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  1. I would also have to give a kudos out to Neil's services because I've reached out to him on a couple of occasions for remote assistance and he's responded quickly and helped me out. The reason why I'm recommending his services is because I like probably many out there who might have had a dealer setup their systems a long time ago and they might have gone out of business or no longer offering Control4 services anymore thus leaving you stranded. This causes a problem when you try to work with a few local dealers in your area and since they didn't originally setup your control4 system they really don't want to touch your project because (in my mind) because there's not a lot in it for them when you only need the occasional updates and tweeks here and there. I've also been the victim of trying to test out these new dealers in the area who agree to look at various items but want to charge an arm and a leg to just lend the simplest amount of support (very discouraging). I could go on and on but in a nut shell, Neil really lends much needed support no matter how large the problem or situation SO HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
  2. Actually there was a news report regarding what you are talking about. It stems from how the phone calculates the signal or miscalculates i; It is described in an Apple press release (http://gizmodo.com/5578202/apple-claims-iphone-4-reception-problem-is-caused-by-incorrect-signal-display?skyline=true&s=i) and a fix is suppose to be on its way.
  3. The price for the IPad license is being quoted by some dealers as $99, but that does not include whatever they would charge you to identify it on your system ($75-150 per hour). I guess if you get some dealer to take care of you regarding the identification part this will be a nice deal ($499 for the IPad + $99 for the license) can't beat $600.....
  4. You can get the application for a free download from the itune store just like the iphone app. Its at: http://www.control4.com/ipad/ The license from your dealer is around $99
  5. I would recommend the guys at the Soho Shop (www.thesohoshop.com) like Cody (superfast) with his response and is price real reasonable and they have helped me even when my local dealers wouldn't. Plus they can do everything remotely....
  6. Yes, I have rebooted the unit a few times plus I even pressed the reset button a couple of times, but still giving me the same results.
  7. Question; if I have a C4 version 2 amp and a channal may be no good or blown will it affect other rooms that are attached to the amp? It seems that all of a sudden only three of my eight rooms are visable on my control4 main screen in each of my rooms that i have music going to ceiling speakers. My amp was just received back from control4 for repairs and it appeared to be working fine for around an hour or so of use then i lost sound in one of my ceiling speakers out of the two pairs of speakers in one of the room. I later noticed that I could not add sound to five of my rooms through the zone screen nor select digital music when in each screen of the room from the gui screen. The strange thing about it is that the other three rooms i can go into music select digital music and play a song with no problem and it starts playing the music from the ceiling speakers in that room. Assistance appreciated....
  8. I am looking for a local dealer who will I can obtain a 30 day trial license from to try it out on the iphone. My local dealers (total of 4) two of them keep saying that they do not have trial licenses and one says that they have them but are very unresponsive in regards to adding the driver since they aren't making a lot of money at doing it free remotely (been waiting over three weeks); the forth dealer tells me that they will have to come out to my house to add the driver for a couple of hundred dollars in labor. When all of which Control4 tech support said that adding the driver for the trial should be free by most dealers but some will charge and can be done remotely even if you do not have a 4sight subscription. They can create a 24 hour window for the dealer to update. So, does anyone know of a dealer that I can use to assist? I am the product of buying my gear from Tweeter and who all know now has gone out of business and i feel that is the problem......
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