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  1. Thanks - I have that working now. I did not know that you could use the Room Control drivers with multiple rooms at once. The nice thing is that you don't need a dealer to do this, assuming that the binding is already set up.
  2. Common problem with the C4-AMP108. I have one like this as well and there are several threads on here about this. But the older matrix amps ( C4-16AMP3-B) are much more reliable, and more functional. I think there was a thread about repairing these.
  3. I thought about that, but I don’t want the two volumes to be permanently tied together.
  4. I have keypad buttons (these are the old gen 1 keypads, but I don't think that matters) bound to Vol Up and Vol Down for a room using the Room Control. How do I also control the volume in a second room from the same keypad buttons so the action is the same in the second room as well? It seems that the buttons can't be bound to the Room Control Volume commands in more than one room? The amp is one of the older C4 4 zone amps. So I could do a "When the variable OUTPUT_02_VOLUME_LEVEL changes, change the volume on OUTPUT_03 to equal OUTPUT_02", but this seems like a klugey way. Is there a better way to do this? I don't necessarily always want to keep the volume level the same in both rooms, but I want the keypad buttons to cause the volume to go up or down in both rooms.
  5. Don't you favorite them in the Now Playing screen of the C4 app rather than the Spotify app?
  6. How many different music streams to people typically use in their house. My kids don't use the C4 systems for music as they just use phones/tablets with headphones. Do people typcially listen to more than 2-3 streams in their house at once? I have a large house with a lot of zones and might have many different sources if you include TV, but rarely do we use more than a couple of music streams at once.
  7. Are those types of pot lights permanent, in that they don't have light bulbs? So when it burns out you have to swap out the entire unit?
  8. I use Yamaha outdoor speakers powered by a C4 4 zone amp. Two zone by the pool and 4 speakers connected to one zone surround the jacuzzi.
  9. To clarify, only dealers can get legitimate copies of Composer Pro.
  10. I am not villifying the poster but when you say 'Is this what's under "Connections" in Composer Pro?' then that means you are familiar with the UI of Composer Pro. To know about the Connections tab would mean that you have seen a screen of Composer, which means that you are using it or have looked over you dealer's shoulder when hs is using Composer Pro. I don't really care if someone is using Composer Pro and I wish that power DIY users were able to use Composer Pro. But I gave up arguing about that on these forums about a decade ago. Those that really want to use Composer Pro will find a way. By the way, if you ask me how I know about the Connections tab then I will have to plead the Fifth. 😉
  11. It depends what you want C4 to do, how much you are willing to spend, and how active you want to be in terms of making changes with the system. If you are willing to spend >$10,000, and in many instances WAY more than that, and are looking for a turnkey solution where the dealer does everything then C4 is perfect. You should also be prepared to spend another $10k+ every decade or so to upgrade hardware like controllers, touchscreens (if you get those), remotes, etc. And you will probably also be spending at least a few hundred dollars per year for stuff like changes to TVs, cable boxes, streaming boxes, etc. If you want to do some stuff yourself and want more control over changing the system then C4 may not be for you. But Control4 does a very good job at being a whole home solution. It is particularly strong if you want to do centralized video and audio distribution. But to do that you need lots of wiring done in your house, like lots of LAN drops and speaker wiring. Centralized video distribution is less attractive than it was 5-10 years ago as it doesn't provide as many benefits if you are primarily using streaming services like Netflix. If you want to tie together lighting, AV control, AV distribution, fireplaces, HVAC, blinds, doors, security system, etc than C4 is one of the best solutions out there. I have had a C4 system for about 15 years and for the most part I like it, but I wish it were more DIY. Initially I used the system for lighting, blinds, fireplace but not for AV. Since then I added AV control for more 9 TVs and I have a whole home audio solution with speakers in most rooms that are controlled by AV. But I don't have centralized video, nor do I have touch screens. I use C4 remotes like SR-250s,SR-260s, keypads and the iOS app as input devices for C4.. If I had to do it all over would I? Probably.
  12. It sounds like you are already using Composer Pro to be able to ask such a detailed question. Why bother with Composer HE if you already have access to Composer Pro?
  13. I agree - one of the advantages is that they use the Spotify UI that they are familiar with. Then it is just one click to send to the Control4 Device, such as Kitchen or Brittany's Bedroom or whatever. So they don't have to learn the Control4 UI to play music.
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