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  1. Yeah i am using ring as well. The motion sensing and doorbell events are quite handy. Doorbell events trigger a doorbell announcement wav file which triggers in all zones in my home. Motion triggers the front porch light. Pretty much as soon as i get a notification on my phone of doorbell ring or motion sense the programming fires in Control4.
  2. You will need to test your announcements to figure out which service is the one with the problematic key. Once you figure that out you can goto that services website to login to your account to figure out the problem. Otherwise you may need to sign up for a new key.
  3. The Ring Doorbell does not integrate with the T3 touchscreen for video or intercom functionality. It does however provide motion and doorbell events either by utilising the Blackwire Ring Events Driver or our IFTTT Maker driver.
  4. We can add it to our feature request list but at the moment we have about 13 contracts we need to finalise before CEDIA Expo.
  5. Our Kodi driver automates startup (via WOL) and shutdown (via Kodi's Shutdown API) of the driver on POWER ON and POWER OFF. I strongly suggest you utilise that as it is designed to handle the power management of the device. You should not program your Kodi HTPC to shut down at any other time as this will cause problems.
  6. This fault indicates that the API key is missing from the driver's properties page or the API key entered in is not valid.
  7. driverCentral is looking into this for us. As a large quantity of driverCentral drivers are ours (we have 95 drivers on driverCentral vs a total of 220 on the market) it is highly likely that if you are using a driverCentral driver you are using one of ours hence the confusion. When Kyle mentioned "One the issues was due to improper implementation of the our cloud driver on the developers side. This was fixed after we discovered what was causing this." This was in reference to a domosapiens driver in which case Paul found the problem and fixed all of his drivers. To date our implementation of the driverCentral licencing code is per driverCentral's instructions. If however any fault is found at our end we will resolve the issue as we have always done with any fault discovered.
  8. Chowmain - Daikin Airbase driver In many countries outside of the US HVAC integration has been hard because HVAC companies do not utilise the honeywell based wiring that most smart thermostats like Nest, Control4 and Honeywell use. In order to integrate HVAC you had to install commercial grade HVAC solutions and get additional modules. There was no definitive and easy way to know if a HVAC solution was going to work without consulting a HVAC installer. To put it simple it was just too hard and too expensive to integrate HVAC. Now with the Daikin Airbase module installers can now easily integrate Daikin based Ducted and Sky based HVAC systems into Control4. The module is extremely affordable and will not void Daikin's manufacturer warranty on the HVAC system as it is an official Daikin product. This module is even backwards compatible with systems dated back to 2003. So dealers can now revisit old customers with compatible Daikin HVAC systems to upgrade their home automation system and integrate their HVAC system. The Chowmain Daikin Airbase driver integrates the Airbase module and provides full 2 way control over temperature, HVAC mode, setpoint, fan speed, timer functions and zone control. Setup of hardware and driver should take you no more than 30 minutes once you get the hang of it. This driver will only work on Control4 OS 2.10 and above. Features Auto detect HVAC Modes – OFF, HEAT, COOL, FAN and optional AUTO and DRY modes* Auto detect FAN Speeds – AUTO, LOW, MEDIUM, HIGH with optional LOW/MEDIUM and MEDIUM/HIGH* Setpoint Control Temperature Feedback Auto detect Zone Names* Zone State Control and Feedback* Ability to add Presets Ability to perform Scheduling FAQ What HVAC systems can i use the Airbase with? The Airbase module is developed by Daikin for their Ducted, Ducted with Zone Control and Cassette/Under Ceiling based HVAC systems. The Airbase module will also work with VRV indoor systems with the P1-P2 terminals for a wired remote control. This should work with any of these systems that are manufacturered after 2003. Please contact Daikin to confirm if your HVAC system will be compatible if in doubt. NOTE. This module will not work with Daikin Split HVAC systems. For Split HVAC systems see our Daikin Wifi Driver. This really changes the HVAC game. Can i control zones with this? This module will allow for zone damper open and close via the Extras tab with 2 way feedback. The driver will pull in the zone names on first setup. Please name the zones using the official Daikin Airbase application prior to installing the driver. Can i get individual temperature readings per zone? The Daikin Airbase unit provides a single temperature reading for feedback. It does not provide individual zone readings. This is a limitation of the hardware. Can i do schedule the HVAC system using this? The Airbase module does not offer scheduling. We however have created a software based schedule within our driver so that Control4 can schedule the HVAC system. Where can i purchase this module? The module can be purchased from authorised Daikin dealers. The model number is BRP15B61. If you cannot source one easily then we recommend purchasing one online from Peninsula Air Conditioning You can also find out more about Airbase from here How do I find out more information about the driver? Please see the links below for more information about the driver. Chowmain Website Installation Guide How do I buy the driver? This driver can be purchased from our distributor driverCentral. Download Driver / Purchase Licence Who do i contact for technical support? We have two support desks. One in Australia and one in the US. Click on the link below for details. Support Do you provide trial licences? All Chowmain drivers for Control4 come with a 7 day trial.
  9. Your dealer will need to capture this in some logs and send it to us for troubleshooting. Best through the driverCentral ticketing system as that is manned by not just me but another 3 staff.
  10. Yeah my oldest daughter has been using this functionality since she was 3 on her wii.
  11. The power sensing on the outlet will automatically turn the system on and switch inputs. See the driver documentation for details.
  12. driverCentral's host automatically upgraded part of their site and caused some problems. It is now resolved. @Cinegration
  13. The Chowmain Notification Suite for Control4 allows dealers to program email and push notifications easily without the need to subscribe to any subscription based service. This driver was one of the first drivers we developed at Chowmain and over the years we have added plenty of functionality to it making it the best way to notify customers of events in their home. The driver is now 5 years old and we are now at the stage where we feel that we can give more to our customers by making the driver cheap enough that it can put into every project. As such we are proud to announce that we are reducing the MSRP price permanently of the Chowmain Notification Suite for Control4 by a whopping 50%. This is down from $100USD MSRP to $50USD MSRP. For more information about the Chowmain Notification Suite please see link below. https://www.chowmainsoft.com/notification-suite
  14. If you are looking for a fan to purchase i recommend big ass fans haiku range of fans. If you install the senseme module you will get full two way ip control of the fan using our driver including multispeed fan control via Control4's user interface, full dimming functionality for the inbuilt lights (if you have one on the fan) and more https://www.chowmainsoft.com/big-ass-fanslights-haiku-driver
  15. I don't think Alex was being agressive or abusive. Sure he is eccentric and goes off on some rants that really don't have anything to do with Control4 but in the end he wasn't out there to get anyone. Back when did Control4 installations for Recluse AV i used to program his house up. Not a bad guy once you get to know him.
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