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  1. Chowmain - Everlights Driver for Control4! EverLights is the industry leader in accent lighting for your home or business. The discreet patented light design hide during the day for seamless integration with the facade of the building. The EverLights app enables complete control of each light individually. Color, brightness, and effect can be chosen by the homeowner to help decorate for any occasion. These are more than just permanent Christmas lights, these are lights made for all of life's moments.Features This driver is manufacturer sponsored and is as such FREE of charge Two w
  2. If it’s 8 timers only you should do the math to align the timer up to whenever you have set it once off first off. After that 24 hour repeating timers will do.
  3. Yep similar concept. My method just aligns it to the minute rather than randomly whenever the timer starts.
  4. Sorry this driver does not support custom headers
  5. Method 1 - Utilise os.time() and a initial timer set up a reoccurring timer to the period you want (this lines it up to the exact second. You will need to do a bit of math eg every minute/five/half hour/hour) and utilise a table of a schedules (time stamps) to determine when you want to fire a schedule) Method 2 - similar to above but rather than using timestamps utilise os.date to figure out the day of the week, month, year if you want to do reoccurring based on any of those factors. Hope that helps.
  6. In general i would stay away from programming in this method as tracking would be lost. You can hide rooms from navigator. The programming is really simple. Just add in a room. Set the endpoint to zone 2. Add in a media scene tying the room power, volume, mute and source selection. Program custom button (or experience button) to activate / deactivate the media scene. All in all it should take you 30-60 seconds to complete all of that programming.
  7. The best method of doing this is to create a media scene that joins the rooms together and enable / disable that media scene from the custom button. That will work perfectly.
  8. Update Added Xbox Series S Added Xbox Series X Added Playstation 5 Added Retropie Added Raspberry Pi
  9. All good. I appreciate the concern
  10. We struck a deal with Staub. They did not steal anything.
  11. Current is at that point in time. Note though the agent polls once every 15 mins so data may be 15 mins stale (which for weather should be ok)
  12. If you want a map you could possibly utilise a webview driver to display a webpage on your T3/T4 touchscreen. Note it only works on T3/T4. The Agent requires the following to be setup for data to be imported. Lat Long Project Temperature Scale (to Celcius or Fahrenheit) Open Weather Key In regards to the advantage. Control4 has been asking us to do this so that we can clean up projects a bit. here is their reasoning.
  13. We have been using open weather for years. This agent is actually a rewrite of the driver we have had in a much better and easier to use way.
  14. Chowmain - Open Weather Agent OpenWeather is a team of IT experts and data scientists that has been practising deep weather data science since 2014. For each point on the globe, OpenWeather provides current and forecasted weather data. The Chowmain OpenWeatherMap agent brings all of this data into Control4 for use in the home automation system. This is useful for automating services within the home based upon the external environment.Features The agent utilises project's Location and Temperature scale automatically to ensure that the data you receive is specific to your project and
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