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  1. True - it is $7.99 if you are a Prime subscriber. But it seems like paying a premium for high fidelity may be going away, at least in the short term.
  2. This is a reaction to Apple offering higher fidelity music with no premium. Can Tidal keep charging a premium? Will Spotify charge a premium for higher fidelity? https://www.theverge.com/2021/5/17/22440058/amazon-music-hd-price-cut-apple-lossless-audio
  3. And I would further say that "music" should be replaced with "audio" in these statements as this is just as true if you are watching TV and sound is coming through C4. That all works automatically as C4 will take over the audio and send an announcement with a C4 controller as the temporary audio source. The thing you don't want is to have to power on an AVR to make a C4 announcement as that can take 15-30 seconds which is too much of a delay when you want to respond to a doorbell press, or too much of a delay for any announcement.
  4. https://www.theverge.com/2021/5/17/22440090/apple-music-lossless-audio-dolby-atmos-support-audio I wonder if this affects how Spotify will charge for the HiFi service that they are to be launching later this year. This is also likely a blow to Tidal as they lose one of their advantages over Apple Music. What is the max quality you can get from Apple Music today into C4 with Shairplay?
  5. It will be interesting to see what value Snap is hoping to get. The purchase price of C4 was $680M. FYI - here is a story on the Snap acquisition of C4. https://www.strata-gee.com/the-real-story-of-why-control4-wanted-to-be-acquired/
  6. What functionality does this have that makes it better than the existing Homebridge/HomeKit driver that has been around for a few years? If you have greater than 200 devices do they need to be done in separate hubs? Would it also run in a docker on other OSes like unRAID?
  7. Agreed but it sounded like he just wanted to send commands to C4.
  8. I think you can also do this with the WebEvents driver. https://untestedhacks.com/2013/web-events-driver/
  9. So what did your dealer say when you asked him why he was charging you a new price for old equipment?
  10. That's strange as I see this at Amazon.com, not Amazon.ca. But maybe they are filtering for sellers that ship to Canada.
  11. There are other decent options for relays/sensor like Global Cache devices like the GC-100, etc.
  12. FYI - that Z9X device says "Currently Unavailable" at Amazon so that link isn't very useful, at least no right now.
  13. I have been using Tidal for a couple of months but I keep going back to Spotify on a regular basis. I find it much easier to find the music that I want in Spotify and I prefer the curated music on Spotify, like the Daily Mixes it makes for me. I find that the Playlists that Tidal has in areas like Rock are not what I want. Maybe I am stuck in the past and it is wanting to expose me to new artists.
  14. You might want to also consider Tidal. There is a good deal on Best Buy US that is only for Americans but you can register from Canada with a simple VPN from your browser - I did this and I am in Canada as well. Tidal and Amazon do allow you to pick songs directly from the C4 UI so you can do everything in one app. But I am not a fan of the UI. With Spotify you use the Spotify app to start playing your music and then select a device to playback within the app. If you set things up correctly in the C4 driver the music will start playing in C4 without needing to go into the C4 app u
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