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  1. Yes as long as your Surface is running Windows 8 or Windows 10. The odds are probably very high that you are doing so since I believe the original MS Surfaces came with Win 8 so you would have had to downgrade your OS to be running Win 7.
  2. To each his own, and I don't have a wife (anymore) - just me and the kids and they don't really watch TV other than stuff that I have recorded for them in the past and watch Youtube and streaming services. If you are into movies then subscribe to Criterion. They have great classic movies and have an app on the popular platforms like Roku, FireTV, etc. Here in Canada I can subscribe to the two main sports networks, Rogers Sportsnet and TSN for $25/month each with a streaming only service. But I think that has some limitations around time-shifting games. And I am paying $50/month for those services so I don't save a ton vs. what I am paying today.
  3. Sports are really the thing that keeps me from cutting the cord. The thing to remember is that if you mainly watch the main networks, like ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, PBS, that you can get them for free, with better quality, via OTA. And there are some OTA DVR units available. So you could cut the cord and keep OTA plus use services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. That could work for a lot of people. But not sports watchers, unless you sub to stuff like NBA League Pass,NHL Live, etc. And sometimes there isn't the flexibility that you want, like time-shifting while games are still live, etc.
  4. I would never expect anywhere near 500Mbps on wifi, nevermind Gbps. Let's face it, the main reason to get faster speeds at home is to be able to d'l torrents faster. What else is going to push past 500 Mbps? Streaming 4K content takes about 25 Mbps. So you can be pushing eight simultaneous 4K streams and never push near the limits of a 250Mbps service. If you want to get speeds of > 500 Mbps to your devices then wire them up.
  5. I have Sharp Roku TVs which I believe are pretty much the same thing and I don't experience this. Is there a setting that keeps the TV in standby?
  6. What are the features of this furnace that require the Infinity t-stat? Is this a form of monopolistic behaviour on the part of Carrier to try to keep you from using third party thermostats as they have become popular in recent years?
  7. Let's be honest - there are lots of end users who have found a way to get Pro. They just have to jump through a ton of hoops on a regular basis to be able to do this. Kind of like having a jailbroken iPhone.
  8. I was on the C4 customer portal today, which I haven't done in a while. I noticed that I no longer have a dealer, but I have a "Smart Home Pro". When did that change?
  9. I am pretty sure he means that Apple TV streaming service, not the hardware streaming device Apple TV. Not to be confused with an actual televsion made by Apple which has been rumoured for years but never released.
  10. Lots of RokuTVs from various manufacturers that are easy to control via IP.
  11. I really think that there should be a way for "hobbyists" to be able to write drivers. I have written a driver in the past, actually revising an existing driver, which greatly improves my ability to use my home AV system. If I was allowed to write drivers I would have done more in the past, like writing a Tesla API driver for C4. But C4 just makes it too difficult. You shouldn't have to be a dealer to write apps. Hobbyist-type apps were once quite prevalent in the iPhone universe. My home AV system is run off of SageTV which used to have a very active base of plugin developers that wrote all sorts of great stuff that made SageTV the best platform for RecordedTV.
  12. I have a TV with a Roku and I also have a cheap FireTV. The advantage to the FireTV is, as you have indicated, that it has better apps for Canadians, especially CraveTV - gotta get your Letterkenny fix, eh? It appears that the FireTV cube has an ethernet cable - presumably that plugs into the micro USB port. I am not sure about FireTV control with C4 as I don't really use the FireTV that much.
  13. So is it worthwhile to use these drivers, or do I just stick with using the Carrier Infinity app? I don't actually adjust the temp that often.
  14. Pretty much any camera works with c4 if you feed it through Blue Iris
  15. zaphod


    Actual snowfall would make more sense as the forecasts are not always accurate.
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