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  1. We're always busy now that we are working on 6 month cycles (ISE / CEDIA). The question is now do you want to wait 6 weeks versus do you want to wait 10 weeks before we start working on a project Back on topic. We spoke to the guys at Caavo (https://caavo.com/) at CEDIA Expo. Their product does just this. I asked them to expose their API so that we can do this on all the control systems we support but at the moment they are using Crestron's voice input to display the data on their own onscreen UI. Hopefully sometime in the future they will have implemented bi-directional communications and if so we'll develop a driver for them.
  2. This question has been answered via email. For anyone wondering. Don't try to use the Plex Full driver to control Kodi.
  3. You can't order the list nor can you remove genres from the list. The driver gets the data from Sky and displays it as we get it.
  4. Its old. So old that in fact its using an email address that i had which predates Chowmain Software & Apps. So i would say its 4 years old at minimum.
  5. You should probably reach out to Bond for support. They also have a forum if you would rather post to the community rather than lodge a ticket. https://forum.bondhome.io/
  6. For those who are not familiar with the TP-Link KL430 strip. This is a 2 meter wifi controlled RGBW LED strip that is extendable upto 10 meters and provides control over brightness, hue (color), saturation, color temperature and lastly effects (this is pre-defined by TP-Link and utilise the different color zones and segments to do pretty cool stuff). https://www.kasasmart.com/us/products/smart-lighting/kasa-smart-led-light-strip-kl430
  7. This has now been integrated now. Was a bit of a pain but got everything integrated. Note this is a new driver in the suite and effects must be executed in via a programming command (it was either that or add in 18 light proxies which after an internal office vote decided it would clutter navigator).
  8. Control4’s SR-250 and SR-260 remotes do not offer press/release functionality for select. As such we provided a command that can be mapped to other buttons.
  9. There are multiple methods of implementing licencing with drivers. All of which is tied into a unique identifier. In most cases the identifier is the mac address of the Control4 controller though there have been times where it has been tied into the mac address or serial number of the device being controlled. Licencing can use a hard coded algorithm (where you will need to create a generator for you where you input the unique idenifier) or can be dynamic via a licencing service. There are multiple online marketplaces which sell Control4 drivers. The one we utilise is called driverCentral (http://www.driverCentral.io).
  10. 7 year old driver? Sounds like it’s not our Kodi Full driver considering we release it in 2015.
  11. Some people were complaining about how the fan comes up under lighting. Unfortunately this is a Control4 problem which we can't resolve. Instead what we have done is create a experience button which allows you to select any fan proxy and allow for 3 speed fan control with feedback. It will auto map the speeds based on capabilties of the fan proxy driver selected. Mapping will be lowest (1), highest (depending on capabilities) and will the following math for the medium speed (highest / 2 rounded up). It is a free driver and is bundled with this driver.
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