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  1. Control4 is pretty strict on leaks and those who break their beta agreements get into pretty big trouble including termination of dealership.
  2. We also have a bond driver coming. Driver is pretty much complete but waiting for some firmware upgrades from Bond. They estimated 2-4 weeks for completion from their side. https://bondhome.io/ Bond provides IR/RF integration of devices like Fans (with lights), Fireplaces, Blinds (including Somfy blinds!).
  3. The 103 / 105 driver utilises the same underlying code so if you're not seeing it with that then you might be on an older version of the driver.
  4. I checked the code quickly and can see that it only fires the event if the state is changed. We advised this to driverCentral yesterday when i assume you emailed them about it. Won't be able to dig in further until after CEDIA as we have about 4 or 5 contracts to finish in the next two weeks that is being showed off at CEDIA (eek).
  5. I personally rather just stream using Google Cast and Apple Airplay. As such i favor the VSSL hardware. A.1, A.3 and A.6.
  6. Chowmain - FREE Nice DMBM Shade Controller driver Chowmain releases FREE Nice DMBM driver for Control4. This driver automatically imports Nice shades and groups into Control4. Once imported it provides instant up, down, stop + set level control and feedback from any Control4 user interface including on-screen navigator, mobile, tablet, touchscreens, keypads and more. Integration into Control4 not only allows you to control it from any interface but exposes the shades so that you can automatically close the shades when you arm the security system, start a movie, when it gets dark and open it when its morning or when you have finished watching your movie. You can also schedule the shades using Control4's wakeup / goodnight functionality, provide more fine tuned scheduling using Control4's When/Then or Chowmain's scheduler for T3 touchscreens. If you're heading to CEDIA Expo you should check the Nice guys out at booth 538. They have some excellent shades well worth looking at. Features IP and RS232 control / feedback Automatic import of motors and groups including automatic renaming. Scenes Motors Up Down Stop Level Intermediate Position Groups Up Down Stop Level Intermediate Position FAQ Does this provide two-way feedback? Feedback is provided live to Control4 via both IP and RS-232. If the customer changes the position of any shade it will update automatically on Control4's interface live! Also tells you the position as its moving for a nice added touch. Where can i purchase these shades? Check out the shades via the Nice website. https://niceforyou.com How do I find out more information about the driver? Please see the links below for more information about the driver. Chowmain Website How do I buy the driver? This driver is FREE of charge and can be downloaded from the Chowmain website. Who do i contact for technical support? This driver is supported by Nice Group.
  7. Thanks for the input. You're not the first to ask. Its on our roadmap but we have to redesign our plex full driver to suit the IRUSB controls which involve merging some code and some juggling of pieces. Not saying it is not going to happen Definately will but unsure when.
  8. Not entirely true. We created our own replacement Outlet Light driver which is compatible with advanced lighting scenes. Having said that bulbs have dimming capabilities where plugs / outlets are simple on/off. So whatever is suitable for the specific lamp.
  9. Chowmain - FREE Anthem MDX-8 and MDX-16 Driver The Anthem MDX Series are the first distribution systems to feature fully powered independent-zone subwoofer connections, as well as ARC® Genesis room correction for each zone. MDX Series features today’s cutting-edge Anthem amplifier technology so you can expect smooth, efficient, consistent high power and reliability. MDX Series is engineered to simplify your next custom audio system installation, and to blow your clients away with extreme performance in any setup. The MDX-8 and MDX-16 drivers for Control4 allows the following functionality. Features IP & RS232 control (115200 baud no flow control) Individual zone commands for the following Volume Up/Down/Set Mute On/Off/Toggle Switch Inputs and Zones Set Global Set Bass Set Treble Volume Power on volume Max volume Individual zone feedback for the following Volume Mute Power Input Bass Treble FAQ Can you provide more information about the amplifier? You can find out more information about the MDX series of amplifiers via the following URL. https://www.anthemav.com/products-current/series=mdx-series How do I find out more information about the driver? Please see the links below for more information about the driver. Chowmain Website How do I buy the driver? This driver is FREE of charge and can be downloaded from the Chowmain website. Who do i contact for technical support? This driver is supported by Anthem AV.
  10. If you have a pirated version of Composer it will block remote access to your system as the certificates will have been changed. If this is the case you should back up your project, do a factory restore and restore your project.
  11. We have several outlet solutions integrated including TP-Link HS103 Mini Smart Plug ($14.60 USD) Product Link - https://www.amazon.com/TP-Link-Compatible-Occupies-Wall-Light-Electronic-Component-switches/dp/B07KYVS85J/ Driver Link - https://www.chowmainsoft.com/tplink-control4 TP-Link HS300 6 Way Smart Power Strip ($63.26 USD) - Alan's Pick Product Link - https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07G95FFN3 Driver Link - https://www.chowmainsoft.com/tplink-control4 TP-Link KP200 In-wall dual outlet ($34.51 USD) - Alan's Pick Product Link - https://www.amazon.com/Kasa-Smart-Outlet-Wall-TP-Link/dp/B07N3CK3MM/ Driver Link - https://www.chowmainsoft.com/tplink-control4 Belkin Wemo Mini Smart Plug ($23.62 USD) Product Link - https://www.amazon.com/Smart-Enabled-Google-Assistant-HomeKit/dp/B01NBI0A6R/ Driver Link - https://www.chowmainsoft.com/belkin-wemo Tinycontrol IP PDU (starting from $130.65 USD) Product Link - https://tinycontrol.pl/en/ipgsm-power-socket-2/ Driver Link - https://www.chowmainsoft.com/tinycontrol-ip-power-socket We have a wide range of lighting solutions LIFX Mini Color Smart Bulb ($34.99 MSRP) Product Link - https://www.amazon.com/LIFX-Adjustable-Multicolor-Dimmable-Assistant/dp/B073168GYG/ Driver Link - http://www.chowmainsoft.com/lifx-control4 Yeelight Dimmable / Tunable White Smart Bulb ($17.99 USD) Product Link - https://www.amazon.com/YEELIGHT-Adjustable-Temperature-Equivalent-Smartphone/dp/B076CJL8DL Driver Link - https://www.chowmainsoft.com/yeelight-control4 Yeelight Multicolor Smart Bulb ($26.99 USD) - Alan's Pick Product Link - https://www.amazon.com/YEELIGHT-Equivalent-Smartphone-Controlled-Compatible/dp/B076C7S1K3 Driver Link - https://www.chowmainsoft.com/yeelight-control4 TP-Link KL110 Dimmable Smart Bulb ($19.99 USD) Product Link - https://www.amazon.com/Kasa-Smart-Wi-Fi-Light-TP-Link/dp/B07G1PH3JL/ Driver Link - https://www.chowmainsoft.com/tplink-control4 TP-Link KL130 Multicolor Smart Bulb ($24.99 USD) Product Link - https://www.amazon.com/Kasa-Smart-Wi-Fi-Light-TP-Link/dp/B07FZ6PLJG/ Driver Link - https://www.chowmainsoft.com/tplink-control4 TP-Link HS220 Smart Light Switch Dimmer ($34.98 USD) Product Link - https://www.amazon.com/TP-Link-HS220-Dimmer-Switch-1-Pack/dp/B079775ZZQ/ Driver Link - https://www.chowmainsoft.com/tplink-control4 TP-Link HS200 Smart Light Switch ($25.91 USD) Product Link - https://www.amazon.com/Smart-Wi-Fi-Light-Switch-TP-Link/dp/B01EZV35QU/ Driver LInk - https://www.chowmainsoft.com/tplink-control4
  12. The Platinum Matrix driver should work with it but i would reach out to Blustream to confirm.
  13. I would look at why your HC800 is crashing. Migrating to a newer controller won't solve the problem if your project has problems.
  14. We are working on this at the moment. Will be released once firmware 2.0 gets released from Bond. https://bondhome.io/
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