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  1. If you want energy you can get the TP-Link HS110 or the TP-Link HS300
  2. The HS103 is also the HS105 driver. You'll see it in composer as the HS103 / HS105 driver. The only differences in the product is the amps they are rated to.
  3. I'm still a Kodi guy myself. have one in the living room and one in my theater.
  4. included with the TP-Link driver zip. Will be adding it to the other driver zips when i update the documentation to reflect.
  5. UPDATE Added support for the following products HS103 Outlet - 2 Pack MSRP $34.99 HS105 Outlet - Single Pack MSRP $22.99 2 Pack MSRP $39.99 Both of these outlets are extremely affordable with the differences being the HS103 comes in 12amp where the HS105s come in 15amp ratings. Also created a replacement outlet light driver which is compatible with all drivers that can bind to the old Control4 outlet light driver which includes the Control4 Outlet Switch v1, Orvibo Wiwo, Belkin Wemo, TP-Link Smart Suite and more. Supports Advanced Lighting Scenes, button bindings with color feedback, LightV2 proxy and more.
  6. Argus Technologies - Rinnai / Brivis N-BW2 Networker Bridge Driver The Rinnai Touch Wi-Fi Kit along with the N-BW2 Networker Bridge Driver allows integration between Control4 and any Brivis networker-based HVAC system through Wi-Fi based IP communications. Purchased as part of the Rinnai Touch Wi-Fi Kit, the N-BW2 module is compatible with Brivis Ducted Gas Heating, Dual Comfort or Evaporative Cooling systems with existing NC-3, NC-6 or NC-7 Wired Networker Controllers. This driver was commissioned by Argus Technologies. Argus Technologies is recouping the cost of development by licencing the driver out to other integrators. Features Support for Gas Heating, Add-on Cooling & Evaporative Cooling systems. Single Setpoint / Multi Setpoint system compatibility Automatic discovery of the N-BW2 on the network Self healing - if IP address changes the driver will automatically rediscover the unit. Auto configuration of available HVAC Modes from Networker. Auto configuration of available Fan Speeds from Networker. Auto naming of zones Multi-zone control Temperature Feedback Setpoint control Fan speed control Built in Scheduling Built in Presets HVAC System Error detection and feedback N-BW2 offline/online events FAQ Why is this product exciting? Brivis is a major HVAC manufacturer in Australia whose products are heavily utilised in Victoria and other southern states. Integration of their Networker product line allows for a wider range of HVAC solutions for Australian Control4 consumers and dealers. What HVAC systems can i use this driver with? The Rinnai N-BW2 Networker Bridge is compatible with all networker systems back dating to the N-C3 networker system (manufacturered in 2003). Please talk to you an authorised Brivis installer to get full compatibility details on the N-BW2 Networker Bridge. Where can i purchase the N-BW2 Networker Bridge? The Rinnai N-BW2 Networker Bridge is sold and installed by authorised Brivis dealers only. Can i control multiple zones with this solution? Yes we can control up to 4 zones using the N-BW2 networker bridge. Can i schedule the HVAC system using this driver? Yes our driver has built in presets and scheduling. This scheduling is built into the driver and will override the scheduling in the Brivis Networker system. How do I find out more information about the driver? Please see the links below for more information about the driver. Chowmain Website How do I buy the driver? This driver can be purchased from driverCentral. Download Driver / Purchase Licence Who do i contact for technical support? All support enquiries should go through driverCentral where the US team will handle level 1 support and Argus Technologies will handle level 2 support. Do you provide trial licences? All Argus Technologies drivers for Control4 come with a 7 day trial.
  7. The biggest OS 3.0 change for driverworks is the ability to implement favorites for MSP based drivers. We have done this to our Sky driver thus far. The other big change is migration to LuaJIT.
  8. Travis Industries sent us a development kit so its totally different from a real fireplace. It was all setup for us so can't comment on how to physically set it up. You are best off reaching out to them for assistance. I do know one thing. They got the RS232 gender incorrect when they first sent it to us but fixed it in a new board revision that they sent later.
  9. Driver wasn't really designed to be used that way so don't know if its possible. Since you are interacting with multiple proxies you'll be sending multiple RGB commands which won't really produce what you're setting out to achieve.
  10. UPDATE Sky Channels driver updated to support OS3.0 favoriting with revamped user experience.
  11. Read out tweets via text to speech.
  12. Once the IFTTT driver is installed you can do this yourself. Our website has a wealth of information including examples on integration between IFTTT and numerous products and services.
  13. Our IFTTT driver works for alot of stuff but one of the use cases (at least in my house) is ring doorbell press and motion https://www.chowmainsoft.com/ifttt Blackwire also have a ring doorbell driver as well which they sell.
  14. At my old house i used ring with battery and our IFTTT driver. Worked well. Only had to charge it once every 4-6 months. What was nice was that it emailed me when the battery was low and needed charging. Charged up in about 4 hours from memory. At my new place i still use the same ring doorbell buts its permanently powered using the old doorbells cabling.
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