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  1. @time2jet used to work for a dealer but has since left the dealership. No need to be snarky. I want to make some corrections to this statement. Firstly I was never upset. I pointed you at the correct support channel when you emailed me a second time after a few days after an initial email I did not respond to due to backlog. We have multiple support tiers and staff with driverCentral covering level 1 support and multiple people in the Chowmain team covering level 2 and 3. i understand it can be frustrating to not get a response but the attitude in your emails doesn’t make it any faster (I get about 300-500 emails a week directly to me personally). The question you asked was why does the SR-260 send a toggle command when you select a light where you want selection to specifically turn the light to a specific state. Our answer was that all lights do a toggle on selection of the light and if you wanted a discrete state you needed to press a number button (ie 0 for 0%, 1 for 10%, 2 for 20% and so on). This effects all lighting in Control4 (Including hue though I’m not sure how that is at all related to this thread) and is not something we have control over. If this is not acceptable the Neeo remote has a nicer interface for control over lights on their touch screen display. These issues introduced by the new firmware released in the past few days has nothing to do with the above. Like all issues we take them seriously and will work through them. This may take some time so please be patient. This forum is only monitored by me myself from Chowmain so support speeds via the forum are no where near as fast nor at the level should you go through official methods. So please as discussed if you want support submit a ticket, call our office or driverCentrals offices.
  2. I just tested again to be sure that its working. LB bulbs we have here are working fine (we have three - one per type). It is poll based so it does take time (depends on your poll rate). The new protocol is UDP rather than TCP and UDP is not as reliable for getting data back. I would check your network to make sure that UDP packets are being routed correctly.
  3. Have replicated the problem and have fixed it. Also realised that i did not update the HS220 driver to the new protocol as well. Updated and tested that as well. Also added HS200 as a seperate driver rather than using the HS1XX driver + outlet light driver for easier programming and also a few other tidbits that have been reported / asked for. Pushed out the update to all systems.
  4. Let me try to replicate it. The LB driver was verified working via a few beta testers. I'll schedule some time tomorrow to test it out more on our test bench.
  5. TP-Link pushed out a control breaking firmware over the weekend. We are happy to say that we have updated the drivers to resolve issues and have pushed it out to all sites. As such it should be invisible to the majority of people. Note this should only effect people using the TP-Link HS1XX driver and the TP-Link Light Bulb driver.
  6. The recording functionality was blocked by a few of the popular web browsers and as such recording off of your mobile device stopped working. So yes that is correct. announcements in general still work just fine.
  7. As per email unfortunately there is no method for us to programatically do this.
  8. Or you can just update the driver to the latest which has button bindings (introduced two versions ago) https://drivercentral.io/platforms/control4-drivers/climate-fan-fireplace/bond-bridge/
  9. If you are using Bond then yes you can with our driver http://www.chowmainsoft.com/bond-control4
  10. This is actually correct. You don't see the current playing source purely because it is a multi proxy source. The media player proxy which we need to utilise to provide the transport controls is what we use once the movie is selected. This proxy does not support artwork.
  11. Bond works with remotes that are 350-450mhz. it does not differentiate based on things like gas or electrical as it honestly doesn’t know the difference. You can provide the FCC ID on the back of the remote to Bond along with the make and manufacturer and they will advise if it is compatible.
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