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  1. Is your Directv IR or IP? We have major issues with pressing numbers on 2 different DTV boxes over IR (Genie 4k and HR54-200). Dealer says DTV IP is unreliable. Right now, the DTV remote works faster.
  2. Can I add Add Music in Home Composer or do I need a dealer to add it?
  3. @Cyknight yes that is what happened. I was able to add Channels as it was on the list as not visible,, but Add Music is not in the list. The only place I see Add Music listed is in "Control4 Media Services".
  4. Great answer PorterTX, thanks for the quick reply!
  5. Hey guys I have an EA3 with the latest software version and have two rooms programmed, Family Room and Theater. In Theater room > Listen, there are buttons for Add Music and Stations. In Family Room > Listen, neither buttons are there. Can I add the Add Music and Stations buttons in Home Composer? Happy Super Bowl Sunday!!!
  6. That works. Thanks Mitch, you're the best, I learn a lot from your replies to posts
  7. Greetings I understand the limitations of using the Sonos App and C4, but before I purchase another Sonos Amp, I would like to know if I have enough Sonos devices to do what I would l like to do. I add Sonos channels as favorites and Sonos Playlists, as I use Sirius XM the majority of the time so I can access what I need in Sonos from SR260s. I have the following rooms in C4 programmed in my EA3: Family Room - has Sonos Connect with Yamaha AV. Theater - has Sonos connect with Pioneer AV. Rooms with Speakers only that I need programmed in the EA3 (not by me): Pati
  8. Cyknight thanks for the reply. The extender was added by the dealer remotely. I tried moving it around and one spot works better than without the extender, but still not as well as the Theater room where the ea3 is. I am done with Zigbee fixes so can my hc300 be an io extender or is it best to add an ea1. I want it to work as great as the ea3.
  9. Hi Guys I have followed this forum for many years and want to say you guys are very knowledgeable and helpful to many many Control4 users, thank you! I had an EA3 installed 6 months ago to control 2 rooms, Theater in basement and Family Room. Ea3 is in a rack in the Theater. Family room is IR over Cat6. The Theater room SR260 works fantastic. 6 months later, after many remote programming sessions and 3 in home visits, the Family Room SR260 response is horrible. You have to press buttons multiple times to enter a command. My C4 dealer is very big and very experienced and I have had ex
  10. These are great answers and most appreciated. Found out most problems were from older controllers and network problems. I will have C4 on its own network to eliminate those problems> nest up: Can C4 work with ATT UVerse ok? Any experience yet?
  11. I was close to getting a C4 system installed, then several people that have it said it is slow to get Ipod info and cover info from Sony multi disc changers, even thru wired (not wireless) touchscreens. Would the new controllers have better processors that solved this problem?
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