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  1. Control4 zio pieces will also work. Probably more $$ than the ecobee. The zio supports local temp, local humidity, remote temp sensor and 2 io ports for motion sensors, door sensors etc. We also developed a more advanced temperature monitoring with built in alerts for any temp device in the project once you get all your sensors. https://drivercentral.io/platforms/control4-drivers/climate-fan-fireplace/temperature-agent/
  2. Our voice agent uses googles text to speech and can do your announcements automatically.
  3. It’s a whole new driver set. Logins should be the same but the control is different. Have them watch the base install video first. It’s easy just different than the network agent.
  4. Btw, We just added wan ip changing events and composer variables to the driver so now you can get an alert when failover to wan2 happens
  5. That makes sense. Note, you can’t tie any of those events from the unifi app to your control 4 though. I now have a push notification when there isn’t anyone at my house and I forgot to arm the security. I also get an alert when a brand new client goes active and can dynamically block this based on schedules and control 4 programming. Lastly, my nest cameras get blocked when my alarm is disarmed and I’m not in vacation mode. This level of control isn’t available with other systems. email us directly: info@cindev.com. We’d be happy to look into breaking apart the power area. We were waiting for unifi to release more power management products before doing that. right now they only have the one plug. I think it would make more sense to have a unifi power driver for the power products.
  6. Don’t we all wish stuff was cheaper. I just paid 15 for a burger last night. We thought about making a smaller version for smart plugs only but would be too difficult for support tickets and future support. if we get enough requests for just the smart plugs we can look at this though.
  7. Since we only use unifi we don’t see this problem. All our devices show up and haven’t had an issue with client visibility. my pakedge pdu does fall offline for 30-40 mins but then comes back. note I do have a few devices on a non managed switch and those all appear to come out of a single unifi port. I’m assuming unifi is monitoring header packets and if the device isn’t on a managed unifi switch it might not see the packet being sent thus showing offline?
  8. The tool is more than a network scanner driver it also performs actions on the network. The unifi network allows for control and event triggers. As a pinnacle control 4 dealer we wanted a network tool that wouldn’t limit us to what we can provide our clients. This is why we chose unifi and after more than 300+ clients on unifi we have not been disappointed. If you are not using all unifi I agree you could run into limitations. But since the switches are so cheap and the software so refined, it’s a no brainer for us to only spec unifi equipment. note: the offline of the matrix switches that you’re talking about is why we have a client timeout value (default of 60 minutes) for event triggers This pretty much eliminates devices that go to sleep for a while creating a false offline event
  9. Check out the YouTube videos. The unifi network agent was my first run. I took all the requests and built a new suite of drivers so you can basically do any network related action or event in control4. any network agents purchased will get a free upgrade to this new driver. I highly recommend if you use unifi equipment.
  10. After the success of the Network Agent, we decided to up our game and provide dealers and customers with a real networking tool. Give your installations a distinct edge over the competition and customers THE POWER OF CONTROL. Introducing the UniFi Network Controller! What does it do??? What doesn't it do!!! With 5 drivers and an INCREDIBLE user dashboard, customers can get the control they want without dealers spending a week of labor doing it. Drivers included: * UniFi Network Controller. This is the brain, the connection to your UniFi system. It has the actions and events you need for most installs. Most projects only need this driver added. The driver communicates directly to the UniFi Controller. * Speed Test. Customers want to know they're getting what they're paying for. Add the Speed Test driver to your project to give the customer an icon on their Control4 system to run the speed at anytime. Results are sent via Control4 Push Notifications automatically. * Power Plug. Looking for a better way to control AC powered devices? Tired of Power strips and smart outlet devices randomly breaking? Use the UniFi Power Plug (https://store.ui.com/collections/accessories/products/unifi-smart-power) behind TV's, in racks or any other spot you need to turn on/off something. Automatic Modem power cycling when the internet goes out with a single click supported as well * PoE Control. Cameras, AP's or any other PoE connected device that you'd like to have a button on the Control4 UI to turn on and off is available by simply binding this driver to the UniFi Network Controller driver. Great for turning off PoE interior cameras when the customer is home. * WiFi Control. Customers want to turn off the WiFi when they're gone? Kids staying up late watching YouTube on their tablet? Just a click the icon and the WiFi is off... Easy * Client Control. Sometimes you just want to stop that one device from getting to the internet? Use the client control driver to easily block/unblock media devices or any other network device from the internet. Much safer than unplugging that Xbox All the drivers come with a sophisticated notification system and keypad button linking for fast repeatable installs. General Features: * Turns on and off poe ports * Enable/disable wifi * Block/unblock network clients * Run speed tests * Change VLAN information * Turn on/off/reboot any AC powered device (using the UniFi Power Plug) * Works with Composer Home edition General Events: * Ethernet port link/unlink * WiFi enabled/disabled * Brand new client connected to the home * Speed test information THE DASHBOARD. It's 2021 people! Customers want real time access to events in the home. The UniFi network controller provides a dashboard custom built for T3/T4 touchscreens. Things you can do from the dashboard. * View Network related events * Block/Unblock clients * Review Speed test history and run a live speed test * Enable/disable wifi * See what is plugged into your networking hardware * Rename clients From the simple jobs to the most complex the UniFi network driver is the perfect tool for dialing in that project. Need to get alerts when a network device falls offline? Just a few clicks and you can create any number of alerts without ever doing any custom Control4 programming. Come see what you've been missing. Install Videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A4MKrUbuAhs The driver: https://drivercentral.io/platforms/control4-drivers/utility/unifi-network-controller/
  11. The driver is now certified by Control4 and is available via the Control4 driver database directly. It’s also now doesn’t cost anything for the driver.
  12. Control 4 doesn’t support different domains for the snapshot and h264. If they change this then yes the drivers would support this. You can also save the cams as favorites as this would then bypass the snapshot. Also, with our driver push notifications and email notifications send the snapshot so it’s only the navigator that has this limitation.
  13. Control4 does not have a proxy or software that supports iPhone/android viewing of data from drivers. If it did we would also, if you’re on your phone just use the sense app
  14. Yeah I believe Chowmain has a gas monitor solution but I’ve not used it
  15. I’m not sure. It’s machine learning so... maybe? Either way just having precise electrical monitoring has been a great asset to our smart homes
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