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  1. What type of IPTV boxes are you looking at getting? I assume you are not talking about something like Comcast-Xfinity, correct?
  2. I see fire as being the main reason. Even if there is a break in I am not sure a monitored alarm will save you any money from theft. Maybe for personal safety but that is rare in Canada and I am still not sure it will make a difference.
  3. Do the cellular systems use voice connections or data connections? It seems crazy to meet that alarm monitoring in 2019 seems to be made for 19th century technology.
  4. Exactly - if my internet goes down then my VOIP is down so there is no difference there. But the monitoring service(s) seem to ignore that fact. I live in Toronto and I am not too uptight about having a monitored security system. One option is to forego monitoring completely - that may mean my home insurance goes up but I don't know if it will go up enough to offset the $300-$450 per year that I would save by cancelling monitoring completely. I have lived in this house for 13 years and we didn't have monitoring for the first three years. We have had it since then but the system is rarely, other than at night, on as the house is almost always occupied. My previous homes didn't even have alarm systems.
  5. I am getting rid of my landline, because it is 2019 and I never use it, but apparently this is an issue with my alarm monitoring service, despite the fact that my landine for the last 15 years has been Vonage's VOIP service. They say that they don't recommend internet monitoring as internet service is not as reliable - yeah it is way less reliable than my VOIP! Their recommended option if you don't have a landline is a GSM based connection which is much more expensive. Is it really true that the primary way to monitor home alarm systems is still POTS? In 2019? Shouldn't internet monitoring be cheaper and easier than using a phone line? Or is my monitoring service living in the past?
  6. When you have 5.1 speakers in a room how is the audio connected? Do you use a local source or is the source in central location?
  7. Does anyone know if this driver works with Rogers Cable box here in Canada? They are using the Comcast X1 system.
  8. Can you provide more details on how you do this? Do you need to set up zones/rooms in Alexa?
  9. The other idea is to purchase used HC-300s on fleabay and harvest the power supplies, but who knows how long those will last either.
  10. The hack I made to interface with We Vibe devices. 😉 (Sorry - 25 days early for that).
  11. I have never understood why you need to be a dealer to write drivers. C4 seems unresponsive when one asks them how you become a driver developer without being a dealer. But it is hard to test drivers without having Composer Pro.
  12. Interesting but I am pretty sure that my Dresden controls did revert to last colour as I have had a few power outages and I would have noticed changes. I have a mix of colour and white Hue bulbs but I tend to keep them set to white so I might not notice if the colour changes slightly after power cycling.
  13. To add to this, does anyone know if the integration includes the Salt Water Chlorine Generator? In the past when I looked at this it appeared that the smarl link type devices did not include integration with those, at least Jandy's did not. That's a shame and IMHO ridiculous given how much you pay for the "smart" functionality for pools. Why would I want this? My Jandy Aquapure 1400 reads salt level and temp and controls the percentage generation and a boost mode. It would be great to be able to control those from C4 or a smarthpne.
  14. I don't remember 100% but I believe that the Hue lights revert to last state. But I could be wrong. In terms of extending distance - I would be careful with this as you will likely get voltage drop. You may need to install an amp.
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