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  1. I’ve had Control4 for 12 years in my current house and I’m getting a condo in Fl. Looking for an experienced dealer and installer. Thanks.
  2. I am replacing an old kitchen TV with a new LG 28LJ400B-PU dumb TV. My dealer can't come onsite for a while to program a new driver and searching on drivers.control4.com doesn't return any IR drivers that seem to work with any of the TV's that use the same AKB75095330 remote. Does anyone know of a solution which doesn't require a truck role to create a custom IR driver using the remote. The TV is on video distribution so all it needs is power on/off and volume controls. thanks.
  3. I recently replaced an Apple TV 2, with a new 4K ATV. I have ComposerHE and was able to set the new IP, then send the pairing command to the AppleTV. The 4K AppleTV showed the pairing request and I accepted it on the AppleTV. The controller now shows up under the list of network remotes on the Apple TV, but Control4 won't control it. I've rebooted the C4 controller and the AppleTV, but it still doesn't work. The Remote app works fine. Any thoughts out there? Thanks, dan
  4. I sometimes regret it. It’s been running for 11 years now, in the early days, there were many, MANY issues and WAF was pretty bad. It’s fairly bulletproof now,but having to coordinate with a dealer every time you buy a new TV, hulu, Blu-ray, Apple TV can be annoying - especially when your dealer enjoys motorcycling across Europe and often does installations on yachts in greece... you also have to wait to see if press releases are real. I’ve been burned a couple of times when C4 did a big press release that they were partnering with this system or that tv company and then the drivers never happen, but you bought the thing in expectation... my pool controller still doesn’t work with C4’s terrible driver after almost 3 years.
  5. I have the vw385 and initially had issues. The driver needs the MAC address of the projector and we ended up using the higher version driver. The projector needed to have some settings changed too to keep it from sleeping. Sony VPL-VW675ES Manufacturer: Sony Model: VPL-VW675ES Creator: Control4 Modified Date: Fri Jun 02 15:00:00 MDT 2017 Device Type: PROJECTOR Control Method: IP Version: 103 Certified: TRUE Supported OS Version: All Control4 OS versions 1.7.4 and above Driver Type: C4I
  6. I was reading elsewhere about the room control driver. Does anyone have a use case for it to before I'd approach my dealer to get it added to my project? Would you add it to every room? Can it e programmed via HE or is Pro needed after it is added. This driver provides a convenient, connection-oriented method to avoid common room/keypad programming tasks by connecting a keypad button directly to a Room driver command. Some additional “macro” capability has been added for certain options. Additionally, programming events and variables are exposed to make conditional programming much simpler. · Requires C4 OS 2.9.1 or later · Works with any device that has a BUTTON_LINK input (Keypad, Keypad Dimmer, etc) Some behaviors of this driver only work when there is only one room selected for this driver to control. Those behaviors are marked with {SINGLE} where they appear in this document. Quick Configuration Add the driver to the project in the room that you wish to control (this will by default be set as the room to control). If you want to control additional rooms, add additional copies of the driver. Each driver can also be set to control multiple rooms, with some limitations (see later) Make connections to the BUTTON_LINK outputs as appropriate. thanks!!
  7. c4 in no way ensures that you can retrofit your stuff. 10 years ago i installed a 10" in-wall touchscreen. When they discontinued that, there was no new 10" touchscreen. Just a couple hundred $$$ for drywall, paint and new non-standard backbox I had a new flashy 7" in-wall touchscreen. That one probably won't make it through the next major release and I'll be doing more drywall remodels for the next in-wall box.
  8. thanks. EA1 can still be a controller in a bigger project, right?
  9. So, the M9700 IP driver DOES NOT work with the M9500. The Samsung BD-F7500 IR driver will control the functions that I tested.
  10. I have a small install in a lakehouse. Currently it is limited to an HC250 running the program, with a second HC250 controlling the living room media. I have about 20 legacy switches, a couple of cameras and one IR repeater in our bedroom to run the TV and Roku there. Would an EA1 be as good at, or better than the HC250? Thanks, dan
  11. Does anyone know if the certified IP driver for the Samsung UBD-M9700 will work with the Samsung UBD-M9500 UHD Bluray player? If not, is there another IP driver that will work with it. Thanks in advance. Dan
  12. I just (today) got upgraded and identified in my home theater. I went with an Oppo UDP-203, Roku Ultra, Yamaha CX-A5100 Receiver, and Sony VPL-VW385ES projector. So far, the initial testing has everything being controlled, except turning on the projector. We tried a VPL-VW350ES driver, but ran out of time to try other options (it looks like there is also a newer driver for the Sony VPL-VW675ES) Anyway, my post is to get ideas for programming for UHD events and the hardware. I've read a lot on HDR and the different options, but don't know what realistically works and doesn't. So far, I added programming to change from 1.85 to 2.35 using the custom buttons, but that's it. Any successful program ideas? thanks.
  13. Two of my speaker points are in remote locations with no controllers nearby. I guess I could acquire a couple of 'new' HC250s or EA-1s for those locations and use the speaker points in local amp mode, but I have always had issues with Speaker Point connectivity and not sure of the general cludginess of the controller > SP solution. I'd like to take advantage of the advanced audio to speed up my announcements and a bit better digital audio quality... thanks.
  14. In general, for control4 hardware I have: HC800 as main controller. 3 x HC250 4 x HC300 Audio switch - 24zone 8 Zone amp (one of the first ones) 4 zone amp (slightly newer) 3 x speaker point Multi-tuner 8x8 hdmi switch I plan to upgrade to 2.10 soon. One of the speaker points is used as a 5th zone for the 4-zone amp. I know I'll need to get Triad One's to replace the other speaker points, but was considering replacing the 4-zone amp and one of the speaker points with a triad amp8 amplifier. I plan to replace the hc300's with ea-1's. I'd also considered replacing both amps with the new triads, but haven't gotten the sticker shock quote yet from my dealer. Any feedback on benefits of replacing both amps with the new triads ? Thanks.
  15. ended up two of the receivers were bad (the two i had swapped when one went bad). Once they were replaced, all was back up and running, and responsive again
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