Controller Reboot Driver.
  10. The Reboot driver does still work. I think it is also a free driver.
  11. What's the best way to reboot the director? Use the controller reboot driver in Composer HE? I used to ssh into the controller and use the Linux command line interface, but I don't know that you can still do that.
  12. Anyone know if you can still load the C4 OS3 app on the Amazon Fire Tablet? This seems to be a cheap way to get a Nav as these devices are rather inexpensive.
  13. Can you turn the volume down? Does it look like the button has stopped working? I have a similar issue where the Vol Up has stopped working - but mine is on a a SR250. Could be the same thing on yours - a button (or two) gone bad, although it is weird that two buttons died at the same time.
  14. I will try a different bulb. It is a small room - just one light. I have also seen my LED Christmas lights not shut off completely - they are connected to a C4 Outlet switch LDZ-5S1-W
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