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  1. Hello Jake. Check out these guys. I installed and works great. https://bnet4solutions.com/ Daniel
  2. The Trane driver is currently not working accurately. It worked great for a long time but is now buggy and Houselogic will not commit to saying they will fix it. Can anyone write a driver for this, I would be willing to buy it again. There have been several people ask for this driver. Daniel
  3. Thanks Wizard. I finally got the list of variables to show up now. I had to go through which ones would give the temp properly, but I found them. Appreciate your help. Daniel
  4. Wizard, the %TIME & DATE work perfect. I can't seem to make the temp work, it is just reading the numbers I am typing. Also Gary, can great tip about right mouse click for ID, i found them. But I don't quite understand about seeing variables after typing in the ID number. I really just want the reading of current temp and cool/Heat set points, but I don't see how to select those. Thanks for help guys with this, i think a lot of folks will benefit from this info. Daniel
  5. Thanks for help Wizard. I will give this a try in the morning. On the temperature, where is the device id located in composer? Also, is there a list of variables that can be injected on knowledge base? It would be a great reference. Thanks, Daniel
  6. Very nice driver!!! I am somewhat new to using variables. I looked through available choices for a few things. 1) Be able to announce time of day. 2) Be able to pull current temp off of multiple C4 Tstat. I would appreciate a little help finding these standard items to fully test the driver and show it off to customers. Thanks, Daniel Louque
  7. Good deal. I didn’t think those had discrete ir codes. This will be huge for me. Do you have any tips or info to share if I want to try and monitor occupancy with motion sensor and have it talk to the Intesis Box using control 4. I know the obvious with all of options for zigbee, but all rooms have good WiFi, but will struggle to get zigbee due to walls made of concrete. I have been searching for a possible WiFi motion and possibly use your IFTTT driver, but was hoping for a little easier setup. Thanks for any info you can provide. Daniel Louque
  8. Alan, when using the universal IR module, how does it know that unit is truly off? Does the module receive IR from the unit after issuing command somehow? Or is it a toggle? I have several big projects that can use this if I can work properly. Thanks in advance for info. Daniel
  9. Rod, how do you make the applet for second part of this setup? What is used for "if" that waiting on a text message with certain info? I want to try but can't figure it out. Thank, Daniel
  10. Alan, deleted driver and add back the latest driver and all is staying connected and receiving messages. Just letting you all know. Also, looks like it was not on the latest update. Not sure when that was released, but now it is. How can we get informed about updates before it breaks anything? Thanks Daniel
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