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  1. Hi Everyone, After the success of the UniFi network agent we decided to develop drivers for UniFi's camera line. The UniFi Protect system is amazing. You get a Nest grade app experience with local storage and no monthly fee. The cameras are all PoE and are our 'go-to' cameras for all our Smart Home projects. If you haven't used the new G3/G4 cameras and Dream Machine Pro, now is the time. One of our developers' wives said it best... 'the app is the way camera viewing should be'. The Control4 integration takes these awesome cameras/NVR solutions to a whole new level by providing: Native push notification and/or email/text notification through Control4 RTSP, SNAPSHOT support Camera Motion event trigger Fast/simple installation Camera region custom button actions All local communication Uses the UniFiOS API UniFi systems come in two flavors (Protect and Video). The Video solution is being phased out and all new projects should be using the Protect software. We developed drivers for both: UniFi Protect Installations https://drivercentral.io/platforms/control4-drivers/utility/unifi-protect-camera/ UniFi Video Installations https://drivercentral.io/platforms/control4-drivers/utility/unifi-video/ If you have any issues, questions or suggestions on how to make the integrations better, please let us know by posting a helpdesk ticket at: https://help.drivercentral.io Thanks! Cindev Team
  2. If the liftmaster button can be placed by the rack you can simply hook it directly into your EA3 or EA5 directly... We hardwire a CAT5 to the top of each motor and to the side of each garage door. This allows us to not have to buy/use Z2IO units and direct hardwire everything... That's easier said than done I know but that is a cost savings option.
  3. Control4 did ask us to stop providing the driver. The hope is to galvanize the effort for a certified driver from Control4. We want the best solution for the dealers and we agree with Control4 that a direct relationship would be best solution. Our discontinued solution provided a really nice driver with all the bells and whistles of what a customer would expect from a Control4/Garage integration. If you still want to provide the same experience to the end user we recommend using LiftMaster 885LM, a Control4 Z2IO and door contacts/nyce tilt sensors... Wire the Relay of the Z2IO to the push button to 'trigger' the garage door movement... Wire the second connection of the Z2IO to a garage door contact... (best place is to the side of the door because usually there is already power there and you can get rail or floor contacts easily). Use our Garage Agent driver which will give you the same alerts and experience in Control4: Simple Push notifications Email/Text notifications Camera integration with notifications (just select which camera you want to get an image from). Works with all cameras connected to Control4 Garage Left Open Garage failed to close/open/stopped Disable garage control feature 5+ Different icons to choose from Control4 keypad integration with automatic led control and options
  4. Hi, This should have already been corrected with a recent release. We'll follow up with you this week and handle. Thanks!
  5. We also use unifi without issues for all our projects.
  6. Of course it's supported lol! The Paradox works great in 3.0. All our drivers are 3.0 compatible :).
  7. Yes. It works with intercom anywhere. With 3.0 there came a large update on Control4’s side that fixed a ton of stability issues with touchscreen communication and ia with doorbird.
  8. Here's the release notes below. We have a really awesome deployment system so updates are easy to do :). Versions 1074 Corrected typo in Ubiquiti name 1073 Fixed issue where sites with a name smaller than 5 characters would not work. The minimum site id length is 3 characters now 1072 Fixed issue where Unifi devices that did not have a Name and/or Device type would cause a lua error 1071 Fixed issue where projects that are not using a Unifi Security Gateway as the router would not work 1070 Initial Release
  9. The driver needs no network activity from a device for 3+ hours before it’s determined that it’s offline. there is programming to do this but test it a bit. It’s not really a geo fence program but can do what you’re describing.
  10. Should be. If you're having any issues, put a help desk ticket in and we'll help you out or update the driver. Thanks!
  11. You would use: default as the site Id. I updated the driver last night to also support your setup. If you have any issues goto https://help.drivercentral.io. Thanks!
  12. It wasn't a problem with Xfinity.. more that Xfinity could do this already lol... You can now use Control4 and Unifi to do this (instead of Xfinity)
  13. For those of you that use Unifi.... Cinegration is proud to release our next Agent.... the Network Agent for Unifi! https://drivercentral.io/platforms/control4-drivers/utility/network-agent-unifi/ Many homes and offices use Unifi network equipment to provide reliable internet connectivity and control. Now, customers can harness this control through their Control4 systems! The Network Agent for Unifi is a specialized set of network tools designed to give your customers the alerts and control they're requesting. Client access, wifi management and poe control are available as simple actions and alerts through the Control4 system. Some simple use cases: Get an alert when a new iPhone is connected to the network Receive an alert when the kids come home or when the boyfriend comes over. Block a contractor from using the the network after they leave. Turn off Wifi in home during evening hours Disconnect PoE devices when on vacation Ground the kids by blocking the PS4 To save money and add other cool features to your projects consider purchasing as part of the Agent Bundle. Personal note: I'm really proud of this driver. The main reason for doing this was to combat the calls we were getting from Xfinity customers. You can now give your customers the network experience they've been wanting from business class network system Enjoy!
  14. No Both brands are owned by Moen but they are two different divisions. We are looking into this heavily but no timeframe or manufacture commitment yet.
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