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  1. Minka fans are now supported by our driver with full bi-directional control. More smart by bond manufacturers to come and will be fully supported by our driver. Also if you don't have a minka fan you can retrofit using the Bond fan speed controller. https://www.homedepot.com/p/Universal-Smart-Wi-Fi-4-Speed-Ceiling-Fan-Remote-99434/311264804
  2. Bond just informed me they have this $60 USD module that is a fan controller. Adds bi-directional multispeed fan control over existing fans with dimmable lighting. This is the module we used to develop the smart by bond potion of the driver. Good alternative for the Control4 Fan Speed Controller.
  3. Bond guys sent me a Smart By Bond test bench kit. So now the driver has been updated to support any fans that have 'Smart By Bond' built in. Version #20191011 - 11-OCT-2019 Added support for dimmable lighting (mainly found on smart by bond fans). Note if you already have one of these then you will need to press the clear bindings button in the master driver so it will recreate the bindings.
  4. There is a brand new driver specific for dimmers. So there is the generic driver which is used for on/off devices and the light dimmer driver.
  5. Depends on what is wrong with them. i would put batteries in each and see if the backlight works behind the keys. If they do then they should work fine and the display may be faulty. The only thing you can really do is take the display out and put them in another board. other than that the only other thing that may be wrong that is fixable is that it is on embernet rather than zigbee pro.
  6. The Bond guys say that it doesn't have any delay. Tried replicating this on our system here and i can't seem to replicate it. On other news we have a new update that allows all commands to be fired in via the Bridge Driver's programming actions. This means that if Bond adds in future product types and/or functionality the driver will support arbitary firing of these commands. You can then tie it into experience buttons, custom buttons, keypad button presses and other events. DRIVER UPDATE Version #20191007 - 07-OCT-2019 Added the ability to fire any command via the Bridge Driver's programming device actions in the programming tab. Version #20190919 - 19-SEP-2019 Fixed stop command for shades (turns out stop isn't used for stopping shades but stopping sending signals) Resolved issues where ipv4 address is not returned in mdns packet (bandaid applied which grabs ipv4 address from connecting client)
  7. Thanks for the feedback. We have had a few dealers run into a similar issue. The driver grabs a json blob from the Bond Bridge so the only thing i can think of is that it takes some time for the devices to become available via the API. All dealers who encountered this problem eventually got all devices after leaving it for a bit.
  8. @Shivam Paw created a free BBC driver which he literally released a day ago. See link below.
  9. This is fast becoming one of our most popular drivers. On this forum i know that @msgreenf has used it. Apart from that all i know are that they are 50 systems installed in the past 3 weeks with the driver.
  10. Yep. AJ, Kyle and Adam and the guys at driverCentral are awesome at what they do.
  11. At this stage there is no improvements. There is only one dedicated Ring driver made by Blackwire (Seth did a fantastic job on it). You can also utilise our IFTTT Maker driver for Ring as well (which is what i'm doing for my home). Both of which offer the doorbell detection and motion detection.
  12. Sounds like you're confusing power distribution for control. Somfy has their ILT range and RTS range of motors. If you are using the RTS range of motors the most affordable and easy to retrofit solution would be to utilise Wifi Bond Bridge for control with the hardware MSRP pricing at $99.99 (not including driver cost) http://chowmainsoft.com/bond-control4
  13. I’ve been throwing away HC200s and HC300s. That’s how relevant they are
  14. Yeah i went a bit nuts in best buy. Pretty much all models currently available for purchase work now.
  15. Updated Version Major update to support additional wemo models with the noteworthy one being the dimmer. Belkin Wemo Switch (Model Number F7C027) Belkin Wemo Mini (F7C063) Belkin Wemo Insight Switch (Model Number F7C029) Belkin Wemo Light Switch (F7C030) Belkin Wemo Light Switch (WLS040) Belkin Wemo Wi-Fi Smart Dimmer (F7C059)
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