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  1. My system isn't working properly so I tried to reboot using the reboot driver. That didn't appear to be working either so I turned on debug and got the following output: [string "Lua Code"]:235: reboot: Cannot allocate memory (ExecuteCommand) Anyone know why I would get this? I think I will just ssh and reboot from the prompt, but just wondering why this would happen.
  2. Absolutely true. Same for the Air app.
  3. I have to think that C4 is trying to figure out how to move this model - pretty much every software company in the world is switching to this model. Typically PE firms love the recurring revenue model and C4/Snap is owned by a PE firm.
  4. I think this may be a Samba issue, see:
  5. To quote the coach in Letterkenny "It's frickin' embarrassing!"
  6. Lots of inaccuracies in a short story here: https://www.engadget.com/2019/05/24/control4-smarthome-os-3/ Starting with the headline: "Control4's new hub connects 13,500 smart home devices on one screen" - What new hub? They announced an OS. So an SVP is now the leader of a company? Then what does CEO Martin Plaehn do?
  7. Thanks, no compelling reason for me to upgrade, and lots of downside - as in replacing several HC250s and speaker points. I don't care about the UI from controllers as I almost never use that. I guess a new UI on iOS and Android would be nice, but that isn't worth a thousand $$$ or so. Will older Matrix amps still work in 3.0?
  8. Where can I find an overview of all of the new features and a list of all of the hardware that will be obsolete in 3.0 so that I can make a call on whether I upgrade now or put that way off into the future? The Control4 website is a bit too marketing oriented - I just want the cold, hard specs.
  9. I have C4 keypads control the charging and climate for my Tesla Model S. I can push a button in my bedroom to turn on the climate controls so that my car can be nice and warm when I get in on a cold winter day. The LED colours also indicate charging status. This is kind of a klugey setup as it requires an additional PC with a web browser to accept commands and send them to the Tesla API.
  10. Does the Apple Watch C4 app work consistently for anyone?
  11. The interesting thing is that they have "smart" circuit breakers. Does C4 make any similar products?
  12. There is some discussion here - I have had people respond to questions on driver programming on this site.
  13. You might want to use some software to monitor your network and see what devices are on it. Windows software that I like is wakemeonlan. You might want to try that. Fing is another useful software - you can also use Fing from your phone. These applications will show you all of the devices on your LAN and they often will tell you who the manufacturer is - that way you can figure out what IP address is with your controller. Once you do this you might want to give it a static IP address or make a DHCP reservation so that the address stays constant in the future.
  14. Why wouldn't a stereo cable work for a mono connector? With mono you just need the tip and sleeve connections, not the ring. Every cable, whether mono, stereo, or stereo+mic, has a tip and sleeve. The ring, or multiple rings, on a connector should not prevent the tip and sleeve from connecting.
  15. Is there a way to control a pool pump from a relay with Pool Heater Protection? What I mean by that is that it would shut the heater off and then shut off a high powered relay five (or so) minutes later? I guess that you could do this with two relays, but the one switching the pump would need to be higher powered to handle the pump load. The heaters generally have a fireman's switch that shouldn't be an issue. Here is an old-fashioned analog timer that can do this: https://www.intermatic.com/en/pool-and-spa/mechanical-controls/t104p201 Note - I don't want to spend about $1000 for a crappy pool "automation" system as they all seem overpriced by about 10X.
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