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  1. We sell Sony. Here’s why - Android based - comes with every media service you can think of - Supports wireless and hardwired ip control - free certified driver - mini drivers supported - fast (faster than Samsung for sure) - native airplay and chromecast support
  2. For geo fencing and if you have unifi. Check out our network driver. It can track any network attached device and you can program off of when that device is online/offline including the length time offline. we use the unifi driver and when mine and my wife’s phone disconnect at the same time we set vacation mode using the modes agent. This was nice because we could then map vacation mode onto our other automatic events. The modes agent has has a nice notification system and connection bindings for simple keypad ‘vacation on/off’ buttons.
  3. I once integrated a 1918 Edison intercom system. We disassembled it, and soldered a new intercom on the existing intercom plate (so technically it was a new intercom). The home was a tuberculosis home where wealthy with the disease would come to Colorado to get better. The homeowner wanted new tech but keep the old look. it was a fun project for sure
  4. No charge to move over to the garage agent. The same LiftMaster license will also unlock the garage agent :).
  5. We are also sad about this Here’s our official statement. “The developers regret to inform you that the LiftMaster MyQ driver is no longer functional as Liftmaster appears to have moved their API endpoints. As Liftmaster does not have a publically available api the developers are unable to update the driver to regain functionality and therefore the driver will no longer work in Control4. At this time there is no available fix for this issue. Over the last couple years the developers (as well as Control4) have contacted LiftMaster on numerous occasions to update the driver with the official API but unfortunately LiftMaster was not interested in developing the relationship. If you would like to keep many of the features of the Garage Agent with Liftmaster without the cloud communication you may use the Garage Agent found on the DriverCentral website. That driver does require hardwiring to the motor and using a Nyce sensor or wired contact to give the status of the garage door state. Please let us know if you have any further questions.”
  6. We’ll look into adding the devices. Might be nothing more than valve on/off though. Currently the api is polling so instant feedback will be an issue but, Moen has also been adding new features and we might be able to get asynchronous communication working So Stay tuned. thank you for the examples. We want the driver to have the ability to do the above examples. Even if your particular job won’t use it thanks!
  7. If we added this to the driver what would it do? I’m not sure what linking it to control4 would gain?
  8. We’re going to look intro his later in the year. No promises yet though.
  9. https://www.cepro.com/control/snap-one-cedia-expo-2021-not-attending/ https://www.strata-gee.com/savant-pulls-out-of-cedia-expo-cites-health-concerns-from-delta-variant/ Dealers... Are you still going?
  10. The card access/solder method is the best. If you still want the cool integration with it (notifications, control) use the garage agent and you’ll be good https://drivercentral.io/platforms/control4-drivers/utility/garage-agent/
  11. The camera agent we built already gives you this ability and allows you to press four spots on the camera view. It works with any camera in control4 https://drivercentral.io/platforms/control4-drivers/security-systems/camera-agent/
  12. I believe that driver editor no longer works with composer pro. I haven’t used that program in years
  13. The first year is that. After year one it’s $25 a month
  14. The DoorBird driver is local LAN only. We could develop a cloud based version but the demand isn't quite there. For now, the best thing would be to use the DoorBird app and setup each home as a separate doorbell. Then you would assign a separate user for each home and have each homeowner use the DoorBird app. We've done this for apartment complexes where multiple homes/users need to connect to a single doorbird. But in this fashion, no Control4 integration is possible. Thanks! ~Cindev Team
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