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  1. http://forums.logitech.com/t5/Harmony-Hub-Based-Remotes/harmony-ultimate-with-Belkin-Wemo-switch/td-p/1173649 http://www.digitaltrends.com/home-theater/logitech-keeps-harmony-alive/#!DfsI7 Once Logitech adds wifi control of Belkin WeMO light switches you will be able to control video, audio, and lighting from one logitech remote or your smartphones. Some of the more intricate uses such as security integration and on/off switches (irrigation, etc) may be a little bit down the road but for me the most important and commonly used thing was the AV+lighting. NEST shouldnt be far off either for "comfort" control. I can already view my security cameras on my phone independent of the C4 system which ends up being more convenient anway. What I will miss, for now, is the lighting control tied to the security system and some of the timing features.
  2. I have not used this, but am looking at it for my new house: http://www.octavainc.com/HDMI_Matrix_HDbaseT_HD4xSTPMX_over%20CAT6.html Octava 4x8 (really 4x9 b/c input 1 outputs to both HDMI and cat5 at the same time) matrix. Single cat5 cable for each run with PoE to power the balun at the TV. Includes IR and digital audio. Here are the prices I was quoted, the base is a 4x4 (4x5) system with the ability to add output cards to go up to 4x8: HD44STPMX-4 $2,996.00 ( 4 TX cards + 4 Zone Receivers) HD45STPMX -5 $3,370.00 ( 5 TX cards + 5 Zone Receivers) HD46STPMX-6 $3,744.00 ( 6 TX cards + 6 Zone Receivers) HD47STPMX -7 $4,118.00( 7 TX cards + 7 Zone Receivers) HD48STPMX -8 $4,492.00( 8 TX cards + 8 Zone Receivers) Thats brand new, retail price direct from Octava. On a side note, I went crazy with Control4 in my current house and now that I am selling it is more of a hassle than anything. Ive decided to ditch Control4 in the new house. Thats not to say I didnt enjoy having it but I think things are moving in the direction that between Logitech and Belkin, along with various wifi controlled smart devices you will have the ability to control everything to the same degree without the added expense (and hassle, IMO) of a dealer-run system.
  3. Why not just use the free XBMC driver for Control4 on the XBMC forums? Just have two separate 'devices' as far as Control 4 is controlled, the EV driver for "AppleTV" and the XBMC driver for XBMC on ATV? That will give you much more robust control of XBMC than just the simple commands afforded by the IR driver.
  4. I did this: http://www.c4forums.com/viewtopic.php?id=5607
  5. fprefect do you have FIOS and the actiontec router?
  6. Ok thanks Ill clarify with my dealer, appreciate the help.
  7. If changing from an HC-1000 to an HC-800 then wouldnt this have been mandatory anyhow? Previously my HC-300 was the zigbee server, now I believe the HC-800 is.
  8. For a few weeks I was having issues with my wired and wireless networks communicating on my FIOS network and in fact I think this may have been part of what caused my entire C4 system to go haywire each night during the holidays, leading me to upgrade my whole system from an HC-1000 to an HC-800. Essentially up until December if you logged onto any computer in the house you would see everything on my network, control4 devices, my NAS devices, laptops, etc. Then suddenly in December most of the stuff disappeared from the network whenever I logged on, and sometimes some things showed up and others didnt. I didnt put 2 and 2 together until January but essentially what was happening was my wired devices could only see other wired devices and my wireless devices could only detect other wireless devices. If I manually searched for the other devices I could connect to them but they just didnt automatically show up. Turns out FIOS released a firmware update beginning in summer for the Actiontec routers and it not only changed one setting but for some people it also removed the option to alter that setting from the router admin controls. Fortunately I found a thread with a solution and way to change the setting: http://forums.verizon.com/t5/FiOS-Internet/Communication-between-wired-and-wireless-network-on-actiontec/td-p/461359 So if you have FIOS and have noticed some weirdness with seeing all of your network devices, try changing this setting.
  9. Add some devices along the way, dimmer, switch, etc.
  10. If you do that dont you lose all secondary programming that might be in place? Each device already had to be reidentified as part of the upgrade so Im presuming youre saying he should try actually deleting each dimmer/switch etc from the project and then add it back in? Then 4 years of double tap etc programming would be gone and thats not really practical.
  11. Hm Avast didnt notify me of anything yesterday... doing a full system scan now... Ill install malwarebytes anti-malware also and take a look with that. The government computer at work didnt notify me either so I wonder if the exploit only on computers with the browser and/or something else not up to date...
  12. By firmware you mean the same update that every other device gets via the upgrade process right? It took a while to do mine but yeah all of the devices showed as updated and the few that had issues he reflashed and solved the problem. Im not sure on my family member's project but I presume the same since he checked each device via composer on mine that he did the same with hers. What does it mean to rebuild the mesh from scratch exactly? Remove all devices and reidentify each one?
  13. I recently upgraded from 1.7.4 to 2.3 and I have an HC-1000 (now upped to HC-800) and multiple HC-300s. Speed is fine, much faster than before likely due to the 800. One issue I am having however is that the SR-250s will be unresponsive periodically... they will either say waiting for network or just wont do anything for 30s to a minute and then will function fine. I have an extensive zigbee network with over 80 zigbee devices so the strength is not an issue. I did not have this problem prior to the upgrade, although the SR-250s did have a separate issue on 1.7.4 where they would go 'waiting for network' for sometimes a day at a time and would require a reset of the zserver on the master controller or some other change. A family member of mine is having a similar issue after upgrading to 2.3 from 1.8, with her remotes sometimes not responding for up to 5 minutes. Is this a known problem or is there a potential programming issue that could cause this? My dealer said he ran diagnostics but did not see any non-optimized programming.
  14. Do we need to be worried about something then if we accessed the site the last couple of days?
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