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  1. I replicated your problem. Its an iOS bug with Control4s app due to short timeouts on metadata. I'll report it to them and hopefully they'll resolve it in the next build. In regards to submenus theres not much i can do about that. Zappiti has a browse style API. This means that when you select an item it returns a list of content and so on.
  2. I understand what it is and how it works and we've utilised those methods for other camera manufacturers. Honestly i didn't write this driver so i'm not the best person to comment or support this. Your best bet is to reach out to our support desk where it'll be assigned to Justin who wrote the driver. Note he doesn't read forums so ticket or if you prefer call our office during Australian Eastern business hours for support.
  3. FYI connecting audio to the controller causes it to be digitised and sent throughout the network. Even if it comes out of the same controller. What this means is that you will experience lip sync issues if you plan on syncing video and audio up. To get around this please connect it directly to the amplifier instead.
  4. Our Belkin Wemo driver though does have instant feedback and could possibly be used for this. I haven't tried it myself though.
  5. Actually our driver doesn’t poll. It maintains a persistent connection with the camera and it spits out data every second with the status of the triggers. it was taxing a few versions ago but we made lots of improvements in recent versions.
  6. Cant do it as the TP-LINK protocol is a polled protocol. This means that there will be a delay before you see anything happen.
  7. This has now been updated to be compatible with the BRPXXCXX model of adapters. Note you will need to type in the key (found on a sticker on the hardware) for it authenticate.
  8. Control4 actually has alot more drivers than QSC Q-SYS (they call it plugins). Over 10,000 vs under 100. Ironically enough we're one of the only ones who write Q-SYS plugins and wrote the Just Add Power plugin for Q-SYS. So yay us for the reliability Anyway probably shouldn't feed the troll since nobody wins so i'll going to end it here.
  9. Yes that fan has Bond built in. See instruction details for more information. https://images.homedepot-static.com/catalog/pdfImages/54/54985d76-1899-44a0-b61b-79c1b1b6cd98.pdf
  10. It’s not something that we are looking at doing. Sorry
  11. They are basically saying. It’s a network share.... like a NAS drive or windows shared folder. You can do whatever you want with it. The only other alternative media player that have pause feedback that works well is probably Kodi and is in the lower price range. Oppo gives pause feedback though I’m pretty sure it’s discs only. Could be wrong as I haven’t touched an Oppo in years.
  12. I wrote a driver years ago that pretty much made Control4 lighting into CBUS lights. As such in our showroom we had Control4 lighting being controlled by Control4, Savant and Crestron. This was years ago and honesetly i've lost the driver. Worked well though.
  13. (1) The Zappiti account field is blank. I expected it to show the account the player was logged into (or for the driver to have you enter account/password and have the driver log in) The driver polls for this info and honestly it doesn't do anything. I only put it there because i got the info in the API. (2) The Power Setup field said “Always On” and was greeted out though it looked like it was a drop down box. Is this correct? I’m not sure I want to have the box always on which brings me to Zappiti has a bug at the moment where if you power it off for extended periods of time we lose IP control. As such we removed power on and power off until they resolve it (if they ever do). (3) After the Room turned off I noticed a status every 5 seconds (“Received Last media” or “Received Is Playing”). Why is the driver polling if Zappiti isn’t an active source? The driver has the ability to automatically turn the room on should it detect if it detects playback. This is useful if you choose to control Zappiti through other means. (4) There don’t seem to be any Zappiti related events or variables to program off of. I would like to be able to know what title is selected and/or playing at minimum and probably more. Zappiti doesn't really have that much feedback. In fact they didn't implement ANY feedback until we asked them to and all they really gave us is playing true or false and a method to get the last selected movie. Zappiti does not give feedback as to if it is playing, paused, stopped, etc which we have asked for. I would look at this as a better version of the Dune media player with library support rather than a cheaper version of Kaleidescape. If you're after events and feedback Kaleidescape is ahead of the pack by far. (4.5) Ditto Device specific events. Looks like the only thing you can do is launch a specific title. As above (5) it would be nice to have a binding for the HDMI Audio only output in the virtual switcher. This is available on the SE but not the mini. This is a single zone player. As such you adding additional outputs realy doesn't do anything. Just double bind the HDMI output thats already there.
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