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  1. It would be nice to have a keyboard shortcut to do this as well.
  2. Why is the Oxford comma a heated debate: https://www.grammarly.com/blog/oxford-comma-debate/ There was a great scene in Silicon Valley where the protagonist dumped his girlfriend because she used spaces rather than tabs for commenting code:
  3. @alanchow Any advice on how to do this? It would be great to know how this could be accomplished.
  4. And the world has gone downhill ever since! Speaking seriously, there is a really good article about how streaming services are changing the nature of recorded music. Artists are paid per song for Spotify, etc. So songs are now shorter then they have ever been. From the blog: https://www.matthewball.vc/all/audiotech
  5. Which is which? I am pretty sure that the HC-800 has a dual core 1.8GHz CPU and 2GB of RAM. Source is RyanE's post here: But this web page shows different info: https://smart-story.ru/files/products/controllers/control4_ea-1/ea-1-performance-comparison-rev-a.pdf And the HC-800 spec sheet also says dual core 1.8GHz: https://www.control4.com/docs/product/hc-800/data-sheet/english/latest/hc-800-data-sheet-rev-b.pdf
  6. FYI - other than OSD the HC-800 is more capable than the EA-1 in running a C4 system due to a better CPU. It also has WAY more IO, especially audio outputs. But the video outputs are now pretty much useless.
  7. Program one of the colored buttons to do this. But maybe this is because the good Lord intended us to listen to entire albums in the way that the artist sequenced it.
  8. You make some really good points, and I am a big C4 proponent, but just be aware that C4 stuff becomes obsolete on a regular basis as well. Stuff like controllers, remotes and touch screens often become obsolete in about a decade. So if you want to stay current you will have to spend at least a few thousand rebuying that stuff each decade. Lighting is different and I still have dozens of dimmers and keypads from ~2007 that work fine and were upgraded from embernet. That has not gone obsolete at all.
  9. I was hoping for a religious debate here, like the debate between spaces or tabs for commenting code, or the debate over the Oxford comma.
  10. You don't mention the exact model, but the older 4 zone C4 amps (C4-8AMP1- have a power saving mode that you can turn on or off in Composer HE. Have you played with that setting? Regarding a noisy fan, I had a noisy fan in a C4 amp but it wasn't running continuously. I bought a fan on Amazon and replaced it myself. I think I may have had to change connectors but that was easy-peasy.
  11. I will now began asking my regular rant saying, why doesn't C4 rewrite Composer as a web based app so that it is OS agnostic? That way you could run it on Windows, Mac or Linux. Just like the Ubiquiti Unifi Controller software. Same thing for the PC based app that no longer exists in 3.X because it used Flash.
  12. Do you have a dealer? Have you tried to talk to your dealer about troubleshooting this? It sounds like you don't have things set up properly.
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