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  1. What you describe should work. I don't know if this matters but it might not allow you to use the HDMI for an On screen UI.
  2. You might want to consider buying a used HC800 on eBay. They have two analog stereo outputs and can sometimes be had for about $100 which may not be much more than the two audio converters. Another option is to add an Echo Dot (or multiple Echo Dots) to your matrix amp and to use them around the house. Then you can use that as an audio source for services like Amazon Music, Spotify, etc. But you may not like having Amazon devices all over your house and using voice commands to start the music. You should be able to get them for about $30 each.
  3. It doesn't appear to me that you can add C4 app Widgets to the home screen on the new iOS14. Am I missing something? It would be great to be able to add widgets for things like Sessions, or direct links to C4 devices like lights with Widgets. I hope C4 is working on this.
  4. On a related topic - can you become a C4 driver developer without being a dealer? It seems to me that the skills are not necessarily overlapping, especially when it comes to more hard core coding in driver development, as opposed to learning IR codes. I really think that C4 should allow "entusiasts" to be able to develop drivers as OS projects. There are potential risks in this, like orphaned drivers, but you get that risk today. I like to use an analogy of SageTV which I have used for over a decade as my DVR software. It competed with Windows MCE and BeyondTV. In some ways SageTV was better than MCE and I would argue that SageTV is still the best solution in many ways for recording TV, especially if you are a tech enthusiast/geek. There was a third-party developer community that built very useful plugins for SageTV. It would be great if we could have the same for SageTV, and there is a little bit of that around. (FYI - SageTV was an independent business that was acquired by Google in 2011 and then Google allowed the core product to become Open Sourced in 2015. The community is atrophying over time as the product is getting long in the tooth and as people move away from linear TV). Of course, if I was a dealer making revenue from writing drivers, and from selling drivers to end clients then I might not like this idea. 😉
  5. Agreed. As long as they are 8 Ohm speakers you can wire two speakers up to each speaker output. You can also do it in C4 programming if you want the option of still keeping them as separate zones from time to time. For that you would need Composer HE to do it yourself.
  6. But the difference seems to be that they didn't give devs time to finalize their apps with a gold copy beta. In the past they would also have a few days before releasing the OS - not one day.
  7. Apple seemed to catch developers by surprise: https://www.theverge.com/2020/9/16/21439674/ios-14-developers-iphone-surprise-release-golden-master-beta-development
  8. I believe iOS14 was launched today. When you have major version releases it often causes every app under the sun to update to the new version - hopefully they tested it out under the beta version of the OS. There are some new widget features in iOS - I am not sure exactly how widgets work, but it might be useful to have C4 widgets on your home screen.
  9. Every iOS app is going to have an update as there is a new iOS version out.
  10. It appears that you are a generation ahead of us and are now using c5!
  11. Not that I am recommending it, but isn't 2.5.3 the most recent OS to run on the HC300? Are you guys saying that the latest dimmers won't run on 2.5.3?
  12. Agreed - I almost never use the OSD either as I find it more convenient to use keypads, remote controls or keypads. I have an EA-3 and EA-1 but most of my locations have HC-800s which don't provide OSD on >=3.0
  13. With other devices similar to Roku you can use an OTG cable, or something similar, to attach multiple USB devices to the USB charging port. This could allow you to use a USB-ethernet dongle for your network connection. Not sure if that works with a Roku stick.
  14. I have tried pulling the batteries a couple of times. I will check the ribbon cable. This remote is in my pool cabana so it has somewhat more exposure to the elements, but it doesn't get too much abuse - some direct sunlight but will be exposed to temperature changes that could cause condensation, etc.
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