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  1. I called Kwikset and the 916 does not have a module. Only available as Z-wave home connect. Support said they might make a C4 zigbee version one day. I've installed a z-wave 916 and have it working with my C4 system using Vera Edge controller and C4 MiCasa Vera Lite driver that's available in Composer now. This also opened the door to other z-wave devices I might want to use in the future. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. yes works with Vera Edge when assigned IP and using default port. Should work with 2.6 > if it's the same driver. Even tried a z-wave lamp module and was surprised to see it responsive when sliding dimmer up/down. My expectation was it would only change level after releasing slider. not the case.
  3. Just bridged my C4 2.5.3 with Vera Edge for newer style Kwikset 916 z-wave door lock and DIY SmartThings home automation controller. The Smartthings is the Primary z-wave controller and Vera Edge a secondary. Using the MiCasa Vera C4 driver was pretty straight forward. Z-wave on the other hand was problematic with distance between devices discovering and passing security keys. End result is SmartThings and Control4 able to control the newer style Kwikset 916 lock and z-wave devices. Of course there is no management of door codes (pins) from C4 navigator. Control4 said they moved the door lock under Security with 2.6 or 2.7 release. Thats my next change because I still have legacy touch panels and using a Favorite to get to the House door lock.
  4. Thanks to HouseLogix who told me the driver only works with 2.5.3 and above because it needs the Light (V2) proxy. Problem solved once I move to 2.5.3. Was on 2.2.4 and updated to 2.5.3 and driver loads and works correctly.
  5. Adding a Lutron Caseta Smart Bridge Pro to a Control4 system. Attempting to use the free DriverWorks HouseLogix drivers, but having problem loading the Lutron_Caseta_Dimmer.c4i driver into Composer. After Adding the 4 drivers and looking at the Driver Manager the Lutron Caseta Dimmer Device Type is 'Unknown' and probably because of this it will not show up in My Drivers - Local to add to project. I've edited the driver and compared to the Lutron_Caseta_Shade.c4i and modified a couple strings, but each time loading it's still listed as 'Unknown'. I don't know if these drivers will even work, becuase they seem to be untested. Any help or suggestions? Thanks.
  6. Thank you. I'll guess the suggested prices to be $220-$295 per driver.
  7. Can any EV dealer please give me the retail price for latest Sonos and Z-Wave 7.0.4 driver. Do they still provide the dealer with one license to show and one to go (sell)? Thanks,
  8. Noticed in the 2.5 update manager my older touch screen 10.5 v2 didn't have a upgrade available, but running 2.4 upgrade manager is says - Yes ( - terminal). I'm running currently. Any difference in - res and - terminal versions? Should I update from 2.2.4 to 2.4 before the jump to 2.5? thanks.
  9. Not ember and got the other 2 after a firmware update. 1 dimmer left and it's not leaving the mesh 13-4-13. No double green LED, just single blue and it will reset with a 9-9-9 and top tap 15. I've never had one not respond to leave the mesh. Don't think it's Ember because I let the upgrade run full cycle and nothing was upgraded. Thanks so much for the help guys. I think at one point we all wanted to have choice words for the engineers who thought up these crazy tap codes!
  10. Thank you. Channel 14 was the trick for 2 of the dimmers and the 6 button. Now to try other channels for the 2 or 3 left. It would be nice if channel identification worked for these.
  11. Installed 10 used dimmers, switches and 6 button keypad. After installation and power up single blue LED. I had them leave the mesh 13-4-13 and 4 of them came back both lights solid green. They are unable identify / join my mesh (Channel 25) by 4 presses, holding down 4+ seconds. Set Network Tools to Join Using: HC1000 (director). 9-9-9 or 15 top taps reset, but them I'm back to both solid green. Does leaving mesh or reset change ZP channel? Thanks.
  12. Dan, I've installed a lot of projectors in the $1200-$2500 price range. Recently many of my customers are going with the Epson 3020 and 5020. Both have serial control, but the 5020 has lens shift capability. Two small features I've integrated with these projectors are side-by-side picture and use of the built-in speakers on the 3020. For side-by-side I've run a component video cable from the cable TV box to the projector and with the 3020 also analog audio. The side-by-side lets them split screen a TV image with whatever other signal they are feeding via HDMI (limitation only one digital source). Since the analog audio to the cable TV box is direct lets them watch TV using built-in speakers on the 3020 for quiet night time viewing. Extra thought: Since Component Video can be a second source for this projector, you could split screen for the C4 navigator screen from a HC. Might be a little trick to assign HC input to PJ Split Screen, but pretty cool to pop-up the C4 navigator while still watching a movie! I've really like the picture quality on the Epson 8350, 3020 and 5020 (highest contrast ratio). I liked it better than the Panasonic 7000 I've installed on Elite high-contrast gray screen. I know 3D is not that important, but the newer Epson's use RF (bluetooth) rechargeable glasses and that might be important if your going to encase the projector. The Epson's can also convert any 2D content to 3D.
  13. Don't have it active on my system now, but here was my IR solution. http://www.c4forums.com/viewtopic.php?id=10987
  14. 2100 driver worked with my Axis P3301 POE camera. Also a 212 PTZ worked with a 233D PTZ driver (except for presets), so I think the drivers for older cameras are generic, not sure about the newer HD camera models.
  15. The 2.3 Update Manager is reporting that 10.5 v2 wireless touch screen gets updated to ( - Terminal version). This is not the release and no definition for 'Terminal version' appears in the release notes. What will be the limitations of running touch screens with 2.2.4 'Terminal version' on a 2.3 system?
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