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  1. A speaker point would also work and is way cheaper if you buy it used. It isn't future proof but you should be able to get one for less than $50. It can't handle the higher bitrates either but that may not matter with your parents.
  2. I agree about HD Platinum - I had tons of trouble with it.
  3. Apparently the use Zigbee as well. It would be great if C4 could control them directly.
  4. Me too! About one or two of my Alexa commands work but that's it. Why would a few work, but most not? FYI - I am on 2.10 - I think 2.10.5
  5. I have 9 TVs in my house and I would generally buy the biggest and best for my media room and then cascade this down to kitchen, office, bedrooms, etc. That worked well until you get to about 65" TVs as then the TV can become too small for some rooms. My media room has a relatively old 80" Sharp 1080p TV from back in the days when Sharp was still a Japanese company. But it is too big to put in other rooms in my house.
  6. Exactly - I am like mav3r1ck. I have a variety of gens of Echo Dots (gen 1-3 I think) and I am running driver 110 on C4 OS 2.10.5. Some of my commands work but most do not. Any ideas how to get everything working again?
  7. You really should get a dealer. You can either find one locally or hire one to work remotely - there are several dealers on these forums that could work with you for a reasonable fee. If you are familiar with basic computer programming then you should be able to use Composer HE. IMHO it is worth the $149, especially if you will be buying 4Sight anyhow as the marginal cost is then only $50.
  8. It looks like I have version 110 - I see that fromt he Documentation page of the Driver's Properties in Composer HE.
  9. I have been having issues with this driver for about a week - not sure what version I am on but I will check tonight. I am guessing I am on the 1.8 as I don't remember upgradign and I have been using it for a few years.
  10. There are web connected power strips that do this exact function - like the Digital Loggers web power switch. I bought one of these when my cable company had really unstable firmware on their cable modems about 5 years ago. You could run a cron job on a PC on your LAN to do this as well. But you would need to keep a PC on 24/7 and you would need to be able to know how to access the API on your Wemo smart plug - or whatever, programmatically.
  11. IMHO these wakeup and goodnight agents work well if you live alone or everyone in the house is on the same schedule, but if you have a wife and kids on a different morning schedule then they have less utility.
  12. My system isn't working properly so I tried to reboot using the reboot driver. That didn't appear to be working either so I turned on debug and got the following output: [string "Lua Code"]:235: reboot: Cannot allocate memory (ExecuteCommand) Anyone know why I would get this? I think I will just ssh and reboot from the prompt, but just wondering why this would happen.
  13. Absolutely true. Same for the Air app.
  14. I have to think that C4 is trying to figure out how to move this model - pretty much every software company in the world is switching to this model. Typically PE firms love the recurring revenue model and C4/Snap is owned by a PE firm.
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