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  1. We are now at almost 4 months since the driver was pulled. Any update? Would this have been pulled for the same issue as the Nvidia Shield driver which was that it exposed a private key? Isn't FireOS a fork of AndroidTV?
  2. What exactly are the diffences between these and the pros and cons of using one vs the other? This is my understanding, is this correct? Custom Buttons - Installed as an agent. You can install one per room. These show up on the top level menu for that room (and only the top level?). When you push the button it brings up a list of up to six actions that you can select. The icon cannot be customized. Scenario Experience - Installed as a driver so you need a dealer to do this for you. These can't show up on the top level menu but can show up in menus other than Lights or Shades (wh
  3. I am trying to program this driver against my ring doorbell. I have the Blackwire Ring driver installed but the ring does not show up under doorbells in the Security Light Driver. Should it? Can I add a dummy doorbell and trigger that doorbell when the ring button is pressed? Same thing for when my Ring senses motion it, the Ring does not show up as a motion trigger.
  4. What amps are you using? I have a ring doorbell with the ring driver for C4 and announcements work fine with no delay. I also get announcements on my Alexa devices and the C4 announcements trigger more quickly. I guess that isn't surprising as I think the ring - Alexa loop goes through the cloud. I am using the older 4 and 8 zone C4 matrix amps. Where applicable I have turned off any energy saving features.
  5. Thanks - I didn't even know that you could do that configuration from the Nav. I was looking for a Show/Hide in Composer HE the way that you would hide AV sources at a Room level.
  6. I ues the Wake/Sleep agent but I only use it for Waking, not for Sleeping. But the Sleep button shows up on the Main page for my bedroom. Is there any way to hide the Sleep button?
  7. Do you have to do this through your dealer, or can an end user contact C4 on her/his own?
  8. I thought that they stopped offering the dim screen replacement years ago? I bought two SR-260s on the second hand market that have dim screens.
  9. By combining I just meant incorporating the XML code, or whatever else is required, for the bindings.
  10. That's an interesting question. I have asked about this as I am a hobbyist who has tried to write a few drivers but it is hard to test your drivers without having Composer Pro, and you can't get Composer Pro unelss you are a dealer. They never responded to my emails - but that was a few years ago.
  11. Agreed - how do distribute the signal for the subs? Baluns over a dedicated Cat5/6/7 cable?
  12. Thanks Ryan, I didn't think about that. Could you just merge this MCEC driver with a no control driver which would have the AV bindings. I have a PC in my system today that uses a driver called nocontrol_generic_pc.c4z. It has the following documentation: Control4 No Control Driver for PC Although it is not possible to control this device from Control4 this driver enables it to be displayed on the Control4 UI and for the Control4 system to switch the necessary AV settings. Using the Property you should select the device that the Control4 system should control to when this device is
  13. If you look at the lua code for the MCEC driver this is the section that takes input: function ReceivedFromProxy(idBinding, strCommand, tParams) if ( idBinding == 5000 ) then Connect(); if ( strCommand == "ENTER" ) then strCommand = "RETURN" end if ( strCommand == "PVR" ) then strCommand = "M" end if ( strCommand == "CANCEL" ) then strCommand = "ESCAPE" end if ( strCommand == "SCAN_REV" ) then strCommand = "Z" end if ( strCommand == "SCAN_FWD" ) then strCommand = "X" end if ( strCommand == "MENU" ) then strCommand = "F11"
  14. What do you mean by this? Can you give an example?
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