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  1. Sounds like I have a lot of choices to look thru and now investigate pricing etc. Thanks for all the responses and at least I will have some knowledge before contacting a dealer.
  2. I have been a long time member of this board having had Control 4 installed in a new home in 2009. With the technology change in televisions I finally gave up waiting on my plasma to die and bought an OLED among other tv upgrades over the years. We have Directv and during this winter I used a wireless receiver with the new tv so I could get a better picture ie, due to HDMI. It's summer and that wireless unit needs to go back outside. Here is my situation and am asking for suggestions and estimated cost. What will it take and difficulty of upgrading the video distribution to HDMI so I can take advantage in the entire house of better quality and even 4K as it gets more popular. At this time I don't have a Directv Receiver that gets 4K. Here is my list of relevant equipment and I am sure it will take some of you back to the old days. EA5 controller in master closet (obviously newer than 2009) HC 300 in kitchen Directv HDMI to EA5 then to Audio Authority (component video) Audio Authority unit that disperses the video thru 2 cat5's to each television approx 11 locations (2 sets of cat5 to each location) 2 surround sound master receivers for sound distribution approx 12 speaker sets in the house (pairs) installation was in 2009 Lighting still works well thru control 4 and other add on items. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
  3. I converted from the Davis weather software to Cumulus about 4 years ago and the software is very reliable. The only issue I experience is if my pc crashes. I have is setup to restart automatically if power outage etc and also can remotely restart if a notice a hiccup. Very rarely happens so not a real issue. A few times I have noticed, especially during a storm power outage that the control 4 driver doesn't start correctly but a reboot of control 4 fixes the problem.
  4. well interesting response. so if I read you correctly wapping there is no real discernible benefit to going hdmi, other than getting rid of a bunch of damn cables?? sonic...yes, the receivers are both located in centralized closet that serve the den and theatre room and I have an extra cat 5 as well as cable to the locations
  5. Hopefully as an end user and non dealer I can explain this well enough to get some advice. My system is approx 8 years old but since then I have upgraded to an EA5 controller. There is also a 300 handling some other items. I am currently using an audio authority matrix that distributes with component connections thru two cat 6 to each end point distributed throughout the house as well as I went ahead and ran cable as well. With the upgrade in televisions, 4K etc it appears I am somewhat hamstrung and limited with the component system (and frankly don't think audio authority even makes it anymore) Is there a way to have an hdmi matrix that just feeds the two rooms that we primarily want the upgraded televisions (theater and den rooms) but still have that matrix work with the older matrix and have the two being able to work together. We have the directv genie system. Not sure what other information is needed and hopefully my question/predicament makes sense. Thanks in advance for the comments.
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