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  1. The driver is now certified by Control4 and is available via the Control4 driver database directly. It’s also now doesn’t cost anything for the driver.
  2. Control 4 doesn’t support different domains for the snapshot and h264. If they change this then yes the drivers would support this. You can also save the cams as favorites as this would then bypass the snapshot. Also, with our driver push notifications and email notifications send the snapshot so it’s only the navigator that has this limitation.
  3. Control4 does not have a proxy or software that supports iPhone/android viewing of data from drivers. If it did we would also, if you’re on your phone just use the sense app
  4. Yeah I believe Chowmain has a gas monitor solution but I’ve not used it
  5. I’m not sure. It’s machine learning so... maybe? Either way just having precise electrical monitoring has been a great asset to our smart homes
  6. Mine is gas. it still uses electrical to spin the drum and the sense was able to detect it
  7. So our office is 3 phase as well and we were able to install it. We have it monitoring two of the phases like mentioned here: https://help.sense.com/hc/en-us/articles/360043157054-Learn-more-Three-phase-installation. While not the best solution I agree this might be a solution that works?
  8. Cinegration has been working with many energy manufactures over the years and we're proud to release the newest driver. The Sense Energy Monitor Control4 Driver https://drivercentral.io/platforms/control4-drivers/utility/sense/ Monitor power consumption and solar production, get personalized alerts from your Control4 smart home, and view your energy directly from the Control4 interface. Installation is simple, and you'll love the beautiful, customized dashboard and smart home alerts. The Sense Energy Monitor uses AI to learn the energy devices, allowing customers and deale
  9. I turned off MQA and I've not had a static problem since. I'm not sure if that really was the issue but test this and LMK.
  10. I’ve noticed this on our showroom system. Do you have mqa turned on?
  11. What we've been doing is creating favorites of each camera and saving the camera shortcuts to the main dashboard. It's not a bad solution but i'd really like to see all the cameras on one screen.
  12. No :(. Control4 doesn't allow adding custom headers to the snapshot call so I can't include the oauth token :(. And... they also don't allow dynamic uri endpoints either so while i said, yes i can get the snapshot on cloud key gen2... after a bunch of testing and frustration i can't :(. I really really really wish Control4 would update their camera proxy. UniFi supports a special api token to the url but this needs to be updated every 10 minutes or so. The iOS and touchscreens do not request a new URL when getting the snapshot so we're kind of stuck unfortunately.
  13. If you are using the cloud key gen2 with our driver snapshot do work I just couldn’t get around it on the dream machine pro
  14. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1IqgQqVLn9oiuRCkmF8TcPa8a2gtb8_xs/view?usp=sharing Here's a video I did on where you adjust the setting. Once you do this, make your binding and you should be good.
  15. Yeah... the Aprilaire Control4 thermostat is our go to therm. It has everything you need. Spec these and you should be good for almost any situation.
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