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  1. So yesterday C4's Charlie Kindel Tweets: So it turns out that this useful tool that we were discussing 2+ years ago was developed and maintained by a C4 executive. And there is now a Control4 driver for MCE Controller on Github: https://github.com/garrynewman/Control4.MceControllerDriver
  2. One really good use of this would be to charge your EV when you are generating excess power. That should be doable if someone wrote drivers for EV - Tesla has an open API.
  3. The only CLI stuff I have had to do with Unifi was to set up OpenVPN server. But I have decided to run that on my unRAID server now rather than the router.
  4. I also have some Ubiquiti stuff, WAPs and a router (USG) but no switches. It seems to work fine with C4 but isn't on the officially supported list.
  5. Used Global Cache GC-100 devices are pretty cheap on ebay (<US$40)and they can control two serial ports, three relays and 6 IRs or sensors. They connect via ethernet.
  6. I am pretty sure that you can't do this on Gen 1 keypads. But you can just permanently shut off the LEDs or do it on a sched.
  7. Are Echo devices really in your system or are they really just used as audio sources?
  8. Disabling the skill, then re-enabling it and doing a discover brought it back to life. Thanks Mitch.
  9. My Alexa commands weren't working and it turns out my 4Sight sub had expired - it appears that you don't get notifications from C4 that this is about to happen. So I went online and bought 4sight. But my system doesn't seem to recognize the fact that I now have a 4sight sub. Does this update itself after a while? Is there any way to expedite this, like rebooting a controller?
  10. What's the price difference between the new and old?
  11. One thing that I would find very useful is a table that shows all of the streaming services that are out there and shows how well they integrate with C4 and all of the pros/cons of these services. Personally I use Spotify and I think it would be hard to get me to switch, but it might be nice to see all of the various options in one place. Is there any such list available?
  12. I have only used Hue in spots where it wasn't easy to put in C4 switches/dimmers. Or to control light strips more easily from within C4, but there are other options to do this as well. One other drawback of Hue is that there are a limited number of bulb types.
  13. I don’t think you need the newer bridge - I had one of the older circular bridges until I switched a couple of weeks ago to a newer square bridge.
  14. Same piece of hardware? Doesn't the EA-3 have much more processing power?
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