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  1. Samsung Q80 is still a damn nice TV without the the One-Connect, and in the pic it looks like there is a cat5 at location being used for IR, you could convert that to network cable and use network driver for TV
  2. This method just worked for me on a 77C9 as well, none of the other methods did
  3. IP control started with the M series TV's (2017 I believe), and initially was only for the 8000 series and above (Q-Series and Frame), at some point, not sure which year model, the 7000 series models started having IP control capabilities, I do not believe the 6000 series have ever had IP capability
  4. Add a programmable button that has a light bulb icon on it, programmable for the main light load in room
  5. I had an Irrigation Caddy (I think out of business now), and would not recommend them. I now have a Rachio and could not recommend them more
  6. Need more info. 1- What material are they made of (metal, plastic, wood, etc..) 2- Who is manufacturer (Leviton, Eaton, Control4, Etc..), If Control4 and metal that is not out of line
  7. The only way I will use these is with Control4 integration, if that is lacking I really have no use for them, and will likely stick with subpar Sonos situation for now
  8. I tried a 1e and could not get the beta driver that they sent me to work, and being that it is beta I cannot get any support for it yet, thus I am sending the 1e back to them
  9. Currently provided you have the correct director controller you can airplay it from an iOs device (iPhone, iPad, Mac, etc). No extra hardware needed
  10. That is not the function of the WMB, the WMB is so that you can play wirelessly from a device (i.e.: phone, tablet, etc), not play wirelessly to another device
  11. Here are the 2 3U server models that are currently on the price list KSERVER-5000-1300 (3U Server (Capacity 1300 Blu-Rays or 7200 DVD quality movies, includes 14 4 TB Disks (56 TB Total) MSRP $30,165 KSERVER-5000-650 (3U Server (Capacity 650 Blu-Rays or 3600 DVD quality movies, includes 8 4 TB Disks (32 TB Total) MSRP $24,195 Archie Stewart
  12. My personal one in my bedroom loses connection with the network frequently as well
  13. My advice when questions like this are asked is to "Call an electrician". Do not hurt yourself or burn your house to the ground
  14. What will cost of driver be once it goes live out of beta?
  15. http://www.engadget.com/2014/10/22/sonos-sues-denon/ Googled and found this
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