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  1. There should be other ways for Blue Iris to contact C4 - I think you can have Blue Iris hit a URL when motion is triggered so you could use that to trigger an event in C4 using the Web Events driver, but I am not sure about sending the video, unless you can do that directly from Blue Iris.
  2. Are Sunbrite TVs worth the premium? I have a TV in my pool cabana with an arm that extends outside the cabana. When not in use it is stored inside the cabana and out of the elements. It isn't exposed to rain but can be exposed to bugs, etc. I have generally just used regular TVs and turned up the brightness. There seems to be quite a premium for their TVs.
  3. It is the inferior method, I agree. But it is more dependable for various reasons. I always prefer using IP but there are a variety of things that can go wrong with IP that don't go wrong with IR.
  4. For more less expensive TVs I like the Roku TVs that are now sold under a number of brands includiong TCL and Sharp. There is a driver that works very well and Roku has apps/channels for pretty much all services that can be controlled via C4 mini-apps.
  5. I use something like this for a dimmer switch on the outside of my pool cabanas- six buttons should work the same. I have several dimmers and six buttons in my pool cabana that are sheltered but exposed to the cold and heat and have lasted over a decade despite winter lows that have been as low as -25C and summer highs in excess of 35C. https://www.amazon.ca/Taymac-MM510C-Weatherproof-Receptacle-Protector/dp/B001JEPX4Y/ref=asc_df_B001JEPX4Y/?tag=googleshopc0c-20&linkCode=df0&hvadid=292963865509&hvpos=&hvnetw=g&hvrand=11811383097865327788&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9000900&hvtargid=pla-312993018902&psc=1
  6. So why don't we have UPS with smart outlets, or smart outlets that have UPS? It seems silly to need two devices, especially since UPS generally have some smarts in them that allow you to connect them to a PC.
  7. Why don't these types of units have battery backups? Or are you supposed to plug them into a UPS? I would think that for a bunch of the equipment on your rack, especially a controller and networking hardware, that you would want it to be connected to a UPS. But you may not need, or want, that for an amplifier.
  8. The SR250/260 have all the buttons but they don't have soft buttons or a colour screen. My 11 year old daughter doesn't like them as she says "those like like they are from the 1980s" - she prefers the Harmony remotes of a Harmony Ultimate or even an older Harmony One. The Neeo looks very cool but, IMHO, it is crippled by lack of buttons. My TV watching is mainly sports and I use hard buttons to skip 10 seconds, and to skip 120 (or 150 ) seconds. I don't want to have to look down to the remote to do that. I HATE this trend of very few buttons on remotes, whether it is a very expensive remote like Neeo, or a dirt cheap remote like for FireTV or Roku. I quite like the 250 or 260.
  9. Not clear that is applicable in this instance. Are these computer programs exchanging information? Not that I have any problems with reverse engineering or hacking around, I have done that myself and continue to use this sort of stuff to control devices in C4.
  10. Understood. I just look at the CPU specs for the EA controllers and they look so underpowered for 2020. Even a Raspberry Pi now has a quad core 64 bit CPU that runs at 1.5GHz.
  11. A HC-250 and SR-250 is a decent option but that is still more work to maintain than other options. I would go with Harmony. I had Harmony remotes at all eight TVs in my house but I have now replaced four of them with C4 but I still miss a lot of the benefits of the Harmony including a colour screen, soft buttons, full transport buttons, ease of setup. C4 doesn't have a remote with a colour screen and with sufficient buttons. The Neeo looks pretty but it has too few buttons and is very expensive.
  12. I want to programmatically determine holidays to treat them like weekends where I turn on certain devices, like my outdoor water heater. I believe that you can buy a Chowmain driver that tells you when it is a holiday in several countries, but I don't want to pay to do something rather simple which is to determine the summer holidays in Canada. Let's use Labour Day as an example. It is the same in Canada as in the US and is on the first Monday in September. Would this be the correct logic? If month = September If day of the month is <= 7 If day of the week is = Monday IsHoliday= True I was thinking of setting up some code like this that would run just after midnight each day to set a holiday boolean variable. You would then reset it back to false at the top of this code. The other way of doing this is the "dumb" brute force method of hardcoding the dates for the next few years, as in If date = 9/6/2020 IsHoliday = True Any other recommendations?
  13. Is this all that different from Control4 Homebridge which allows you to control Control4 devices from within Apple's Homekit app and use Siri to do so? @DylanJ - That may be one way of accomplishing what you want. Homebridge acts as a bridge (duh!) between Homekit and C4. But I believe it also gives you a URL that you can hit for each device - for example http://c4controller:8070/38 is the lights in my office. I think you may be able to control them with that as well. @Joshua Pressnell is the expert on Homebridge. edit - Here is the github site for the Homebridge project. I believe Joshua adapted this to work with C4. https://github.com/homebridge/homebridge
  14. Find the IP address of the old echo and give the new Echo a DHCP reservation with that address. You generally do this in your router's UI.
  15. I don't mean a dealer CPU swap, I mean that C4 would change to a newer faster CPU after a couple of years. Kind of like a Dell computer will keep almost all components the same for many years for their corporate model, but they will move to a newer CPU. Everything else could stay the same except you get a more capable CPU. So you would have a EA-3v2 that is a 2.4GHz CPU that is 50% faster than the original EA-3.
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