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  1. Just realised that this originally was about smart plugs. For anyone looking at smart plugs we have several options for 240v countries with various plug styles. AU/EU/UK Shelly - http://www.chowmainsoft.com/shelly-control4 TP-Link Kasa - https://www.chowmainsoft.com/tplink-control4 Tuya (look at the gigantic list of brands on the link) - https://www.chowmainsoft.com/tuya-control4 Belkin Wemo - https://www.chowmainsoft.com/belkin-wemo
  2. That is the latest one. Assume you had auto update enabled which is why you're on that version. Note that it required the username and password to be entered in one last time so it should be ok now. If it happens again please reach out to our helpdesk and we'll help troubleshoot.
  3. For those in australia or new zealand here is the grid connect stuff which uses our Tuya driver. http://chowmainsoft.com/tuya-control4
  4. For reference here are the Lightwave RF power points for EU and UK style outlets. Bi-directional control and instantaneous feedback from Control4. http://www.chowmainsoft.com/lightwave-control4
  5. This is correct. All webview applications are T3/T4 only.
  6. These are the best inwall power point solutions for Control4 as they provide bidirectional control and feedback as an alternative check out Tuya based wifi solutions.
  7. We fixed a bug in the driver a week or so ago that was introduced in the last version. Basically the bug causes the pushover account to log out if you mess with the drivers properties. as such the majority of people are in effected apart from those who mess with the drivers properties. Upgrade the driver and it will resolve this.
  8. Sorry this is now fixed. The server that this was on filled up and we didn't clear it. This shouldn't be a problem in future as we've added in a cronjob that deletes the files periodically.
  9. Our scheduler app for T3 / T4 touchscreens allows you to manage schedules easily including temporarily disabling them and setting once off schedules. http://www.chowmainsoft.com/scheduler-control4-driver
  10. Never heard of it before. Honestly though RTS is kind of a solved problem with Bond. Its really affordable, easy to install and works well.
  11. We developed the ultimate Elk M1 / Ness M1 security panel driver for Control4 and released it about a month or so ago. The goal of the driver was not to just implement the basic arm/disarm/alarm/zones/outputs that pretty much all security panel drivers do but on top of all of that provide the most advanced security panel integration on the market. This driver has built in notifications (ie no extra programming) that will send 4sight emails and push notifications advising you who armed / disarmed the panel, what alarm has gone off, trouble (battery low, faulty sensor, etc) and more.
  12. Control4 provide a wealth of information for new driver developers. My suggestion is to start off on the following page https://dealer.control4.com/support/drivers Once you log in to your dealer account you can download the DriverWorks SDK and DriverEditor (Control4's IDE). DriverWorks is a Lua based software development kit. There are plenty of lua resources available but my favorites are https://www.lua.org/ http://lua-users.org/ Control4 also provide a video training series focused on developing device drivers on the page i linked up top. This series of
  13. Just realised i forgot to mention that Kaleidescape does not allow you to house your movies on an external nas like Synology. All of the other solutions do however.
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