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  1. No we do not capture any URL parameters. It is purely used to fire basic events if it hits a pre-defined URL endpoint.
  2. This is what I have used for a few of the blinds at my house. Works well with Bond Bridge. https://www.ozsmartthings.com.au/collections/smart-blinds/products/smart-blinds
  3. Also alot of passwords are discarded for tokens which refresh periodically
  4. Which group is that? Its probably best to reach out to the Qolsys guys to get official documentation them
  5. persistent SSL socket on port 12345. When it connects it requests a summary is a JSON encoded packet. Packet should bve something like this. {"nonce": "", "action": "INFO", "info_type": "SUMMARY", "version": 0, "source": "C4","token":"whatever the token is in the driver's properties"} Also did Qolsys provide this driver to you unencrypted as the one in the online database is encrypted.
  6. This is definately the case. It only obtains data from 3 parts of the project file. Lat, long and temperature. This is all set in the project settings page at the top of the project tree. Note that the driver polls once every 15 minutes so you may need to wait until the next poll period for it to get the new data in the new units.
  7. It is based on the projects scale.
  8. Our open weather agent will let you program off of current weather conditions, today’s forecast and tomorrow’s forecast. https://www.chowmainsoft.com/weather-forecast
  9. I have now implemented the the android MENU command into the driver. This is mapped to the INFO button and provides the same functionality as long pressing the center button. IRUSB is still the fastest method of control if speed is an issue. You can also try changing the Control Method in the driver's properties to Zank Default. This will be faster but doesn't work with every app. The Zank developer mentioned to me that this is because some apps utilise a webview for their app and the controls don't pass through. I am using the Chromecast with Google TV + their
  10. Actually it does work on android TVs to an extent. We tested it on a Kogan android tv with some success. it won’t control the TV portion of it. Eg power, inputs, etc but it will control the android side. personally I wouldn’t use it for this reason.
  11. Chowmain - Android TV driver (Chromecast with Google TV, Xiaomi Mibox, Airtv, Nvidia Shield, etc) Want to control the Chromecast with Google TV, Nvidia Shield, Xiaomi Mibox, AirTV and more? The Chowmain Android TV driver is designed to control Google Android TV boxes. It is a software only solution so no extra hardware required. This allows you to utilise the Control4 Neeo or SR-260 remote to navigate the Android operating system and control applications as you would with a normal infra red remote control. No need to root the device and no need to install any additional hardware. Add
  12. We cannot change the way the physical button works. As such preset level is not implemented. if you are looking for lighting control from navigator or using advanced lighting scenes then the lights are bang forward buck.
  13. It is bi-directional yes but not on physical button presses but on light level / state. Therefore programming the buttons to perform actions in Control4 is out of the picture.
  14. I would have gone the Bond route as well as no requirement for electrician. Just keep it as what it was and install a Bond bridge to replicate the RF remote control functionality. I am a bit biased though. If however you still want to go down this route i would recommend looking up the FCC code on Bond's website to ensure compatibility.
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